Operators and Things

Operators and Things Psychedelic memoir of the healing power of schizophrenic hallucinations in the s

  • Title: Operators and Things
  • Author: Barbara O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780451068675
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Psychedelic memoir of the healing power of schizophrenic hallucinations in the 1950s

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      245 Barbara O'Brien
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    One thought on “Operators and Things”

    1. Earlier this week I was reading about the cannibal murderer from a couple of years ago. The inquest was in the news. It was a terrible crime that happened near my home village in Wales. He was a paranoid schizophrenic who had been medicated in prison for a year and a half. He'd come out without any medication or support and told his mother he was hearing voices. No one did anything. He stabbed this poor girl and gnawed on her face. Before reading this book I would have thought that it was just a [...]

    2. The most baffling thing about this book is that it isn't more widely known than it is. I've no real idea why - perhaps because it was written and published in the '50s, rather than the more receptive '60s? Or, more likely, because of its subject, madness? Or that a lot of readers just aren't sure how to take it: as fiction or as fact? If it's fiction, then I guess you could very loosely class it as science fiction, although I've read a lot of that and I don't know of anything else quite like thi [...]

    3. I picked up a paperback 40 years ago that has sat on my mind like a restless beast. It's had an effect on me like nothing else I've read, nothing I've since experienced.How did I come on Operators and Things, and why could I not relate it to anything else in the world? My hazy answer (not recollection) is that I must have picked it up because of the bizarre title and opened it at random. I had no idea what I was reading. I just knew that it scared the living shit out of me.Over time, I've read I [...]

    4. I've never actually seen or owned a copy of this book - when last I checked, it was £30 for a battered paperback copy on , and I'm neither that rich or that reckless - but there's at least one PDF copy floating around the Internet that I recommend wholeheartedly. (A reprint, passing publisher-types, would be nice.)[ETA: Passing publisher-types, thank you very much.]

    5. Possibly the best book I've ever read about schizophrenia, and I've read a few. It even has a plausible-sounding explanation for why schizophrenia strikes, and those are rare.I'm so glad this woman had this experience and so glad she survived and so glad she wrote this. I wish I could find out what happened to her for the rest of her life. She had a rare mind.

    6. True story of a woman's descent into schizophrenia and her journey back to sanity. Great book about the beauty and the weirdness of mind (both conscious and unconscious).

    7. In the 1950s an office-worker in a medium-sized business in America was observing the manipulations and deceptions performed by the cold-eyed careerists in her immediate environment. Then one day she woke up under the dominating psychic influence of various "Operators" who were going to take her in hand and reveal the true metaphysics behind social appearances: deadheaded ordinary folks are "Things" available for control by the competing gangs of overlords who have their own laws and ethics. The [...]

    8. Schizophrenia is attosecond communicationNormal or average Human beings are not set up for this quality of comm.1 in 17,000 have enhanced minds1 in a billion complete two way flow of information.1 incarnate being has total access/7^72^999 applicationsper attosecondThe one incarnate being would naturally be considereda SCHIZOPHRENIC!The aboriginal 1st people knew that the 'crazies'were children close to the Great SpiritThe Great Spirit is altogether different from the godsof the world religions

    9. Written in 1958, this is a bit of a lost classic, dealing with the author's 6 month period of schizophrenia, and her subsequent recuperation. The book is divided into 2 parts, O'Brien's memory of her schizophrenia, and an analysis of the condition.It's a tough read in many ways, both emotionally and structurally. The narrative often feels disjointed, and at times seems to progress at great speed, a reflection of the mental state she is attempting to describe. Voices come and go, and what is rema [...]

    10. "Burt explained. I could see why he had been chosen spokesman. What he had to say, he said clearly and in a few words. I had been selected for participation in an experiment. He hoped I would be cooperative; lack of cooperation on my part would make matters difficult for them and for myself. They were Operators, the three of them. There were Operators everywhere in the world although they rarely were seen or heard. My seeing and hearing them was, unfortunately, a necessary part of the experiment [...]

    11. I first read this book when I was about 12 years old. If my mother had known I was reading this book, she might not have allowed it.Some people have questioned the authenticity of this book . I am absolutely convinced that it is legitimate.An incredibly interesting book. I am absolutely amazed that more people are not aware of this book. It is also interesting that this book is much less well known than the somewhat similar book I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.If you are interested in the acc [...]

    12. In 2015, we know by now that the writer was not truly schizophrenic, as these patients never completely recover as Ms. O'Brien did. However, her experience is a startling example of just how deeply an individual can descend into a world of hallucinations. Today, we understand better how extreme stress and depression can induce paranoia and delusions. This book remains a great document of how mental illness can strike anyone, how unimaginably "crazy" we can become.

    13. This is adventure - the writer is tipped into it against her (conscious) will. Her courage and humour are evident. It is about alientation in modern society, healing, integration and mental health. I would love to know what happened to her nextI read this book in 1977 and loaned it out, never to have it returned. Got it again on and it is just as interesting second time around 30 years later. I noticed different things this time though.

    14. И снова книга из Книжного Клуба. За нее я не голосовала и вряд ли когда-либо села бы за прочтение, если бы не обязанность и моральный долг . Конечно, тема привлекательная, интересная, в ней можно вдоволь покопаться в свое удовольствие, если есть личный интерес и большое желан [...]

    15. Despite what you might have heard, not all that gripping as spec-fic. With sufficient suspension of disbelief to accept it as an internal narrative of schizophrenia, however, it's entirely fascinating. The somewhat dated closing commentary is interesting in its own way, though it drags by comparison.

    16. Terrifying little memoir of a woman failing to do it for herself, because of the misogyny of the early 1950s and her misunderstood, stigmatized mind and how the two things coalesced and bred a horrible little life for her.

    17. Fascinating.a true account of schizophrenia from a personal perspective, written in the fifties by a woman who apparently succumbed to the disease, describes her experience, and apparently became free from it on her own.

    18. A lightly written story of a grave illness. A bit unbelievable, a bit shallow, yet quite gripping and surprising.

    19. A clear and compelling description of mental illness. It helps those of us not so challenged really understand what it is like for the one struggling with schizophrenia.

    20. Невероятная история про то, как автор заболела шизофренией и вылечилась. Очень детально описано то, как видит мир шизофреник, и что при этом происходит на самом деле. Страшная болезнь!

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