Eye of Heaven

Eye of Heaven Dirk Steele had a creed Protect the innocent in secrecy No member of the Agency was normal Each was an outcast a pariah a beneficent shadow living under the sun but rarely in its warmth Blue Perrine

  • Title: Eye of Heaven
  • Author: Marjorie M. Liu
  • ISBN: 9780843957655
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dirk Steele had a creed Protect the innocent in secrecy No member of the Agency was normal Each was an outcast, a pariah, a beneficent shadow living under the sun but rarely in its warmth Blue Perrineau was no different And now, when it was clear that darker shadows existed in the world people who followed no rule under heaven every secret was a liability.Dirk Steele had a creed Protect the innocent in secrecy No member of the Agency was normal Each was an outcast, a pariah, a beneficent shadow living under the sun but rarely in its warmth Blue Perrineau was no different And now, when it was clear that darker shadows existed in the world people who followed no rule under heaven every secret was a liability Blue would soon see.They came from all over the world to observe Iris s lithe, catlike body and her affinity for wild creatures But beyond the celebrity of the Las Vegas footlights, a blackness grew All eyes were upon her, seeking, judging coveting But one gaze was that of a savior, a man of electricity and mystery a mystery as deep and convoluted as her own And together, they might yet see the dawn.

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      434 Marjorie M. Liu
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    One thought on “Eye of Heaven”

    1. Eye of Heaven had a yummy Sayid'esque (Sayid of Lost) hero (at least that's how I pictured him!) and a shapeshifting heroine. Really liked this one for it’s distinguishing characters! Liu manages to tell PNR stories that are different in a sub-genre that is in a glut right now. 4.5 out of 5 from me!

    2. On the surface this seems like the most likely book (so far) in the series to resemble a typical Paranormal Romance. The hero has a magical power, the heroine’s a shifter who works and lives with her animals, two men want the heroine at the same time, the heroine doesn’t like to touch anyone until she meets the hero, etc. These are not unique things in PNR, yet somehow the author manages to morph the story into something fresh and different. I really think that her writing reads like an Urba [...]

    3. This fifth story in Liu's Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series features shapeshifters, an eletrokinetic, a telekinetic, a couple of sociopaths and a flesh peddler. All of the stories in this series are stand alone and while characters from previous books do appear in them, you will not have any problems if you read out of order.Blue takes the sexy male lead this time. Blue is an electrokinetic, can control anything using electricity but being near a lot of electricity in use can be hell f [...]

    4. Sometimes the world is a dark and dangerous place where things really do go bump in the night. The fourth installment in the Dirk and Steele series takes a darker turn then the previous books.It starts out with Blu Perrineau, Dirk and Steele agent and electrokinetic, being badly injured in the line of duty. Ordered to take time off he is quickly pulled into a family crisis when he is informed his father is dead and his estranged brother is missing. Manipulation, black market organ harvesting, il [...]

    5. This was actually a good story, however the reason for the 3 star is because even though there was a good character build up with the plot going into a good direction, the climax of the story bombed. I mean it made no sense and it was confusing and not clear to the motives and reasoning's - or maybe the author just didn't explain it very well. I did enjoy the characters though and I did find myself hanging on to every word in some scenes of the story but then at the end the author lost me with t [...]

    6. Psychic private detectives use their special skills to get results where normal people fail.Blue is coerced into finding a brother he has never meet by a father whom he hates.(view spoiler)[Trail leads to a circus where Daniel is an escape artist also Blue meets Iris, a big cat performer who is very close to her cats. She avoids contact with others but wants to touch BlueThe whole circus is asked to perform at a new hotel in Las Vegas, but it is a trap and Iris is kidnapped Blue and Daniel work [...]

    7. the magic between Blue and Iris was believable and totally sweet. the backdrop of the circus in Las Vegas was interesting and not overpowering. The setting was a real background for me, more so in this book than in any of the other ones for some reason. I could see the circus, the animals, Samuel and Pete. Daniel. Very well written. really great characters and lots of adventure. and seeing artur and dean again makes me happy as some authors forget about their matched characters in later books. b [...]

    8. I did enjoy the primary characters, I liked that they weren't touchy-feely sorts and I loved how much strength they both had. I was also impressed by the fact that the author goes for three-quarters of the book without intercourse between the leads and STILL manages to make their relationship engaging and tantalizing. The real reason I gave this particular novel five stars is because it does an excellent job of looking at morality. The good guys have to decide what they are ethically comfortable [...]

    9. Ok the chaos goes SO deep in this seriesI'm dying to know who runs this other agency and who is the mastermind behind the Consortium!! Blue and his brother are super hot, but I think I would have to go with Daniel. Now My poor Artur and his wonderful Elena were put to rights but I felt like I was put throught the ringer for it. And all thanks to the sinfully delicious Rictor who shows up(WHERE IS HIS BOOK?) cause i'm friggin salivating for more of him, and can I please be the woman to get him? I [...]

    10. Book #5 in this series and I didn't care for it--much. First of all, this was not a romance, but more a sci-fi/fiction. The descriptions rambled on and added very little to the story. I felt jerked out of the story by most of the useless descriptions and it took me awhile to get back in (the story). The dialogue could have been reduced as well. Generally, if it doesn't aid in the story, it shouldn't be there: no matter how well written. Finally, this book had too much happening in it. What was t [...]

    11. Amazing imagination. Marjorie M. Liu is a favorite. I can't get enough of these Dirk & Steele novels. Each one is beyond creative and so fast-paced I rip through them because they are unputdownable. The novels each focus on at least one member (and their love interest) of the D&S agency, whose mission is to protect innocent people from the supernatural evils of the world. Oh, and all those working for the agency have some sort of ability or are supernatural beings themselves. It's a grea [...]

    12. The plot to this one had pretty much everything in it. International organ smugglers? Check. Long-lost half brothers reunited when they both run away to the circus? Check. Multiple mysterious organisations with world-dominating aspirations run by psychics? Check. Still, I quite liked Iris—very loyal, but quite introverted—and Blue, who is patient and nicely angsty and of mixed-race Afghani background! Liu's starting to tone down some of the most obvious of her stylistic tics by now, I think, [...]

    13. Dipping my toes into the work of a popular paranormal romance author. It didn't really hold up for me -- I'm searching for writing, worldbuilding, and plot that's just as strong as the romance. I liked the characters here, and their brand of humor, but the interconnectedness of random elements in order to make a story made my teeth ache from all the grinding.

    14. I was so glad to finally get Blue's story. I loved this book. It was so different from the others in the series. I love how Ms. Liu just keeps surprising us with each new story. I can't wait to get started on the next one.

    15. Blue is an electrokinesis; he can fry electronics with his mind. Iris is a shapeshifter, working in a small circus currently playing Las Vegas. Blue Perrineau is the unwanted son of Felix Perrineau, the wealthiest man in the world who fakes his death to make Blue track down his half-brother, Daniel, the brother he never knew he had. All the action converges on Las Vegas, as both Daniel and Iris are working for the same circus and the evil flesh-peddlar Blue pursues is also in Vegas to kidnap Iri [...]

    16. Blue is an agent of Dirk & Steele, with the power to affect electricity - including the electrical impluses that keep a heart beating He is tracking down Santoso, an evil, sadistic operator within a greater Consortium - his speciality is stealing people's organs to sell and sex slave trade, and his interest is in trying to take other people's psychic powers and Blue is stopped in Jakarta, when trying to track one of Santoso's women (who ends up to be an agent in her own right & Iris' mot [...]

    17. you know what [image error]This other secret organization that we don't know anything about unless your name is Arthur & Elena and it's driving me bonkers!!

    18. So here I am still slowly but surely working my way through the Dirk and Steele books, this being the fourth full length novel (there's a novella that fits in there somewhere too). I pick up these books because I like the diversity of setting and situation. In particular this one promised the treat of Las Vegas and circus shows, and in contrast the murky underworld on Indonesia. Liu also has some of the most diverse and interesting characters, and the leading couple in this book are no exception [...]

    19. 4/5 (B)Blue is part of the Dirk & Steele agency and is tracking a man named Santoso in Indonesia who is the leader of some human trade business (that incl. prostitution and organ black market and etc.) Near his goal, Blue meets this older woman who almost kills him with a bomb.So after being saved by Elena, one of the most gifted psychic healer, Blue returns to the USA what's better excuse then his father's death? Not that Blue and his father was close, actually the man's a real SOB. The ick [...]

    20. Chronique tirée de mon Blog : J'avais lu les trois premiers il y a un moment et je ne sais pas pourquoi mais l'envie de continuer m'est venu d'un coup. J'ai donc repris cette série directement sur le tome suivant et je n'ai pas été déçue car j'ai vraiment apprécié cette lecture.Sur le papier ce tome ressemble beaucoup a d'autres romances paranormales, les héros ont des pouvoirs (mais ils sont plus comme des super pouvoir quand on y pense), et une belle romance se met en place tout au lo [...]

    21. Remember the later seasons of X-Files when investigating each conspiracy just revealed a deeper conspiracy? And really sometimes you just wanted to see weird creatures and have Mulder and Scully make out. It's like that. "Ah, but my employer doesn't realise he actually works for another double-super-secret employer! And his employer" Enough! Enough.Okay, so, this seems to be the setup of these books now. For the first three quarters of the book you know practically nothing about the characters. [...]

    22. This was an interesting book. I liked that both the hero, Blue, and heroine had family history issues; that made them relatable. I liked that these issues extended to the hero's brother and yet ultimately Blue and his brother worked through them. I found that emotionally touching and satisfying. This author does a great job describing settings, whether Jakarta or Vegas, so that aspect was well-done and fun, like a James Bond movie. I loved that the heroine, who is a shape shifter, works in a cir [...]

    23. This one made me think of a mix between X-Men and the Leopard series by Christine Feehan.Eyes of Heaven was a pleasant surprise. But you have to be patient. Coz not much happen till half of the book but when the action begin, this book become so exciting. It had a little something different from the Paranormal Romance I usually read. The book wasnt just center on the love story and with this part you have to be patient too but when Blue and Iris begin to get closer you wont be dissapointed. You [...]

    24. 3.5 Stars. The other couples all had some sort of psychic link that brought them closer together, and made the hastiness of their relationship and love at least a little believable. This couple struck a little too close to the "fated mate" trope for me, and while I don't have a problem with that trope on its own, something about it just didn't quite work for me here—I think perhaps the lack of this being a world in which there is one fated mate for a shapeshifter. Yes, they mate for life, but [...]

    25. If you've been following the series from the beginning then you already know Blue, and Iris is a new character for you. Up until now we didn't know anything about Blue's past, and we soon learn that it is much more complicated and involved with the parallel paranormal world that Marjorie M. Liu has created with her Dirk & Steele series. Iris is a shape-shifter that tries really hard to live just like everybody else. Except for her cat companions that she performs with and lives with.The Dirk [...]

    26. Dirk & Steele had a creed: Protect the innocent in secrecy. No member of the Agency was "normal." Each was an outcast, a pariah, a beneficent shadow living under the sun but rarely in its warmth. "Blue" Perrineau was no different. And now, when it was clear that darker shadows existed in the world- people who followed no rule under heaven- every secret was a liability. Blue would soon see.They came from all over the world to observe Iris's lithe, catlike body and her affinity for wild creatu [...]

    27. This is the second Dirk & Steele book I read in a row in which the bad guys are Asian. It impeded my ability to enjoy the rest of the novel. It's too bad, because the tension between Blue and his brother, the prickliness of Iris, the grey morals of her mother and the the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-(temporarily)-my-friend politics made this an engaging read. But then it would shift back to the Asian-man-drugging-girls-into-white-slavery subplot (with added organ theft, just to toss in a dollop of m [...]

    28. This one takes place in Las Vegas. Blue is on the hunt for his long lost half brother. When he meets him at a circus no less he also meets Iris( who is also a shape shifter) . Instant attraction. There is a lot going on this book. Who is who in the bad guy world. Just when I had it figured out I was wrong. Some of our old friends from previous books makes and appearance and that made me glad like the gang is back together again.Lots of action enjoyed this book a lot.

    29. Omg! So lame. The supernatural aspect was treated as not a big deal, the plot was simple but ok until it got confusing and I'm still not sure which person is with which agency and which person was on which side. Despite being a "romance" the love was an overwhelming lust for each other. A chemical connection that pulled them together w no resistance from either, so it wasn't really a plot ploy. And there wasn't even any good sex to pick up the lack. I'm so disappointed with it.

    30. I like the Dirk and Steel paranormal series. This one was a little full of coincidences and over-the-top bad guys. The tension between Blue and his brother was nice, the romance wasn't bad. It just felt a little scattered and Iris for some reason didn't seem as real to me as some of the other heroines in the series.

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