Doctor Who: The Dark Path

Doctor Who The Dark Path He s one of my own people Victoria and he s hunting me Darkheart a faded neutron star surrounded by dead planets But there is life on one of these icy rocks the last enclave of the Earth Empire fro

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Dark Path
  • Author: David A. McIntee
  • ISBN: 9780426205036
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s one of my own people, Victoria, and he s hunting me Darkheart a faded neutron star surrounded by dead planets But there is life on one of these icy rocks the last enclave of the Earth Empire, frozen in the image of another time As the rest of the galaxy enjoys the fruits of the fledgling Federation, these isolated Imperials, bound to obey a forgotten ideal, har He s one of my own people, Victoria, and he s hunting me Darkheart a faded neutron star surrounded by dead planets But there is life on one of these icy rocks the last enclave of the Earth Empire, frozen in the image of another time As the rest of the galaxy enjoys the fruits of the fledgling Federation, these isolated Imperials, bound to obey a forgotten ideal, harbour a dark obsession.The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive to find that the Federation has at last come to reintegrate this lost colony, whether they like it or not But all is not well in the Federation camp relations and allegiances are changing The fierce Veltrochni angered by the murder of their kinsmen have an entirely different agenda And someone else is manipulating the mission for his own mysterious reasons another time traveller, a suave and assured master of his work.The Doctor must uncover the terrible secret which brought the Empire to this desolate sector, and find the source of the strange power maintaining their society But can a Time Lord, facing the ultimate temptation, control his own desires

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    • [PDF] Ù Free Read Ð Doctor Who: The Dark Path : by David A. McIntee ✓
      367 David A. McIntee
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    One thought on “Doctor Who: The Dark Path”

    1. When this book was first released and I saw Roger Delgado's picture on the cover, I thought this would be great to see how an adventure between the 2nd Doctor and The Master would be. It was not about The Master but Koschei who becomes The Master.After my first reading I thought this was one of the best books of The Missing Adventure series. Years later when it came up again, I was interested to see how well it holds up.With the continuation of reading the books in chronological order, I picked [...]

    2. Missing Adventures. A simple two word phrase with so much meaning, particularity in the context of the Virgin Doctor Who novel range by that name. The term implies that there's gaps to be filled and that the novel sitting in one's hands is the doorway to take through such an adventure. 1997's The Dark Parth by David A. McIntee, the penultimate novel of that range, is one such example. It is the tale of the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria on Darkheart, the lost colony world of the fallen Earth [...]

    3. The Dark Path is part of the now out-of-print Virgin Publishing Doctor Who The Missing Adventures, which was a series of original novels featuring Doctors 1-6 of the classic BBC television series Doctor Who. They were published at the same time as Virgin's The New Adventures series, featuring original adventures of the Seventh Doctor, set after the televised story, "Survival".The Dark Path features the Second Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton), and his companions, Jaime, the Scottish Highlande [...]

    4. By this time, I believe, the editors at Virgin knew that their contract had not been renewed, so decided to end their run of Who books on a definitive basis. Though the people at BBC stated that the Virgin line would not be treated as "canon," the Virgin people knew that the fans had already decided the opposite. "The Dark Path," therefore, tells the story of how the Master becomes the Master. The motivation for the change from Koschei into the Master does not quite work for me; the death of one [...]

    5. First off, this is a well thought out story that combines galactic conflict, powerful temporal manipulation, friendship and betrayal. Every character is given a personality so that the story feels more real.The highlight of this book though is the development of the Master, showing how in fact he came to be that person. Unlike in many TV stories where he is either stereotyped as simply insane or evil, the author explores how he was once the Doctor's friend. To that end he is given a life story t [...]

    6. "Oh dear, this won't do." sighed the Doctor."Oh Aye Doctor can I nay borrow this to light the fire, ken?" asked Jamie.The Doctor looked over. "It's not that bad. You Know there are moments where it shines and looks to be a right rollocking read and then "meh!""Victoria looked across with her big green eyes and smiled at the Doctor. Do not worry Doctor, has you well know I have taught Jamie how to read every night.""Aye so that's what YOU call it yer ken."he replied has she turned hot shade of gr [...]

    7. It starts out as a slow burn, but very quickly transforms into quite an inter-galactic adventure, taking in huge swaths of "Doctor Who" continuity, and playing with it on an epic scale. I'm normally indifferent to the 2nd Doctor, but David McIntee captures him perfectly. That said, the true star is the Master, guest starring in a prequel to the Pertwee-era stories that is handled with great skill. A novel where the author's personal enthusiasm infectiously bleeds off the page.

    8. When Roger Delgado popped up on Dr. Who with his wonderful portrayal of "the Master", we simply know that he is the doctor's enemy.In this excellent novel, we learn how the Doctor and the Master went from being friends to deadly enemires. McINtee's portrayal of the Master is very, very on target (couldn't resis that pun!)If you enjoy Doctor Who, I higly recommend this.

    9. Whilst problematic in many ways and perhaps overly fannish the characters are so well drawn I could not help but be drawn in.

    10. nhwvejournal/1145131ml?#cutid2[return][return]McIntee has managed to flesh out the future galactic federation with Draconians, Terileptils and a hexapod from Alpha Centauri; he brings the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria there straight from an adventure with the Menoptera on Vortis; and of course most gloriously he brings in a bearded gentleman called Koschei who has his own Tardis and (this is hardly a spoiler) by the end of the story has decided to call himself "the Master" in future. [return][retur [...]

    11. I decided to give one of these (New Adventures? Missing Adventures? whatever) a try because I crave more! More details, more adventures, and more fun chemistry between some delightful companions and one of my favorite Doctors. Ugh, too bad the Doctor's was just one of approximately a dozen perspectives that are rotated through in mind-numbingly short bursts (So much for getting to know the Doctor better!). When they were front and center, I thought the Doctor and co. were well-written, but there [...]

    12. A nice try that doesn't quite make it.The second Doctor encounters the Time Lord that is soon to become the Master and we are witness to the event that pushes him over to the dark side, as the two time lords, a space colony run by xenophobic jerks, some really nasty aliens and an Enterprise type ship from the galactic federation all scramble to get control of an artifact that can alter the very fabric of time.Sounds great, except both the nasty aliens and the Xenophobic colonists come across as [...]

    13. I enjoyed this very much! This is my first experience with the second incarnation of the Doctor (both on and off screen - apart from 'The Five Doctors') and even though I don't know his mannerism and such, it is still very clear that it was the Doctor I/we know - several times he'd say or do something that I could imagine other incarnations doing; which really just comes to show how he's still the same man, even though he's regenerated.I liked Ailla a lot! I wish we'd gotten a deeper insight to [...]

    14. This book was also like one of the episodes; perhaps with a couple more plot threads thrown in. I think I enjoy this type of story more than the type of story in The Infinity Doctors. At any rate, this story is important for the first appearance of Koeschi, or The Master in continuity. The author did a fair job of showing Koeschi going subtly 'round the bend. I also enjoyed some of the interplay between Jamie, Victoria and The Doctor.

    15. A truly amazing novel that really nails the introduction of the Doctor's oldest friend, as well as the fall from grace for the Master. This is a fast-paced exciting story that takes you along for the ride, and fleshes out the main characters brilliantly. Highly recommended for fans of the Second Doctor.

    16. Overrated, pop-psychology exploration of how the Doctor's friend became the Master. I found his turn to evil to be groaningly cheesy. Poor Jamie & Victoria wander around lost in this futuristic setting. Lower your expectations and you'll get through it.

    17. A great premise and some nice surprises, but also flat characters and a plot that plods along.

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