Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati

Cosmic Trigger I Final Secret of the Illuminati Cosmic Trigger deals with a process of deliberately induced brain change This is called initiation or vision quest in many traditional societies and a dangerous variety of self psychotherapy in modern

  • Title: Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati
  • Author: Robert Anton Wilson David Cherubim Timothy Leary
  • ISBN: 9780671824402
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cosmic Trigger deals with a process of deliberately induced brain change This is called initiation or vision quest in many traditional societies and a dangerous variety of self psychotherapy in modern terminology I do not recommend it for everybody the main thing I learned is that reality is always plural and mutable From the Preface

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      112 Robert Anton Wilson David Cherubim Timothy Leary
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    One thought on “Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati”

    1. Zany, unique, and wittily written, Wilson weaves a web of seemingly random connections between information as he playfully proposes the wildest conspiracy theories. Even as he runs away with your imagination and succeeds in convincing you, at the same time he mocks himself and reveals his own cynicism towards his assertions.

    2. This is another of those books that would've gotten a five-star rating when I first read it, in late High School or early college, but today doesn't hold up as well. While there's a lot of interesting possibilities suggested, by way of deliberate speculation on synchronicity and technological advances, there's also a LOT of really wacky unfounded psuedo-science and wishful thinking. Writing in 1977, Wilson made a number of predictions about the future here, and not one of them even remotely came [...]

    3. I used to refer to Robert Anton Wilson as a "crackprophet"-- his writings are totally off the wall and indiscriminate, embracing both silly ideas and deeply profound ones, trying to unify scientific, historical, metaphysical, and, well, downright psychotic concepts. What this book challenged me to do, way back when, was to approach things with as open a mind and as little "contempt prior to investigation" as I could muster. I must have assembled and read several dozen books as the result of read [...]

    4. Wilson makes a point to note at the beginning, "Belief is the death of intelligence." Carry that thought with you as you read, the menagerie of strange ideas he puts forward throughout are meant to strip away our preconceived notions of what is acceptable opinion - but that does not mean that he endorses or fully believes any hypothesis. The meat of this book, and what makes it staggering and appealing, is the idea that science and mysticism both confirm that reality is entirely subjective. Whil [...]

    5. With a title like Final Secrets of the Illuminati, I was expecting a fictional story akin to Illuminatus!: while I wasn't disappointed, the book is instead a chronology of Robert Anton Wilson's spiritual and philosophical journey over the course of his life.Reading Wilson is almost like taking a drug: if you let it, his writing puts you almost in another consciousness. This is neither an inherently good or bad thing, but I have had thoughts and ideas while reading his work that I never would hav [...]

    6. On the surface, a book about drugs and magic and contact with aliens. On a deeper level, a book about philosophical agnosticism and the practice of deliberate mental metaprogramming. Entertaining and illuminating on either level.

    7. I liked this a great deal better than The Illuminatus! Trilogy and Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy, but not as much as Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You & Your World. Both Leary and R.A.W come across as really good people (although Leary's lust sometimes seems questionable) in this book. I might buy this book as it is an easier read than Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You & Your World and perhaps contains more hidden knowledge. I also might just buy Quantum [...]

    8. Wilson has written a book that you just can't take in all at once.One of the deeper "surface" lessons, the one Wilson shouts the loudest and at the same time refuses to do any more than tease you with, is that you have to decide for yourself what to believe -- but that deciding to believe anything limits what you will be able to observe in the world around you. This is heavy stuff, and ground-breaking to the average reader. This is a work that has earned a place on my bookshelf although I might [...]

    9. Quite a naive story about the 60s simulacra with a great deal of hero worshiping of Temple's Sirius Mystery, published a short time before. The most real thing about the book is the incredibly sad retelling of the death of Wilson's daughter near to the end.

    10. Robert Anton Wilson's positivity shines through as always. A joy to read. Fascinating subject matter dealing with his occult experiments to ever expand his reality tunnel and raise his consciousness. Most of the book has to do with his growing awareness of a connection to the Dog Star, Sirius, and the coincidences that abound in his life around it. RAW always manages to attract interesting and intriguing people into his life (Tim Leary is a prominent figure in the book, and although he doesn't a [...]

    11. Back when I was in deep study of the freemasons I was contacted by a mysterious individual who said that he had many secrets to tell, but I could not talk to him again until I read this book. I tried to order it off line, I never received it. I tried retrieving it from the library, it was mysterious missing. Every avenue I took, it was unavailable. Year when by and my friend and business partner at the time Jarmo gave me a present. Said it was the Techo-virus, said not to open it for a year, not [...]

    12. This is a book I read often. It is as eye-opening as a great hit of acid, without that annoying nebulousness that keeps you from expressing all the things you've learned when you touch back down on the runway. This is the natural partner to his trilogy Illuminatus! (which I suspect is far more fact-based than it appears, based on the parallel tale of its creation told within this book), and this is where my acquaintance with RAW began. Though he was not actually my contemporary (older than my ol [...]

    13. One of the first books by R.A.W. I read years ago and one of the main drivers behind my perpetual and never ending fight to change my reality tunnel (succeeding and failing in the process many times) to properly accomodate myself in the crazy and inhumane contemporary world ruled by the Totality of the Spectacle and mediated experience, where people hungrily consume artificial products and maintain a prothesis of relations via Facebook and other social media. The world in which buying a new iPho [...]

    14. Robert Anton Wilson is the quintessential agnostic, highlighting on page one in all-caps "I DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING" before he seemingly gives you reason to believe in synchronicity, the 23 enigma, yoga, the occult, the miracle at Lourdes and Guadalupe, tantric sex, psychedelic drugs, a worldwide global conspiracy, UFOs, quantum physics, and a lot of information about the connection of Egyptology to the "Dog Star" Sirius. But he continues to question these things and gives the reasons one might [...]

    15. Awesome, amazing, a must read, and a perfect follow-up for Illuminatus! Only that this book is a non-fiction analysis of the same weird things, for clear headed hard-hat science-type thinkers. I'm still not sure if I can believe everything it says, although he makes sure to emphasize again and again that he'd been just as skeptical about all the incredible stuff he's confronting the reader with.

    16. The Cosmic Trigger series is my favorite RAW material. One of those books I turn to when my faith wavers, it reminds me of the greatness of a world self-created.

    17. That you can apply all this flaky shit and forgive the guy who beats your teenage daughter to death in a robbery.

    18. This is the kind of book you aren’t expecting to read. That is, if you, like me, had your head somewhere else than all conspiracy-lovers and occult seekers had. For this is the a book about someone not refusing the existence of weird phenomena, but embracing the kaleidoscope of possible explanations and the many people behind such quests. This is also a compilation of small essays about different topics. This, notwithstanding the bizarreness of the topic at times, allows you have a enough brea [...]

    19. The RAW And The Cooked (well fried!)robert anton wilson frazzled his brain so you don't have to! the A-Z (or the 5 - 23 via 33 and 666) of mind expansion in the 70s, and where it was supposed to lead to by now! it's not here, not even faintly! but, although raw's predictions are short (by mibbe a century), that takes away none of my appreciation for this book and the processes and explanations put forward for our information. his research was thorough, his conclusions startling, not his fault sc [...]

    20. After reading "The Postmodern Condition" and finding it tedious and convoluted, I decided to re-read a book that, as far as I can tell, describes "the postmodern condition" a million times more effectively and enjoyably. Wilson opens the book by telling the reader "I do not believe anything". He evidently, uh feels that human cognition is so overwhelmed by confirmation bias, the Baader-Meinhof effect, etc. that it's absurd to imagine that one can analyze things from an objective, impartial persp [...]

    21. Of its time, this book felt naive and dated reading the author's boundless optimism for the future, his rapture in occult discoveries, as if humanity had escaped all difficult and vexatious problems here on Earth already.

    22. Would give this five but for the outdated predictions. Life extension, increased space travel, a lot of the things haven't happened yet. But, when I look at what has happened over the past thirty years, it isn't that surprising. There has been a TREMENDOUS increase in the use and availability of personal technology. People like Elon Musk and Richard Branson are doing good things with regards to space flight. However, a whole lot of the money and research has gone into personal computers -> la [...]

    23. Oh, Robert Anton Wilson. I so want to play with you, but you're a little kooky. Fun, but whacked. It's 1970, and by 1985 we will all be immortal and living on space cities flying across the universe. (Did not happen, alas.) Also, if you take enough acid and mushrooms, coincidences become mystical experiences to be deciphered. And did you notice if you take the number 23, and flip it around, and then flip it around again, it's 23 again? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Hint: not much.I tease. I enjoyed parts o [...]

    24. Enter Chapel Perilous, like Grant Morrison did in the making of The Invisibles, as did Daniel Pinchbeck in his explorations of psychedelics, in line with Leary, Watts, and the counterculture psychonauts, all is open to potentia, there are many models in our many modeled reality, to be open to them all, is to let in a lot, and the element that never ends is change, all immaterial phenomena exist, whether they may be seen as supernatural, or spiritual, the spiritual science Wilson purposes is one [...]

    25. It is hard for me to think that this is the first review I have written of one of Robert Anton Wilson’s books. Cosmic Trigger Volume One: Final Secret of the Illuminati is the first of a three-volume autobiographical and philosophical work that explores various conspiracy theories. Wilson’s other works, such as The Illuminatus! Trilogy or Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy, are also wild rides.Wilson never rejects nor embraces any of the conspiracies he discusses, but writes in such a way that the [...]

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