You Can Change: God's Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions

You Can Change God s Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions It s about heart change not behavior change That s the conviction of Tim Chester as he seeks to help everyday Christians connect the truth about God with our Monday morning struggles This interactive

  • Title: You Can Change: God's Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions
  • Author: Tim Chester
  • ISBN: 9781433512315
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s about heart change, not behavior change That s the conviction of Tim Chester as he seeks to help everyday Christians connect the truth about God with our Monday morning struggles This interactive book, laid out in workbook fashion, is for newer Christians struggling with sin and for mature Christians who have plateaued in their faith as they seek to find victIt s about heart change, not behavior change That s the conviction of Tim Chester as he seeks to help everyday Christians connect the truth about God with our Monday morning struggles This interactive book, laid out in workbook fashion, is for newer Christians struggling with sin and for mature Christians who have plateaued in their faith as they seek to find victory over sin in their lives.With a conviction that sanctification is God s work and the journey to holiness is joyful, Chester guides readers through a change project beginning with the selection of one area of life they would like to modify Each chapter includes a question e.g Why would you like to change What truths do you need to turn to to guide readers as they deal with a specific sin or struggle, truths from God s word, and a reflection guide to help readers through their change project.

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    • ✓ You Can Change: God's Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions || ☆ PDF Download by ✓ Tim Chester
      158 Tim Chester
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    One thought on “You Can Change: God's Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions”

    1. The danger in Christian books about change is the bogeyman of legalism. Some of the "classic" Christian literature is nothing more than a manifesto of Do's and Don't's that have nothing to do with the Bible, much less Jesus. Tim Chester does not avoid these familiar pitfalls: half of his work is a brilliant call to holiness while the other half is counterintuitive to his own goals. It makes for a frustrating read that at times connects deeply but often succumbs to being another screaming manifes [...]

    2. First sentence: What would you like to change?Premise/plot: Is Tim Chester's book your typical self-help book? Far from it. It approaches change not from a self empowerment perspective but from a Spirit empowered one! In other words while he encourages you to focus on where you personally want to change, it is very much a book about the sanctification process. It explores essential Christian ideas: sin, temptation, repentance, holiness, etc. My thoughts: I really thought this was well written. I [...]

    3. This book is practical without being legalistic. A must read for Christians as we battle sin daily and seek to sow in the Spirit. One day we will reap what we sow. I believe more of who God is after reading this book. He is good, great, gracious, and glorious.

    4. Don't judge a book by its cover/cheesy title. This book was biblically grounded and a great read. heyoo.

    5. I find the title to Tim Chester's book to be obnoxious and cheesy. In fact, I felt embarrassed reading it at Starbucks.Yes, I'm a snob.I find Chester's writing lacking, as he is prone to make sweeping generalizations and statements about absolute truth that are not absolute. Example: Chapter 5 begins with the statement that "Behind every sin and negative emotion is a lie." That is a sub-heading for the chapter and something to which Chester returns throughout the chapter and the book.Had he not [...]

    6. I finished this book last week with my pastor and his wife, and have been, frankly, avoiding my review. Why? Because I didn't like it, but I don't have any real reason for why I didn't like it beyond it was hopeful, and I was not. As a general rule I do not like spiritual self-help books. I don't like books that talk to me, and try to "counsel" me. I'd rather read a book that's directed at the third person, and feels less personal. One that doesn't feel like it's trying to preach to me personall [...]

    7. This is a good book about gospel powered sanctification. We sin because we desire other things more than we desire God, or because we do not want the hope that is offered to us in the Gospel. Chester explains that Holiness is what would truly complete us as humans. God wants our ultimate happiness, and we must trust him for how to find it. Therefore, the path to change means we must turn away (repent) from the false things we believe about God, and from the idols we pursue instead of God, and tu [...]

    8. At first I thought this book was going to be cheesy Christian self help. The first few chapters could even be summarized by the catch phrase WWJD. But then it took a turn, and focused on where change really starts. The free gift of salvation and grace changes our hearts and redirects our desires. Life in Christ is a life of competing desires, and we should desire Christ. In turn our behaviors change. That is overs simplified and the book gives practical advice as well but the meditations were so [...]

    9. Generally helpful book. Appreciated the emphasis on the power available through God's means of grace. The discussion of "legalism" was inconsistent and self-contradictory when compared with the larger context of the book. For this reason, I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars.

    10. Great book on fighting sin through faith and repentance. I would recommend this to anyone in any type of small group leadership.

    11. I really enjoyed reading most of Tim Chester’s book and found it to be both thorough and convicting. He walks us through how to step into one of the great paradoxes of the Christian faith, that of grace and holiness. We need more books on holiness that aren’t legalistic. This is one of those. He helped me to see the emotions behind our sin and what our deep motivations are when we find ourselves in sin. I found the book to be a great compilation of a lot of things I’ve heard (and Tim even [...]

    12. Great book on the Reformed view of sanctification and how to practice it for true personal change. Some helpful quotes: (1) Chapter 1: What would you like to change?-pg. 18: The secret of gospel change is being convinced that Jesus is the good life and the fountain of all joy. -pg. 23: The message of this book is that change takes place in our lives as we turn to see the glory of God in Jesus. We 'see' the glory of Christ as we 'hear' the gospel of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4-6). Moral effort, fea [...]

    13. One of the bestIt’s at least the second time that I’ve read this book. Such a terrific book about hope for change. It is an excellent beginning counseling book. It is great for discipleship. Highly recommended.

    14. another book that's a must read! If you are struggling in sin, which we all are. this is the book for you.

    15. Read with our church staff. It is a very good practical book to help Christian believers grow in holiness - take our sin seriously & submit to the Holy Spirit's work to strengthen us to battle & resist temptation. Helpful handling & teaching of key Bible passages provides very useful 'food-for-thought'. I recommend this book for the individual or group study, but think it would be most effective with some one-to-one accountability relationship.

    16. UPDATE: Just re-read this book (May 2011). I think this is the best post-Puritan book on sanctification I have ever read.--------How does life change actually happen? This is a question I get asked as a pastor all the time. The best place to go to answer this question is, of course, the Bible. But then you need to walk through and synthesize a fairly wide range of passages in order to develop a coherent understanding of how real life change actually occurs. This is what Tim Chester attempts in h [...]

    17. This is the best and most practical book on change and sanctification I have read. It will be my go to book for discipleship and counseling.The book is structured around questions: What would you like to change, why would you like to change, how are you going to change, when do you struggle, what truths do you need to turn to . . . It also has excellent reflection questions and a "change project" that helps the reader apply the material in the chapter. Chapter 5 "What truths do you need to turn [...]

    18. I have read many books on sanctification and Christian change This one does a great job providing great theology with great practical suggestions. That makes this book unusual. Because of the author's theology of grace his pratical suggestions do not bury themselves in self help drivel. But he also doesn't leave you stranded with great theology but no suggestions on how to apply that to real life. Overall a very helpful book on how to change without resorting to self reliance and instead running [...]

    19. Excellent book - though repetitive sometimes, the fact is that I need that kind of repetition to hammer home the concept of grace and change and God's greatness and goodness. I would say there's no magical formula to changeexcept he captures a four-part concept of it that I think is fairly solid:1. Keep returning to the cross to see your sin canceled and to draw near to God in full assurance of welcome.2. Keep looking to God instead of to sin for satisfaction, focusing on the four liberating tru [...]

    20. Tim Chester is becoming a favourite author. His theology is good, but his real gift is being practical. You Can Change is a step by step examination of how the gospel changes us. Discussions of sanctification easily become abstract, but Chester keeps things very concrete. What's more, every chapter ends with reflection questions and a "Change Project". I particularly love the 4 part grid for gospel transformation that shows up in several of his books: 1) God is Great, so we do not have to be in [...]

    21. Probably one of the most helpful books I have ever read, especially in the context of discussing it with a group of 4 of us. We began to pray differently for each other and seek that we would be battling the desires that are wrong that come up within us with truth about Christ and the provision of God for us in the gospel. The book is practical and suggests strategies you can use but equally importantly is built on the thoroughly biblical convictions that God wonderfully accepts and blesses retu [...]

    22. I have a distinct hate for Christian living books- I feel like they are all fluff and no content, but Chester's somehow managed to write one that I actually enjoyed reading. He has a strong emphasis on a Reformed view of sanctification, but is not drab or a downer about the prospects of holiness like some Reformed thinkers. He pairs a strong view of man's depravity with the guarantee of change because of grace. Also, he somehow manages to make the book not read like an academic journal article. [...]

    23. What is sanctification? How does it work? Is it past, present or future? Is it all of God or all on me? Do I let go and let God? Or do I roll up my sleeves, grit my teeth and discipline myself to holiness? Tim Chester has done a great service to any Christian who struggles with these issues. This is an easy to read, yet detailed explanation of how change works in a Christian's life. It is doctrinal and practical. I highly recommend it for any believer who wants to see real change take place in h [...]

    24. Tim Chester is a realistic author who translates real life into words penned on paper for the reader's benefit. Tim skillfuly maps out the God designed components for required change in life. He exposes and unravells the common change blockers and excuses presented by most of us.This is a read which is truely benficial or anyone claiming to be a believer in Jesus Christ. Tim presents crystal clear biblical truth in such a way that the reader can see how God has made change possible for His glory [...]

    25. It reminds me of How People Change. The content is similar, but this book has great questions and activities at the end of each chapter. It was a quick read. Very good for communicating the miraculous heart changes that should always be taking place in a Christians life. It is written for anybody who is humbled by God's grace and mercy or just plain wants to be. It is also great for anyone who thinks changing behavior and external things will bring about lasting change. This book refutes those i [...]

    26. This is a fantastic book.Chester explores the truth of Sin and how we need to deal with the Sin in our lives.I found this book extremely helpful in understanding Sin and how we need to deal with Sin to change and become more like Christ.This is a must read for all Christians that are journeying with Christ and frustrated with the effects of Sin on our lives; especially those stubborn Sins that just seem to be impossible to shift.Great Book!

    27. One of the most helpful books I've ever read on Gospel change. I was unfamiliar with Chester until opening this book, but I'll be going back to him for help. He asks the right questions, and comes from the right view point- that we have no hope of overcoming sin without the help of the Holy Spirit. This is no "you can do it" cheer fest. This is a Christ exalting, God glorifying unpacking of what the death of Jesus means for ALL Christians. I highly recommend it to any and all to read.

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