Secrets of Paris

Secrets of Paris Irresistible long sought by readers and now in paperback for the first time Secrets of Paris shows New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice at her most incandescent a deeply moving story of tr

  • Title: Secrets of Paris
  • Author: Luanne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780553587838
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Irresistible, long sought by readers, and now in paperback for the first time, Secrets of Paris shows New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice at her most incandescent a deeply moving story of true love, abiding friendship, and a once perfect marriage in precarious balance.Lydie McBride has always embraced life to the fullest But when an unthinkable tragedy strikesIrresistible, long sought by readers, and now in paperback for the first time, Secrets of Paris shows New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice at her most incandescent a deeply moving story of true love, abiding friendship, and a once perfect marriage in precarious balance.Lydie McBride has always embraced life to the fullest But when an unthinkable tragedy strikes her family, everything she believes in is shattered Her art historian husband, Michael, watches the passion disappear from Lydie s eyes and from their marriage, and hopes an assignment to Paris will help them reclaim a love that once seemed unassailable But the City of Lights holds secrets and seductions for them both, including the mysteries of an alluring Frenchwoman with whom Michael will work And Lydie s unexpected friendship with two dramatically different women will enable her to find a new life Will there be a place for the man with whom she always wanted to share that life if she can find him again

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    One thought on “Secrets of Paris”

    1. *facepalm*How do I find these books? I think my librarian is a secret cheating buff and wants to spread the love.Any way…is hero has won the asshat award of the year…no! The century!I think the only way he can be topped is if a man cheated on his wife while he had cancer. And was pregnant. And dying because he wanted the baby making her inable to get chemo.Well I think Michael and that hypothetical dude are almost on the same level.And you know what? Maybe it is just me , but if my man did w [...]

    2. A minha estreia com esta autora! Quanto a este livro estou um pouco sem saber o que dizer, por um lado amei cada página, por outro apetece bater numa das personagens. E talvez seja esta a razão de ter gostado tanto deste livro. Não há nada melhor que um livro que nos consiga preencher e fazer transbordar os nossos sentimentos e foi mesmo isso que se passou durante esta leitura. Foi um pouco mais lenta que o normal, mas não estar a gostar, mas sim porque não queria que nenhum pormenor me es [...]

    3. Uma estreia bastante infeliz. Este deve ser o mês das expectativas falhadas e agora Luanne Rice também se inclui na lista com este volume.Não sou fã de romances baseados em casais já casados e por isso a fasquia já ai não começou alta, mas como tinha tão boas referências da escritora decidi começar por esta obra.Tal como a sinopse o inicio também não prometeu muito por isso a leitura foi sendo feita sempre ao mesmo ritmo - lenta. Esta obra, na minha opinião, é bastante monótona, [...]

    4. I had issues with this book because the cheating happened over such a long period of time. Michael is such a freaking idiot!Do the vows not say, "For better or for worse?" The heroine lost her father to a murder-suicide less than a year ago, and her own mother was in denial about the incident itself.I will NEVER understand infidelity no matter how authors try to make us feel sorry for the stupid as* cheating liars!!Ok. I feel better now. Of course, one could argue, "for better or for worse," but [...]

    5. Lydie and Michael move to Paris, he as an architect and she as a photographer. They left behind an extremely emotional situation with Lydie's family and both hope this move with help them heal and move on in life.I love settings in Paris; many times I am on my iPad looking up places mentioned in the book and printing out info to put in my Paris folder for my return trip someday. I enjoyed the emotional trip for both the main characters but I didn't fully enjoy the secondary characters of Patrice [...]

    6. I am a fan of Luanne Rice, but I am not a fan of this book. It was just okay. I didn't care about the characters: Lydie, who is trying to come to grips with her father committing murder-suicide after having an affair; her husband Michael, who thinks it's a good idea to whisk his wife away from her mother--who needs her after the shocking tragedy--so he can work on a project at the Louvre and oh yes- have his own affair; Patrice, a self-centered American ex-pat married to Didier, a wealthy jewele [...]

    7. Secrets of Paris by Luanne RiceHave read the authors other works and have loved them all.Seductive tale of the city and what it holds for everyone if you look for it.Lydie and Michael work and live in Paris, married for 8 years She sets up photo shots and her husband is an architect working on the Louvre. Her father had killed himself and his lover. She used to race his cars as he fixed them for others as a mechanic.She meets Patrice-an American in the city and they speak of her Philippine maid [...]

    8. When Michael McBride gets a job at The Louvre in Paris, he expects his wife, Lydie, to be happy. However, she is reluctant to leave her mother, as they have recently had a tragedy in the family with which Lydie hasn't been able to come to terms, and also she thinks that she should be close to her mother, who is hurting. They do go to Paris for a year, however, where Lydie makes friends with an ex-pat American woman, and Michael becomes enamoured with an alluring French woman. Just relax and enjo [...]

    9. I always enjoy books that include a Paris setting, and the places described in this book were authentic enough, yet I wanted more depth when it came to characters. Unexpected family tragedy and difficult relationships, marriage, romance and heartbreak, friendships and trust, professional success and failure, all while living abroad, seemed like a lot to cover in one book.

    10. OK to read but I didn't feel sympathetic toward any of the characters. The setting and the synopsis offered a lot, but the author didn't deliver.

    11. Aqui é-nos apresentada a história de Lydie e de Michael, um casal americano, ela designer, ele arquitecto, que foram passar um ano a Paris. Ele tinha um projecto em mãos no Louvre, que resolveu aceitar numa tentativa também de afastar a mulher dos seus fantasmas. Porém, ela nunca os deixou completamente. Quanto isso afectará o casamento deles?Nesta viagem Lydie faz uma amiga, Patrice, uma mulher americana que casou com um francês, dono de uma das melhores joalharias de França! E ainda co [...]

    12. This was an okay story. Lydie McBride and her husband Michael moved to Paris for a year so he could design a project for the Louvre. Lydie is still trying to come to terms with the death of her father. She has found out her husband has broken her trust and had an affair with a French woman. Now she has to figure out if she really wants him back or not. In the mean time she has made two special friends, Patrice an American married to a French man, and Kelly a Filipino hoping to get a visa to Amer [...]

    13. I have been reading books set in Paris. This was one of my least favorite but I did finish it. I found the husband to be hopelessly selfish. I do not like stories that involve extra marital affairs. Once a liar; always a liar. I found it unbelievable that the main character went back with him so quickly after learning of the affair. Of course I loved information about living in Paris.

    14. My first Luanne Rice, found it for a bargain at a Dollar General - I'd been wanting to try her but this one was so stupid that I threw it against the wall after a couple of chapters. Convoluted and ridiculous. I'm not big into women's fiction/contemporary women's fiction, that sort of genre, and if this is indicative of her writing I'm leaving the building.

    15. Secrets of Paris by Luanne RiceWhen I start reading a novel & can't put it down until I finish it, it is a great story. Loved the characters & the flow of the storyline, now I have to share it do my daughter can enjoy it also!!

    16. ReviewDid not enjoy. Very difficult to get interested, very wordy and not enough substance. Would not recommend to friends or relatives.

    17. Quando o seu pai comete o suicídio e arrasta consigo para a morte a amante, Lydie sente-se perdida e sem conseguir encontrar um rumo para a vida. Michael, o seu marido, quer ajudá-la, mas a jovem acaba por fechar-se, afastando-o. Quando Michael consegue um trabalho no Louvre, vê a sua oportunidade para conseguir animar um pouco Lydie. Só que esta, apesar de aceitar ir com o marido, não se mostra nem um pouco entusiasmada com a ideia de passar um ano em Paris.No entanto, a sua passagem por P [...]

    18. Just having the word Paris in the title of this book grabbed my attention. After reading a short synopsis, I requested it through the giveaway program. I love reading novels set in France and Italy so, I felt fortunate to be the recipient of this book – free of charge!Secrets of Paris is a story of friendship and a troubled marriage. Lydie, one of the main characters, moves to Paris with her husband Michael in a cultural exchange program. Michael is an architect with an assignment to redesign [...]

    19. Opinião no blog howtoliveathousandlivesspLuanne Rice tem uma escrita poderosa e assertiva, constrói estórias plausíveis mas encantadoras que cativam até à última página. Este romance foi a exceção. Na verdade, considero esta obra bastante insípida e nada apaixonante. A própria sinopse acaba por superar o enredo, o que não é de facto um bom presságio.A caracterização do cenário envolvente, normalmente um ponto forte da autora, não me convenceu. O ambiente de Paris não foi espe [...]

    20. There was so much I liked about this book: the Paris setting, the strong (yet flawed) female leads, the depiction of the often tenuous nature of love, life, and friendship. Lydie McBride and her husband Michael are in Paris for a year because of his gig as an architect, designing a welcome center at the Louvre. Lydie's just gone through a traumatic experience with her dad's death and the complications behind it (an affair and the murder of his lover and himself). She's hoping Paris might be her [...]

    21. Can't wait to read this early novel from my favorite writer, Luanne Rice. Just re-printed again this year. Will pick that up next! February is going to be a great month of fabulous reading. mUPDATE: Secrets of Paris I just recently re-read again on my Chicago trip. And, I must say that this is now in my top 3 favorite books of Luanne Rice. I just loved Lydie. I liked the stories of the women friendships and trying to help the housekeeper fullfill her dream of making it to America. Set in Paris, [...]

    22. I'm always curious as to how someone discovers a new read. Was it due to an intriguing review? A friend's suggestion? A gift? In this case, I stumbled across Rice's Secrets of Paris while perusing the bookshelves at the condo where we were staying in Florida. I was hoping for a light read, and this is exactly what I found in the pages.This novel is a story of a married couple who recently transferred to Paris after a tragic death in the family. What ensues is betrayal, discovery, and a new lease [...]

    23. À luz de uma desgraça e de uma solução, heis que Paris é o princípio de uma resposta para sarar feridas que parecem eternas, no entanto, para lá do brilho que preenche a cidade do Louvre nascem confidências e desejos que avançam um passo adiante do destino encerrando todas as esperanças e prevalecendo, unicamente, a fuga e a promessa de redescobrimento para o amor.Segredos em Paris, como romance, é complexo extravasando algumas normas que na vida real nos deixariam derrotadas ainda as [...]

    24. Secrets of Paris by Luanne RiceThis is a story about Lydie who has moved to Paris with her husband. He's in the architecture business and she sets up shoots for photographing. She was reluctant to come to Paris as her father and mistress had died in a car crash a year ago and she wanted to console her mother.She did meet an American woman at a cafe one day and they became friends.Patrice's husband is into selling jewelry and he asks for Lydie's help in a ball at a mansion. She scurries the count [...]

    25. This book was extremely difficult for me to finish, unfortunately. Honestly, I would pick it up, read a few pages, and then put it thankfully aside in order to happily read a more entertaining story instead. In the early pages, I was turned off by the choppy, short sentences and unknown, unpronounceable (for me, anyway) French words. Finally, after about 95 pages, the story began to hold my attention in a limited way. I still had to put it down frequently, during particularly boring passages, bu [...]

    26. This is the very first Luanne Rice novel that I have read but I should clarify that I probably wouldn't have picked this book up if I didn't acquire it from the Early Reviewers Program. With that said, I thought the book was just okay. This was not a book that I could sit and read in one sitting and I had no real connection with the characters until about half way through. The book is about Lydie and Michael who have moved to Paris for a year while Michael, who is an architect, works on the Louv [...]

    27. This is a book Luanne Rice wrote in the early 1990's about a couple's year long stay in Paris. The McBrides arrive in Paris for a dream year of work, travel and leisure but they are troubled. Lydie's father recently and unbelievably died as the perpetrator of a murder-suicide. They hope the year away from New York will mend their hearts and marriage. This book richly evokes Paris, the neighborhoods, the sights and sounds. The story contains passion, friendship, family stress and love. Everyone i [...]

    28. There was so much I liked about this book, the Paris setting, the strong female leads, the depiction of the often tenuous nature of love, life, and friendship. Lydie McBride and her husband Michael are in Paris for a year because of his gig as an architect at the Louve. Lydie's just gone through a traumatic experience with her father's death and the complications behind it, an affair and the murder of his lover and himself. She hates leaving her mother behind, but her marriage has also hit a rou [...]

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