Beyond Tuesday Morning

Beyond Tuesday Morning The hope filled sequel to the bestselling One Tuesday Morning In this new novel by Karen Kingsbury three years have passed since the terrorist attacks on New York City Jamie Bryan widow of a firefig

  • Title: Beyond Tuesday Morning
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780310257714
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • The hope filled sequel to the bestselling One Tuesday Morning In this new novel by Karen Kingsbury, three years have passed since the terrorist attacks on New York City Jamie Bryan, widow of a firefighter who lost his life on that terrible day, has found meaning in her season of loss by volunteering at St Paul s, the memorial chapel across the street from where the TwinThe hope filled sequel to the bestselling One Tuesday Morning In this new novel by Karen Kingsbury, three years have passed since the terrorist attacks on New York City Jamie Bryan, widow of a firefighter who lost his life on that terrible day, has found meaning in her season of loss by volunteering at St Paul s, the memorial chapel across the street from where the Twin Towers once stood Here she meets a daily stream of people touched by the tragedy, including two men with whom she feels a connection One is a firefighter also changed by the attacks, the other a police officer from Los Angeles But as Jamie gets to know the police officer, she is stunned to find out that he is the brother of Eric Michaels, the man with the uncanny resemblance to Jamie s husband, the man who lived with her for three months after September 11 Eric is the man she has vowed never to see again Certain she could not share even a friendship with his brother, Jamie shuts out the police officer and delves deeper into her work at St Paul s Now it will take the persistence of a tenacious man, the questions from her curious young daughter, and the words from her dead husband s journal to move Jamie beyond one Tuesday morning Jamie Bryan took her position at the far end of the Staten Island Ferry, pressed her body against the railing, eyes on the place where the Twin Towers once stood She could face it now, every day if she had to The terrorist attacks had happened, the World Trade Center had collapsed, and the only man she d ever loved had gone down with them Late fall was warmer than usual, and the breeze across the water washed over Jamie s face If she could do this, if she could make this journey three times a week while Sierra was in school, then she could convince herself to get through another long, dark night She could face the empty place in the bed beside her, face the longing for the man who had been her best friend, the one she d fallen for when she was only a girl.

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    One thought on “Beyond Tuesday Morning”

    1. A powerful and moving sequel to a shocking and impressive novel, Beyond Tuesday Morning brings its readers into an unforgettable story of love, loss and friendship.

    2. In Karen Kingsbury's sequel to One Tuesday Morning, this novel really delivers in allowing Jamie Bryan to grieve and move forward with life post loss. So many books and stories just end, but I'm so unbelievably thankful that Karen Kingsbury took Jamie's story to the next level. Finding God and love after losing the love of her life took a lot of crafting, and Kingsbury didn't disappoint! A must read. This book also touches on the importance of acting on your faith. So many people say they know G [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading this book, although I found it a bit predictable and figured out what was going to happen in the book before getting to the end. After the tragic loss of her husband on 9/11, Jamie Bryan has to learn what it is like to live without a spouse and takes on trying to heal as well as being a single parent. She wonders if she will ever be able to love again and lives daily in the shadow of memories that make it difficult for that healing to begin. After the 9/11 tragedy, Jamie comes [...]

    4. It's been three years since 9/11. Jamie spends her free time volunteering, trying to help others, but she still isn't really healed in her own heart. Her daughter Sierra is now 7, and already beginning to lose some of her memories of her daddy. Will they ever be whole?This may be fiction, but it's still instructive. Beyond Tuesday Morning contains both an adult and a child's understanding as it moves through gentle conversations about the hardest of questions: about death, and life, and love, an [...]

    5. This sequel to one Tuesday morning was so good! I loved it as I loved the first book! It was about a tough subject, the first one about 9/11, and this one about Jamie getting passed the death of her husband and moving on. Choosing life as she puts it in this book! It shows us how God is so good! How he can work an evil thing to bring good to us! One thing I loved about this, is how Karen lets us even see in the eyes of Sierra Jamie's little girl! I loved getting to see some of the story through [...]

    6. What a compelling read! For a Christian author, Kingsbury always tackles the most interesting and intense topics with ease. I am a Christian and sometimes I have a hard time with Christian fiction because it can be very boring! Not Karen's bookse acheives her purpose while enticing the reader to finish the book.

    7. I found this book to be very good. I could tell what was going to happen, but I always enjoy trying to figure out how an author is going to let it develop! I am going be honest, reading these books has brought me closer to my faith and brought me to the point of extending my learning. So if anything, that is one thing that these books have done.

    8. Beyond Tuesday Morning is an amazing book. It consists of happiness, sadness, tragedy, identity, and true love. I definitely recommend this book.

    9. "Life's a fragile thing…September 11 taught us that…For those of us who remain – all of us touched by that day, we need to find strength and hope in Christ, and to do the thing He asks us to do." So states one of the main characters of Karen Kingsbury's novel, Beyond Tuesday Morning, a heartwrenching look at the survivors of the greatest terrorist attack America has ever known.Quite honestly, like most Americans, I had put the horror of 9/11 behind me. I had not forgotten – I don't know [...]

    10. When I first began this, I thought that it would be more dull and boring than the first book. But then the midway point proved me wrong. Once again, I can see how Karen Kingsbury's books became popular.Getting back into a trilogy, even if you read the first book just a few months back, is tough. I mean, I had to get to know the characters all over again. I kept wondering, "Who's Jamie? Oh, yes! Jamie's the wife of the guy who survived the Twin Towers, right? Oh, no, that's a different person. Ja [...]

    11. I did not realize this was the sequel to "One Tuesday Morning" until it was too late. I should begin by saying that this was a sad read in many ways, although touching in it's depiction of widows overcoming their loss on 9/11. Tears flowed from my eyes on several occasions as I internalized the loss of the families whose loved ones perished in the Twin Towers. The longing, the guilt, the need to hold on to their loved one's memory were all so poignantly clear in this story.Christianity and turni [...]

    12. This book is the sequel to "One Tuesday Morning". This novel is about how the people who were affected by the 911 attacks in the previous novel learn to cope with how their lives have changed and continuously keep changing. There are a lot of moments in this novel where you feel yourself start to reach out to the survivors of the those who lost someone in 911. You remember that one day when the world completely stopped as America watched those two twin towers smolder, and what it was like to see [...]

    13. This is the sequel to One Tuesday Morning and it has now been three years since the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. Jamie Bryan is working at St. Paul's Chapel to help counsel visitors with grief. She believes that it is her calling from God to help others work through their pain from their losses. One day on her way to the chapel, Jamie encounters some trouble from some young adults on the ferry ride. Two officers were on the boat and came to her rescue. They were police officers [...]

    14. Oh My. Not as emotional as the first but still had me in tears at parts. The main character Jamie lost her husband in the 911 terrorist attack on the twin towers. It had been three years. She was working as a volunteer at the St. Paul's church helping other grieving people try to make sense of the tragedy. She had made friends with her deceased husbands boss and she was starting to think she was ready to date again. She was on the ferry on her way into Manhattan when she was held at gun point by [...]

    15. WOW! This book had everything I look for in a good read.It moved me from laughter to tears and back again. Throughout the book, I kept thinking what would I do in this situation. Would I handle this as well as these characters? I just don't know the answer to that.This is the continuing story of Jamie Bryan and her daughter Sierra. Their story started in One Tuesday Morning where we find that Jamie's husband (Sierra's daddy), a FDNY fireman is killed when terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in N [...]

    16. Just finished reading Karen Kingsbury's "Beyond Tuesday Morning". I am reminded that God is a God of second chances and His mercies are new every morning. I am also reminded that God is a God of Miracles, when things seems to be not working out as planned, He is still in control and He surprises us in overwhelming ways! :)I learned that God is a God of life everyday we have 2 choices: Life or Death.We may think we never chooses death, but breathing is not life at least not in its truest sense. A [...]

    17. This book was very easy to rate. I gave this book five stars, because it is one of the best books I have ever read. Once you start you will never want to stop reading in. This book is the second book in the series, so i recommend that before reading it to read "One Tuesday Morning." This book was easy to read, because like the first book, there is only like five main characters that you have to keep track of. Also, like the first book it has very easy vocab, so you don't have to keep getting out [...]

    18. This sequel to One Tuesday Morning was even better than the first book in the series, in my opinion. I found it emotionally draining in certain chapters, but not nearly as much as the previous story. It very realistically demonstrates how difficult it is to "choose life" after a tragedy, and what an emotional roller coaster that is. Karen Kingsbury also reminds you through her storyline that God has a plan for our lives, even during the times we don't understand the "whys" of everything. This wo [...]

    19. The first book series I have read by Karen Kingsbury. This is a sequel to One Tuesday Morning. It has been three years since the September 11 attack. Jamie Bryan, a widow, is not doing much better coping with her grief but, is now volunteering at St. Paul's a chapel across the street from the Twin Towers. She feels a connection to men she meets there. One a firefighter like her husband and the other a LA policeman and brother of Eric Michaels the man she took care of for three months under false [...]

    20. These books are not as gritty as I am used to, but the story and more importantly the message is compelling. 9/11 changed the world forever. I will never forget how it all unfolded for me and the students in my classroom that day. The two books in this series tell the stories (fictional) of what happened in two families as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center. They examine the raw human emotion and the quest to regain or retain faith while staring into the face of evil. I was given [...]

    21. This book by Kingsbury takes us beyond the last one. I will not tell you about the story because others usually do. It picks up where the last one left off and brings us through some amazing and unusual events until finally the characters have a chance to heal.A read you will enjoy but you have to read the other one first to fully enjoy it.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    22. This is the second in the Tuesday Morning series by Karen Kingsbury. The book starts three years after 9/11 and tells how the main character and her daughter are moving on, or more appropriately, how they are not. Of course there is a dreamy man, a twist, a conflict, and overall a happy ending. It was a quick, easy, enjoyable read. I plan to read the third book as soon as I can get it!

    23. I enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, (One Tuesday Morning) and was anxious to follow the lives of the main characters as the story continued, but found this book tedious, endlessly repetitious and disappointing. It was a big price to pay to find out what happened to characters I grew fond of in the first book.

    24. I was pulled into this story from the beginning. I read the first book in the series and wanted to hear the rest of the story. It kept my attention, although I have to admit, I saw the ending coming from a long way off. It did not deter my enjoyment of this relaxing book from a very unsettling time in our country's history.

    25. After reading a few Karen Kingsbury books, they all run together and sound similar. This one was no exception.

    26. Once again Karen Kingsbury has written a wonderful, sensitive book that is alive with love, information, and a vivid storyline. I can hardly wait to read the third book in this series.

    27. I really enjoyed this series and to be honest was sad to see it end. The story line was a little far fetched, but very romantic and found myself wanting to believe it was true. <3

    28. Personal Response- I personally thought that this book had a slow start to it. I wanted to quote reading it about a fourth of the way through, but I stuck with it. Turns out after about half way through it is an okay book. This book had little to no adventure or action in the beginning probably because it had a slow start. The book wasn’t very grabbing, which by that I mean more like it wasn’t as easy of a book to keep picking up and reading. Summary- In the book a women named Jamie is now w [...]

    29. I almost quit listening to this book because I didn't like the way it was read, especially the male voices. But the next morning I decided to give it another chance. I liked the basic plot in spite of the ending being really predictable, as pretty much most of romance fiction is. "One Tuesday Morning" has a lot more going for it than this sequel. You only need to read this one if you're really involved with the characters of Jamie and her daughter Sierra. And if you like really heavy-handed Chri [...]

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