Shift Being the first female werecat enforcer isn t easy Scars accumulate but I m stronger in so many ways As for my personal life It s complicated Choices worth making always are Ever since my brother s d

  • Title: Shift
  • Author: Rachel Vincent
  • ISBN: 9781426849596
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook
  • Being the first female werecat enforcer isn t easy Scars accumulate, but I m stronger in so many ways As for my personal life It s complicated Choices worth making always are Ever since my brother s death and my father s impeachment, it s all I can do to prevent blood from spilling Now our Pride is under attack by a flight of vicious thunderbirds And making peaBeing the first female werecat enforcer isn t easy Scars accumulate, but I m stronger in so many ways As for my personal life It s complicated Choices worth making always are Ever since my brother s death and my father s impeachment, it s all I can do to prevent blood from spilling Now our Pride is under attack by a flight of vicious thunderbirds And making peace with our new enemies may be the only way to get the best of our old foe With the body count rising and treachery everywhere, my instincts tell me to look before I leap But sometimes a leap of faith is the only real option.

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    One thought on “Shift”

    1. 1st Read - April 20102nd Read - August 2015Original ReviewThis is the 5th book in the Shifters series so it is very difficult to review without giving spoilers for previous books. If you're new to the series I strongly recommend you don't read this review as this series really should be read in order - why not check out the reviews for Stray instead. This is my favourite Urban Fantasy series though so I'd definitely recommend you check it out! This book continues the story just a couple of weeks [...]

    2. re-read Oct 2010: I am really glad I took the time to re-read this before starting Alpha. It was good to revisit all the characters and where the book left off. Still a 5 star book to me :)-----Original Review*running around in a panic* Arrrrghhhh! I shouldn't have read this so soon. I thought it would take me several days to finish, but I burned through 300 pages this evening because I couldn't put the book down. Now I have to wait until Alpha comes out later this year.As always, this book is f [...]

    3. I was going to try to write this review without spoilers from the previous books in this series, but I honestly don’t know how to do it. Too much has happened that built up to this book to leave them out. I will avoid spoilers about the plot content of Shift and tread cautiously with previous books, avoiding spoilers about the main mystery/suspense plot of each book. Several people have asked if they can read this book without reading the previous books…. my answer is yes, you could if you r [...]

    4. 5 Shift Stars Ok ok… I listened via audiobook, I loved the book it was great it goes with the story but the bird people speak…. Eeeeek grates on my nerves something bad… Mark and Faythe have some talking to do; Jase and Faythe have some talking to do. A lot of words need to be spoken. Malone is taking strides against the Pride, and I think the next book shit is going to hit the fan. Faythe has some pretty bad injuries in this book and you gotta feel for her pain. I mean OUCH! KC is going t [...]

    5. So, I gave the previous book, Prey 5 stars, but have dropped this one down to 4. There's one reason for this: the bloody love triangle. It's ridiculous and I know the whole thing will play out till the last book and yet I know who she will chose, I mean really it's no contest. Even if you prefer the underdog (ha or cat!) you still know exactly who Faythe will pick. And it bugs me that it's being dragged out hurting everyone more. I really detest love triangles. But, now that I have gotten my cry [...]

    6. '' Kendimi Looney Tunes karakterleri gibi hissediyorum. Yalnız bu bölümde Tweety , Tom'u yiyiyor.'' Tam bu seri daha iyi olamazdı derken yine Rachel beni şaşırttı. Bu kitap diğer bütün kitaplardan farklıydı. Bu sefer ;kedicikler vs. gökkuşlar .Kısaca kitabın konusu şöyle ; Faythe'in Gururu savaşa hazırlanıyordur. Üç gün içinde Malorn'un Gururuna saldıracaklardır ve ortalık kan gölüne dönecektir. Ethan yoktur ve herkes onu çok özlüyordur. Manx ve diğer tabby'le [...]

    7. This was a great one to read as there was a lot of action going on and you are introduced to a new breed of shifter, the Thunderbirds, and finally Faythe has grown up enough to accept that if she is to be the Alpha she needs to make the hard decisions and live with the choices she has made. This book is hard to review with out spoiling the storyline, but here are some random thoughts.I have never been a fan of Faythe's mother, but in the first part of this book she finally steps up and becomes t [...]

    8. I can't remember why I abandoned this series. I love the whole pride dynamic, the characters, the writing. I've had this and the last book of the series sitting on my shelf for a long time now, so hey, let's see how this goes! WOW!!! I could so read a Thunderbirds series too. Damn. So awesome!!!

    9. ** spoiler alert ** *****SPOILER ALERT*****Okay, I’ve got to say it. I am losing all respect for this series. There I said it, so sue me. As one of the few Tabbies (female were-cats) in existence Faythe Sanders has gone through a lot to get to where she is today. She has had to grow up and make some hard choices in the previous four books of this series and had appeared like she was developing into a strong forward thinking woman/tabby that is being groomed to lead her pride as the first femal [...]

    10. Loved this book. I can't see how there is only going to be one more book in the series. I feel like there are too many loose ends to tie up. It was good to see Faith taking charge it this book and getting ready to become Alpha. Emotionally this book was a rollercoster. the whole love triangle between Faith, Marc and Jace is almost too much to take! I love them both and I will be disappointed no matter who she chooses because I love them both!

    11. You know how sometimes you wait for something you really want and when you finally get it you've built it up so much you're disappointed? Well, that did NOT happen here. I'd previously read the first four books in this series and LOVED them (my review here) and Shift did not disappoint either.Shift takes up immediately where Pride ended: The South Central werecat pack is divided and a battle is coming. There's also retribution to be made for a death, and although she's trying to put it off, Fayt [...]

    12. Faythe ROCKS!!! I just don't know how I am going to be able to wait for the next book, Alpha--It sounds like it is the final book in this series--anyone know?When I first started reading about the Thunderbirds, I was kinda like--uh-oh, where is she taking this one? What was I thinking? Of-course it was awesome! It looks like the Thunderbirds will prove to be a handy-dandy little ally for the Sanders Pride--thank goodness, because they need some powerful ammo on their side. Oh, and I am so glad t [...]

    13. Just a brief review. Shift is the fifth book in the Shifters series, which is a series I've been reading since November last year. I've really liked all the books in the series so far, giving most of them around 4 stars, because they've all been super fun and enjoyable, with great actions, steamy romance scenes, and a lot of comedic moments. Shift was no exception. Just as fun, just as exciting, and with the added bonus of cool new creatures! Thunderbirds, or werehawks as I described them to my [...]

    14. This book was intense!Where to start? Let’s just say a certain megalomaniac, misogynistic werecat has a vision to become the head of the Territorial Council, no matter what. He plays mean and dirty and always seems to be a step ahead of Faythe’s pride. Faythe, Faythe, Faythe. What can I say? I do like Faythe. I like her feistiness, her determination, and her developing diplomatic skills. Her timing sucks. Her ability to predict the consequences of her actions needs improvement. The dreaded l [...]

    15. I thought we'd finally get somewhere in this book but no. Some flipping thunderbirds show up and send everyone up in a tizzy!

    16. Faythe’s pack is preparing werecats of North America are poised on the edge of the civil war…Until a new threat appears – Thunderbirds. None of them are used to fighting the birds and they scrabble desperately to find some way to stop the assaultAs ever, Faythe and her fellow tabbies are prime targets.This book has opened the world building of the series a lot more to include another of the shapeshifter creatures that occupy this world. The ThunderbirdsIt would have been really nice if “ [...]

    17. Dear female protagonists of the fictional world:Please refrain from keeping relationship-threatening secrets to yourself. Please. Because we all know that at some point tensions are going to boil-over and shit will hit the fan.Use that brain - the one you have somewhere deep within the recesses of your head, past the cobwebs and posters of shirtless guys. Use it and you will find life is so much easier!! Yes! Using your brain means that 95% of the time you will not end up in situations (e.g. bra [...]

    18. OMGOMGOMG!I can't believe I finally got to read this book. It took me forever to read it, I know, but I finally did.And just loved it!!!The plot of this series is simply outstanding. If you like UF you will just adore this series. And what I like the most about it is that with every book it gets better and better. As most of my goodread friends have already read it I won't loose time writing a review saying things you have already read hundreds of times.Just wanted to say that it was totally wor [...]

    19. Oh. My. God. This is just a heart-stopper. I can't tell you how many times I stopped breathing. The tension alone is enough to leave you gasping. There is no mistaking that Alpha will be a heart-breaker. Faythe is left with so many decisions to make, I do not envy her at all.I don't want to say too much but I will disclose the following:1) Faythe is referred to as Kaci's mother and I have no problem with that because Faythe truly acts like it. She selflessly puts her life in danger on multiple o [...]

    20. Reviewed by Amanda I've never read anything by Rachel Vincent before but I have heard great things about her writing and her Faythe Saunders series. Its a series I've always wanted to pick up but with the ever growing TBR pile that I have it's another series that I have yet to get to. It might seem odd then to start the series at book 5, but the books can be read as a stand alones so you don't need to have read anything in the series before this book. You are dropped straight into the story. Fay [...]

    21. Faythe Sanders is a werecat "Tabbie", who is known to find or attract more trouble than she should be able to handle. But with the help of her loved ones, she manages to dig herself out every time. Or, for the most part. This tradition continues in the 5th installment of the Shifters series. First, I would recommend that this series be read in order, from the beginning. It helps you attain the full effect of the tension built up thoughout the series.WARNING: There may be spoilers about the previ [...]

    22. Overall, I liked this book better than any of the others so far. The action was more exciting and I liked that it took place outside of the Sanders home. I think part of the reason I didn't enjoy the first few books as much (part of the reason, because there were a lot of problems with them) was because they were so limited in focus and nearly all the secondary males blended together. By moving the story out of that zone, it also freed up more time to focus on the primary characters. The show-do [...]

    23. Ok I'm giving this book 2 stars because by the end of the book I was so pissed off I could not stop shaking. I suppose that means that the author evoked the emotion she was looking for quiet well but it is not working for me.*****Possible Spoilers Below*****The bad guys just keep getting the upper hand over and over and over. If I met Calvin Malone as a real person I would not hesitate to gut him like a fish. His character reminds me of real people in the news and politics these days that just s [...]

    24. I had to force myself to go slowly with 'Shift'. After racing through the first 4 books, my body and mind couldn't handle another intense read straight away, and having spent so much time with Faythe and the gang I knew it was going to be an intense book. I'm glad 'Shift' didn't crush me emotionally as much as the previous books. There was certainly a lot of action and pain, both physically and emotionally, but I didn't find myself breaking as much as I have in the past. I was still affected by [...]

    25. I had a hard time understanding this book and after the first chapter I was somewhat able to keep going on. I thought this was the first book in the series and as I was reading it I kept thinking 'If I wrote this book, this would not be the first.' So I went on and looked up the author Rachel Vincent and found out that this was the fifth book! I started laughing so hard, the library gave me the wrong book! I requested Stray and they gave me Shift.So once I got into the book and I was understand [...]

    26. I LOVE a good love triangle and Rachel Vincent has done such a great job with the triangle between Faythe, Jace and Marc! And the thing about the triangle is that I really didn't think it would happen. The hints about Jace having feelings for Faythe were always there, but Faythe and Marc were so committed to each other that I didn't expect a possible relationship between Jace and Faythe to ever be explored. I loved the interactions between the three of them in this book and enjoyed watching Fayt [...]

    27. Well, I waited a while to read this one even though I had it at home. After reading Prey, I was so disgusted with Faythe. How could she sleep with Jace when she loves MarcWell, I truly love the series and Rachel Vincent is an extraordinary writer, so I began Shift.I was so glad to see the book did not revolve around the love triangle.The storyline was fabulous and fast moving. I was hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens. The introduction of the Thunderbirds was fascinat [...]

    28. "d the guilt from that carried over to transform this one awkward moment into a drama the likes of which daytime television had never seen."Why do the best series end so quickly? 6 books is nowhere near good enough for stories that are this addictive.I know a lot of people disagree, but I really enjoy the love triangle with Marc and Jace. I feel bad for what both Marc and Jace have had to endure as a result of Faythe's indecisiveness and selfishness, but damn, it's entertaining. I thought the st [...]

    29. This series keeps getting more and more intense and emotional. Faythe has done a lot of growing up throughout these books, which is a BIG plus, since I couldn't take any more of her antics.In this book she's showing more thinking, and she's starting to feel like true Alpha material. Except when it comes to dealing with the love triangle with Jace and Marc. Please someone put me out of my misery here!!! I don't have a clue who she'll end up with. I've always been a Marc supporter, and now, I just [...]

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