Sal Mineo: A Biography

Sal Mineo A Biography Sal Mineo is probably most well known for his unforgettable Academy Award nominated turn opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and his tragic murder at the age of thirty seven Finally in this

  • Title: Sal Mineo: A Biography
  • Author: Michael Gregg Michaud
  • ISBN: 9780307718686
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sal Mineo is probably most well known for his unforgettable, Academy Award nominated turn opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and his tragic murder at the age of thirty seven Finally, in this riveting new biography filled with exclusive, candid interviews with both Mineo s closest female and male lovers and never before published photographs, Michael Gregg MichauSal Mineo is probably most well known for his unforgettable, Academy Award nominated turn opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and his tragic murder at the age of thirty seven Finally, in this riveting new biography filled with exclusive, candid interviews with both Mineo s closest female and male lovers and never before published photographs, Michael Gregg Michaud tells the full story of this remarkable young actor s life, charting his meteoric rise to fame and turbulent career and private life.One of the hottest stars of the 1950s, Mineo grew up as the son of Sicilian immigrants in a humble Bronx flat But by age eleven, he appeared on Broadway in Tennessee Williams s The Rose Tattoo, and then as Prince Chulalongkorn in the original Broadway production of The King and I starring Yul Brynner and Gertrude Lawrence This sultry eyed, dark haired male ing nue of sorts appeared on the cover of every major magazine, thousands of star struck fans attended his premieres, and millions bought his records, which included several top ten hits.His life offstage was just as exhilarating full of sports cars, motor boats, famous friends, and some of the most beautiful young actresses in Hollywood But it was fourteen year old Jill Haworth, his costar in Exodus the film that delivered one of the greatest acting roles of his life and earned him another Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe win with whom he fell in love and moved to the West Coast But by the 1960s, a series of professional missteps and an increasingly tumultuous private life reversed his fortunes By the late sixties and early seventies, grappling with the repercussions of publicly admitting his homosexuality and struggling to reinvent himself from an aging teen idol, Mineo turned toward increasingly self destructive behavior Yet his creative impulses never foundered He began directing and producing controversial off Broadway plays that explored social and sexual taboos He also found personal happiness in a relationship with male actor Courtney Burr Tragically, on the cusp of turning a new page in his life, Mineo s life was cut short in a botched robbery Revealing a charming, mischievous, creative, and often scandalous side of Mineo few have known before now, Sal Mineo is an intimate, moving biography of a distinctive Hollywood star.

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    1. Excelente biografia de uma personagem mítica do cinema de Hollywood. Com apenas 16 anos, Sal Mineo protagonizou Rebel Without a Cause, ao lado de James Dean e Natalie Wood. O resto da sua vida (apesar de ter falecido ainda jovem, com apenas 37 anos), Sal passou-a a tentar provar a sua validade e compromisso enquanto verdadeiro actor, ao mesmo tempo que a liberdade que o esquecimento lhe proporcionava, lhe permitia ir explorando os lados mais interditos da sua personalidade.Muito bem pesquisada, [...]

    2. Not as interesting as I thought it would be as the author really only used two sources for the most of his information. Unfortunately, Sal gets caught in what seems to be typical of the Hollywood snares: bad management and type casting. His mother tries her best to manage his career early on, but fails. Sal can't seem to break free from teen roles. He tries his hand at the other end of the spectrum, directing. A word for Sal's career would be mediocre. Of course, his various relationships and se [...]

    3. I knew little of Mineo's life going into this bio, other than the standard info one can track down on or . The biographer does a poor job of detailing the aspects of a young man who lived by his own rules and could never really shake his "switchblade kid" persona. It was like reading a book report, padded down with unnecessary info that could've been concisely summarized. However, facts of Mineo's life were fascinating and daunting (he was often typecast; plagued by poor financial decisions; an [...]

    4. *This review is based on a copy of the book I won through FirstReads Giveaways.*Sal Mineoa name that despite his immense talent is still not as well known as that of his Rebel Without a Cause co-star James Dean. Mineo, like Dean, was taken at a far too young age.Written with the aid of interviews with those closest to Sal--including former lovers Jill Haworth and Courtney Burr, Jr. and friends like Michael Anderson, Jr Eric Williams and Perry Lopez--this book gives a pretty complete picture of [...]

    5. Mineo is a mysterious, complex character, whose short-lived fame, and rather tumultuous life, make for a fascinating subject. As with many movie stars, his life was quite complicated, and often heartbreaking. There is something poignant about this man, born in the Bronx, who became a teen-idol before he was twenty, and ended up a complete has-been (despite his real talent and tenacious will to work and find projects) before he hit thirty. Michaud has certainly done a lot of research, and his bio [...]

    6. 4.5 stars (or 8 out of 10).Today, if you say Rebel Without A Cause, chances are the first name that will cross anyone's lips is James Dean. If you're lucky, one might first say Natalie Wood, but without a doubt, it is Dean that everyone remembers. People tend not to remember Sal Mineo's name. But when you mention the character of Plato, people will generally go "Oh, yeah, that kid. He was great." But no one remembers the actor behind the performance. Hopefully, Michael Gregg Michaud's new biogra [...]

    7. Having see Sal Mineo in some of the movies, I was somewhat familiar with his body of work in movies, but never really knew too much about his personal life.Sal's background is Italian, his parents come to the US as a young couple and eventually settle in the Bronx, Sal is discovered as he is a very beautiful child,after some involvement in gang type behaviour by storing stolen goods he is given the opportunity to redeem himself. The family seems to be a close knit family, at least in the early y [...]

    8. A pretty frank biography of Mineo, including many stories of his personal life. This book delves into Mineo's sexuality pretty extensively (the book identifies him both as bisexual and gay, but I think these days Mineo would probably be defined as pansexual). It also addresses his family background, and implies pretty strongly that his family took advantage of him when he was a star and monetarily bled him dry. (view spoiler)[One thing that did bother me was the author's nonchalance about Mineo' [...]

    9. A sad, intimate look into the life and tragic death of a screen legend, one that has always intrigued me. Michaud's book is a fascinating look into Mineo's history, career and private life.

    10. From my blog: garbolaughs.wordpress/2011I had been anticipating Michaud’s book for several months prior to its release – half anticipating, and half dreading. You see, despite what Michaud likes to claim in interviews, this isn’t the first seemingly-legitimate biography of Sal Mineo to hit the shelves. I have treasured my copy of Sal Mineo: His Life, Murder, and Mystery by H. Paul Jeffers (2002, Running Press) ever since I bought it; in fact, I’ve read and referred to it so many times th [...]

    11. Just finished Michael Gregg Michaud's biography of Sal Mineo. I have long been a fan of the beautiful young Bronx born movie star and book tells his story in detail while still feeling like a straightforward brisk read. Michaud is a good storyteller. It is very much a sort of storybook shoebox story with young Sal being recruited while playing on the street by a man who ran a showbiz wannabe school business. It could have been that the only one to benefit from Sal’s enrollment was the talent s [...]

    12. Gerry B's Book Reviews - gerrycan.wordpressWhen I first came upon the title “Sal Mineo: A Biography” by Michael Gregg Michaud [Crown Archetype, 2010], I knew it was something I had to read. You see, in 1965 I spent an intimate evening with Sal Mineo in Toronto, and although this time was brief I can attest to some of the characteristics Michaud writes about; certainly Mineo’s disarming charm, his impetuousness, and his passion for life at whatever he happened to be doing at the time.Sal Mi [...]

    13. I am a life long movie buff and a real fan of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, a film every bit as influential as CITIZEN KANE. So I didn't want to pass up a chance to read a bio of Sal Mineo, whose performance as the troubled teen, Plato, in REBEL is iconic. Along with his REBEL co-stars James Dean and Natalie Wood, Mineo played a prominent part in the creation the post war youth culture that has become such a part of the American fabric.Michael Gregg Michaud's bio does a very good job telling Mineo's ty [...]

    14. Sal Mineo was raised in a family who struggled to make ends meet. His father owned a casket factory in the Bronx, and his mother managed Sal’s early television and stage career. Sal appeared in a number of TV spots and big stage productions, including The King and I, staring Yul Brynner, before becoming one of the hottest teen stars of the fifties. His role opposite James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause made Sal into a teenaged heartthrob. Other notable movie roles were in Giant, The Gene Krupa [...]

    15. I found that this biography struck a good balance between the professional and personal life of Sal Mineo. I have noticed that other reviewers have mentioned that it would have been more interesting to depict the "daily grind" on the set of his movies, but I feel that would have added very little to the biography as a whole. In fact, I think you can get a good feel for most of his performances by this book. I found it interesting that Sal Mineo never managed to be financially secure, even when h [...]

    16. I was fascinated to find out that Sal Mineo tried to option William Maxwell's The Folded Leaf as a film, and while in England trying to put together a film treatment for a pulp novel about hustlers, tried to get Edna O'Brien for the screenplay. Through their representatives, both Maxwell and O'Brien declined Mineo. I wanted to like this book more, as I've long been intrigued by Sal Mineo as a later day glbtq film icon and of his time screen idol that sunk into tragic mediocrity. This was forced [...]

    17. I finished this book a few days ago, but we went through a blizzard the middle of the week (lost power for over a day) & another big snow yesterday. So I've had some time to think about it. I was and still am a big fan of Sal Mineo's and loved his movies. The one I remember the most was Exodus which I plan to see again along with several others. He also appeared in many television roles so I was able to watch him frequently. I don't remember his music don't know why. I found the book quite [...]

    18. I didn't know much about Sal Mineo prior to reading this biography. I found this book to be interesting and informative especially in the early chapters. I felt the author did a good job of describing young Sal's family life and his parents and brothers and how they all reacted as Sal became more and more famous. As the reader, one can sense that Sal's mother is quickly out of her league as Sal's manager but she remains as such for many years to come. I did enjoy Sal's getting to know many famou [...]

    19. Most famous for his role as lost teen, Plato, in the classic film "Rebel Without A Cause", Sal Mineo's life mirrored the tragic lost soul of his most memorable character. A teen heartthrob and sought after actor in his youth, Sal experienced the cold back of Hollywood's hand as he aged. By his mid-20's he was already struggling for roles and by his 30's, he was a downright out-of-work actor, doing mostly dinner theatre at Holiday Inns across the US. Despite this, Sal never wavered or took solace [...]

    20. I received this book via the First Reads program - Thank you to everyone involved with the giveaway.Until I read this book I knew very little about Sal Mineo.I probably saw "Rebel without a cause" in the very late 70's when in my early teens (on TV), so it suprised me how quickly I was drawn into this biography. It is a frank,honest and sympathetic account of this talented man's life. The author certainly did a lot of research, but the fact that direct quotes and input were available from those [...]

    21. As some of you may know, I gave up Hollywood biographies last year after reading Star: the Life of Warren Beaty. Unlike writers, artists, historical figures, actors are pretty boring--what's interesting about them is on screen. But when I read that James Franco had optioned this biography of Sal Mineo, I thought I'd check it out from the library. Also, I had an interest in the mystery of who killed Sal Mineo, which turns out to be not such a mystery anymore. But for me it was like in the Indian [...]

    22. This biography is intimately thorough and well written. As a fan of Rebel Without a Cause, I was vaguely aware of Sal Mineo. After reading this, I was surprised and saddened by the struggles he faced. His energy and passion were brought to life in these pages. There are certain bits that seem obligatory, as if to show the complete story and not leave anything out. These are the one-sentence mentions of Sal Mineo's appearance on a television show that don't relate to the main storyline. Otherwise [...]

    23. Far too detailed to be compelling or riveting reading. At times, this book reads like a narrativized resume; at other times, a review of Hollywood and Broadway history; at others, a rather dry, mundane retelling of vignettes from Sal's life. Sal's story should be gripping, but this author lacks the discipline to make it so. He also lacks a sense of dramatic structure; the story unfolds like a conglomeration of facts, presented with even importance, without contouring. There is a lot of research [...]

    24. Behind the scenes view of a fast rising star that fell faster and burned quicker. Sals' decline as a star and his homosexuality aligned to a fractured life. Typical of non financial interest as the problem with many entertainers expedited the waste of his life. Arrogance and a diluted mindset of his actual situation primed Sals' life to end in the tragic way it did. His life and demise is not too different from other stars I've read about. Too self centered to make an accurate evaluation of self [...]

    25. My knowledge of Sal Mineo going into this biography was limited to memories of watching Rebel Without a Cause (a favourite of mine,) with my grandmother who kept saying, "I always thought there was something about that Sal Mineo boy. Don't you think there was something about him?" Little did I know what she was getting at.This exhaustive Bio features information and interviews from many of Mineo's closest friends, as well as many of his lovers, (of both genders,) and business acquaintances to re [...]

    26. I was very disappointed with this book for several reasons. When it first came out - it was on my 'to read' least for sometime until I finally purchased ithad been looking forward to it. But - it did not live up to my hopes. First - it's just not written very well. It's another book of so many that think they need to get EVERY boring detail in and none of the heart or storytelling. The book has very little feelingjust stale reporting. And on top of that's hard to realize someone you liked for kn [...]

    27. I received this book from for free. 387 pages. About the last couple dozen were dedicated to his murder and the trial of his killer. About 200 pages were dedicated to his sad sex life. I was extremely disappointed and disgusted. My mom loved Sal Mineo. I wanted to win this book for her. I am so glad I didn't pick it up at the store and wrap it up for Christmas. There was no reason for all the detail into his sex life. I suppose some people enjoy that, but not me. I would never have signed up fo [...]

    28. first read giveawayis book was fascinating. it was an outstanding story told beautifully by the author. i learned a lot about old hollywood, and the challenges of a young actor trying to make a living amazes me the tragic figure that sal mineo really was.he was so tortured by his sexuality, his looks, his talent. hitting it big with one of his first films, then trying to fit into a man's world as he grew up, but looking so young. the stereotypes that he got because of his looks, his upbringing, [...]

    29. What an excellent book! I really didn't know much about Sal Mineo before reading this one. Most of my background came from the usual "Rebel Without a Cause" and hearing how he died at such a young age. It was interesting to find though, even then, the typical story of a young actor being estranged from his parents over financial matters, and continuing to struggle with such matters for the rest of his life. It's a familiar story, as we often hear similar ones in the tabloids today. The author de [...]

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