The Twenty-four Hour Mind: the Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives

The Twenty four Hour Mind the Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives In January of an otherwise nonviolent man under great stress at work brutally murdered his wife in their backyard He then went back to bed awakening only when police entered his home He claimed

  • Title: The Twenty-four Hour Mind: the Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives
  • Author: Rosalind D. Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9780195386837
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In January of 1997, an otherwise nonviolent man under great stress at work brutally murdered his wife in their backyard He then went back to bed, awakening only when police entered his home He claimed to have no memory of the event because, while his body was awake at the time, his mind was not He had been sleepwalking In The Twenty four Hour Mind, sleep scientist RosaIn January of 1997, an otherwise nonviolent man under great stress at work brutally murdered his wife in their backyard He then went back to bed, awakening only when police entered his home He claimed to have no memory of the event because, while his body was awake at the time, his mind was not He had been sleepwalking In The Twenty four Hour Mind, sleep scientist Rosalind Cartwright brings together decades of research into the bizarre sleep disorders known as parasomnias to propose a new theory of how the human mind works consistently throughout waking and sleeping hours Thanks to increasingly sophisticated EEG and brain imaging technologies, we now know that our minds do not simply turn off during sleep Rather, they continue to be active, and research has indicated that one of the primary purposes of sleep is to aid in regulating emotions and processing experiences that occur during preceding waking hours As such, when sleep is neurologically or genetically impaired or just too short, the processes that good sleep facilitates those that usually have a positive effect on our mood and performance can short circuit, with negative results that occasionally reach tragic proportions Examining the interactions between conscious and unconscious forms of thinking as they proceed throughout the cycles of sleeping, dreaming, and waking, Cartwright demystifies the inner workings of the human mind that trigger sleep problems, how researchers are working to control them, and how they can apply what they learn to further our understanding of the brain Along the way, she provides a lively account of the history of sleep research and the birth of sleep medicine that will initiate readers into this fascinating field of inquiry and the far reaching implications it will have on the future of neuroscience The Twenty four Hour Mind offers a unique look at a relatively new area of study that will be of interest to those with and without sleep problems, as well as anyone captivated by the mysteries of the brain and what sleep continues to teach us about the waking mind.

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    One thought on “The Twenty-four Hour Mind: the Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives”

    1. This is one of the few books written on a topic, which otherwise constitutes one of the most integral part of our lives - the sleep and dreams. After reading it, I was really upset thinking that I read it so late in my life! Had I read it even ten years back, it must have enhanced the quality of my experiences in life and productivity to a good extent. I later plan to share in detail my notes from the book but one or two points which have more strongly stuck with me:$ Dreams are essential for ke [...]

    2. I found this book to be a fascinating read. I heard about it while reading an article about parasomnias, and so my expectations were that this book would focus more on the science behind sleep and how it goes wrong. I was disappointed when, a couple chapters in, I found the main focus to be dreaming. In re-reading the summary of the book however, I realised this was more the topic of the book and readjusted my expectations. I ended up getting a lot out of The Twenty-Four Hour Mind - it has incre [...]

    3. Although I read almost everything about sleep and dreaming up to about 10 years ago, I have not had time in the last ten years to keep up with what new research has been done, new findings and any possibly new theoretical understandings of the role of sleep and dreaming. This book did a good job of presenting and discussing this new work that has been made possible by MRI scanning. Easy to read and understand while at the same time substantial in content.

    4. ~4.5h @ 2x. Contents:(view spoiler)[Introduction01. In the Beginning: The Early Days of Sleep Research– How Sleep Researcher Became the "Leading Lady" Part of My Self-concept– How Sleep Disorders Revitalized Dream Research02. Collecting Dreams: Watching the Sleeping Mind– Dreams of Adults– Brain Imaging in Sleep– The Benefits of NREM and REM Cooperation03. Short Sleep and Its Consequences: Insomnia– The Costs of Short Sleep– Health Problems Related to Short Sleep– When Short Sle [...]

    5. This is not written in a purely scientific style; there are many anecdotes and the author uses many personal phrases. The theories and studies are thought-provoking. I really liked reading subject's dreams, used as illustrations and supporting evidence.

    6. Spoiler Alert: The review includes many excerpts from the book and what I understood from it.I have really understood sleep in my sleep and dreams in my own dreams.There are books you read and then rate them on , , Facebook, twitter or whatever is your current favourite. There are some where you are not satisfied just by giving them some stars, you want to talk about them, comment on them and let others know what you thought about them. And then, there are some others! You read them and you wish [...]

    7. I guess seven or eight hours is supposed to be a normal amount of nightly sleep, according to this book. Too little sleep or too much sleep are associated with hypertension and diabetes, if I remember what I read correctly.

    8. Good! No complaints. The arguments are well laid out, and so far as I (admittedly otherwise uneducated on the topic) can tell, have no serious errors.

    9. “A poverty of dreams” is reason enough to be scared, very scared By now, it should be pretty clear to all of us how important sleep is to our health — lack of sleep has been linked to like a gazillion chronic health conditions from hypertension to diabetes. This book takes it a step farther, looking at the impact of “poor sleep hygiene,” as the author calls, it on mental health and, ultimately, our sense of self. She is a preeminent researcher who has been studying sleep for, literally [...]

    10. I found out about this book from the Brain Pickings website, which I highly recommend. It provides a wide-ranging overview of sleep research. Notably, the author was personally involved as an expert in a criminal matter involving a man who murdered his wife while sleeping, and it was interesting to get her perspective on that case. In addition to covering sleepwalking and other parasomnias, the book also deals with more routine matters such as dreaming. As the title suggests, the mind is hard at [...]

    11. A fascinating exploration of the mental and physical phenomena of sleep (and, to a lesser but still prevalent extent, dreams) by a leading sleep researcher, this book proved to be eye-opening about the topic of shuteye. [Note to self: Har har, hardeehar, har! I'm brilliant!] More seriously, this book examines a lot of key issues involving sleep, and included a lengthy section on various legal battles in which sleep played a key role: primarily murder cases in which the defendant is claiming non- [...]

    12. I like these kind of studies whereby you get some proper research and discussion in an accessible language. It is neither a popularized text on a popular topic nor a high-flying specialised monograph for the experts. The case studies make the sections on experiments interesting. I found the parasomnia chapter particularly interesting. I had left the last chapter of this book, which is on dreams and their function, until later. Sleeping is a very important part of our biological existence and dre [...]

    13. A great book- I couldn't put it down. Rosalind Cartwright is a sleep scientist who is able to explain the research in a way that is approachable and also entertaining. There is much about sleepwalking - the people who do it, what they do, and the research that shows what is actually going on. She postulates that the night mind has the task of keeping us on an even emotional keel when awake, and that dreams in particular have at least two functions: integrating the emotional experiences of the da [...]

    14. It's rare to read a book by an expert who is also a good writer. Cartwright, clearly devoted to her research, respects it by not hitting the reader over the head with repetition or esoteric information. She pulls out relevant, interesting examples to highlight the topics outlined in the chapters and explains them in a clear, entertaining manner. Here is an extremely readable book about a subject that is complex and enigmatic, and which science has helped to explain. This book makes you respect t [...]

    15. A good introduction to sleep research with a main focus on the role of dreams in emotion regulation. Very well written, with evidence from clinical research and enough science in it to understand the basis of how scientists have figured things out and why they claim certain things. Definitely would recommend to someone who is not a fan of pop science books and likes real facts rather than anecdotal evidence and analogies. 5/5!

    16. this book completely surprised me. I expected to take a good month to get through it, but I finished in just under a week. Rosalind Cartwright presents information in such an easy to follow manner. My only minor complaint is that this focused so much on dreaming. I found the sections on depression and insomnia the most intriguing, in large part because they're what I personally struggle with. Regardless, this was a great, great read.

    17. Good, but dryI liked the in-depth understanding of how our minds work, and what we believe dreams are designed to do, but the writing style was tough in parts. The narration of how someone can perform tasks while asleep is incredible, however, and it has really opened my eyes about sleep (pun intended).

    18. Interesting but it seemed primarily focused on parasomnias and sleep walking. i guess those are the best demonstrations of the behavior of the brain during sleep. The atypical behavior shows the normal behavior by contrast. Nevertheless, I was disappointed. I'm not sure what I expected from this book.

    19. This book is great for a trial attorney who has a client with sleep disorders. The book was too clinical for me. I was hoping for more of a layman's review of how the mind works during sleep. I was also hoping to gain some insight into how a "normal" person can improve their sleep patterns. On that basis this book did not deliver for me.

    20. I really liked this book. I love the idea that dreaming is our own in-house therapy session! It was a nice and concise book unlike some of the other pop-sci books I've read recently. There was a little more on sleepwalking than I particularly cared for, especially going into legal cases, but it was mostly valid to build up a picture of both REM and NREM sleep.

    21. This was okay. Maybe it was because I read it as a Blinkist, but some of the claims seemed unsupported, especially that sleep can cure depression. It may be the sort of book you need to chew through, but I think I'm okay without going through it in full.

    22. Another set of adventures for Vicky and Joe in a small Spanish village. If you enjoyed the first book, you'll like this one too. A fun read.

    23. Your 7 times more likely to be fat if you don't sleep muchWe use dreams as a therapy for emotions and feelingsCool stuff. I don't want diabetes and obesity, I'll sleep eight hours thank you lol

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