Mrs. Somebody Somebody

Mrs Somebody Somebody In this astonishing debut Tracy Winn poignantly chronicles the souls who inhabit the troubled mill town of Lowell Massachusetts playing out their struggles and hopes over the course of the twentiet

  • Title: Mrs. Somebody Somebody
  • Author: Tracy Winn
  • ISBN: 9780812981452
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this astonishing debut, Tracy Winn poignantly chronicles the souls who inhabit the troubled mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, playing out their struggles and hopes over the course of the twentieth century Through a stunning variety of voices, Winn paints a deep and permeating portrait of the town and its people a young millworker who dreams of marrying rich and becoIn this astonishing debut, Tracy Winn poignantly chronicles the souls who inhabit the troubled mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, playing out their struggles and hopes over the course of the twentieth century Through a stunning variety of voices, Winn paints a deep and permeating portrait of the town and its people a young millworker who dreams of marrying rich and becoming Mrs Somebody Somebody an undercover union organizer whose privileged past shapes her cause a Korean War veteran who returns to the wife he never really got to know and the couple s overindulged children, who grow up to act out against their parents a town resident who reflects on a long lost love and the treasure he keeps close to his heart Winn s keen insight into class and human nature, combined with her perfect, nuanced prose, make Mrs Somebody Somebody truly shine.

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    One thought on “Mrs. Somebody Somebody”

    1. I gave up on this one about 2/3 of the way through it - after the story about 2 young kids getting abandoned in a bar. Each story seemed more depressing than the last.I originally put it on my list because it is set in Lowell, Mass. where I live. At first it was fun to recognize place names in the stories, but after a while it got annoying because there were too many details that were wrong. This is fiction so it shouldn't matter, but it still raised skepticism of her understanding of the situat [...]

    2. I like short stories but this was not up to my taste. I wish that the town wasn't the only constant character and had I not read it on the back I would not have known. A timeline would have also helped. I was hoping that somehow the stories would interlock in the end but sad to say they didn't. Also, the stories didn't seem to have resolutions just cliff hangers and never were revisted. This was upsetting to me because when you spend the effort to read a story you expect an end, not the middle o [...]

    3. Chosen to read by my book group because it was set in Lowell, Massachusetts and supposedly interwoven stories live "Olive Kitteridge." Unfortunately, I found the stories very depressing. The town of Lowell was the constant for these stories and not the characters. Yet, other than the first story which was focused on Mill Girls, these stories could have been set in any town. While there was some connectivity between characters in the stories, the author chose to focus on how a minor character in [...]

    4. I did not like this book. Would've liked going in to it that it was sort of a collection of stories, I might have had a different reaction to it. I was disappointed that the stories weren't tied together better. Several of the characters could've been their own novel, and I was curious what happened to some of them.

    5. Linked short stories set in Lowell, Ma from post WWII to the present. Somewhat uneven, but the first and last stories are stellar and somehow, the sum of the whole makes even the weaker stories seem stronger.

    6. Tracy Winn's collection, with its nuanced characters, expanse of time, class and individual struggles, is an ode to Lowell, Massachusetts. This is a place filled with complicated wonderful people, who Winn will make you care about as much as she does. I read this collection years ago yet still many of the scenes and images have stayed with me. The creation of such lasting stories is not easy to do.

    7. Although not described as a collection of short stories, it read as such. What a sad, sad motley crüe, nothing inspiring or noteworthy, depressing at best, disturbing at most. Not my cup of tea.

    8. Mrs. Somebody Somebody is a collection of stories. There are ten stories, all linked together so seamlessly that, at times, I didn’t even see it until after I’d already finished and moved on to the next one.I had my favorites, of course. Each story had its pros and cons, its central conflict, and they all tied together in the end. To be honest, I loved this book.The first story, Mrs. Somebody Somebody, is about Stella Lewis and Lucy Mattsen. They are two girls working on the mills in Lowell, [...]

    9. I heard about this book from a podcast that I listen to and put it on my "to be read" list because I was planning on visiting Lowell over the summer. Growing up in New England, I know a bit about the manufacturing history of Massachusetts and remember reading "Lyddie" when I was in middle school. However, I had shied away from reading any other literature that focused on factory or mill work. Yet, this short story collection blew me away! I would recommend it to any and every one.The stories beg [...]

    10. I'm not a big short story fan but this book gets a B grade. The stories are linked by compelling characters who appear through out the collection in featured and minor roles. All about anybody is never revealed; the characters retained some of their mystery as normal human beings do.The other unifying characteristic is the location, Lowell Massachusetts in the mid 20th century. I never could quite figure out if the time period was before the 2nd world war, after or sometime in the 50's. But what [...]

    11. Happily, I was fortunate enough to have read this book during an almost six-hour plane trip from Palm Springs to Chicago, giving me time to get almost all the way through it in one sitting. I loved this book. Each chapter is a short story and could stand on its own as a little gem. The setting is a northeastern mill town, and the stories span a period following WW II to present day. We meet the same character in the first and last chapters, which allows us to see her personal growth and how her [...]

    12. Mrs. Somebody Somebody by Tracy Winn was not exactly what I expected. Reading the description in the ER listing, it was not clear that the book was a series of short stories set in one small town, rather than a full length novel.While I'm not normally a fan of short story collections, there is some worth here. The continuity of the setting and some characters included in more than one story, made the book read slightly more like a novel, but not enough to consider it one. Very few of the charact [...]

    13. This is a series of short stories about the troubled factory town of Lowell, Mass. In pre-union days the worker was grossly misused. There were long hours under terrible working conditions. Desperate for jobs, the poor of Lowell had no option other than to work in a grueling, body and mind numbing environment. Forming a union meant the loss of a job and/or a beating at the hands of goons hired by the owner.Each short story is connected from the first chapter when we met Stella, an employee of th [...]

    14. A book of short stories set in Lowell, MA (post-WWII through present day), Mrs. Somebody Somebody can be bleak and depressing. But the collection's stories are also beautifully, almost poetically, told. While I was ready to throw it down at times because of the sadness of this dying mill town (one I grew up next door to and yet barely know), I am glad I didn't. The last story was the best of the book and left me wanting--but not quite able--to give this more than three stars. It pulled the chara [...]

    15. I really wanted to like this book - not only is short fiction one of my favorite genres but the idea of the interlocking stories seemed to be right in my pocket. I tried, I really tried but I just can't bring myself to read any further than the first 2 (and even that was a struggle). There is a strange combination of too much information and then not enough when it comes to characters and story development. Like the author is keeping secrets from us and only sharing surface details. Almost like [...]

    16. This is not a book I would have chose, but it was a requirement for my English class. My whole group is lost. It keeps jumping around and adding new characters that we can't keep straight. There's just too much going on in the book to get everything. Plus I was not getting the underlying things happening or going on other than what was being said. The book was so sad and depressing. Why is everyone cheating on everyone?! I couldn't connect with any of the characters. I didn't feel sorry for them [...]

    17. The thing about a collection of short stories, for me, is that I almost always want more. I'm too greedy for short stories, I guess. When characters or what's going on in their lives are interesting, I see no reason for their tales to end so abruptly. Which is why, even though I really enjoyed this collection, I am not giving it more stars (although 3.5 is probably closer to my genuine rating) or putting it on the keeper shelf. I know I won't read them again, but I also think I'll remember the p [...]

    18. This book has to be one of the biggest disappointments ever. When I discovered it got left on a wet washcloth, my only concern was that the book soaked up some of the fresh goodness of the water. Sheesh. Seriously. The first two chapters of this book laid out a fine plot and developed characters quite nicely. What followed was a hodge podge of mis-matched plots and dodgy characters. If I had quit reading after the firs two chapters and never found out what happened to the people, it would have b [...]

    19. This should be subtitled: Seriously Depressing Stories.The reason they're so depressing is because they accurately capture life. I like short stories that find a moment in time - maybe a few hours, maybe a few days. These stories do that well, but Winn isn't interested in the sweet moments, although there are snippets here and there.The stories read like non-fiction and it's clear that Winn did her homework. I liked how they're all loosely connected over 60 years. Sometimes it took me a few page [...]

    20. I could not put this book down but when I absolutely had too, I would think about it often and grow excited for the next time I could read more. This novel had no plot because it wasnt supposed to, life has no plot which is what brought out the beauty in this book. There was a theme though, and for me that was resiliency. The characters of Lowell, Massachusetts coped with the problems they faced proactively or not and though not ALL the characters had a happy ending or a huge triumphant one that [...]

    21. What I liked about this book was mostly how the characters live were all woven together. After I read the first chapter I thought that this was a book of short stories but as I kept reading I found little bits of every ones lives in the stories. What I didn't like about this book was all of the cussing. I am the kind of person that believes a good book can be written without the use of swear words. The book was a tug at your heartstrings kind of book I am very glad for the opportunity to have re [...]

    22. This book is a collection of short stories similar to Olive Kitteridge in that they are all based on characteres fromthe town of Lowell, MA from the end of WWII to the present. I liked it at first, but by halfway through, decided I didn't really care to finish it, so I skimmed though the second half, hoping to find a story that sounded interesting and/or wasn't depressing, to no avail. I quickly sent it on to someone in Paperback Swap.

    23. I loved this book from the first time I read it; since then, I have taught it for 4 semesters, rereading and rediscovering each time. Winn's deft handling of characterization is breathtaking; the shifting POV in the book never ceases to amaze me. She masters the art of creating "voice" in fiction; I am especially impressed by the child narrators, each of whom is strikingly drawn and real. A terrific read!

    24. Well written and a quick read. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of interconnected short stories but when well done they work as is the case with this book. Like other reviewers, some stories left me wanting more and some seemed to drag a bit too long.Glad I read it and I'll pass it around my book club before adding it to the book swap or bookcrossing. See the books I've set free at:bookcrossing/referral/anti

    25. I don't really enjoy reading short stories, so after I got this book I was thinking maybe it wasn't for me. I really enjoy Ms. Winn's writing, but the stories didn't see to really connect, except for a few people threaded in there in betweenHowever at the end I got the story pretty much, but some of it seemed disjointed to me.Ms. Winn writes beautifully and so I am glad I read it, and the title totally makes sense but I still don't know what to think of it

    26. A collection of inter-related short stories of people living in Lowell, Massachusetts. Each story stands alone and is beautifully written, but cumulatively, I became more and more depressed as the book went on. Most of the characters are lost in some way, unsuccessfully seeking to fill holes in their hearts, and the weight of their sad stories left me feeling bereft. Nevertheless, I am haunted by some of the stories and did consider the writing exceptional in places.

    27. I really wanted to like this series of short stories but I did not. There were a few that I found interesting enough to read; most I found annoying and the characters unlikeable. The connections between stories seemed forced at times. Ms. Winn writes well but the stories are disjointed. When we jump into new characters there are multiple sub-plots; these get twisted around such that the main story line gets muddled.

    28. I enjoyed this and felt the author Tracy Winn did a good job getting into the period and the characters in a few amount of words something some authors don't manage in a lot of words. It is a book of short stories but they hold together through their location which begins in Lowell, Mass. just after WWII. It seemed to me giant time leaps were made between stories and it seemed to take me a bit of reading to get my head there too.

    29. I haven't read books of short stories lately but read a review of this one & decided to pick it up. The stories are somewhat depressing & some even disturbing, so I wouldn't recommend it to the majority of people I know. That being said, I think they were well written & I was drawn into the first few stories.

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