Love and Rockets: New Stories #3

Love and Rockets New Stories After Jaime s two part super hero epic from Love and Rockets New Stories and we return to the enthralling minutiae of the Locas cast s livesfor the first time in three years In themain story Ray

  • Title: Love and Rockets: New Stories #3
  • Author: Gilbert Hernández Jaime Hernández
  • ISBN: 9781606993798
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • After Jaime s two part super hero epic from Love and Rockets New Stories 1 and 2, we return to the enthralling minutiae of the Locas cast s livesfor the first time in three years In themain story Ray finally gets his datewith Maggie The couple goes to anart opening and to dinner, they discussthe crazy world of dreams, and Maggie asks Ray for a huge favor Also in thisvAfter Jaime s two part super hero epic from Love and Rockets New Stories 1 and 2, we return to the enthralling minutiae of the Locas cast s livesfor the first time in three years In themain story Ray finally gets his datewith Maggie The couple goes to anart opening and to dinner, they discussthe crazy world of dreams, and Maggie asks Ray for a huge favor Also in thisvolume, Brown Town, Blue Sun, a new installment in Jaime s beloved littlekids flashback series A ten year old Maggie and her family move away fromHoppers to a desert ghost town And on the Gilbert side of the ledger, Scarlet by Starlight is a story starringFritz of High Soft Lisp fame that in contrast to 2 s silent masterpiece Hypnotwist consists entirely of a 14 page dialogue scene Killer Sad Girl Star picks up the Sad Girl character from LRNS 2, and how no one in her familytakes her budding film career seriously.

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      343 Gilbert Hernández Jaime Hernández
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    1. I've read these completely out of order because I've checked them out of the library. It seems like reading 1+2 on their own, or skipping them, is ok, but I wish I had managed to read this one earlier. There's a lot of really key character development of Maggie and her family in Browntown, and even though I know there are years of original L&R I haven't read, reading 7/8 of the new stories first means I didn't know the "current day" context of Ray's art career and less about the fictional LA [...]

    2. good read even though most of it was in the love bunglers. scarlet by starlight was some good freaky deaky shit too

    3. This issue represents a true pinnacle in a fine series.Both Jaime and Gilbert have found a way to incorporate stories employing genre elements into their more "real world" sagas. Gilbert is now telling stories about a teenage actress called Killer who appears in the B-movies that are the fantasy tales. Jaime's fantasy tales often star his real world characters, but they play out in other dimensions, as shown in the last issue, where Maggie is sent "home" from the superhero universe she had been [...]

    4. Thank god for the Hernandez brothers. Anytime I need to convert someone to the medium, I pull out a volume from the longest-running and most successful alternative comic series of all time.And anytime I want to show someone how much power and potency can live in a single brushstroke, I reference the undisputed master of black-and-white comics art, Jaime Hernandez.In the third volume of the New Stories series, Jaime takes a break from the Penny Century saga (I admit: it was getting a little weari [...]

    5. The latest volume of the Love and Rockets New Stories arrived in the post yesterday and I couldn't wait to read it! I started with Jamie's stories and they were truly fantastic! While there was no Hopey in the story Maggie said she was settled down with a partner and they were wanting to have a baby!!!!! Hopey settling into domestic lesbian bliss? I really hope we see that in volume 4!!! But we got to see Maggie out on a date with Ray, a nice evening in her life. Then there was an absoultely won [...]

    6. The Love and Rockets saga has seen its share of highs and lows, but this punishing volume seems to be a punishing expression of the more transgressive stories that the Brothers H. had refrained from in the first two collections of new stories. A team of researchers on what may or may not be another planet are tested (and then judged for their failures) by a race of inquisitive forest people in Gilbert's "Scarlet by Starlight", while Jaime reveals the tragic story of Maggie's childhood move to su [...]

    7. I’m a fan of Gilbert Hernandez’s recent graphic novels “Sloth”, “Chance in Hell” and “Speak of the Devil” but I haven’t gotten into the series that made Gilbert and his brother Jaime’s names in the 80s – “Love and Rockets”. Maybe this wasn’t the place to start as it’s obviously part of a much larger story with established characters but I thought it’d be interesting to read. And it was interesting for the most part. Strange but interesting.The book is made up of s [...]

    8. By far, this is the best Love and Rockets of the bunch. Yeah, I’ve read them out of order and over a long stretch of time. But in terms of the quality of writing, from both Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, #3 is tops. It opens with “Scarlet by Starlight”, which is kinda creepy, definitely disturbing (featuring science! and inter-speciestogetherness!), and it also manages to be my hands-down favorite from Gilbert. And it’s not just going for some cheap attention-grabbing thrills, either. It [...]

    9. I've taken a long break from the worlds of Los Bros Hernandez, so it was good to get back to them.This is much darker than the first two volumes in the New Stories edition and the quality of the writing and artwork is as great as ever. Gilbert's stories of a scientific expedition on a distant planet which goes horribly wrong, and the sort-of-linked story of b-movie actress, KIller, are visceral and disturbing.Jaime's stories, The Love Bunglers and Browntown are quite superb. His artwork is fanta [...]

    10. If anyone needs a reminder as to what an astonishingly talented and powerful artist and storyteller Jamie Hernandez is, just read his 3 part story, The Love Bunglers Pt. 1, Browntown, and The Love Bunglers Pt. 2 from Love and Rockets #3, Vol. 3. It’s a perfect balance of subtlety, complexity, humor and tragedy. The last third of the story is an emotional powerhouse. It deserves to be held in the same esteem as any other great literature out there, and it’s possibly the greatest thing he’s [...]

    11. Now that I have a greater knowledge of the trajectories of each of the brothers' careers, I can't help but be impressed with the stories in this volume. Gilbert's zany exploitation romp, "Scarlet by Starlight," is comic where you don't expect it to be, cartoonishly violent, and, as a friend of mine said, "weirdly erotic." It's a larger-than-life story bound to affect you somehow. And then there's Jaime's stories which have thus far been called the best that he's ever written in his career. I agr [...]

    12. Absolutely fantastic, though starkly disturbing throughout. I think The Love Bunglers might have been the only story that wasn't hard for me to read. Browntown's gotten a lot of praise, and justifiably so, though it's incredibly difficult to read, and, when you read it in conjunction with The Love Bunglers, added dimension is created for both stories.Scarlet by Starlight, the first of Beto's stories, is largely just horrifying, and doesn't really gain a whole lot until his second story, Killer*S [...]

    13. While the second volume in this series didn't do much for me, the third installment sets things back on course with great contributions from both Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez. Particularly rewarding is Jaime's pair of stories exploring the character of Calvin (one of Maggie's younger brothers) as both a child and an adult. While the two stories are distinct, they are broken up and sequenced in a highly effective manner that serves to flesh out the complete picture of the character. And surprising [...]

    14. I went back and reread this recently once the following issue was released and this is Jaime's second best work after volume 4. Browntown is tragic. The Love Bunglers is tragic and I couldn't wait to read what happened next. The Love Bunglers is among the best comics ever created, in my opinion.I understand that a work takes as long as it takes to complete so it is usually in the readers best interests to reread previous chapters before moving on to the most recent one. The stories in this volum [...]

    15. In order to truely appreciate a Love and Rockets book one must fall in love with the characters by getting to know them through several of their stories. Otherwise, as a friend said about not wanting to read them, "Every time I opened one it just seemed like a bunch of drama"While knowing the characters involved in this particular book will add to the reader's experience it does seem like more of a stand-alone. This was one of the small percentage of reads to leave me in awe, and it continues to [...]

    16. This should not be your first introduction to the series. It was mine and I regret not starting with volume one. Some of the scenes involving violence against children are definitely a little rough to handle. I also had a little difficulty relating the first story to the rest of the collection. I realize it is a B sci-fi movie, but I wish I better understood it in the context of the series. Again, I am sure it would make a lot more sense if I had started with volume one. I recommend this to anyo [...]

    17. Coming late to the Hernandez saga of Love and Rocketsd it def feels like it. Say What? What the hell is going on this book? Sodomy of children are a repeated theme? Adultery? Furry savages? Browntown? Love lost and then lost again. I won't deny the stories are enchanting, I finished the book within an hour, then had to read it again-what the fuck had I just read?!? I have a feeling there are better ways to be introduced to the Hernandez brothersI just have to find the right entrance.

    18. Lived up to the hype - Browntown and The Love Bunglers are some of the more affecting L&R stories Jaime's ever written, and even Beto's stories (which I usually don't enjoy as much) in this one were a fun read. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that Los Bros are still putting out quality comics, 30 years later.

    19. I wanted to expand my horizons and read a graphic novel or two. I read a blurb online about The Hernandez Brothers and the Love and Rockets series. Well this book just wasn't my cup of tea. I do admit, I probably should have started with an earlier one from the series because I was lost as to who the characters were, etc. but I just didn't like it. ”

    20. Needed my Locas fix so have started buying the New Stories books after the disappointing superhero hardback collection that came out recently. The Jaime Hernandez stories in this volume are excellent: human and poignant. It also contains the first Gilbert Hernandez stories I have bought, very odd but I liked them.

    21. Los Hermanos Hernandez have pulled me in, again. Gilbert explores newish territory, while Jaime plumbs deep into the well of Maggie's past--so real it feels more like he is revealing past history than creating it.

    22. I finally read this fine installment courtesy of a fine public library.Adult material noted: one story by Berto is fairly adult, and one by Jaime features child abuse portrayed with dramatic, if shocking, effect.

    23. It's hard to think I'd ever rave about Los Bros again (not that they aren't consistently pretty great) but the newest L&R is banging on all cylinders and shaming 99% of cartoonists who pretend to know anything about the language of comics.

    24. I read these for Jaime's work rather than Gibert's (Maggie and Hopey are old friends I have known since I was 17) and in this volume "Browntown", a tale of Maggie's childhood, is amongst his best ever short stories.

    25. This just-released volume contains one of Jaime's most powerful and beautifully illustrated stories in his long and profoundly influential career. After 28 years of Love and Rockets it's safe to say the Hernandez Bros. are still at the top of their game.

    26. 4 to 5 stars for the Maggie stories which are brillant. 2 stars for the other stories which were bizare and didnt grab me.

    27. There was nothing wrong with the comic style, just content for me. Sad and disturbing. Made me want to hold on tightly to my children.

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