Young Wives

Young Wives Meet The Young Wives Angela Michelle and Jada thirty something women who appear to have lives as delicious as dessert A typical New Yorker half Jewish half Italian Angela is a lawyer married to

  • Title: Young Wives
  • Author: Olivia Goldsmith
  • ISBN: 9780006510536
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet The Young Wives Angela, Michelle, and Jada, thirty something women who appear to have lives as delicious as dessert A typical New Yorker, half Jewish, half Italian, Angela is a lawyer married to Reid, a handsome old money WASP Michelle adores her childhood sweetheart husband, Frank, and the dreamhouse he s provided for her and their two beautiful children JadaMeet The Young Wives Angela, Michelle, and Jada, thirty something women who appear to have lives as delicious as dessertA typical New Yorker, half Jewish, half Italian, Angela is a lawyer married to Reid, a handsome old money WASP Michelle adores her childhood sweetheart husband, Frank, and the dreamhouse he s provided for her and their two beautiful children Jada is an African American working mom trying to maintain a happy home despite her husband Clinton s failing business.But then, like a bad souffl , the lives of Angela, Michelle, and Jada collapse as they each discover the truth about their dirty, rotten mates Uniting for solace and support, they draw on one another s friendship to heal their wounds Bowed but not beaten, though, this smart, audacious trio will concoct a brilliant recipe to take back what s theirs and serve justice on their duplicitous men and transform them from victims to victors

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    One thought on “Young Wives”

    1. I always enjoy reading Olivia Goldsmith (and think of her premature demise with sadness -- imagine dying for the sake of a chin tuck). This is probably my least favourite Goldsmith novel so far, since it is basically a different version of First Wives Club. In this case, the wives are younger, hence the title. All three are betrayed by their spouses and get their revenge. Also, their journey took 512 pages, which seems excessive for what one reviewer termed "pop feminism." While I did like the b [...]

    2. Seriously, I must be getting old because these characters are driving me nuts with their "teenage" black-and-white "I hate men" attitudes. And please, if you're 31 and in good shape, why should you be proud that you can squat down without touching the ground? My goodness, I can do that and I'm neither.I think Goldsmith has a serious chip on her shoulder when it comes to men and it's getting tired. The only part that was actually funny and reminiscent of The First Wives Club was when they were pa [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book it was the first time I've ever read anything by this author however the black white thing really got on my nerves it seemed a little elementary and the whole we hate men we hate men attitude was a bit redundant. The one character who had troubles with the legal system, her story really upset me your husband was a grade a jack ass. I'm not sure if any legal system would actually work that way I mean telling a judge that someone is a drug addict with absolutely no proof seems [...]

    4. ok so i only ever read this for """fun""" so i won't get too much into this. as in, i wanted a beach read but it turned out not to be as fun as i'd have likes. actually it was quite depressing. but it also turned out to be about female fire-forged friendships and i'm always down for those. STILL the book was way too long. it could've easily been half its size. hell, it could've been a novella and it could've told the same story, perhaps more effectively, and it could've been good. it's full of d [...]

    5. When I reading this book, I was happily surprised because it is a good story for all. It is all about man-hating I think. I like the part of the story when Reid gave Angie a ring, so sweet. And also the line of Reid "Is this a religious difference? I can't tell if it's a Jewish or a Catholic one.But only sex and jewelry get you to mention the Lord's name". Then Angie and Jada meet again. They had a problem but they resolve it. In the end Angie received a letter from Jada and Michelle that makes [...]

    6. Mixed feelings here. A friend lent it to me, with the disclaimer that it's one of her favorite books ever and knowing that this author also wrote First Wives Club, I was excited to read this.It wasn't horrible, but it could have been a lot better. Here are my issues:1. It could have been shorter. 600 pages for chick lit is overkill in my eyes. Since it was summer and I just read a gruesome, based on a true story book, I wasn't as annoyed as usual. But unless you're a literary genius, you can pro [...]

    7. The story is about three women who are brought together by their situations, all victims of “men” and the American justice system. Trying to do the right thing by the seemingly right way doesn’t seem to work so together they take matters into their own hands.I found this book to be quite sexist. It was all women are suffering heroes and men are heartless jackasses. Gender stereotypes drive me up the wall. I understand that gender equality hasn’t always been the case and women had to work [...]

    8. This book could have been called 'Young Wives Club' as it is essentially a retelling of Goldsmith's 'First Wives Club.' While it was interesting there is nothing original about itnd of like a remake of a blockbuster movie on the Lifetime channel. A story about threeyoung wives (shocking, I know) who are all wronged by their husbands so they band together to seek revenge on the men who wronged them. The women are victorious in their schemes all their husbands are humiliated and the women obtain j [...]

    9. Was not sure about this book when I first started. I was worried it would reflect the typical chic-lit man-hating plot lines that have become frequent in this genre. However, I was happily surprised. The plot line deviates from the typical "you done me wrong" into a more "I am woman hear me roar." It also shows how at time, life is not fair and just plain sucks. Even when YOU do everything right sometimes you get screwed over and have to find a way to come back or crawl out of the hole you have [...]

    10. A good read, mysterious, funny, and dramatic. Yes, since i saw the movie but didn't read the book, it seemed very much like OG's First Wives Club. Some reviewers have said it's sexist and man-hating, maybe you should reconsider, not all the men in the book are jerks, mostly the three husbands. Some of the men are very considerate and supporting, helping the women once the wives' lives have spiraled out of control. Those men did appear in the second-half of the book, so many the jerks had overwhe [...]

    11. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I'm happily married so I'm not in the man-hater club, but I could appreciate the sentiments and the humor used by the author throughout the book. Her bio says she's no longer a wife, so there's clearly some sarcasm toward men woven into her writing.I liked the characters and I found the story lines interesting. I thought the book was a little long and I got bored in the middle and almost quit reading.But I'm glad I kept going because it picked up again toward the en [...]

    12. I wouldn't advise reading Olivia Goldsmith back-to-back for the simple reason that she tends to veer towards carrying the 'sisters-are-doing-it-for-themselves' a little too zealously.I do however, relish her books as a palate cleanser especially after reading any particularly dry tome. Goldsmith pumps up the adrenaline with a really good yarn, and almost always leaves me smiling from ear to ear at the end. Bravo, Ms. Goldsmith!

    13. (Fiction 2000) I've read and enjoyed other books by Goldsmith, but was somewhat disappointed in this one. It is written from the same template as First Wives Club, just with younger couples. The wives want to be finished with their awful husbands, the husbands get better attorneys than the wives, and so the wives resort to elaborate (but rather fun) schemes to pay back their men. Not badly written, but no real surprises. I guess, why mess with success? It still works mostly.

    14. Loved loved this book !Enjoyed reading this book, l honestly did not want it to end.fell in love with the characters Jada, Michelle and Angela.What women do in strong friendships to protect each other, especially against evil husbands who do wrong to their children.The storyline is so strong, wishing there was a movie. l shall admit that l enjoyed this read better then the First Wives Club, now that is a strong statement, that is how great it is.

    15. Olivia Goldsmith writes interesting novels. This is an excellent read and I enjoyed it very much.Goldsmith is one that is able to write in a manner that is compelling, the characters seem real as life and the problems they deal with are common and faced by many.You can't go wrong reading this book.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"

    16. Hyvä ja onnistunut kirja, vaikkakin suomennos ontui varsinkin alussa. Tai sitten suomentajan kieleen piti vain tottua. Hauska kirja, jossa on jopa kunnollinen juoni ja yllättävä loppuratkaisu. Kirja pitää tukevasti otteessaan.

    17. I am going to write just one review of the Olivia Goldsmith novels. They are entertaining and belong to a class that I call "beach reads." Nothing too deep, slightly smutty, and probably will never be read again.

    18. A great escapeIt has been a minute since I read any of Olivia Goldsmith's books. I was not disappointed. I could not put it down. Definitely something to take to the beach or the slopes.

    19. Now that Olivia Goldsmith's books have finally made their way onto Kindle, I've been re-reading them. As a teenage in a majority white part of the US, I don't think I picked up on how poorly written Jada is. It's so white girl trying and failing that it's cringeworthy.

    20. By the author of First Wives Club -- similar but different. I thought it was worth the time and look forward to reading some of her other material.

    21. It was sad in a funny sort of way. It just goes to show you that you can't make us women almost MAD enough to kill.

    22. Young wives is a delightful, frothy, funny and serious book she wrote it after The first wives club and I really liked it.

    23. You know those books you read simply because you want an antagonist you can hate completely, without remorse? Well, Goldsmith serves up several. You will never look at Super-Glue the same way again.

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