The Dark Divine

The Dark Divine The Dark Divine Grace Divine daughter of the local pastor always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch cove

  • Title: The Dark Divine
  • Author: Bree Despain
  • ISBN: 9781405254588
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dark Divine Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch, covered in blood but she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night held Full description

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    1. I am not going to hide this review under a "contains spoilers" warning, because only a very young reader completely unaware of the current trend towards paranormal fiction or a severely mentally disabled person would not figure out the big mystery when, on page 64, Daniel "barks" at Grace when he invites her into his room and she makes the observation that, "It looked like someone had been keeping a large dog in this closet/room. The door was marred by several claw-like gashes - like the way Dai [...]

    2. Okay, I know it's dorky to add my own book to my to-read list, but I was giddy about it being listed on GoodReads and I couldn't resist!

    3. No, no, a thousand flipping times NO.I just don't get it. Like, how do books like this even make it to publishing when they are two steps away from being misogynistic/religious propaganda at worst and brain-numbing fluff at best? And yet once again, I was totally and completely struck silly by the ZOMG GORGEOUS COVER and thought hey, with a cover like that, how could it be *that* bad?I really need to start learning.So, here is basically what The Dark Divine is about, since having not done too mu [...]

    4. My GradePlot: 5Setting: 4Writing: 5Originality: 5Characters: 5Passion: 5Overall: 29/30 = 96% =ACover/Title Bonus: 4I won this ARC on Bree’s blog in one of her monthly pre-release celebrations for The Dark Divine. I also got a bottle of matching nail polish as seen on the cover and a pedicure kit! :)Summary (Bree’s website) A prodigal son A dangerous love A deadly secret . . . I stood back and watched his movements. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an instant. . . . I [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jordan B. NielsenIn lieu of a traditional review of The Dark Devine by Bree Despain, I thought we’d play a little game called ‘Paranormal Teen Romance Mad Libs’. Our story features a girl named (character name, usually containing a common noun and/or adjective). She’s just your typical world weary teen, living in (misty, woodsy, dreary weather locale), an hour outside of (major metro-area) . She isn’t one of the pretty, popular girls, she’s more on the (synonym for plain) [...]

    6. Good girl, studious protagonist: checkDark, mysterious boy who is really the good guy but starts off being incredibly cruel: checkUnexplained sexual tension that controls protagonist: checkPerfect guy who isn't perfect: checkLove triangle: checkBest friend who gets protagonist to do something dangerous: checkContrived plot elements to keep the reader in suspense: checkI don't know why I keep reading these when this post-Twilight formula for fantasy romances doesn't work for me. Having said that, [...]

    7. Sorry guys for totally forgetting to review this whole list of books I've been a bit busy with school.The Gist: Good girl Grace Divine (*cringes at name*), daughter of the local pastor, has a run-in with her childhood friend Daniel, now a mysterious bad boy, whom she hasn't seen in years since he disappeared- and left her brother in a pool of blood. Grace's brother, Jude, acts openly hostile towards Daniel and tells her his suspicions, but also starts behaving erratically. As Grace and Daniel fa [...]

    8. I LOVED THIS BOOK!Simply put, The Dark Divine exceeded all my expectations. Paranormal, bad boy and ordinary girl - who hasn't seen that before? Well, the relationship in this story was very well-done and evenly paced, and the "paranormal" aspect was so incredibly original and entertaining, so it felt like I was reading something completely fresh and new. Bree Despain's take on werewolves - which I'm sure we're all familiar with - is so INCREDIBLY original and actually makes sense! I remember th [...]

    9. Three words; I. Loved. It!The pages inside are just as full of intrigue and mystery as the beautiful cover itself!Wow! What an awesome debut! Picked this one up, and didn't put it down until I was finished. Not only was there great charactizations, extraordinary writing and a infallible mystery, but the story itself was just spectacular!I loved Despain's talent of weaving ideas of mythology seamlessly into the everyday world. The daily struggle of Grace's life, being the person she wants to be, [...]

    10. Despite a really terrible job on the part of her publisher (missing words and typos abound, parsed out in a font so large and overwhelming in its boldness that I was distracted to no end, and enclosed in a bizarre cover that looks more like an erotic novel than a YA horror/paranormal fantasy), I was really, really pleasantly surprised by this story. MILD SPOILERS:Grace Divine is the daughter of a pastor in a conservative church-going community, but her straitlaced family has spent the last sever [...]

    11. This is such a cheap rip-off of the Twilight series. I won't even begin to go into all of the similarities; it's not worth my time. Suffice it to say, I was consistently rolling my eyes throughout the entire story. The only difference between this and Twilight is that Despain adds a clear Biblical take. It's sad that that is really the only original part of the whole story. This one has officially made my "no-dice" bookshelf on GR. I am so thankful this was a library book and I didn't spend any [...]

    12. The Dark Divine is truly an amazing book! It captured my heart from page one, and took me on an amazing ride of suspense, mystery, conviction, and unconditional love. Bree Despain took a traditional stance with werewolves, but added a twist. These are not mere shape shifters like current novels would portray, but more like the fairytale monsters we imagined them to be as children. I appreciated the amount of back history she put into their origin of the Urbat. The contrast their original nature [...]

    13. I really relish the opportunity to get to know authors better through books. I love Grace the main character and I have a suspicion the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I bet there's a lot of Bree in Grace. Daniel is a wonderful hero and I appreciate the fresh take on werewolves. The characters were really easy to relate to and it had a surprise ending, my favorite kind! Headed to my bookshelf immediately after finishing to search for my copy of The Lost Saint. I feel like I just tapped into [...]

    14. THE DARK DIVINE was one of the best debut books I've read this year. It could probably even be the best. This one was a real page-turner. At first glance, the story is your typical paranormal romance. But whereas many of the YA paranormal romance books out there these days fall flat on their faces when it comes to the characters and the plot, this one does not. Bree Despain really knows how to create her characters, and give them personalities that make them shine. Or well, not necessarily shine [...]

    15. Grace finds her brother bloody on their front porch one night and the next day their childhood friend Daniel, disappears. No one ever tells Grace exactly what happened that fateful night. Just that Daniels name is to never be mentioned in their house again.Several years pass and one day when Grace walks into her Art class she discovers that Daniel has returned. And that her feelings for him never went away. Daniel has come back out of love and hope that Grace maybe the one to cure him of his "di [...]

    16. In a Nuthsell: You may be asking: alright, so I've got a fairly basic idea on what the book is about, but what actually happens in this book? To which I say: nothing. That's right, don't pay attention to the summary they give to this book - it's all lies! Sure they give us an actually interesting premise to go by - but they don't do anything with it until the very end of the book. I felt that Despain just left it towards the big "climatic" scenes, where we were all are meant to be like: "Oh my g [...]

    17. More like 3.5 stars.I was so exited about this book! I think I was too exited. Ballads of Suburbia is a hard book to follow, I kept thinking about it long after I was supposed to be into this one. This book was not awfully trapping. Even though I really liked the romance part, I didn't feel so much the supernatural. I didn't quite feel the edge or the mystery. She waited to long to explain what was going on. The writing was awkward, some dialogs seemed to be not believable.The plot is unsteady. [...]

    18. My Thoughts:I'm going to try my best to write this review without spoilers which is gonna be difficult given this book is mainly about Daniel's "secret".Anyway,Grace is the daughter of a pastor & stepford wife-esque mother. She also has three siblings; a younger sister, older brother, & baby brother. When she was younger, she & her older brother were close to a neighborhood kid Daniel which ended abruptly when he disappeared the night her older brother (Jude) came home beat up to all [...]

    19. THE DARK DIVINE is an interesting but ultimately underwhelming read that will still be eagerly embraced by paranormal romance fans of Twilight, Shiver, and other similar books.The best thing about THE DARK DIVINE was the way it rewrote the typical werewolf story and infused it with history, magic, religion, and the balance of good and evil. It gave depth to Daniel’s werewolf character. I’m not a big werewolf girl, nor am I religious, but I enjoyed the way the two unexpectedly intertwined and [...]

    20. UPDATE: So much for books to movies? They're going to make a movie out of this book too. breebiesingerdespain.One Sunday morning, I was bored and decided to read Specials the book three of the Uglies trilogies, but I find myself suffering to read it because it's too boring and then I've decided to read this book instead since one of my group here in was reading it. At the very first chapter I feel like this was probably a good story and idk, but with the first chapter alone I know that I'd love [...]

    21. Grace Divine is bossy, rebellious, stubborn, and yet a total good girl - after all, she is the daughter of the local pastor. Her life is filled with homey family dinners and study groups at the library, until long lost Daniel Kalbi returns. Daniel is exactly as Grace remembers him: edgy, aesthetic, and yet mysteriously attractive. As Grace gets pulled deeper and deeper into his world, she finds herself face to face with the terrifying secret he's been hiding from her all along.There's a reason w [...]

    22. It was not a bad read. Likable characters. I liked the suspense. The heroine did not hide her feelings for the hero, but it never made her appear desperate or weak. She was honest and I just found it refreshing. She did not play games. The heroine is daughter of a pastor. I was worried that her father was going to be a jerk, but he was not. In this book, he practiced what he preached. The mother was the irritating one. Daniel comes back after three years of being gone. The last time Daniel was s [...]

    23. Die Five Books Challenge ist hiermit beendet! Darf also ab jetzt wieder Bücher kaufen :D Fand das Buch sehr gut muss ich sagen, werde die Reihe auf jedenfall weiter verfolgen.

    24. I was really looking forward to this book, and although it did not disappoint me, it also wasn't quite what I'd expected. I knew what it was that Daniel had done from the very first time I read the inside flap of the book. I thought perhaps my assumption was wrong, because it felt too obvious, but nope's really obvious what happened between Daniel and Jude.The twist wasn't surprising either. I guessed it about halfway through, though it wasn't near as obvious as the "mysterious" event that made [...]

    25. Got this as an advance review copy when I was in Philadelphia last month. I'm usually a sucker for YA novels--in my opinion, the standards for YA are much higher than for adult, so you're more likely to get a readable story. (Also, it has the most gorgeous cover I've seen in years.)The novel started out so strongly that I thought it was going to be a must-read for everyone (I don't know when the release date is). We have a kind of unusual triangle between a sister, Grace, who loves her brother J [...]

    26. I received the ARC for The Dark Divine this week when our box of goodies came from Bree for being on her street team. I have to say, that I read the book in a day and I couldn't put it down. I was hooked when I read the first 17 pages here breedespain/TDDsneakpe.**This is SPOILER FREE**Grace Divine is part of a tight knit family, who help everyone they can, are do gooders in their community and hold no secrets, or so Grace thought. When a child hood friend, and someone who was once consider part [...]

    27. I felt that this was a book that did not need to be a paranormal romance. I thought the main topics of interest in the story came from the religious aspect and the idea of dark secrets in a family who are looked upon as truly divine. The love subplot and werewolf bits felt forced compared to the rest of the story, which wasn't brilliantly written, but certainly kept my interest for longer. The love plot was samey and nothing I've not read before in much better, more original books.I was disappoi [...]

    28. Far too message-laden (with Biblical teachings) and also tries too hard to escape from the very anger it seems to rail against; forgetting the ability to use "grace" in the face of intolerable betrayal. Main female character was so clueless and spineless, I was surprised she survived til the end of the story. For example; she was smart enough to pick out some sharply worded phrases by some of the other characters who'd sought to insult her family, yet she had no idea (nor care for) of the lies t [...]

    29. Ha ha NO.I'm too old for books like this With stupid and dull-beyond-limits characters, predictable plots, over-used tropes and way too many typos. And to add another annoying bit, there's a huge amount of religious preaching (we're all going to hell, woooooooooo.) Honestly, I couldn't care less about this story, because it's that bad and poorly executed.

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