Vampire Instinct

Vampire Instinct A brand new Vampire Queen novel from the award winning author who never ceases to amaze Night Owl Romance As servant to vampire mistress Lady Daniela Elisa is unwaveringly devoted but she recoils at

  • Title: Vampire Instinct
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9780425241264
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • A brand new Vampire Queen novel from the award winning author who never ceases to amaze Night Owl Romance As servant to vampire mistress Lady Daniela, Elisa is unwaveringly devoted but she recoils at one shocking request destroy the untamed, undead children entrusted to her care There is one desperate option Malachi, a Native American vampire who is a legend for hiA brand new Vampire Queen novel from the award winning author who never ceases to amaze Night Owl Romance As servant to vampire mistress Lady Daniela, Elisa is unwaveringly devoted but she recoils at one shocking request destroy the untamed, undead children entrusted to her care There is one desperate option Malachi, a Native American vampire who is a legend for his work with rehabilitating feline predators And as Malachi struggles to control the young ones impulses, he opens himself up to those of Elisa and the passion they share for the night could seal their fates forever.

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    One thought on “Vampire Instinct”

    1. 3.75 .Starsd why? Elisa I Must Save The ChildrenI Simply MustwahhhYour not going to help me.Ooooh nooo I'll just do it myselfElisa.EeekSave meWell, that makes this is my least favorite of this series~AND's my badzI have not EVER really liked, servant, submissive damsel in distress womenYes, yes, yes, strong heartsweet, kind and motherlyElisa is just thatBUT as for me, what I like is the kick butt, ripe your heart-out , I got this! Super strong female who still is sweet and all heart, after pulli [...]

    2. I've come to the conclusion that this series isn't for me, I'm just too resentful of the way these vampires view and treat humans; ESPECIALLY their servants. While this book was not as disgustingly heavy on the TPE and gory detais as the last book I read, I've decided not to read any more books set in the Vampire Queen universe.So sorry Melissa and Margarita; I tried, I really did, but in the end I DNF'd this book at 50%

    3. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsWhen we first met Elisa in the series she was living as a maid at Lady Danny’s station. She was in a horrific attack by a fledgling, children turned into vampires, and only just survived. The man she loved was killed in the attack, she was raped and while her attacker was killed, she’s on a long road to recovery. The remaining fledglings are so unstable and Danny sends them to Malachi in the hopes of rehabbing them. They are years older than they appe [...]

    4. Title: Vampire Instinct Author: Joey W. HillRelease Date: July 2011Genre: Erotic /BDSM Paranormal RomancePages: 448Series: Book VII of the Vampire Queen Series Publisher: Berkley HeatISBN: 978-0425241264Posted: August 2011Reviewer: BarbRating: 5 starsHeat Level: IIIWinner of Risque Reviews Top Pick Award (only given for a rating of 4.5 stars or higher)Summary:After being raped and seeing the man she loves killed right in front of her, by one of the young fledging vampires Elisa is trying to save [...]

    5. This is probably now my favourite book in the series. It's hard to tell because I really do like all the characters Ms. Hill creates, but this one, I felt so much more for the characters. I really like Elisa. She is so spunky and sweet in her submission. God the sex scene where she was forced to take 3 men on was SO DAMN HOT. I thought, wow, I need an orgasm now. Damn, my DH is asleep.As for Malachi ~ can we be anymore depressing? Trail of Tears? For real? Why?? God that was a terrible time. One [...]

    6. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Anyone familiar with Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Queen Series will relish this newest installment. In Vampire Instinct we are introduced to a different kind of hero. Malachi is a vampire who has been turned, not born, and is Native American. For the most part he stays away from the vampire world, remaining at his sanctuary for feline predators. So when vampire Lady Daniela asks for his help in rehabilitating feral vampire children, he isn’t certain he is up [...]

    7. I won't say too much at this time as the release date in in July (I will do a full review prior to release). However, I will say I was thrilled to read an ARC of Vampire Instinct. This book is a must read. I laughed, I teared up, I got hot and bothered, and I wanted more after the final page was turned.As far as characters go: Malachi almost edged Lord Mason off the top of my "all time favorite hero" list. I mean, he was this close. Elisa was something else. I absolutely loved her. You also get [...]

    8. Phew.I think I am now officially all cried out! This book is definitely a heavy one, but then again, are any of Joey Hill's books really light reading? Malachi is a made, half-Native American/half white vamp who runs a big cat rehabilitation preserve on an island off the coast of Florida. He's a friend of Lady Danny, whom we saw in Danny and Dev's book. This story takes place in 1954, not long after their story. Remember the made, vampire children from that station? Elisa, a second-marked servan [...]

    9. Let me just start by quoting a description of Maluchi"His coat lay over the seat opposite him in the limo. He'd rolled up his sleeves, and he had a knee propped against the door. Sleek and brushed, his hair was pulled into a tail at his nape, so it emphasized the strong bones of his face. He looked like a lean, powerful animal pressing against the bars of his cell, ready to leap out as soon as the door was opened." I loved his theme of dont run from a predator which went throughout the book. Oh [...]

    10. OK definitely lucky that posted the book to me before the due publication date, and sucker that I am for any Joey W Hill stories, I finished it early too.This is probably the darkest vampire story Joey has created - mainly 'cos it deals with vamp children, and Elisa, a maid brought in to care for them.Elisa is a natural submissive who only wishes to serve and please her employers, which as a teenager, leads her to being raped by two human employers before she is rescued and comes into the house [...]

    11. I liked the idea and potential of this story. Mal a reclusive, Native American vampire, living on a secluded island is asked to help Elysa, a traumatized maid from Danny's household. Elysa was brutally raped and saw her husband murdered. Mal is dominant and Elysa is a natural submissive, who has never experianced a D/s relationship. The developing relationship between Mal and Elysa was boged down with psychology lessons, history lessons and ecology lessons. Mal rescues and rehabilitates wild cat [...]

    12. Vampire instinct is slitly different from the other 6.Two totaly unknown until now characters are the main characters,but we see Lady Danny and Dev(actually Dev is only mentioned).She sents Elisa with 6 vampire children(turned not born from a vampire who let them be an entertainment to his guests )to Malachi with the hopes that he will be able to tame them.Malachi an Indian vampire who takes hurted cats from circuses and other places and helps them become used to their natural inviroment.Elisa w [...]

    13. Bawled. My. Eyes. Out. The Vampire Queen series is my fave paranormal series out there (along with Larissa Ione's Demonica series). This book can be read as a standalone as it takes place in the 1950s. The VQ series is a darker series and this book is especially dark due to the subject matter. The story continues the side story from A Vampire's Claim involving some children being forcibly turned into vamps. Heart wrenching. You could see how it was going to end but that didn't make it any less p [...]

    14. What can I sayJoey pulls me in and she doesn't let me go until the final pagee final wordd I love her it.This was such a moving, touching story. Mal and Elisa are so enduring captivating lovingI took my time with this storye I didn't want it to end.You have to get this bookyou have to get this series will stir things deep inside of you.s you may not have even realized were buried there.Highly recommend this booklet me say it againI highly recommend this book.

    15. This is a comprehensive review of the first eight books in the series.Passionate, raw, often painful to read. Hill takes D/s to a supernatural level that knows no bounds. The world she creates is haunting and addicting, rife with floggers, whips, paddles and fangs. It hurts so good, stabbing way down in the deep dark squishy part of the soul.

    16. This book started out really good but then it degenerated into punishment, spanking, and servants and masters. Wish they'd stuck to the story that started.

    17. Almost 5 stars.Since I DNFed "Vampire Trinity", something I really wish I hadn't, I was hesitant to continue this series. "Vampire Instinct" definitely reminded me why I fell in love with this world in the first place. It felt like coming home after being gone for so many weeks.Mal was a breath of fresh air to the Vampire World. He wasn’t like other vampires not only because he used to be human, but because he still retained human characteristics. On his island where he rehabs cats (lions, che [...]

    18. Took me less than 2 days to finish the book mainly because I was irritated with it. The whining, and the same sex moves, yeah, yeah. But maybe it's not just because it's getting repetitive, it is also getting downgraded. We went from 1000 years old to 900 years old to 700 years old now we're at 120 years old, less attractive less authoritative, and she throws the same story at us as the previous 4 books? No.

    19. I think this is more like 3.5 - 3.75 stars for me. There was just one scene in particular that I felt was off & bothered me a bit but other than that, this was an enjoyable, escapist read for me as most of her books are.Reading Joey Hill is almost like running a marathon (mind you, not that I've ever run one) but I imagine when you get to the end & look back you think "Holy shit! That was a lot of ground I managed to cover to get to this finish line & yet.I managed to do it."Hill kno [...]

    20. I have loved all the books in this series even though they can be very emotionally draining. I think this is more emotional than any of the others. The reader isn't just dealing with the emotional ups and downs of the main characters but there is the added element of the six vampire fledglings from Vampire’s Claim. So we pick with this book as the fledglings are being transferred to a big cat rescue to see if there is any hope of getting them into vampire society. The big cat rescue is run by [...]

    21. CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEWI've read lots of paranormal and erotic romance, and it's very rare that a book in this genre makes me cry. The usual responses are laughter, arousal, irritation, sadness, happiness/love, etc but crying? Not often. This story made me cry. I was so riveted that I could not put this book down from the moment I picked it up. There are a few seemingly conflicting paradigms at work here - the heroine, Elise, is a simple servant. She's submissive and enjoys living a simple li [...]

    22. Sensuality: 4 of 5Kink: menage/sharing, bdsm, rape (not hero), slight m/m, slight f/fFirst of all I have not read the one previous to this one Vampire Trinity but I did read the one prior to that Vampire Mistress. So if you don't know alot about those book you can still read this. I also didn't read the book with Lady Danny (A Vampire's Claim). However I have read the first two and the fourth books so I know a lot about the vampire society in this book and the background to much of what is going [...]

    23. I had a hard time getting into this one. I think it was mostly due to the inevitable let down after Gideon's story but I persevered & was rewarded with a Elisa & Malachi's affecting love story. Elisa is one of Lady Danny's servants who's become attached to the fledglings we were introduced to in A Vampire's Claim. The fledglings are sent to Malachi, big cat whisperer, in an effort to rehabilitate them & Elisa accompanies them. Danny it seems has ulterior motives for sending Elisa alo [...]

    24. This was a tender heart warming story. It allowed me as the reader to nurse my own fantasy of love between the vampires and their servants. The underlying theme in Ms. Hill's series (thus far still reading the books!) is the dominance of the vampire and their mindset that "trains" them to feel all humans are inferior. To actually "love" your servant is unheard of and quite dangerous in a world where love could be perceived as a weakness. I so enjoyed this book. It was still filled with the edge [...]

    25. 4.5 starsSuch a lovely addition to the VQ world! I was pleased with how different Hill can make all of her stories. She's now provided us with a vampire that actually has a sensitive side. He's still very much a predator, but he's remarkably still aware of his humanity. Malachi is such a fantastic character. His ability to care for animals in a rehab setting was very sweet. He knows how much space to give them, how to let them learn life again and how to let them go. He's the perfect solution to [...]

    26. Vampire Instinct by Joey W. HillParanormal Romance - July 5th, 20114 starsDark, sensual and emotional charged, the author created a deceptively submissive heroine with fiery mother instincts.Elisa is the human servant to the vampire Lady Daniela, but when a young vampire fledgling goes into bloodlust and kills her boyfriend and rapes her, she is traumatized. While the fledging in bloodlust is killed, Elisa fights to keep her mistress from terminating the rest of them. Her mistress agrees not to [...]

    27. Joey W. Hill does not ever disappoint her reader--In this particular story of the 'Vampire Queen' series, she goes to the next level.Elisa, a servant on Danny's station/ranch in the Outback of Australia, steps off a plane with her charges, six vampire children, turned when they were very young. Georgia has some out islands, and the Cherokee 'made' vamp Malachi has taken one of the largest and remade it into a refuge and rehabilitation park for abused big cats. As a favor to Danny, he allows Elis [...]

    28. The seventh book in an amazing series, Joey W. Hill's Vampire Queen series is one I hope never ends. I've fallen in love with all of the characters and although this is a prequel to a few others in the series it is in timeline after A Vampire's Claim.Elisa is a servant to Lady Daniela, a born vampire in the Australian outback. After taking back her home Danny also ends up foster parent to a few made vampire children. These vampires were made not only before an appropriate age but also made by va [...]

    29. A difficult but poignant read that intermingles the story of attempts to rehabilitate the young damaged fledgling vampires left from the sadistic machinations of Ruskin with the tale of Elisa, a maid in Lady Daniela's service who was brutally attacked and savaged by one of them. Elisa has bonded with many of the remaining fledglings and has traveled with them from Lady Daniela's compound in the Outback to a special island where the vampire Malachi rehabilitates large wildcats. Elisa and her char [...]

    30. My chest hurts I've cried so many times at this book .An emotional roller coaster that I never wanted to end.So many lessons for life slipped in to this book and the writing style is second to very few in it's intelligence and perception of human and of course vampire nature .The true problems faced by the "cats" are so wound up in this harsh love story.I want to give it ten stars but I'm limited to five.Some anomalies bothered me here though and I found the "dinner" scene so out of character to [...]

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