Scissors, Paper, Stone

Scissors Paper Stone Charles Redfern is in a coma As he lies motionless in hospital his wife Anne and daughter Charlotte are forced to come together to confront their relationships with him and with each other

  • Title: Scissors, Paper, Stone
  • Author: Elizabeth Day
  • ISBN: 9781408807613
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charles Redfern is in a coma As he lies motionless in hospital, his wife, Anne, and daughter, Charlotte, are forced to come together to confront their relationships with him and with each other.

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      346 Elizabeth Day
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    One thought on “Scissors, Paper, Stone”

    1. This book made me really cross.I ended up going to an event featuring this author at a literature festival. She was pleasant, intelligent, articulate - and read a couple of extracts from the novel. In one a woman hears that her husband has come off his bike. In the other the same woman, earlier on in her marriage, witnesses her husband being unfaithfulHaving now read the whole thing, I have opted to dislike the novel - even if the author had seemed very likeable. It seems to be an attempt to fus [...]

    2. Wow, I did not intent to find this book as absorbing as I did, giving over a whole afternoon to finishing it off. Family secrets are the focus of this book, and very disturbing those secrets turn out to be. I will not comment further on the secrets [they drive the plot] but to say that every woman will find them heartbreaking. The voice of the novel is so direct and yet delicately english, beautifully written, and totally believable. The themes of damaged lives and betrayed love course through t [...]

    3. This was another very un-cheery book for the most part but a must read for all English people raised by intelligent but not particularly loving parents. Aside from the abuse there were so many points to identify with !!I was fascinated but appalled by the family dynamics and the central characters were well developed enough that you started to really feel for them. I would definitely read another of her books.

    4. An interesting read in to the complexities of a dysfunctional family. A great story for inner strength and never letting go of your true self. Although I enjoyed the writing and the complications of the characters I wish there was more to the story.

    5. I thought this book was a really true description of how, despite the main character being completely unlikeable, life behind closed doors can happen. I enjoy books that are set in a short snippet of a life I think this is worth a read.

    6. An emotional touching study of a mother and daughter's broken relationship that revolves around the power held over them by their husband/father. Disturbing subject but well handled. Look forward to future novels.

    7. A really good read. Family relationships with the key character in a coma and looking at how the wife and his daughter review the relationship they had with him. Although he is not awake he still dominates their behaviour and feelings. A fascinating study of the parent child dynamic.

    8. The writing was beautiful, the authors way with words was beautiful and she sure knows how to tell a tale, I found her style quite exquisite. Intelligent and bold. however there was just something so depressing about the story I just couldn’t fully get into it. I really dislike stories where constantly characters don’t speak, where they are always silent, so restrained and yet everyone seems to understand each other! Really? Anne’s character was just so alien to me, almost like she met som [...]

    9. Een verdrietig en schokkend verhaaiEen moeder en een dochter die met hun gevoelens naar elkaar toe gaan raad weten en langzaam weer naar elkaar toe komen."Steen, papier, schaar is een bekend oud nulsomspel dat met de hand gespeeld wordt. De twee spelers tellen af en maken met de hand tegelijk de vorm van een steen (een vuist), schaar (twee uitgestoken vingers) of blad (een vlakke hand). Hierbij verslaat de steen de schaar, de schaar het blad en het blad de steen. Het wordt vaak gebruikt om te lo [...]

    10. An unhappy family forced into confronting their demons by an accident. This could have been a far more incisive emotional read if the author hadn't inserted unnecessary descriptions/characters in an attempt to make sure we "understood" the dynamics. My feeling is that it needed to be more raw and without "cosy" resolution.

    11. The secrets of a middle-class dysfunctional family slowly emerge when the father has an accident that puts him in a coma. Written well enough to be an enjoyable read, though the subjects are disturbing. I needed to suspend the obvious questions and let the author get on with the tale.

    12. Excellent. Abusive coercive father and unconnected mother and daughter left together when dad is in coma.

    13. A quick read. Not a happy read. What I like most is the struggle of both mother and daughter, a struggle with life itself. Sometimes I wanted to reach out and shake them awake, make them realize to make different choices. A book worth reading, but it didn't 'get' to me as much as I had expected. For a big part I went on reading, expecting the worst things to happen, so it was good in a sense that I had to go on reading. Some things were just beyond me. The choices being made in the incidents nea [...]

    14. When a car accident places Charles in a coma, his wife Anne and daughter Charlotte are left to examine their relationships and the events that have led them to that point. Initially, though the prose was elegant, this did strike me as a kitchen sink drama. There is an awful lot of analogy used in consecutive sentences but as they are all very original, useful analogies it is not too distracting. The tense conversations could be a little wearing but could be excused due to the unraveling back-sto [...]

    15. I was recommended this book along withThe Garden of Evening Mistswhich was terrific so maybe it's me, particularly since I was impressed with how quickly and quietly an atmosphere of depression was established in the first 40-50 pages or so. The author can write. However for me there just wasn't enough plot to support a whole book and I found all of the characters unlikeable even the ones I was supposed to like. Given "truly disturbing" and "daringory of damage" as cover blurbs it came as a bit [...]

    16. "The plot follows the lives, both external and internal, of Anne and her daughter Charlotte as they deal with the reality of their past, and life with the emotionally tyrannical Charles.The relationship between Anne and Charlotte is brought into the open and gradually evolves as Charles lies, motionless, in a hospital bed.The family history is revealed at a well-balanced pace and the reader is left wanting to know more about what happened to Charles, and how the relationship between mother and d [...]

    17. Had to think about rating for this book as would like to have given it 3.5 stars which was not possible but felt it deserved better than 3. I liked this debut novel by Elizabeth Day. It tells the story of 30-year-old Charlotte and her parents, Anne and Charles. Charles is involved in an accident and as he lies motionless in a coma in hospital, his wife Anne and daughter Charlotte are forced to come together to confront their relationships with him and with each other. I thought it was a well wri [...]

    18. This is a really well written and soothing book although be warned the content is anything but.The story starts with Charles lying in a hospital bed, his wife Anne and his daughter Charlotte visit him. Most of the chapters are written from one or other of their viewpoints and focus on different time periods. Slowly we build a picture of what life would have been like for them all. There are tensions in all their relationships and Elizabeth Day hits the right note thereby drawing the reader into [...]

    19. Enjoyable and convincing - although also quite predictable. An easy read, though - although the reviews on the cover suggest something much more impressive and profound, I feel.

    20. Highlighting the relationship between family members - some of it is believable but too much doom and gloom, I think this are really extremes. Father is extremely unlikable and mom is a coward.

    21. The subject matter is very sad BUT I really loved this book . Really well written - will look out for more of this author .

    22. I'm glad I read to the end rather than abandoning it when I found the characters mostly unlikeable. Otherwise my impression would have been a depressing one.

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