Lilacs Gene has been dragged by his mother to an historical tourist spot to finally meet his new stepbrother But his stepbrother proves to be the very last person he expected to encounter On top of that the

  • Title: Lilacs
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781936202140
  • Page: 188
  • Format: ebook
  • Gene has been dragged by his mother to an historical tourist spot to finally meet his new stepbrother But his stepbrother proves to be the very last person he expected to encounter On top of that, the long ago residents of the tourist hot spot, a tower dating back to the revolution, are not quite as dead as Gene would have liked

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      188 Megan Derr
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    One thought on “Lilacs”

    1. Okay I read this book for a challenge on but I just wasn't feeling it. Even for a short story, it wasn't for me. Gene is taken to meet his new step father and brother but it turns out Gene hates his step-brother for things he's done in the past. There are some ghosts in the book but it wasn't enough to keep me interested. Some would love this though :-)

    2. "You've always said you prefer honesty, no matter how painful the truth is, so I'm going to be honest. Mother, I hate you." "Yes, dear, that's nice," his mother said absently. She looked up from the glossy guide book that had become her bible from the moment she'd decided upon Operation Get to Know Each Other. Personally, he wanted to know why he couldn't have gotten to know his new stepfather and stepbrother at the beach. At least there, if he wound up hating the stepbrother, he could have cons [...]

    3. I have been reading a lot of Megan Derr shorts and I like her writing. This short story wasn't too bad. I liked the characters and knew that somehow there would be a heart-to-heart about their misunderstanding years past and I wasn't quite sure how that was going to work out. I personally didn't like the ending and didn't buy into the reason for Teddy's betrayal. (view spoiler)[Teddy said that he ended up sleeping with Gene's boyfriend, Robert, because Robert told Teddy that they had broken up. [...]

    4. I’ve picked up quite a few Megan Derr books – she seems to be quite popular in the genre, and having recently dived into it most of my reads come from her – and I have come to notice a certain formula.What is this formula?Well, it is the formula for cuteness. It is twisted and turned for each particular story, yet it always results in something short and sweet. In a way, it is as though she is twisting the same characters (renaming them for each story) and shoving them into a new setting. [...]

    5. What a lovely story. And it just proves that people should talk to each other instead of jumping to conclusions because it leads to misunderstandings and a lot of hurt. I felt really sorry for the ghosts but their interference was really sweet - and funny. Also, Gene's mom was awesome and his relationship with her even more so!

    6. Lilacs is short and sweet. The animosity between Gene and Teddy starts out strong, on account of Teddy sleeping with Gene’s (ex) boyfriend. In an effort to appease their parents, however, they’re civilized to each other. It takes a pair of ghosts, who are ironically their ancestors, to bring the two of them back together, sorting out all the issues regarding why Teddy slept with the ex in the first place.This is definitely an easy read and I loved the writing style. I zipped through this one [...]

    7. The writing style needed to be improved on this book. It was hard to tell who was talking between the ghosts & the two MC. It was very choppy with frequent pov changes that was hard to keep up with. The story may have had a point but it was hard to discern it because I was frequently distracted by how this was written. It felt not ready for publication.

    8. Ok free short paranormal m/m romance about two guys who hate each other due to a big misunderstanding and then discover they're about to become stepbrothers.

    9. Seems pretty basic at first; what is supposed to be a 'meet the family' thing turns out that the two soon to be stepbrothers know each other after all. They have a bad history and a fair amount of anger that they are willing to pretend isn't there for their respective parents. But then a ghost comes into the mix and it gets a little weird, but the truth actually comes out. What's not to love?

    10. Gene & TeddyThis was short but intense, fun and original. I deeply felt this story and was really caught by the characters. It was a successful change of my usual fantasy shot of Megan Derr!😁💐💓💐😁

    11. Although sad in some ways I really liked this short story. Megan Derr just knows how to fill pages with live, no matter how few pages ;) I always like it a lot when the MCs hate each other in the beginning and turn slowy to each other (view spoiler)[ even if they needed the help of ghosts. Their story was so sad but that they are together even after death makes it better for me(hide spoiler)]. And I am a big sucker for secret or symbolic messages, like the meaning of a flower. Now I always have [...]

    12. In itself a likable little story, the ghostly part is nicely integrated.SPOILERThe reason i rated it with only two stars is - i can't relatate to the main character(s)Not so much Gene, but TEDDY is my main problem.Even if you are totally intoxicated, how can you let the one person you should hate most, the one touching (even if now broken up)the one YOU like, touch you? Even if bombarded with those lies about breakup and another - that's not what one would do! - Is it? For me not comprehensible. [...]

    13. I thought it developed rather quickly. I mean, it was a short, so there's that, but still. It all seemed rather rushed. The story itself isn't anything special. In fact, I read one soon after reading this one that was exactly the same plot basis. Still, it's a nice, sweet story, and the characters do rather come to life, even for how briefly they're shown, but Derr's good at that.

    14. I like the ghost aspect and I guess it all counts as a HEA but I think it all wrapped up too easily. Gene had every right to be pissed and hurt and I find myself still upset on his behalf even after the ending. The story was cute and I like the historical tie in but it wasn't my favorite by this author. I'm not sure if I'll read it again.

    15. I've been wanting to read this story for a while! I adore this author! The story or what we found out about the ghosts was heartbreaking and bittersweet but I'm so glad that it looks like Teddy and Gene have a different course in their ending and hopefully a happy one! :) Enjoyable read!

    16. Now I was surprised by how much I liked this book, because ghost story normally aren't up my alley. The enemies to lovers angle is understandable and the meddling gay ghosts getting Teddy and Gene to talk about the issue that caused them to become enemies and clear up the misunderstanding.

    17. I loved the story and everything about it. The only thing I regretted was how the ghost lovers had met their end. So glad that Teddy and Gene took the ghosts "advice" and talked. Good story, I recommend.

    18. I love the way the mystery (historical) is embedded in the contemporary romance. It's nice to think of two who died for love were able to bring two current day star-crossed lovers together. Gene's mom is hilarious!

    19. I had to laugh so much. These boys were quite charming and I could very well understand their reasoning and frustration. I really liked this real world setting. It could have happened right next to me.

    20. Nice story. But could have been a lot more. Became more interested in the ghosts story really, which wasn't explained all that much and just feel like it could have been a lot more. Still a pleasant read though.

    21. I didn't really get into the ghost thing although I did like the story mostly. I liked Gene and Teddy and it was good that Gene finally found out the real story about what really happened with Robert (Gene's Ex) and Teddy. Not a bad read.

    22. Cute little short story. Sweet. I enjoyed it. Not sure I completely approve of the characters' actions, but they look good together perhaps they deserve each other, even if they aren't perfect people.

    23. I didn't like the characters. I thought they were too angry and nasty. I admit to skimming along at certain points, but it was the characters that really killed it for me.

    24. I was totally disappointed with this story :( I've read it 'cause I liked the author's other stories, but this it left me displeased.

    25. Lilacslilacs is a great read it really gets you going . I love the ghosts in the book to funny

    26. I wasn't fond with the characters and the conflict was resolved a little too quickly for my tastes. But the story was well written it was free so I can't really complain.

    27. This was super cute! And *I am a greedy wench* my only quibble is I would have it be longer. Just so I could have spent longer travelling from the beginning of the story to the end of it. :)

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