Close Keep your friends close and your enemies closer And your family should be closest of all Patrick Brodie knows exactly how far he s prepared to go to get what he wants And he wants it all Now Before lo

  • Title: Close
  • Author: Martina Cole
  • ISBN: 9780755328611
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer And your family should be closest of all.Patrick Brodie knows exactly how far he s prepared to go to get what he wants And he wants it all Now Before long, Patrick has become a legend in his own lifetime Violently.Lily Diamond is different from the kind of woman Patrick is normally attracted to But together they are detKeep your friends close and your enemies closer And your family should be closest of all.Patrick Brodie knows exactly how far he s prepared to go to get what he wants And he wants it all Now Before long, Patrick has become a legend in his own lifetime Violently.Lily Diamond is different from the kind of woman Patrick is normally attracted to But together they are determined that their children will have everything they didn t Until the unthinkable happens and Lily is left on her own to look after their family in a dangerous world The Brodies must stay close to survive But as everyone knows, your sins will find you out.

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      255 Martina Cole
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    One thought on “Close”

    1. Como é possível que este livro tenha sido escrito pela mesma autora do maravilhoso Hard Girls? Estão a ver água e vinho? É exactamente como estes dois livros são. Não têm nada a ver. Estava à espera de um policial puro e duro. Daqueles com mortes inexplicáveis e provas escondidas dentro de chinelos.E o que foi que encontrei? Simplesmente o conceito de inimigo, vingança e família. O livro segue Patrick Brodie, que é daqueles homens de toda a gente no mundo do crime tem medo e é resp [...]

    2. I love all martina cole books and this was no different, although a bit slow to start with i got into it as much as i did her others. I would recommend this book and Martina Cole as a author to try

    3. I'm a fan of Martina Cole. I've have read quite a few of her books in the past and enjoyed all of them. I didn't enjoy this one quite so much. The book is divided into three books. For me, book one dragged a little. I found my interest increased as soon as I reached book two and then I found myself wanting to read to the end. Up until this point, I could take it or leave it. Overall, it's a good book and well worth a read.

    4. The first Martina Cole book I picked up, and the best I've read so far. Upon reading the synopsis and other reviews, I was skeptical about whether following the same family over a number of decades would hold my interest. I was immediately hooked by the Brodie family and Patrick's devotion to his wife; therefore, when the 'unthinkable' happened (very graphically) it came as a huge punch to the gut. I had to keep on reading to see how the family would survive and, more importantly, would vengeanc [...]

    5. Some years ago whilst helping establish a business in South East London I met a number of people who, colloquially speaking, were connected. That is they were either family of or friends to gangsters. I met 18Mad Frankie Frasers ex-wife Lilly, Victoria his sister-in-law and Sue (I think) his niece. I met a woman who was mates with the Foreman 19s (one a hit man the other a thief) and also a chap who knew the Richardson 19s (Great Train Robbery.) Mixed in among these were friends and family of th [...]

    6. I suppose you could refer to me as a somewhat haphazard Martina Cole fan, as I have 'found' Martina around three quarters of the way through her career. As a result, I am reading her earlier books as and when I come across them! I am 100% certain that if this was the first Martina book I'd read I'd give it 5 stars, but as it stands, there are more compelling (and violent) Martina books out there (in my opinion of course!). I enjoyed the book. The characters are as horrendously interesting as eve [...]

    7. This has to be one of the most horrific stories I have ever read, the descriptions of murder are unbelievable,and to think that this was written by a woman.Why did I finish reading this?, I simply wanted to know if there were any redemptive qualities with any of the characters and I will leave it up to you to find out for yourself

    8. This is one of the best books that I have read this year. It spans 40 years of the Brodie family who are "close". They are faces/criminals. I loved Lil, Patrick both Sr and Jr. It was an eye operner regarding crime in UK.

    9. This is about the Brodie family, who live in the world of criminal London. At least the men do. They earn their money through crime. This leads to a lot of violence in their lives. Add to that some family drama and you have a novel.This book has some flaws. Especially in the beginning there is a lot of telling instead of showing and everything is painfully overexplained. Also, the repetition is sometimes maddening. How many times are you going to say that Lance's last saving grace was how he was [...]

    10. One wonders how Martina Cole has become so familiar with the internal workings of the psychopathic mind, and also the minds of criminal wiseguys. She is very good at writing about them. This book is dark; you get a feeling of hopelessness in the first chapter, and the drama builds inexorably.Her female characters are fascinating: strong and as evil as their men. But for the most part they are loving, caring mothers, even ferocious (if they have children, of course), even if they aren't able to p [...]

    11. I think this is the fourth Martina Cole book I've read & I thin k it will be the last. It follows the same format as all the otherscious, unlikeable characters with no redeeming features & with most of them coming to a bad end. I wouldn't say "enjoyed" is the right word for how I felt about this book, it was compelling enough to have made me want to finish it but it's virtually a carbon copy of othersme basic tale with a change of names for the characters.ill if that's what people want

    12. Great crime family novel. It was nice that she showed all sides of the family not just the crime side and that it spanned generations.

    13. She's backMartina you've done it again. Hooked from the first word. Twists and turns. She's got her mojo back. A wonderful read.

    14. PROTAGONIST: The Brodie familySETTING: East end of LondonRATING: 2.0Martina Cole is a best-selling author in the UK, and Close is the first of her books to be published in the United States. Perhaps the fact that it is reminiscent of the TV show, The Sopranos, made it seem that the book would appeal to an American audience. That rationale remains to be proven.Close is a sprawling book that follows the saga of the Brodie crime family of London over several decades, beginning in the 1960s. The fam [...]

    15. Reviewed by Nikki Pringle for Reader Views (7/08)“Close” is the story of the Brodie family of London, England. The family patriarch, Patrick, runs the gangs, hostess clubs and drug runners in and around the London streets. His wife, Lil, married him when she was 16, in part to get away from her miserable parents, and started producing babies almost immediately. In between having children, she assisted her husband by running some of his girls and hostess clubs, and accepted, even seemed to en [...]

    16. I am reviewing the gangster thriller Close by Martina Cole which is an excellent novel which I bought from a car boot sale. This book reads like a biography of a fictional gangster. Pat senior becomes a top gangster in London when he starts by selling knocked off cigarettes but realizes the head gangster at that time is so old he relies on his henchmen to carry out his orders. He has a wife whom he loves and she loves him but he has several women on the side some of whom have children by him and [...]

    17. I took Close by Martina Cole with me on a recent holiday to Portugal. I had only read one of Martina Cole's books before. That was "The Family". I figured that with over 600 pages this book would probably keep me going for a week However, like "The Family" this book, "Close" deals with the progression of a family over several decades and is a real page-turner.Lily Diamond is the matriarch of the family who marries Patrick Brodie when she is very young. It allows her to escape from a poor and dre [...]

    18. Apesar de não saber bem o que esperar do livro pois não conhecia sequer a autora, não sei bem porquê mas associava o livro a um policial ou pelo menos uma história misteriosa.Esta é uma história de mafiosos ingleses, cujo cabecilha é Patrick Brodie, casado com Lil e pai de 5 filhos, que acaba sendo assassinado à frente da sua família.Poderia ter sido uma história interessante mas achei que a autora que quis "colar" um pouco ao mundo da máfia italiana, e o livro gira em torno do conce [...]

    19. This novel epitomises the worst of the traditional publishing industry. It is 663 pages of quantity not quality. A mediocre story is dragged out with so many repetitions it became very annoying. For instance, when the main character, Lil Brodie's second child is born, she immediately feels the child, Lance, is odd and she doesn't bond with him, however her feckless mother Annie does. That piece of information is repeated throughout the book about twenty five times, not only that but the whys and [...]

    20. I find a look at the British Gangsters fascinating. A couple of my favorite movies deal with this seamy side. I am not sure why I find it fascinating but I do and I was caught by the review comparing this book to the Sopranos. So far so good.Now that I have read it I must say that I enjoyed the book as a whole but there were times I just got tired of her redundant explanations of every character's motivations. Every time a character entered the narrative she had to explain all his or her's motiv [...]

    21. Stuck without my iPhone in Spain I "borrowed" this book in English from a Casa Rual without a lot of expectations. Found myself pulled along and a little fascinated by this parallel world of crime and crime families in London. While it is kind of a pot-boiler, it is competently written and makes an honest effort to understand the motivation of some pretty twisted personalities, all the while holding your sympathy for a flawed but appealing main character.One criticism: I don't believe any adult [...]

    22. British bestselling sensation Martina Cole is about to hit the American book scene. Close is the history of a crime family over 30 some years--sort of an English Sopranos, if you will. With MUCH stronger women characters who drive the book. If you enjoy a good gangster yarn with plenty of violence and family tension as well as in-depth criminal politics, this book is for you. I found it difficult to follow at first as the book kept skipping around in time without warning. But when it at last set [...]

    23. I have finished this book now,it was a struggle, constant promise of more which I would have to admit perhaps did finally arrive as I wearily paged on. All in all not well written, too much of the same old stuff repeated endlessly, the tome could have been half the length and delivered more punch. Disappointing, I rarely don't finish a book, my bookshelves here hold a small number of notable exceptions. This one managed to avoid being put in the "make good firelighters" shelf, but only just. I k [...]

    24. Encore has a series based on this book so I thought I'd read it. It was very good and I cried at the end. Starts in the 60's and finishes in the 80's, a Irish family who runs the town -- Irish mob. A young girl and meets the son, Tom, of the Irish mob head they marry raise their family and Tom and she eventually takes over the underground runnings of the town. There are hidden secrets to this family which you may or may not figure out toward the end. Murder and dysfunctional family. Once I start [...]

    25. I enjoyed this story a lot, yet was put off by certain aspects that interfered with my enjoyment of reading it. The story is solid and interesting. The redundancy of Cole's writing really ruined much of the book in my opinion. She continually recaps the circumstances and it is simply annoying and tiresome. The lack of dialogue, until the very late section of the book, tends to become boring as well.

    26. This book is like a slow wine,,, start slowly but gradualy it regain its tempo,,,, and you are taken back to the underword of seventies of london, few morbid twists in the closing pages makeyour tummy churnned,, only question , why some one kept producing child like rabbitt,, and that from three diffrent males,,,, no sane woman could do this,,,, other wise nice characterison,, of broadi clan,,,, lanuguage is too fluid,,a nice time pass.ough bit long,,,

    27. I'm a big fan of Martina Cole but found this book a bit slow to begin with. Some of the other reviewers commented on this also, however I found that the book picked up a bit after the slow start and I enjoyed it. I would definately recommend this to any fans of this author but advise that you must stick with despite the start.

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