Platform In his new work Michel Houellebecq combines erotic provocation with a terrifying vision of a world teetering between satiety and fanaticism to create one of the most shocking hypnotic and intellig

  • Title: Platform
  • Author: Michel Houellebecq
  • ISBN: 9781400030262
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his new work, Michel Houellebecq combines erotic provocation with a terrifying vision of a world teetering between satiety and fanaticism, to create one of the most shocking, hypnotic, and intelligent novels in years.In his early forties, Michel Renault skims through his days with as little human contact as possible But following his father s death he takes a group holIn his new work, Michel Houellebecq combines erotic provocation with a terrifying vision of a world teetering between satiety and fanaticism, to create one of the most shocking, hypnotic, and intelligent novels in years.In his early forties, Michel Renault skims through his days with as little human contact as possible But following his father s death he takes a group holiday to Thailand where he meets a travel agent the shyly compelling Val rie who begins to bring this half dead man to life with sex of escalating intensity and audacity Arcing with dreamlike swiftness from Paris to Pattaya Beach and from sex clubs to a terrorist massacre, Platform is a brilliant, apocalyptic masterpiece by a man who is widely regarded as one of the world s most original and daring writers.

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      278 Michel Houellebecq
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    One thought on “Platform”

    1. Plateforme contains a remarkable amount of sex and is inordinately depressing, but it's well-written, engaging and quite often funny. Houellebecq evidently believes that he's watching the last days of Western civilization, if not of humanity as a whole, and he's interested in exploring what went wrong. He thinks that it's something very much to do with how we experience sex, and how the desire for sex acts on us. So, here we have dull, inert, 40-ish Michel, who hates his job, has no partner or o [...]

    2. An 18-rated review of an 18-rated book. If you don’t want to read about the gory details of fleshy entangulations and of bodily fluid by the bucketful, then you need to steer well clear of M. Houellebecq. He’s all about that. The sex is like the worst kind of bad cartoon porn and we can’t possibly be meant to take it seriously. I don’t really know what it’s doing in here. He’s trying to make a serious or black-comedy ironic point about the state of first world/third world relationshi [...]

    3. Diese widerliche Sexismusphilosophe von Houellebecq ist schwer zu ertragen. Ein ältlicher verbrauchter fader alter Sack von einem Staatsangestellten, der auf einer 10teiligen Attraktivitätsskala eine 0,5 belegt, sudert und philosophiert über die Unlust europäischer Frauen, und beschwert sich, dass sie von ihm verlangen, zumindest intelligent oder witzig zu sein, wo er sich ja so gar nicht anstrengen möchte. Gleichzeitig will er eine Frau mit dem Ranking von 10+2 und fordert im Gegenzug alle [...]

    4. Julian Barnes informs us that Mario Vargas Llosa once described Houellebecq's Platform as insolent. He meant it as a praise and I totally agree. There's nothing optimistic here. No silver lining in reality's dense smog but no degradation either. Only raw misery and a steady pace through modern age's thick shit.Platform is a good example of form following function. We watch everything through the eyes of a 40-year-old man who seems to be alienated from everything and everyone in a Meursault kind [...]

    5. i'm really into this guy right now. he seems to hate everything, which i can appreciate. this had a surprising tenderness to it, in comparison to The Elementary Particles, even though there's plenty of bitter social critique. what i like most is Houellebecq's realization that the we in the West are like the declining Roman Empire. he's able to articulate this thesis through his characters but as well as through interjections on social theoryis book is not without flaws, in particular its strange [...]

    6. Graphic sex! Racism! Misogyny! Sex tourism! Are you offended yet?I don't think I can say anything about the misogyny that hasn't already been said. Yes, it's misogynistic. Boringly, predictably so. We get it; women are stupid, worthless whores. Is it wrong of me to wish for a little more innovation in my morning dose of bigotry?But look at Valérie, some say. Valérie is perfect (which is a problem in itself). She has it all: youth, outstanding looks, superior skills in bed, a lot of money, a ve [...]

    7. After reading Submission, Platform came to confirm my initial view I had for Michel Houellebecq. Same here the writer is cynical, raw, eccentric in a way, but more than all, an absolutely realist, whether people want to accept it or not. It is easy to see why he shocks with his books, but to me, this is not his point, he just writes down through his plots the reality, no matter how cruel it is. And he deserves congrats, it needs courage and some times audacity to stamp all these to the paper and [...]

    8. Lo siento, pero a mi Michel Houellebecq no me convence.Es cierto que la novela Las partículas elementales me gustó más, pero aún así no me llegó a fascinar.Ciñéndome a Plataforma, el argumento en sí no es nada del otro mundo, y, lo que para mí es más importante, la forma en la que está escrita se basa en una sucesión de escenas que se presupone te van a impactar por lo sexual, acompañadas de algunas frases de gran profundidad (muy pocas) que son las que creo que le dan a la novela [...]

    9. Reading this book was fun, in a kind of infuriating way. It exists, more or less, to elicit criticism, which I have in spades. Here's the summary: dude, get a life.The protagonist -- who's more or less to be identified with the author -- enjoys just about nothing other than sex, and even that leaves him numb by the end. Yes yes much of the plot involves his being in love, but he and his love interest (a fantasy creature who always has a cup of coffee for him after his morning blowjob) never seem [...]

    10. Κοίταξε να δεις τι παθαίνει ο ανθρωπος: με το που αποφασίζει να αρνηθεί τα πάντα, πέφτει πάνω του ο ερωτας σαν ενα πελώριο Ναι και τον συνθλίβει. Εν τω μεταξύ επειδή όλα αλλάζουν, αλλάζει και η σεξουαλικοτητα. Λέει Ο Δάσκαλος κάπου: Υπάρχει η σεξουαλικότητα όσων αγαπιούνται, [...]

    11. Κυρίες και Κύριοι, Μr Michel Houellebecq!Για όσους αγαπούν τον Πασκάλ Μπρυκνέρ, θεωρώ ότι ο Μισέλ Ουελμπέκ είναι άξιος διάδοχός του, με τη διαφορά ότι δεν προσπαθεί να σε σοκάρει, απλά καταγράφει γεγονότα και καταστάσεις.Σ' αυτό το μυθιστόρημα, μέσα από την ιστορία του ήρωά του ασχολε [...]

    12. O yes! Houellebecq, be my guide and saviour! Typical stuff for Houellebecq, modern day society is all about the economic struggle and / or the sexual struggle. Pick one. Most of Houellebecq's characters fail in either or both of these struggles, can't handle the pressure, then turn to self destructive behaviour. Or, they are highly successful in one or both of these struggles, can't handle the pressure, then turn to self descructive behaviour. I love it.I would like to refer to my friend Jean's [...]

    13. Houllebecq is a dirty, dirty man. He's dirty, he's cynical and unrelentingly critical (critical is a benign word for his skewering, by the by) of contemporary French (and American) culture and society. It is for precisely these reasons that the end of this novel, a retelling of The Stranger, is so astonishing and incredibly beautiful--perhaps one of the most beautiful and poignant things I've ever read.(That's right--I said "ever." Bring it.) It is both a popular (I will NOT read another book ab [...]

    14. I admire how French intellectuals can look at the same fundamental issues of the human condition from so many different angles. In the "Myth of Sisyphus" Camus examines the absurdity of human existence through a careful analysis of whether or not we should commit suicide. He includes references to many great works of literature which I wish I had the time to read.In "Platform" Houellebecq examines the absurdity of human existence through a careful analysis of the marketing strategy of mid-market [...]

    15. Relevant to something I'm researching- can't think why anyone else would read it.Tedious and meandering.Every time I read 'Clearly man was never meant to be happy', it's like, that kind of statement is something no one in the entire universe can make because they don't have access to enough information in order to make it. All it means is 'I am an unhappy man.' Boo hoo lol.Man was meant to decide whether or not he wants to be happy. He can be unhappy if he wants, but why?

    16. Accepting dubious recommendations from the narrator of The Marbled Swarm, who perused a few pages of this in order to be able to appear to to have read it in conversation. What is it? Essentially, sociological investigation and provocation through the lens of the international tourism economy:I liked holiday brochures, their abstraction, their way of condensing the places of the world into a limited sequence of possible pleasures and fares. I was particularly fond of the star rating system, whic [...]

    17. A vicious and incredibly bleak social critique that is as subtle and incendiary as a suicide bomber. Houellebecq’s horror and hatred of our modern world spills from nearly every page; nothing is sacred and no one is spared. The novel is narrated by Michel, a pessimistic middle-aged man who, to his mind, lives in an era so corroded by consumerism, narcissism and terrorism that genuine human contact or happiness can only be obtained through the blissful abandon of sexual orgasm – even if it’ [...]

    18. Comme souvent, ce troisième roman de Houellebecq est assez troublant et il est difficile de l’aborder sans préjugés. Le sujet dont il traite est complexe et quelque peu écoeurant : le tourisme occidental, en particulier, le tourisme sexuel et la prostitution mondialisée.On y découvre, comme souvent (comme toujours), un protagoniste-narrateur-auteur qui porte le prénom de l’écrivain : Michel. Comme toujours, il s’agit d’un personnage assez désabusé, un peu mou, mais sujet à des [...]

    19. Picked this up out of curiousity, and I can see why he is such a hit in France. There is a category of people here that embraces forced cynicism and intellectual masturbation. Frankly, I couldn't find anything smart about it, but perhaps I'm limited. Funny, I got to page 107 before deciding that time is too precious to waste on something I don't like - the same number of pages I read of Céline's equally irritating Voyage au bout de la nuit - a staple of French literature (and a book one shouldn [...]

    20. No parece difícil que a alguien le guste Houellebecq, pero resulta una lectura tan dura pese a los elogios que tampoco le deseamos este sentimiento a nadie. Merece mucho la pena, pero allá quien se atreva. Para nosotros, una de las mejores lecturas de este año. Reseña completa:libros-prohibidos/mich

    21. One and a half stars, and I'll explain why at the end. Reads like a cross between "Penthouse Letters," Zizek's C-level material, and--for one vertiginous stretch in the middle--Thomas Friedman at his hottest and flattest. Pauvre Michel is having sex-life problems, until he has sex with a Thai prostitute--apparently third-world women can still make the sex properly. (Their economic privation has saved them from western-style alienation.) Then he meets Valerie, a first-world woman who--néanmoins- [...]

    22. "proč tohle vůbec čtu? stojí mi to vůbec za to?" knížku jsem chtěla nespočetněkrát odložit a už se k ní nikdy nevrátit. proč bych se vůbec chtěla vracet? a proč to tedy pořád dál četla? když jsem se někomu snažila vyprávět děj, tak to dopadlo asi takhle:"co to čteš za brak/úchylárnu?" hlavně ten děj nevyprávějte. opravdu. vykašlete na to.Houellebecqu, jsi zmrd. promiň, ale tohle si měl spočítaný. bylo ti jasné, že to, co jsem chtěla udělat já, bude [...]

    23. This is a surprise literary gem If you excuse the masochism and the graphic sexuality (which shouldn't be a surprise, considering the bikini-clad hottie on the cover) Essentially, it's a story about love and loss and moving on (or not) It's about sexuality, about western ideals versus eastern and third world. The world we're living in, at least for the narrator, is a bleak one when it comes to gender roles. A lot of questions are asked in regards to the attractiveness of sexual tourism, without [...]

    24. I think a good subtitle for this book is Sex and the Self-Centered Man.Anomie. A self-centered man is incapable of loving anyone except himself and he is not really all that keen on that relationship either. He’s basically a misogynist and a xenophobe. Finally he finds a woman who more or less loves him, or tolerates him, and he apparently “kind of” loves her back. She is in the business of working for an international hotel chain that is setting up sex hotels in Thailand. Not all cultures [...]

    25. Цитирайки автора, чрез казаното от героя му -ето и ревю ''Можеш да обитаваш света без да го разбираш, достатъчно е да си осигуриш храна, ласки и любов. Такива каквито сме воним на егоизъм, на мазохизъм и на смърт. "

    26. Nel momento in cui mi accingo a scrivere le impressioni che mi ha suscitato questo libro, sono ancora abbastanza perplessa. Il cinismo regna sovrano in Piattaforma e trasuda fin dalla primissima pagina. Il protagonista del romanzo è Michel, il quale narra la vicenda, che viene suddivisa dall'autore in tre parti, in prima persona.Michel decide di partire per la Thailandia in seguito alla morte improvvisa del padre che gli ha lasciato in eredità una cospicua somma di denaro. Quarantenne celibe c [...]

    27. Sprachlos After reading this novel, I confirm that Houellebecq is the kind of writers that is hard to find nowadays. He writes about how he see the world, he doesn't write what other want to read. Nowadays, most of the writers are just business man, trying to sell their books without compromise them selfs exposing a philosophy or and idea. Houellebecq just write what he thinks, analyzing the present, and projecting to the future. In Platform we can read strong compliments against occident, the E [...]

    28. In tutta una vita ci sono sprazzi di godimento, se ti va bene di amore.Se hai la fortuna di provarli, fatteli bastare. Non è detto che tornino. Meglio, non torneranno.Ok, un po’ cinico e disperato il vecchio Houellebecq. Un po’ estremo.Ma racconta anche qua di grandi scopate? Cavolo se lo fa.Anche qua siamo soli al mondo e difficilmente qualcuno verrà a salvarci? Certo.Non è del tutto chiaro se quello che mette in bocca ai personaggi siano i suoi pensieri. In tal caso ci sarebbe da discut [...]

    29. ეს წიგნი ევროპასაც სახეში ულაწუნებს და აზიასაც. და საერთოდ, მთელ თანამედროვე დროს აფურთხებს სახეში.ძალიან სევდიანი ამბავია. ამბავი იმაზე, თუ რა როგორ ვცხოვრობთ სამყაროში, რომელსაც არ ვიცნ [...]

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