A Big Ball of String

A Big Ball of String After winding a large ball of string a young boy has fun finding ways of using it

  • Title: A Big Ball of String
  • Author: Marion Holland Roy McKie
  • ISBN: 9780679839477
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After winding a large ball of string, a young boy has fun finding ways of using it.

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      127 Marion Holland Roy McKie
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    One thought on “A Big Ball of String”

    1. I also posted this under "Discussion," but wanted to add it here as well: This book was illustrated, but not written, by Roy McKie. I'm delighted to see "A Big Ball of String" is still enjoyed by children and parents--and remembered fondly by those who first heard (or read) it as kids themselves. Marion Holland, the author, was my grandmother. She wrote and illustrated "A Big Ball of String," published in 1958. It was reissued in 1993 with fun illustrations by Roy McKie. Marion Holland also wrot [...]

    2. This is a story of a young boy who has a huge ball of string. He uses this ball of string for many different purposes. This book is the adventure that he goes on with his ball of string. This book is suitable for early childhood readers.

    3. My sister just reminded me of this one. We used to love it as kids. I think I read it to my son when he was little, before losing the book. Very creative and clever. I liked how the sick boy used his cleverness to still keep busy, though he didn't really stay in bed, but honestly I don't think he really seemed sick. Still, very clever and cute. Also, I'm fairly certain it rhymed as well. I love clever rhyming books.

    4. I LOVED this book when I was a little - it almost made me want to day home sick from school! I even tried to hook up the intricate rope system in my bedroom, with less than impressive results.A wonderful story about inventiveness and imagination - the things you can do with a ball of string!

    5. This is one of the best read-alouds for young children! A sick boy must stay in his room and makes all kind of creative fun with a ball of string: "I can do anything, anything, with a big ball of string!!" This has not been published for many years - what a loss!!

    6. This was my big brother's favorite book at the time. One of my favorite pictures of us all was with he and I in my grandmother's lap while she read it to us."I can do anything, anything I said!"

    7. This was my fav book as a kid - I think my Dad had to 'lose' it because he got sick of reading it to me!

    8. This is at the top of the list of fun books to read with kids! I think I about have it memorized! Great fun!

    9. This book is definitely not a quick read. It keeps going and going to the point of over kill. I can only talk about string so long before I lose it. I did love the illustrations they were just like little drawing with random burst of color. It was very cool. I don't think this is a book we will be one we are reading over and over. He lost interest pretty fast. I do think that it's a fun read for the reader if you like books that challenge you to be able to read it quickly without making a mistak [...]

    10. Written in Rhymr. A simple and cute story for little kids 4-8 about how a boy use a string for fun things. You can do art/tinker projects with string as an activity afterwards.

    11. This book has been republished as part of the 'Dr Suess Beginner Books' series written by classic authors other than Dr Suess. (You'll have seen them - they feature an image of The Cat In The Hat on the back cover.) This one was first published in 1958, and to its credit the story hasn't dated even if the illustrations have. But when I read it aloud I thought to myself that I wouldn't be reading it again in a hurry - it's simply too long. If this story were half as long it'd be twice as good. In [...]

    12. This is a book about a boy and his string. I thought it seemed to go on and on with no plot and therefore was a little boring, but my five year old son seemed to like it. He asked me to read it again (although he asks that with many books!)

    13. A favourite since 1964. According to family legend, the first book I read aloud. You do the math.

    14. A fun early reader about all the things a boy comes up to do with a ball of string instead of staying in bed like his mother told him. Kids like the story.

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