Did Not Survive

Did Not Survive Iris Oakley pregnant and still recovering from her husband s murder wants only to carry on as a keeper at Finley Memorial Zoo in Vancouver Washington But she is confronted by a terrifying situation

  • Title: Did Not Survive
  • Author: Ann Littlewood
  • ISBN: 9781590587454
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Iris Oakley, pregnant and still recovering from her husband s murder, wants only to carry on as a keeper at Finley Memorial Zoo in Vancouver, Washington But she is confronted by a terrifying situation alone and with no elephant expertise, she must rescue her boss, Kevin Wallace, from being mauled by a zoo elephant Though she gets him to safety, he dies of his injuries.Iris Oakley, pregnant and still recovering from her husband s murder, wants only to carry on as a keeper at Finley Memorial Zoo in Vancouver, Washington But she is confronted by a terrifying situation alone and with no elephant expertise, she must rescue her boss, Kevin Wallace, from being mauled by a zoo elephant Though she gets him to safety, he dies of his injuries No one understands why reliable old Damrey attacked the foreman, and Iris inadvertently misdirects the investigation As zoo staff descend into anxiety and animosity, the welfare of the animals is threatened, as well as the lives of keepers Rattled coworkers nominate Iris to find out what s going on She finds a surprising number of motives to kill the foreman, but Damrey, the elephant, doesn t have one Despite the distraction of trying to construct her new life as a single mother, Iris discovers that the elephant keepers are locked in a bitter feud, the new veterinarian is keeping secrets, and an old flame still hates Wallace New born clouded leopard cubs cheer up the troubled staff, but even that has its dark side Adding to the chaos, animal rights activists are picketing the zoo They want the elephants sent to a sanctuary, but is that a better option for them than the improved exhibit that is on the drawing board Why isn t that exhibit under construction as planned A new foreman shows up with alarming ideas, the police keep dropping by, and animals are disappearing into thin air

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    1. I always write short reviews on audiobooks, don't know why. At any rate I really enjoyed this book. I liked all of the characters and thought that they were well developed. The main character, Iris Oakley, is 6 months pregnant and alone, her husband was killed the previous year, an accident at the zoo where she still works. Finley Memorial Zoo near Vancouver, Washington has had it's share of problems.This mystery starts off quickly when Iris is the only employee on the grounds of the zoo near th [...]

    2. Iris Oakley, pregnant and still recovering from her husband's murder works at the small Finley Memorial Zoo in Vancouver, Washington. After her volunteer night shift she hears the elephants making a ruckus, when she investigates she finds Damrey, a usually mild and reliable elephant mauling her boss, Kevin Wallace. Without training and only with help by phone, she rescues him, only to learn later that he did not survive the mauling. When it turns out the elephants did not kill him, Iris is nomin [...]

    3. Damrey and Nakri are two Asian elephant cows residing at Finley Memorial Zoo near Vancouver, Washington. As Iris Oakley walked towards the Commissary after her night volunteer shift, she heard noises coming from the elephant barn. It was 7:00 a.m. and Iris was possibly the only human on the grounds of the zoo. As Iris got to the elephant barn, she found Damrey very agitated with a person face down in the stall with the elephant.Iris Oakley’s husband was killed at the zoo. Iris is pregnant, has [...]

    4. So here's the thing (I'm in a Monk mood). I expected Ann Littlewood's latest mystery DID NOT SURVIVE to be a good read. What I didn't realize was how good it would be. You've got the dead body thing of course (it's a mystery) and all these people circling about the event and its resolution. But then there's the mystery of all these animals! and not just your everyday cat or dog animals, but elephants, leopards and owls. Elephants, Leopards and Owls, OH MY!Iris Oakley is 6 months pregnant and fee [...]

    5. (Maybe more of a 3.5 stars)I've got to stop picking up series in the middle if I'm going to review them. I enjoyed Did Not Survive, but I have this niggling feeling that I would have REALLY liked it if I'd read the prior book first.This is a cozy mystery set in a zoo. The primary characters are all employees or residents (the elephants play a major role in the action). To me, the zoo was an unusual and entertaining setting, and I enjoyed the behind the scenes look-- particularly at the new baby [...]

    6. Although part of the Iris Oakley zookeeper mystery series, I find that they can each be enjoyed on their own. If you like animal settings - especially zoo types - you will most likely get a special kick out of these mysteries.Iris can be annoying, but she does grow on you; some of the characters introduced here will be found in later books (I didn't read in order), so try to keep them straight, especially as they change as the series progresses.Back to "Did Not Survive" - it is pretty fast movin [...]

    7. I started on this book immediately after finishing Night Kill, the first in the series. I liked Did Not Survive even more than the Night Kill. It has the same great setting of being 'backstage' at a small Northwest zoo, but the mystery storyline is stronger.As in the first book, the mystery is the death of a zookeeper. An elephant is the initial primary suspect this time, but it is fairly quickly determined to be a human murderer. There are a number of situations swirling around that may or may [...]

    8. Who would have thought a murder mystery that takes place in a zoo would be such a great read? I thoroughly enjoyed this book, well written and full of intrigue. The characters are nicely developed, with complex back stories and complicated motivations. With one slight blemish (bringing in two temp keepers who conveniently have answers to questions about possible suspects) I found this book to be delightful and look forward to more from this author.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received th [...]

    9. The second book in the series of murders at a small zooid Vancover, Washington.Iris Oakley is recovering from the death of her husband a few months ago. She is six months pregnant and just wants to continue working at the zoo until her child is born. Unfortunately, she finds a body in the elephant enclosure. The badly injured man is Wallace, the foreman at the zoo.The elephant is thought to have killed Wallace but no one wants to believe it. Then it comes to light that there are other people who [...]

    10. I'm a big fan of Ann Littlewood's works. The mystery plot of Did Not Survive is pretty good, but where the story really stands out is in the accurate and palpable account of behind-the-scenes life in the zoo world. It's told in the first-person through the eyes of the protagonist, zookeeper Iris Oakley. Personally, I found the culprit to be a little unbelievable, but that did not take away from my overall enjoyment of the story. Mystery fans will enjoy the storyline, zookeepers (like myself) wil [...]

    11. I almost put this book down as the beginning was repetitive, really dragged and was confusing. I have worked at a zoo and some of the characters and situations were quite unbelievable (guess that is why it is fiction). The last 100 pages were interesting and well put together as a mystery. A BIG PLUS were the websites at the end for more information on the "issues" the author pointed out while writing this book. Those issues ARE very REAL and if a "lame" mystery can educate even a couple people, [...]

    12. As a fellow animal lover, I am a a great fan of Ann Littlewood's zoo series. I first read the third in the series, then immediately went back and picked up the first two. I love the behind-the-scenes intrigue at the zoo. This book contains an intricate puzzle of a multitude of seemingly unrelated disasters, and I couldn't wait to read what happened next and how the author finally linked them all together. Great job!

    13. This book has lots of mystery and intrigue to it. You not only have a murder, but all the secrets and chaos going on in the zoo. Very well written it kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who did what to whom. And did the murder get solved? Did Damrey, the elephant, get put down for killing Kevin? You'll have to read the book to find out. Really great book to add to your shelf.

    14. Not quite as strong as Littlewood's debut Night Kill, largely because the underpinnings of the villain's motivations are lacking in development, making the denouement seem as though it's coming from left field.

    15. Loved this book. I love the character development and I also loved the fact that it was a mystery. I waited a few years to read this book--but the writer obviously did her homework in the copious research done to support the writing. Liked the writer's believability factor with the plot lines. I will look forward to reading more by this author.

    16. I enjoyed this for its behind-the-scenes look at a zoo. It's tough to read something about elephants in zoos that's so one-sided, but it's unsurprising since the book's point-of-view is that of a zookeeper. Oakley remains a solid protagonist, and the zoo remains a fascinating setting. Solid book.

    17. Another excellent "Zoo Mystery" featuring gamekeeper and (in this book, pregnant) amateur sleuth Iris Oakley. The writing is vivid and the behind-the-scenes detail about the operation of a zoo fascinating.

    18. This series of mysteries is well written and interesting. The main character is a widowed (though still young) zookeeper and the stories incorporate animal care into the mystery, though I enjoyed them quite and bit and I'm not a particular animal lover.

    19. Haven't read a mystery in a long time so it was a nice change of pace. Although it was based at a zoo so it tied in nicely to what I've been reading. Not the best mystery I've read but it was alright.

    20. I liked the story setting at a zoo, and overall the book was a good and easy read with a solid mystery plot. I didn't find the heroine extremely likable, but maybe that was because this is second in a series, and I hadn't read the first. No romance, which surprised me.

    21. Liked it--will probably read the next, missed the first but that's ok. A zoo mystery--did the elephant do it? Pace picks up halfway through--one of those 50-page books (ones I give 50 pages before quitting).

    22. A must read series for any zookeeper out there who likes a little mystery. Check out her first book Night Kill.

    23. Zoo Mystery, #2. Iris Oakley finds her boss, Kevin Wallace, being mauled by elephants and she is elected to figure out the real cause of his death. Another enjoyable murder mystery in a zoo setting.

    24. I enjoyed this one as much as her first book, if not more. I love the setting of the zoo and all the background knowledge Ann Littlewood has as a former zookeeper.

    25. The second of the Zoo Thriller MysteriesReally entertaining and easy to readAnd keeps you guessing til the endI Ann Littlewood writes a third installment!

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