The Reckless Bride

The Reckless Bride A fabulously entertaining new quartet with links to her popular Cynster series Laurens adds a dash of exotic spice to her always reliable mix of sexy romance and risky intrigue Booklist The fourth boo

  • Title: The Reckless Bride
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9780062018663
  • Page: 305
  • Format: ebook
  • A fabulously entertaining new quartet with links to her popular Cynster series.Laurens adds a dash of exotic spice to her always reliable mix of sexy romance and risky intrigue Booklist The fourth book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Laurens s sensational Black Cobra Quartet, The Reckless Bride is a brilliant mix of intrigue, danger, and hi A fabulously entertaining new quartet with links to her popular Cynster series.Laurens adds a dash of exotic spice to her always reliable mix of sexy romance and risky intrigue Booklist The fourth book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Laurens s sensational Black Cobra Quartet, The Reckless Bride is a brilliant mix of intrigue, danger, and historical romance from one of the very best in the business A breathtaking adventure set in England s Regency Era, The Reckless Bride continues the acclaimed romance novelist s extraordinary chronicle of love and duty, as brave ex officers of the Crown band together to destroy the traitorous fiend known as The Black Cobra.

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      305 Stephanie Laurens
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    One thought on “The Reckless Bride”

    1. PATHETIC!!!!So, by the time, the harrowed audience will reach the fourth book, the Cult of Black Cobra's stuff has been beaten silly to a pulp. We are sick of listening to it.And the heroine of this novel is so irritating, it is beyond me to comment.Selfish, lacking an imagination and mind you, idiotically stubborn. I have never disliked a Stephanie Lauren heroine as much as Loretta.If I were a man I would be running in the opposite direction. There is a dire threat of Black cult's assassins at [...]

    2. This was more of a 3.5*, but definitely not 4* - it just took too long for the story to really get going - maybe it's just been too long since I read book 3. The secondary mystery was a good touch, tho, and actually kept my interest in the story until the cultists started seriously showing up. The conclusion was a nice twist - I think I should have seen it coming sooner than I did, but at least I figured it out before any of the good guys did! All in all, a good ending to the series.

    3. This was Stephanhie Laurens's last chance with me. This series made the Bastion Club look almost readable. She did nothing but change the route and character's names to produce four really bad books instead of just one. Bringing in the Cynsters at the end of each book does not make the book any better. She needs to develop a new plot or hang up her pen.

    4. Dear lord in heaven above. I'm a very fast reader, and can usually plow through a romance novel in about two hours. This took me three and a half, with lots of skimming. It was so loquacious in a very bad way. A romance novel should not blabber on and on. I couldn't even finish the epilogue because I was so overcome with this feeling of, "Dear lord, how are there still pages left?" Sometimes I feel incredibly frustrated when I feel like I have hit the end of a book, only to have it continue. I p [...]

    5. In a lot of ways, I’m really pleased with this book; it reminds me of why I started reading SL. After the past couple of novels, I was a bit apprehensive when I started this one, but… it started with maps! I love maps in books! Then, the prologue includes a helpful recap of Rafe’s mission and an introduction to Loretta and her well-meaning family before she’s swept away on a Grand Tour by her fabulous aunt Esme. The initial meeting of Rafe and Loretta was cute and made me smile. Their in [...]

    6. To be fair, this is book four of a series and I haven't read the other three, although I don't think it would change my opinion. Although very well read, the story was weak. Loretta Mitchellmarsh has been avoiding love for as long as possible. Captain Rafe Carstairs has a sacred mission to complete. The is no place for love. But sometimes love comes along when you least expect it. The sexual tension was good. We got to know Loretta as a woman made of stern stuff, who doesn't faint at the sight o [...]

    7. Wow. Okay. Y'all know what they say about Assuming things, right?Ms. Laurens definitely got me with that twist which was revealed about the true identity of the Black Cobra. I mean, wow. I blinked, froze for a moment and mentally re-evaluated every single scene that this person was involved in Then I kicked myself for missing the signs.This, the final installment of the Black Cobra Quartet was wonderful. Indeed, the entire series as a whole was wonderful. Each book was unique in its own way even [...]

    8. The Reckless Bride ของสเตฟานี ลอว์เรนส์เนื่องจากขี้เกียจเขียนซ้ำนะคะ แม็กซ์ก็เลยก๊อปเอาข้อความที่ตัวเองเคยเขียนไว้ตอนที่รีวิวเรื่อง The Untamed Bride มาลงซ้ำอีกครั้ง เพียงแต่แก้บางจุดเล็กน้อย สำ [...]

    9. I give this book 3.5 stars.This is the last book in the Black Cobra Quartet. Captain Rafe Carstairs is the last of the four to be traveling back to England and is carrying the original document that contains the damning evidence of the true identity of the Black Cobra. Along the way he runs into Esme and her niece Loretta who are doing a grand tour of spots that Esme and her deceased husband had visited during his diplomatic career. Circumstances force them to travel back to England together as [...]

    10. THE RECKLESS BRIDE by Stephanie Laurens is a historical romance set in 1822 India and England. It is the fourth in The Black Cobra Quartet (Book One, The Untamed Bride,Book Two, The Elusive Bride, Book Three, The Brazen Bride) but can be read as a stand alone. It is well written with details and depths. First, let me say I so enjoy this author's writing. To that, let me say I thought this was a little slow to begin with. It seemed to have more of another plot, than the others and less of the The [...]

    11. Favorite of the SeriesTHE RECKLESS BRIDE is the fourth and final book in the Black Cobra Quartet. The series tells the story of four men who have discovered the identity of the English leader of a murderous cult in India. The four men are coming back to England with proof of the leaders identity. This book is about the fourth man, Rafe Carstairs, aka "Reckless" who has the original letter. While on his way back to England, Rafe ends up meeting Loretta Michelmarsh who is traveling with her great- [...]

    12. ok now I've finished the quartet I'm going to comment on them as a whole. I really didn't like these as much as other Stephanie Lauren books I've read. I've always been a bit cautious with series in which events from each book is referenced in the others. Simultaneous events with everything coming together at the end - often quite fun (e.g. the Gambler's Daughters series by Sharon Sala. Together at the beginning, separate during the main body of the story, then coming together at the very end). [...]

    13. And… we're back to circling the drain.My first thought upon reading: God, this book is boring. Normally, I love a hero named Rafe. (Don't ask, because I cannot explain. Seriously, I don't know why. Give me a "Rafe" or an "Anthony" and I am a happy bird.) This Rafe was a total snooze. Loretta (Why? Seriouslywhy?) was even worse. The subplot with the elderly lady was just ugh. I had some Laurens goodwill built up from book 1 and 2 but with this travesty and the short story in It Happened One Sea [...]

    14. I'd put off finishing the Black Cobra Quartet for a few months after reading the first three back-to-back and getting a little overloaded. But this volume wasn't quite as redundant as the first three, not strictly following the fight the cultists/run/fight the cultists/run formula (or at least the fights weren't against cultists and the running between fights seemed a bit longer). Also, since the Black Cobra conspirator stories had been completely covered in the previous volumes, we only dealt w [...]

    15. 2.5 stars - I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either.For about 75% of the book I was thinking that the book needed to hurry up (and that Loretta needed to stop playing games). Then Rafe and Loretta finally got to England - the pace picked up and for a while I was enjoying myself. **Major spoiler followsop now if you don't want to know the ending** The "twist" fell kind of flat in my opinion - ooh, the Black Cobra is a woman! Ok, big deal. I felt like the author must have been a bit of a mis [...]

    16. This is the fourth and final book in Laurens' Black Cobra Quartet - it was one where I was desperate to find out how it was all going to end and at the same time didn't want it to be over.There have been some errors in the books that could have been picked up - most obviously in this the herione is refered to as Lucy in the blurb and so as I started reading I did wonder who this Loretta person was! Also in the last book I think Linsdale should have been Linslade - only because I live near there! [...]

    17. What a horrible book! I wish I could give it -1 star. The sex was so TEDIOUS! Maybe it's because I read 4 books in succession when I usually only read 1 romance novel a year but how much claiming-possessing-burning-melting-shattering-HIS can one person take?! If I was EVER going to get through the series, I had to zone out during the audiobooks and skip in the e-books.I've accepted in these books that virgins experience no ill effects despite how well endowed their lovers are. Their pain last ab [...]

    18. Review - Rafe's always described as reckless and doesn't mind putting himself in danger. However, I think this book was let down because his heart became entwined too quickly and we failed to see much of his reckless side. However, I think that Loretta is a strong character and that her and Rafe are brilliant together. I thought, when reading the previous three books, The Untamed Bride, The Elusive Bride and The Brazen Bride, that Rafe Carstairs looked to be a very interesting character. It's no [...]

    19. This was a fairly interesting read in that I learnt a lot about travelling through Europe in the Georgian/Regency period. I did find that the writing began to grate on me, especially the overuse of phrases as sentences, even as whole paragraphs. That with one word paragraphs really made me want to stop reading, but I continued because the plot was so interesting. I would never have guessed that the Black Cobra was a woman, even though in books 2 and 3 we saw Alex having sex with Ferrars and then [...]

    20. A few other reviews complained about how slow this book was and I'd have to agree. I skimmed through a lot of the middle sections because it felt like the characters were stuck in some kind of weird "we want to be together but we can'tt" loop.But I think the real issue was how little action there was on the Black Cobra front during that time. The last quarter of the book certainly made up for that but even then it took me a little while to remember what had happened previously and get back into [...]

    21. This is the second book I have read of the Black Ccobra Quartet series of four books. The books are about each of the men who carried copies or the original of a letter that was to expose the Blackc Cobra. This book is about the man who carried the original letter and the adventures that he went through to complete his assignment. His name was Captain Rafe Carstairs. It also follows the adventures that he encounter through his association with Loretta Violet Mary Michelmarsh and her Aunt Esme. I [...]

    22. Sloooooooow for about the first 3/4 of the book. Last 1/4 and wrap-up of the series is the only reason this book didn't get a two. The epilogue not needed. Did we really need to know all about the Cynsters and the Bastion Club and the four soldiers from this series? It's nice to hear about them but you've done that in other books. Overkill here. Better than the second book in this series but nothing new from the author.Rafe Carstairs is the soldier that has the original copy of a letter that wil [...]

    23. 3.8 Stars. Public Library 8/28/14. I wasn't sure how the last book was going to go. It's been a long journey with a lot of different moving pieces. Rafe up until this book has been a relative mystery. The author did a good job introducing a character we've heard a lot about but didn't really know. His journey to England was interesting less action packed as the others but more suspenseful. Things heat up after he meets Loretta a young English woman traveling with her elderly great-aunt. When we [...]

    24. I was a little hestiate to read this book after reading some of the reiveiws on . I will learn one of these days that the majority of the reviews are useless. While there wasn't as much action in this book as there was in the others of this series I am perfectly happy with the explaination for it not being so. With Rafe's nickname being "Reckless" you would have expect him to be looking for a fight more often than he did. However is was the most important leg of the journey to get evidence again [...]

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