The Woods

The Woods Being afraid of the dark doesn t mean being afraid alone When a boy can t find his favorite stuffed bunny he bravely heads into the woods to look for it Instead he finds a big scary brown bear But

  • Title: The Woods
  • Author: Paul Hoppe
  • ISBN: 9780811875479
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Being afraid of the dark doesn t mean being afraid alone When a boy can t find his favorite stuffed bunny, he bravely heads into the woods to look for it Instead, he finds a big, scary brown bear But the bear is just lonely, so the boy shares his night light and forges ahead with his new companion, untiley run into two frightening giants As the boy continues on, hBeing afraid of the dark doesn t mean being afraid alone When a boy can t find his favorite stuffed bunny, he bravely heads into the woods to look for it Instead, he finds a big, scary brown bear But the bear is just lonely, so the boy shares his night light and forges ahead with his new companion, untiley run into two frightening giants As the boy continues on, he comes across other seemingly menacing creatures, but finds that like him they re just looking for some comfort and security before bedtime Simple text and classic European style meet a fresh, modern twist in this delightful picture book.

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    One thought on “The Woods”

    1. Loved this! I immediately wanted to run to my phone while at work just to add this to my Read-Shelf and 5 star it. I prefer it over "Where the Wild Things Are", the Caldecott winner that many will reasonably compare this story to. In a poll, I'll happily select "The Woods".

    2. A fun new cumulative tale. The repeated/predictable text will be a great support for new readers.

    3. The Woods was a really cute book, about a boy making a journey to recover his stuffed animal. But what will he encounter on the way? Very cute, loved reading this with my niece.

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    5. A boy can't find his favorite stuffed bunny at bedtime, so he decides to go look for it in the woods. On his journey, he encounters a big brown bear, two giants, a three-headed dragon, and a scary monster. Full of imagination, a fun bedtime story for little ones.

    6. It’s almost bedtime and suddenly none of this boys nighttime toys are anywhere to be seen. With no way of possibly going to bed without them he does what any other boy would do in this situation…he goes into the woods. Along his journey he meets a number of strange creatures from a three headed dragon to giants and even a monster, but are they really so scary or do they just need a little help of their own? In the end he may just learn that it’s better to stick together than face the night [...]

    7. This is such a cute book! My daughter loves when I read it to her. The illustrations are bright and simple, and the text is suspenseful and engaging. This is a great book for kids who are afraid of the dark, as well as providing some great lessons on empathy and sharing.The story has a young boy in bed at night, but he can't find his stuffed bunny, so he goes looking for it in the woods. He is not afraid, until The boy deals with his fear, then moves onto the next adventure. Kids will love the s [...]

    8. This book follows a little boy at bedtimes as he conquers his fears. When he is about to go to sleep he realizes that he does not have his bunny to hug. He realizes the only place that it could be is the woods. He then meets scary animals and monsters but it turns out they are not scary at all. In the end they meet the scariest monster of all, and they all decide to share the bunny, so that everyone is happy. I really enjoyed this book and I think that it would be a good book to read to your chi [...]

    9. This is a clever concept (I don't want to give it away) that would make this a great storytime book, especially if you are doing bedtime or not-so-scary. Would be fun paired with Where's My Teddy? or Where the Wild Things Are or Go Away, Big Green Monster! or "Going on a bear hunt."

    10. When his favorite stuffed bunny is missing, a boy summons his courage to find him in the woods. After all, he needs his bunny in order to sleep comfortably. In the dark woods, he encounters a bear, giants, a dragon, and a scary monster, but each one turns out to be not so scary after all. With a hug and a kind word, all the scary things end up back in the boy's bed. This would be a good read aloud about facing one's fears and illustrating the fact that everyone wants to feel understood. The pen [...]

    11. Every night before bed, a boy gathers his bedtime things, except the night that his pink bunny goes "missing". On this night he steps into "the woods"--on an imaginary journey during which he meets scary creatures that are, well---adorable. Loved it (as did my children). I used it for a rapt preschool storytime audience with a few "he doesn't look that scary" comments thrown in for good measure--just in case the most impressionable find adorable three-headed dragons even slightly frightening fod [...]

    12. A boy can't find his toy bunny when it's time for bed, so he enters the woods to look for it. He runs into a scary bear.but it turns out the bear is just scared of the dark. The boy helps the bear and they travel together further into the woods. They meet more scary creatures, but each one is not actually scary once they get to know each other. When the boy finally finds his bunny and returns home, the reader is left to wonder whether the adventure really happened or whether it was all pretend ( [...]

    13. A boy conducts his nightly ritual of turning on his nightlight, reading a book, getting under the covers, and hugging his bunny goodnight. One night he could not find his bunny, and so begins a fun, adventurous story about his night in the “woods” to find his bunny. I would recommend this book to any kid who is afraid of the dark or is having difficulty sleeping because of bad dreams, scary shadows, etc. It shows how another kid handles that problem and how well it turns out in the end. Cute [...]

    14. A boy can't find his bunny and the only place he hasn't looked yet is The Woods. He bravely charges in only to be confronted by a bear, a three headed dragon, and a big monster. Hoppe artfully balances suspenseful excitement with a predictable structure which makes this delightful scary read aloud more fun than actually scary. As a bonus, this story also offers some wonderful opportunities to discuss fears, bravery, and misconceptions.

    15. At first I thought, "Oh, cute and predictable," but the longer it sat with me the more I liked it. Great repetitive structure, wonderful not-too-scary scary story for storytime, loved the cues in the beginning that it's all pretend (the pink monster by the bed and the room opening up into the woods Wild-Thing style). The ending is just slightly too didactic for my tastes, but it fits with the rest of the book. Fun to read with Where's My Teddy?

    16. Missing his favorite stuffed toy, a little boy must go into the woods to find his bunny. He isn't afraid untilWhat I thought: I loved The Woods. It has minimal text and great illustrations. I'd pair it with Where the Wild Things Are and Ferocious Wild Beasts for a fun story time. My favorite illustrations are everyone (sans monster) walking along and sharing the bunny.Story Time Themes: Monsters, Beasts

    17. I'm really split about whether I liked this book or just thought it was okay. My daughter did like it so I bumped my answer up to three stars. This is not a bedtime book. This is an okay read aloud. The story reminds me of the book It's a Tiger by David LaRouchelle. But the ending of this book is better.

    18. So, my husband and I have both read this one a lot. We are going to have to buy our own copy. Both of my children (3, 5) LOVE this book. I think kids identify with this book because most children imagine things at bedtime and pretend the things they sleep with or that are in their room come alive. This book has the same whimsy and imagination as Where the WIld Things Are. Simply wonderful!

    19. Themes - bedtime, imagination, afraid of dark. This little boy is can't find his favorite stuffed bunny so he goes into the "woods" to find him. On every page he encounters something potentially scare but it all works out in the end.

    20. My 4-year-old enjoyed this book about a boy who is ready for bed but can't find his bunny. It's easy to read and has fun illustrations. My child and I were able to talk about the different situations the boy found himself in and how everyone felt.

    21. A little boy can't go to sleep because his stuffed bunny rabbit is missing. So he decides to go into the scary woods in search of it. But instead of finding his bunny, he comes across many scary and scared things. Will he ever find his bunny so he can go to sleep?

    22. Cute book about a boy who encounters scary creatures on his way into the dark woods in search of his lost bunny. My son is really into describing everything as scary and loves to pretend to go into caves. Perfect bedtime story for my little guy.

    23. At bedtime a boy goes looking for his lost bunny and finds a bear, giants, triple headed dragon, etc. until he finds his bunny in a cave with a monster. Cute story that will help give children power over their fears.

    24. There are so many things I love1) the repetition and building on last section2) the idea that sometimes scary things aren't as scary as we think they are3) the child's problem solving technique4) the picturesGreat adventure!

    25. What should a young boy do when it is time to go to bed but finds his stuffed bunny is missing? He should go looking for him of course! Even if this means grabbing a sword, placing a bucket atop his head and heading off into the dark woods to reunite with his furry pal.

    26. This book is awesome for young ones who may be afraid of things at bedtime. A boy wanders into the woods and keeps running into very scary things! But each time you meet a new scary thing and turn the page, it ends up being not scary at all. Great for preschool or toddler storytimes.

    27. I liked this one and I think the kiddos will, too. Need to put it on our school order list. Easily conquered fears wouldn't we all like that?

    28. A young boy learns that sometimes what is out in the woods may also have their own fears.

    29. Cute! This seems like something you would hear at a story telling festival- would totally work as a retold story.

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