Bunny Drop, Vol. 2

Bunny Drop Vol Like a plot out of a soap opera bachelor Daikichi Kawachi s boringly normal life got a touch of the abnormal when he learned that his late granddad left behind a love child And further rattling the u

  • Title: Bunny Drop, Vol. 2
  • Author: Yumi Unita
  • ISBN: 9780759531192
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like a plot out of a soap opera, bachelor Daikichi Kawachi s boringly normal life got a touch of the abnormal when he learned that his late granddad left behind a love child And further rattling the unexpected skeleton in the closet The ungainly, unglamorous Daikichi s impulsive decision to take in little Rin But as the impromptu dad and his charge learn to adapt to botLike a plot out of a soap opera, bachelor Daikichi Kawachi s boringly normal life got a touch of the abnormal when he learned that his late granddad left behind a love child And further rattling the unexpected skeleton in the closet The ungainly, unglamorous Daikichi s impulsive decision to take in little Rin But as the impromptu dad and his charge learn to adapt to both one another and their very new living situation, Daikichi is plagued by thoughts of Rin s mother Who is she Why has she been quiet all this time Hot on the trail after discovering a modem at the old man s computer less abode, Daikichi plays detective in search for answers But elementary school enrollment, extracurricular activities, and other parental obligations wait for no man, so when the day of confrontation with the mysterious Masato arrives, will Daikichi be prepared

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    One thought on “Bunny Drop, Vol. 2”

    1. I don't know what it is about this series, but it actually makes me, someone who has zero desire whatsoever, kind of want to have kids. I'm certainly not going to! And if I ever did, I would never have any of my own children. I outright refuse. I'd rather adopt, and I'd rather adopt an older child. So this series just sort of solidifies my belief in the importance of that and kinda makes me want to do it. kinda. Ha!I actually was a little bit sad when (view spoiler)[ Rin basically told Daikichi [...]

    2. While this series seems like it should be boring and/or goofy, it's not. Daikichi is especially appealing for some unspecific reason, and Rin never comes across as one of those unbelievable, too-cute kid characters.Also, a fascinating look into Japanese workplace culture.

    3. If I was looking for something to make me feel like a complete sap, this was the right choice. The relationship developing between these two is so sweet.

    4. This is one of the cutest series I've ever read, and it's becoming one of my favorite slice of life manga. It does a great job at covering the balance and sacrifice that comes with being a single parent, and the love that makes it all worth it. Both Rin and Daikichi's character development have been heartwarming. However, I have serious issues with how Masako, Rin's biological mother, is treated in the series. She leaves a bad impression on, well, everyone in the series, but only because her mot [...]

    5. Une très bonne suite. J'aime beaucoup l'évolution des relations entre les personnages et surtout j'ai vraiment apprécié qu'on en apprenne davantage sur le passé de Rin. C'est un manga qui se lit tout seul :)Lu le 22/02/2018

    6. This is a really adorable series. We meet the mother in this volume and I'm not impressed with her. I'm sure we will get more information about her as we go along but I am preparing to not like her. Rin is so cute!

    7. This is the second book in the series. Rin gets ready for grade 1 and Daikichi meets her mother for the first time. I really like these books and look forward to the next.

    8. Daikichi Kawachi is a bachelor in his 30s when his grandfather dies, leaving 6-year old Rin behind without a caretaker. No one knows who Rin’s mother is or whether or not grandfather was the biological father – she’s a mystery. Daikichi decides to take in the young girl and she changes his life. He has no idea how to raise a child, or what is involved. The learning curve is steep and stressful, but Daikichi finds that the payoff is knowing and loving Rin. Following clues the clues his gran [...]

    9. I love this series. It's about family. And generations. And looking back over your life to understand the impact of your own actions on others. The relationship that Daikichi has developed with young Rin is so sweet - full of respect and tenderness and genuine love. And the more he matures as Rin's guardian, the more he sees his own family/parents in a new light (e.g the struggles they had, the sacrifices they made). In volume 2, I love how Daikichi has found a sort of comrade in arms with the s [...]

    10. This volume flows really well from #1. Rin continues to come out of her shell, growing more confident and happier. She's absolutely adorable, especially as she begins to form a relationship with the same family members who refused to take her in at the funeral.Daikichi is the one who really shines in this volume, though. He's becoming more and more comfortable with Rin, and has begun to really consider her a part of his life. However, in this volume, he also realizes that her mother needs to be [...]

    11. I love Daikichi's growing relationship with Rin. Seeing Rin getting ready for first grade is so cute too. I especially love the first time he put her hair in pigtails - she called them bunny ears! So cute. I love how semi-grown up Rin is making all the food and demanding a knife.I love the depth hidden in this series. Like when Daikichi's dad tells him what a hard time his mother had with balancing a career and the two of them (him and his sister). She collapsed at work and her job was axed so s [...]

    12. This book had me on the edge of tears. It's not a complicated book -- in some ways it's very simple. The strength of the book comes from its simplicity. Daikichi is charmingly awkward and self conscious about his role as a parent, and the book shows a world you typically don't see in fiction.Bunny Drop is explicit about how much sacrifice and missed opportunities can come from raising a child. It also frames the world in terms of Daikichi's thoughts and feelings about his new charge, and even th [...]

    13. I love Daikichi and Rin more and more with every page turn. Rin is just so cute and even though she can be painfully shy, with Daikichi is isn't afraid to speak up and let him know what she thinks. It's obvious that she loved Daikichi and he in turn loves her.Daikichi is working so hard to do his best and leaving behind all the 'fun adult stuff' he used to do, making him feel like an old man. But slowly (albeit, painfully slowly) he seems to be cultivating something with Kouki's mom!We do get to [...]

    14. Review after completion of series, volume notes to follow:1) Rin is slowly developing as a character and it's fun to see it. 2) Slow pace is actually growing on me as this is a slice of life manga and the point iswell looking at life. 3) The stuff about the mother is a bit annoying but I imagine that I'm reacting the same way the author has intended. 4) Art continues to be simple and light but conveys a lot of emotion through good character design 5) Last name section highlights difference in cu [...]

    15. Continuing the simple yet wonderful story of 30-yr-old Daikichi who decides to take in his deceased grandfather's 6-yr-old daughter, Rin. I really enjoy the realism of the story. Daikichi isn't perfect but he isn't stupid either. He knows it will be a huge change but he does his best. The everyday trials he goes through such as finding a daycare center and changing his job so he can spend more time at home for Rin is done so matter-of-factly you almost miss the heartwarming warmth. Almost. In v. [...]

    16. My Review of Bunny Drop #1Rin and Daikichi's story continues as they prepare for Rin to enter elementary school, she meets a new friend, and Daikichi continues to learn how to care for a small human person. The mystery of Rin's mother is also solved but the encounter is less then satisfactory. The drawing and the overall aspects of the story remain the same and I discuss them more in depth in the review above. If you enjoyed the first volume (and if you give it chance I think you will), this sec [...]

    17. Che sorpresa continua ad essere questo manga.Non è solo la storia di due persone sole - una bambina e un trentenne - che si trovano e formano una famiglia ma è anche un ritratto della società giapponese. Una sorta di manuale d'uso su cosa bisogna fare per sopravvivere nel Paese del Sol Levante.Daikichi deve cambiare lavoro e ciò gli porta un sacco di problemi con i suoi vecchi colleghi di reparto. Allo stesso tempo deve organizzare la sua vita intorno ai bisogni di Rin. Deve scoprire come is [...]

    18. a so sweet I would like to marry Daikichi hahaha baru sekarang nyadar susahnya jadi orang tua. daftar sekolah aja ribet pisan. terharu liat daikichi nempelin name tag di semua peralatan sekolahnya Rin. Pas adegan Rin minta dikuncirin jadi inget waktu nyokap ngelahirin adek gw, gw masih TK dan karena ga da nyokap akhirnya dikuncirin sama bokap. kuncirannya jelek banget. hehehe piss beh. you're still the best dad ever since.Gw juga sedikit ngerti perasaan emaknya si Rin. I wish I would be a better [...]

    19. The second volume of this story is even stronger, because the interaction between guardian Daikichi and six-year-old Rin has more time to shine. While Daikichi may be too good to be true in the real world - with his steadfast determination to be the parent for Rin and giving up his old career, which set standards for his department - it is believably complex in the interaction between him, Rin, his parents and especially the finally discovered mother. I love the way the mangaka makes Rin a real [...]

    20. In this volume, Daikichi begins to learn a little more about who Rin's mother is and tries to figure out what's best for her; in the meantime he's also learning more about Rin herself and is having to figure out how to talk to her about some things that are hard. Daikichi also reluctantly takes Rin to visit his family and finds that she even manages to win them over! Still cute, still sweet. On to volume 3

    21. I don't really have anything new to say about this volume? Still enjoying watching Daikichi and Rin's relationship build and Daikichi progressing through Parenting: the Joy and Challenges of. I'm very fond of Rin, precocious sweetheart that she is. Favourite moments were Daikichi's conversation with his dad about the sacrifices his mother made to raise him and the ponytail scene with Rin and Daikichi. 4 stars

    22. Daikichi finally makes some discoveries about Rin's absent mother. But if he was hoping Masako had good reasons to disappear from Rin's life or that she would want Rin back, he is soon set straight. This volume sees Daikichi really settling into the role of 'dad' to Rin. It's heartwarming, seeing him grow and mature as an adult. Another wonderful volume. I'm still very pleased with this series.

    23. What a fun series! I love Daikichi and his determination to raise Rin by himself. This is a quiet series, with emphasis on character development. It is fun to watch as Daikichi is forced to grow up and provide an emotionally stable home for Rin. It's even more gratifying to see him want to raise her because he has come to care for her like a daughter. Great series!

    24. **3.5**ENTER THE MAMA! Oh, the many ups and weird turns in this volume! Rin's past us sorta revealed! Grandpa isn't the father, or at least it wasn't stated. And Rin's mother! So young! And so immature. And Rin starts grade school and Daikichi does her hair. I love this volume simply for the bounding experiences and really wish I had the entire series!

    25. I keep being amazed at how not necessarily "raw" this manga series is, but definitely something like it it touches on a lot of stuff, and Daikichi navigates the situation so well and is always very sensitive to Rin's needs and feelings, and that's really wonderful to see. I really love seeing Rin coming out of her shell and Daikichi growing into his new role as her guardian.

    26. Very cute for Manga tackling of the problems of parenthood. There is suspense about the child's mother, but most of it is just about learning to be a parent and how it changes your interactions with the rest of the world. I especially identify with this because my son is going through the preschool to elementary school transition that the child is going through in this book.

    27. The second chapter of this Manga features our reluctant father having to deal with his daughter's first days at school, including the registration. There is also a bit of a mystery as he dives into Rin's mother and her identity. Why did she give her up? This book kept me drawn in, and I've officially taken out the entire series from the library, so expect a lot more of these books!

    28. Proof that my library actually does carry some good manga if you know where to look. Engrossing storyline, cute characters, and just overall very good. The artwork's a little shaky, but I'm probably just used to the beautiful people of typical anime and manga. Can't wait to see the next volumes!

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