Welcome to Last Chance

Welcome to Last Chance Dear Reader Yes our town is way off the beaten path but strange wonderful miracles happen a lot around here I ve owned the Cut n Curl beauty shop for years and I ve seen folks come for a visit th

  • Title: Welcome to Last Chance
  • Author: Hope Ramsay
  • ISBN: 9780446576093
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Reader,Yes, our town is way off the beaten path, but strange, wonderful miracles happen a lot around here.I ve owned the Cut n Curl beauty shop for years, and I ve seen folks come for a visit, then stay for a lifetime Take Jane that pretty firecracker of a girl who just arrived in town I would swear she s running from something She came with only five dollars inDear Reader,Yes, our town is way off the beaten path, but strange, wonderful miracles happen a lot around here.I ve owned the Cut n Curl beauty shop for years, and I ve seen folks come for a visit, then stay for a lifetime Take Jane that pretty firecracker of a girl who just arrived in town I would swear she s running from something She came with only five dollars in her pocket but she s worked real hard to make a fresh start She s turned my son Clay s life upside down without even realizing it And thank goodness for that Ever since Clay left his country western band, he s played everything too safe He needs to take a chance on Jane Besides, the he tries to keep his distance, the he ll realize that he and Jane are singing the same tune.But I should quit ramblin and go check on Millie s permanent wave Next time you re in Last Chance, be sure to swing by We ve got hot rollers, free coffee, and the best gossip in town.See you real soon,Ruby Rhodes

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      323 Hope Ramsay
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    One thought on “Welcome to Last Chance”

    1. I loved this book. I picked it up on Saturday night and finished on Sunday morning. I was having a bad weekend and this book helped me smile. WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE features characters that are flawed, funny, rude, and sweet. Jane and Clay are both very flawed. They’ve been abused, screwed over, and have every right to see the glass half-empty. Clay is very negative and is kind of letting life run over him. Jane has been running for a long time, but she believes that life is going to eventuall [...]

    2. Whyyyyy did I do this to myself? My friend noticed I was reading some romance novels featuring small towns and sent me this book. I read the blurb and then got started. Obviously, I should have checked the shelves, because it very obviously says it's a Christian book in the shelves. Nowhere else. By the time I realized that the Bible-thumpers were not solely comic relief, I was too invested. Which is odd to say, because I almost DNF'd it every 15% due to the stupid characters. It was easier for [...]

    3. I hate giving up on a book. I try to push through and finish no matter what. But sometimes a book isn't working for me on any level, and given my limited reading time these days, giving up is just for the best. Which is what I decided to do with this book. I just had no interest in continuing to read it.Series Note:First book in the "Last Chance" series about a small South Caroline town.Summary:Read the summary on the book page. I didn't read enough of the book to give a more accurate summary:"R [...]

    4. Religious beliefs are front and center here. I have learned to quickly read through it and concentrate on the characters development, so it was enjoyable. It's not a book that can be recommended to just anyone, but I knew what to expect.I really like stories like this about little towns and big families. I'm looking forward to more, especially with religion not being in your face with the rest of the books.I can usually leave or take a mystery or some action in my book reads. But it was OK here, [...]

    5. Started out slow, I didn't get the "feel" of the whole book until around 60% then it started to pick up. Don't really like the hero, he's one confuse manI dislike indecisive men and he came around too good for my liking. But then, I guess nobody's perfect.I have no problem with a Christian theme, it's written to portray the community, didn't feel as if it supposed to preach me when I read the book, or I would put it down sooner than finished with it ;pThe writing was kinda new to me, it certainl [...]

    6. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceAfter wanting to read this author for quite a while, I was happy to discover that the first book of this series was on the shelf at the local library and I grabbed it up, without even looking at the blurb. Yep, I just knew I needed to read this author and I was NOT dissapointed. This book was simply wonderful. I loved everything about it. And boy did it make me laugh so very hard, and I wasn't expecting it to be so funny, but it really was. [...]

    7. Öncelikle bu ne garip çeviri? Bence bazı tabirler bizim dilimize uyarlanmamalı, “hay yarabbi”, “anacık” vs batıyor. Aklıma çalıkuşu geldi durduk yere. Feride konuşurken sorun yok da son şans kasabasındaki bir amerikalı konuşurken sorun var yani. Kitaba bir türlü ısınamamın bir nedeni kesinlikle çeviri. İkincisi de kurguyu hiç tutarlı bulamamam. Karakterler aynı şekilde yavan işlenmiş. Ben küçük kasaba hikayelerine aslında bayılırım ama bu pek olmadı. Y [...]

    8. This is a brand new author. No, really! It says so right on the cover of the book. There's definitely potential here. This is one of those books that a review is best told by the characters themselves. Jane: The main lady, is broke and on the run from a disasterous past. Let's just say this poor girl has made quite a few made decisions, all of them revolving around "weasel" guys. Her words on the weasel characteristic. She arrives in Last Chance on the 9:30 bus from Atlanta. Pay attention here, [...]

    9. This was a fun book to read. Right at the beginning it seems like both Jane and Clay are hot messes. Jane has come to Last Chance to make a new start to her life after some bad choices. Clay is the first person she meets and proceeds to perhaps continue those bad choices. Clay came back to his hometown after things didn't go so well in Nashville and now feels like he's stuck in neutral. Jane was screwed over by her latest boyfriend who ended up stealing all her money instead of helping her make [...]

    10. Got to page 218 and I'm done. The sheriff is the biggest @ss who walked the planet, the situations that occur are not believable in the slightest and all of the characters are too kooky and unlikeable to be real. And what's with the constantly crying angel that only the little girl can see? This book is all over the place and not in a good way. So sorry I spent the money on the next two books in the series. Also sorry my last review of 2014 is so negative. Ugh!

    11. Hope Ramsey has a sly, subtle humor that keeps the pages turning and a climax that will leave you breathless in your seat. Laugh, grin, giggle, weep, it's all there waiting for you in Last Chance, SC, a place where the people are people and the miracles are just around the corner. An uplifting read that I just couldn't put down.

    12. I enjoyed this book. It had all the basic elements of a romance novel, but some interesting side stories too. People who talk to angels, women with an imperfect past. I am looking forward to reading more books in the series.

    13. I didn't even bother finishing this book once I reached to the point where the hero said, "Oh, for goodness' sake." So I decided to research more about this book by looking at the other reviews and nearly spat out my whiskey when I found it was a Christian romance novel. What the unholy fuck?Who the hell has a fling right in the beginning of the story when it's supposed to be a Christian story? Granted they don't show any eroticism, but it's odd that a man I thought was going to be sex on a stic [...]

    14. Meh is what I think when this book comes to mind. I liked the idea and the concept but there wasn't much in the community of this small town that I wanted to see again. And the characters weren't appealing enough for me to want to see them again too or even meet new ones.

    15. Author Hope Ramsay was born in New York and grew up on the North Shore of Long Island, but every summer her mother would pack her off to her aunt to go visiting with relatives in the midlands of South Carolina. Hope earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Buffalo, and has had various jobs working as a Congressional aide, a lobbyist, a public relations consultant, and a meeting planner. She’s a two-time finalist in the Golden Heart Awards through the Romance Writers of America. [...]

    16. WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE written by Hope Ramsay03/11 - Grand Central Publishing - Mass Market Paperback, 368 pagesWhen you run from the past how far can you get before it catches up to you?In a town called Last Chance you would think something good might happen. Jane believes it has to get better since it has been so bad so far in her life. But without any money and this being the end of the bus line her glass half empty is more of a reality than she would like it to be. Jane is a dreamer and beli [...]

    17. Jane and Clay make this book worth reading. The author develops both characters in a convincing way, making them both flawed yet ultimately honorable. The first meeting between Clay and Jane is especially well done. It's not often an author makes me feel the connection between people who have just met, but Ramsay manages to make it believable and sexy, while still creating a feeling of poignancy. From there the book becomes uneven, perhaps trying to be too many things: a humorous small town roma [...]

    18. Welcome to Last Chance was so much better than I initially would've thought. Of course it was light and cute and semi-funny - as suspected, but besides the apparent fluffiness it clearly featured appealing and flawed characters who definitely kept me entertained till the very end. I’d rate it somewhere between 3 and 3,5. The main lead female character, Wanda Jane Coblentz, made all the difference; she was engaging, self-deprecating and likeable. At twenty-five, she might have made a lot of bad [...]

    19. I finished it this morning, but have been away from my computer, so haven't been able to sit down and gather my thoughts about it until now. I'm really not sure I enjoyed this one. It came across as fake preachy, with all the "God's Plan Matchmaking" going on. I've read much better inspirational romances with a matchmaking theme than this secular romance was! And secular it was, because a Christian romance would not have the characters having sex in it AT ALL!!! I could tell that the author was [...]

    20. This was a cute one, one where you have to love the town, it's crazy people and it's charm. I loved how both Clay and Jane were lost, in different ways, but lost none the less. You could tell right away that they needed each other, but it would take a while. Their interactions had me smiling, at times all they could do is snipe at each other, at others they found a safe place for a bit.I loved all the old ladies at the town, how they would but in, especially the matchmaker. She was funny when sh [...]

    21. By the time I reached chapter 4, I was fairly certain that I'd never read the word 'big' so many times in one book. A man can't be a man, he has to be a big man, with broad shoulders, and a towering height. A man can't just pick up some fallen change, he needs to do so using his large, dependable hands. I started to pay attention to how big, broad, or large everything was, and forgot about the story. The story of a down-and-out diamond-in-the-rough girl-on-the-run isn't too unique. The bad boy w [...]

    22. I just didn't like any of the people. WAAAAAAAAAAY to preachy for me. More than a bit over the top as well. Not terrible but really not my cup of tea.

    23. A comfort read as I call them. Nice little hometown romance book. Will definitely read the next one due out in September 2011.

    24. i enjoyed this light hearted read. Nobody goes to Last Chance, South Carolina. All of a sudden three different women get off the bus in Last Chance on three different nights just like Miriam Randall told Clayton P. Rhodes.Now he has to find out which one is his love match. One left Clayton for a other man, one is pregnant with another mans child and the 3rd is a criminal. That is according to Clay's brother who is the sheriff. Wanda Jane Coblentz is the only one he is interested in. But trouble [...]

    25. This is a wonderful story about finding your soul mate, when you're not looking and in the least likely place and time in your life. Love the small town story and its characters. The charming writing style is appealing to me in much the same way as "The Sookie Stackhouse Series" by Charlaine Harris. You will enjoy these books about family, love, happiness and sorrow.

    26. It was just too much! I loved the setting and the characters, but there were too many plots. I will read more from this series, as I assume this is a first book kind of problem.

    27. If this was supposed to be a Christian Romanse book, then I may not trust categories ever again. The main characters jump into bed at their first meeting, and then the talk of lust and being hot all the time was a continuing theme throughout the book. How can you be the organ player at church on Sunday and never give a thought at all other times of bedding the girl he has known for 4 days? The church ladies gossip about the situation but wink about it. It all boils down to a bunch of characters [...]

    28. Nice, light, quirky small town story. You have the town busy bodies, the ancient matchmaker, gossip at the hair salon, best friends, loads of back stories and old loves causing havoc. But also bad guys, Guns, crime, missing people and even the FBI. It has it all. I enjoyed this and of course need to know the stories to all of Clays siblings as well as other folks in Last Chance.

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