Georgette Heyer's Regency World

Georgette Heyer s Regency World Immerse yourself in the resplendent glow of Regency England and the world of Georgette Heyer From the fascinating slang the elegant fashions the precise ways the bon ton ate drank danced and flir

  • Title: Georgette Heyer's Regency World
  • Author: Jennifer Kloester
  • ISBN: 9781402241369
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Immerse yourself in the resplendent glow of Regency England and the world of Georgette Heyer From the fascinating slang, the elegant fashions, the precise ways the bon ton ate, drank, danced, and flirted, to the shocking real life scandals of the day, Georgette Heyer s Regency World takes you behind the scenes of Heyer s captivating novels.As much fun to read as Heyer s owImmerse yourself in the resplendent glow of Regency England and the world of Georgette Heyer From the fascinating slang, the elegant fashions, the precise ways the bon ton ate, drank, danced, and flirted, to the shocking real life scandals of the day, Georgette Heyer s Regency World takes you behind the scenes of Heyer s captivating novels.As much fun to read as Heyer s own novels, beautifully illustrated, and meticulously researched, Jennifer Kloester s essential guide brings the world of the Regency to life for Heyer fans and Jane Austen fans alike.

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    1. While engrossed in the pages of a delightful Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer novel have you ever come across something you didn't quite understand? Like what is the difference between a barouche and a phaeton? Have you ever thought about places mentioned in these novels like Almacks, Hyde Park, Carlton House,Vauxhall Garden and wondered if their renderings were true? Or are you fascinated by the Regency Era and interested in learning all you can about it? If you are anything like me, you would pr [...]

    2. This is closer to 3.5 stars. As a companion to Heyer's novels, it's invaluable. Kloester makes frequent references to characters and events from the books when she's discussing aspects of Regency society, and I think the only way it could be more useful in that respect is if there were some sort of index so you could look up facts in reverse (though this would be a truly major endeavor and probably better suited to a database). She's also got an extensive list of recommendations for further read [...]

    3. This book is a quick, glancing look at life during the Regency, complete with lots and lots of references to the books written by Heyer. So if you read Heyer and had questions: this is the book for you, probably. Maybe. 1. Ultimately, this was adequate. It doesn't provide quite the depth I would have liked, and it spends too much time referencing books rather than referencing Heyer's allegedly deep pile of reference materials. It felt like the sight-seers guide to Heyer rather than a tour of the [...]

    4. A few weeks ago, as I was browsing the Romance shelves at one of my local Barnes & Noble stores, I spied a few copies of Georgette Heyer's Regency World, which I immediately scooped up. I could have used it for some of my Jane Austen-related research, since it includes quite a lot of useful information about the customs, manners, fashions, and practices of the time period.If you are a fan of (a) Georgette Heyer's books; (b) Jane Austen's novels; (c) Regency romances; (d) the Regency era for [...]

    5. Jennifer Kloester has authored a MUST READ reference book for any avid Georgette Heyer or Regency period fans. In Georgette Heyer’s Regency World Kloester covers a wide-range of information pertaining to the Regency period; from deciphering the convoluted social class order of the day (wowza!), to what they wore, where and what they ate, where they shopped, the daily life of regency men and women, and my favorite, the hottest entertainment destinations to see and be seen! Also included is a wh [...]

    6. Read in one sitting at my local Borders today :DInteresting compendium of everything regency, especially as it relates to Georgette Heyer's novels. A good reference companion book, but probably best for people who don't know all the in's and out's of this fascinating time period.Glad to say I knew most of this stuff already (yes, I'm bragging.)

    7. This is a handy reference book for fans of Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen and the Regency era. Each chapter covers an aspect of Regency society: clothing, transportation, etiquette, health care and more. She uses examples from Heyer's novels and appendices provide a list of slang words, biographies of Regency people and a timeline. The book is illustrated with small line drawings done from 19th century illustrations. The book could have benefited from full-color or at least larger illustrations. T [...]

    8. Terrifically entertaining and interesting guide to the Regency World of Georgette Heyer. Kloester goes into just enough depth on such topics as Clothing, Sport, The wars, A typical day in a bachelor's or a Debutante's life, The Royal Family, etc. to both enlighten the Heyer fan, and to remind them of what they already know. It's not for the serious historian or sociologist. She keeps it light and entertaining. As she goes from topic to topic, she adeptly and smoothly weaves in illustrations and [...]

    9. During her prolific fifty-three year writing career, British author Georgette Heyer (1902-1974) wrote fifty-six historical romance and detective fiction novels. She was a pioneer in Regency romance, and is generally attributed by many for establishing the sub genre that is flourishing today. Stylish, witty and historically accurate, her humorous plots and memorable characters serve as the benchmark for new Regency romance writers.In her lifetime Heyer publisher twenty-six Regency-era novels, man [...]

    10. This book really takes the guess work out of the slang terms and social customs of the regency period. I plan to read more of Heyer's work, as well as other regency novels, so this book has given me a better understanding of all things regency. My only disappointment was the omission of the slang term "stoopid" which I encountered in Venetia. A term of endearment??? All in all, I felt like this book was an easy to read motorcycle ride through the time period and the illustrations will help me to [...]

    11. If you enjoy Regency-era romances, you will learn many interesting details from this book. Although I love fiction, it's nice to know about some of facts of that era.

    12. Recommended for curious readers and also highly recommended for aspiring Regency Period authors, along with whatever other sources can be found. Having recently read a few more recently authored Regency novels and cringed at some of the anachronisms, I would point out that this is a great resource for research for historical fiction, and so are Georgette Heyer's actual novels set in that period.I'm not sure of the exact date I started this, because I've picked it up and read a little more betwee [...]

    13. This book reads like detailed notes for a research paper. There's tons of info in here, and it's well organized. But there's no real depth. If you've read lots of historical fiction you've deduced all of this anyway. I was quite disappointed, looking forward to interesting information and instead found it too boring to finish. The only part I thought worthwhile was the explanations of where some of the slang came from.

    14. I wanted to read this one because I've read a few of Heyer's Regency romance novels and thought it would be fun to try to understand the customs, rules, clothes, food, and the monarchy from that time period. This book does not disappoint at all. There are so many aspects from the Regency era that it can be a little mind-boggling at the beginning. I recommend that you read this book in chunks, because there is so much information that your head may explodeRIOUSLY! I can tell you one thingI would [...]

    15. From My Blog[return][return]Whether or not one has read a Georgette Heyer novel (if not, what are you waiting for?), Georgette Heyer’s Regency World by Jennifer Kloester gives the reader an in depth look into life in a time period written about by many novelists, including Georgette Heyer. Historically, the Regency era was only nine years, however the common held belief is the Regency period extends from 1780 until 1830. I have heard many readers say they do not care for this time period becau [...]

    16. I first read Georgette Heyer's novels over 30 years ago and I wish this book had been around then. It makes interesting reading for anyone interested in social history as well as fans of Heyer's novels. There are chapters on famous people of the era, newspapers and magazines, clothes, shops and books read as well as food eaten and social etiquette.Most of the information is referenced to one or more of Heyer's Regency novels. The only down side as far as I am concerned is that it only covers the [...]

    17. Georgette Heyer's Regency World is an interesting nonfiction book of the do's and don't of life in the Regency period of England, the time of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer's world that is so popular today . This is actually a guide that is helpful to the reader of Georgette Heyer's novels if the reader wants to know more about that period in time. Upon reading this book you will learn what was worn, the food eaten, most important how to behave, what class you belong to and even to what kind of [...]

    18. Georgette Heyer's Regency World contains a wealth of information about the Regency era. It can be used for more than just Heyer's Regencies, but any Regencies.I read it once through, but this is the type of book that can be used for reference. It's separated into countless different sections, so it's easy to look up something real quick that you come across in whatever Regency you are reading. Sections having to do with fashion, leisure, sports, travel, food shopping, etc. Not to mention a brief [...]

    19. This was an in depth guide of everything you wanted to know about Regency England daily life. It read a little bit like a textbook. It also told you more than you might want to know unless you are a HUGE fan of Regency England. For instance - it told you what men wore as foot ware. Often it was boots. Then it told you about all the different types of boots, cost of the boots, where they would have purchased the boots, who wore what boots and so on. I think I would have been happier with a book [...]

    20. You don't have to love Georgette Heyer to enjoy this thorough account of Regency England's people, places, pastimes, customs and costumes. History enthusiasts, Jane Austen devotees, admirers of the Romantic poets, period writers, and maybe even researchers will find a lot of information to enhance their interests. There’s a comprehensive timeline that stretches from 1738, when George III is born, to 1830, when George IV dies, in one of the appendixes that I know I will be coming back to again [...]

    21. I love historical fiction and I find companion-books to be really interesting as they give you a further insight into the everyday details, making you appreciate the novel even more as you understand every nuance. 'Georgette Heyer's Regency World' was a really interesting read and I'm sure I will refer to it in the future especially as I plan to visit Bath in the near future :D

    22. For Heyer lovers like me, this book is the equivalent of a 2-lb box of See's dark chocolate raspberry creams. Delightful references to beloved books on every page, historical timelines, suggested reading.

    23. Fantastic resource for fans of the Regency genre! Jennifer Kloester knows her field and writes with clarity and elegance. I consider this book a must-read companion to Heyer's output and an essential reference guide for anybody who aspires to write in this period.

    24. I thought this an absolutely excellent book. It does exactly what it sets out to do, and is well written to boot. It will be close at hand next time a I read a Heyer - and it's inspired me to go back to Heyer, too, which is no bad thing. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    25. A lovely, straightforward explanation for all those Regency places and terms, with references to all things Heyer.

    26. Excellent compendium "all things Regency" knowledge. Wish I had read it before reading The Toll-Gate though as the section on "cant" would have been most useful!

    27. This book was interesting to me historically, and also introduced me to Heyer herself. For that, it deserves five stars.

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