North Accompanied by his wife their cat and an actor friend our autobiographical narrator Ferdinand leaves Paris for Baden Baden a World War II hideaway for wealthy Germans is then sent to a bombed out

  • Title: North
  • Author: Louis-Ferdinand Céline Ralph Manheim
  • ISBN: 9781564781420
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Accompanied by his wife, their cat, and an actor friend, our autobiographical narrator Ferdinand leaves Paris for Baden Baden a World War II hideaway for wealthy Germans , is then sent to a bombed out Berlin, and finally leaves for Denmark in search of the gold he had stashed there prior to the war With the Third Reich in ruins and the Allied armies on Ferdinand s heels,Accompanied by his wife, their cat, and an actor friend, our autobiographical narrator Ferdinand leaves Paris for Baden Baden a World War II hideaway for wealthy Germans , is then sent to a bombed out Berlin, and finally leaves for Denmark in search of the gold he had stashed there prior to the war With the Third Reich in ruins and the Allied armies on Ferdinand s heels, North combines documentary realism with hallucinatory images, capturing the chaos of war and its toll on both victim and victimizer.

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      378 Louis-Ferdinand Céline Ralph Manheim
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    One thought on “North”

    1. Kakvo je samo iskustvo bilo citati ovu knjigu. Selin je jedan veliki genije, majstor svog zanata! Nacin na koji on poima stvarnost je moguc samo za ljude visoke inteligencije. Uz to on je talentovan, talentovan za zivot, ne samo za pisanje. Bas zbog svega ovoga je i najebao kao niko. Putovanje Nakraj Noci, Smrt na Kredit, Od zamka do Zamka, Sever. Samo citajte, uzivajte. Veliki Selin.

    2. By the time cranky French anti-patriot Louis-Ferdinand Celine scratched out North, he had wandered a far distance from the truculent cataclysms of his Journey to the End of the Night. Celine had slipped from acclaimed iconoclast to outsider disgrace. Branded an anti-Semite, reviled as a Nazi sympathizer, Dr. Destouches had etched a paper trail to support both those assessments. North depicts the squalid exile of Celine, his wife and his cat (the cat is much more fleshed-out than the wife), accom [...]

    3. One of the best books I have ever read! By turns grotesque and savagely funny, Céline is in top form here.Who knows how much of this story is fictionalized, but the writer - a Nazi collaborator - did flee Paris as the Allies invaded the continent at the end of WWII.The journey is a harrowing one but only Céline could make such a thing laugh out loud funny.HIGHLY recommended.

    4. I love this book and have finished it more thanonce but just keep dipping back into it. It'salways invigorating. If you had to be in Europeduring the final months of World War II, you'dbe lucky to be in the company of this shrewd,humane doctor (the autobiographical narrator), and his wife and cat and their actor friend."Documentary realism and hallucinatory images"abound, as the book cover says

    5. The image of Celine, his wife, best homey and THEIR CAT wandering through bombed out europe during the war, alternating stops between resistance and nazi strongholds is one you will never forget.Great because it's true (for the most part, I think).

    6. J'ai lu la moitié et je suis fasciné. Imaginez un melange de que sais-je? Virginia Woolf et Ernst Junger, peut-être cas donne une idée de cet débordement des récits, obervations, exclamations. Nous sommes aux temps des derniers mois du Troisième Reich. Celine, "collabo" s'échappa de Paris afin de se sauver d'une France invahie par les alliés et les "francais libres" de de Gaulle, une Franmce où il serait surement éxecuté. Comme le francais n'est pas ma langue maternelle j'ai rencontr [...]

    7. very nice celine, probably his funniest post ww2 novel imho, + nice splenetic h8 for everyone except his wife and bebert the cat. everyone who says journey and morte on the installment plan are his only good books are wrong and imma punch you if you say it to my face. well, not really. but please to reading about a horde of attack geese trained by angry german housewives and have a larff or two. kind of wish they would update the footnotes tho, like, i don't know who all these political ppl form [...]

    8. Cleline continues his grotesque and unbearably funny journey to the end of the night as WWII ends and he must flee Paris, where he has been rightly branded a Collaborator. This is the story of his escape from France and his journey through a crumbling Germany . . . an absolutely must read for Celine nuts, like me.

    9. At 450 pages, it's quite a challenge to get through it. I tore through the last 100, though. Celine's style has matured a lot from Journey to North. He's only gotten more despicable and charming over the years. He paints an interesting picture of Nazi Germany on the cusp of defeat. There's a lot to learn from it, and Celine keeps the reader on his toes. I highly recommend this book.

    10. Hilarious. Céline translated by Manheim is just sheer perfection and I wouldn't mind traveling with Céline, Lili and Bébert.

    11. کتاب ته ندارد، یعنی در واقع ادامه ای دارد که ترجمه نشده، در ویکیپدیا نوشته بعدش ریگادون است. کتاب ابتدا هم ندارد، در ویکیپدیا نوشته قبلش «قصر به قصر» است، که این یکی ترجمه شده، اما چون حواسم نبود که در کتابخانه دارمش و هیچ جای مقدمه به آن اشاره ای نشده متاسفانه نخواندمشداستان [...]

    12. Céline's writing style isn't for everyone, but I dig it. I got into him in a European Lit class in college where we read Guignol's Band, which wound up being one of my favorite novels. North comes nowhere near the excellence of that book, but along the way Céline provides us with many great insights and entertaining moments. North is a sequel to Guignol's Band, and I feel like at this point Céline wasn't as passionate about the events happening to his characters (the main one being a fictiona [...]

    13. I'm lying, I only read half of this. Lots of useless ellipses in a fairly dry autobiographical account from this cantankerous French dude in Germany during WWII. I guess I see why Mark E. Smith dug this guy's writing, and also why so many Fall songs surpass the 5 minute mark. My guess is this book is like 300 pages longer than it needs to be, but I can't really say since I had to bail.

    14. The second of Celine's end of war trilogy. It is not my favourite and had to be withdrawn and changed because of its depiction of one of the characters. Still, yet another wild ride en route to the finale

    15. Une merveille. Sûrement, le meilleur ours de Céline avec l'indépassable Voyage.Un style hallucinant, un sens aigü de l'observation au service d'une histoire parfaitement construite. Un chef d'oeuvre !

    16. Celine does not like mankindif you can ignore his personal demons and enjoy his skill with the prose then it is fineever, even at that level this gets a little monotonousick with Journey to the end of the nightunless you too are a misanthrope!!!

    17. A man, his wife, and their cat leave Paris as World War II draws to a close and make their way through Germany and Denmark in search of hidden gold from the pre-war days. Celine's writing style isn't for everyone.

    18. I can't really describe what it is about Celine. You should read one of John Dolan's reviews instead.There's this: exile/articles/detail.pAnd this: exile/articles/detail.p

    19. Funny, brutal, hallucinatory novel about the destruction of Germany at the end of WWII. I'm an admitted Celine nut, but this (along with Castle to Castle and Rigadoon, the other two novels in this WWII trilogy) is just brilliant on another level.

    20. چیز زیادی از کل کتاب نفهمیدم به نظرم یه روایت نگاری اومد اما خیلی برام مفهوم نبود

    21. Première partie d'une trilogie autobiographique sur l'exil de Céline en Allemagne à la fin de la guerre. Un style unique, un récit haletant, vivement la suite

    22. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to read this in English. So much depends upon the language. I have written a short review of the book in French for the French edition.

    23. Only as high as a 3 because it's Celine, and because the historical context is interesting. I would not recommend this book to any but fairly serious fans of Celine's work, it's a bit of a slog.

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