The Other Side of the Door

The Other Side of the Door Who is dangerous An enemy A friend Or a lover Bonnie Graham stands in the open door of her friend s apartment She is alone except for the dead body lying in a pool of blood on the floor What happened

  • Title: The Other Side of the Door
  • Author: Nicci French
  • ISBN: 9780312375409
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Who is dangerous An enemy A friend Or a lover Bonnie Graham stands in the open door of her friend s apartment She is alone, except for the dead body lying in a pool of blood on the floor What happened What will Bonnie do now Whom can she turn to And what role has she played in the murderous events Bonnie is a music teacher who has spent a long, hot summer in LWho is dangerous An enemy A friend Or a lover Bonnie Graham stands in the open door of her friend s apartment She is alone, except for the dead body lying in a pool of blood on the floor What happened What will Bonnie do now Whom can she turn to And what role has she played in the murderous events Bonnie is a music teacher who has spent a long, hot summer in London rehearsing with a band to play at a friend s wedding It was supposed to be fun, but the band members find the complicated knots of their friendships some old, some new unraveling as the days themselves unwind What was meant to be a summer of happiness, love, and music turns deadly as lovers betray one another, passions turn murderous, and friendship itself becomes a crime Everyone tells lies But is anyone prepared to tell the truth to uncover a murderer Nicci French, the author of eleven internationally bestselling novels including Killing Me Softly, Catch Me When I Fall, and Losing You, delivers a sexy, intricate thriller about the temptation of secrets, the weight of lies, and the price of betrayal and suspicion.

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    One thought on “The Other Side of the Door”

    1. Description: Bonnie Graham is standing in a room belonging to a friend. At her feet is a corpse, straddled in a spreading pool of blood. The questions are numerous: who is responsible for the dead body on the floor? What does she, Bonnie, have to do with it? And what is her next course of action? This opening premise gives some idea of just how quickly (and comprehensively) Nicci French is able to transfix the reader. It is this combination of a shocking situation and the ill-advised, often self [...]

    2. I found it very hard initially to get into this book, partly because of the skipping back and forth between past and present, which took me a while to get used to. However, I soon found myself in the grip of the mystery, feeling for the characters as they dug themselves deeper and deeper holes whilst trying to protect each other and cover up their own involvement in the death of their friend. This is what the Nicci French team do best - providing insights into the dark and sinister places in the [...]

    3. This is the best thriller I’ve read for a long time. The first pages took some getting through, a woman, Bonnie, is in a flat with the body of a man lying in a pool of blood. It seems as if she’s killed him but has she? Sections then follow labelled Before and After. Before being before the murder and After, from immediately after onward. And gradually the Before sections meet up with the first After. It’s a third of the way in before we learn who has been killed – and that’s quite a h [...]

    4. This had all the hallmarks of the Nicci French thrillers I have come to love - first person heroine you identify with easily, plunged quickly into a mystery and moral dilemma, quirky secondary characters, script-like dialogue that pushes on the plot - yet it didn't engage me as the others have. It lost pace in the middle and I began not to care what happened to the characters (the blokes were particularly unappealing, especially the anti-hero Hayden - why on earth did she bother with him at all? [...]

    5. My first stab at Nicci French. I'll keep trying. The characters were generally flat and unlikeable, and the whodunit aspect was obvious from about page 20. There were some interesting twists at the end, but I didn't really enjoy the slog through the bulk of the book.

    6. Very clever psychological thriller about a group of musicians who are roped into playing at the protagonist's friend's wedding. Bonnie, the narrator, finds herself in her friend's flat with the dead body of her lover. Panicking, she calls another friend to help her get rid of the corpse. Initially we don't know who has been killed, and then the rest of the book is about finding out why, and by whom. Told in alternating Before and After sections, we are gradually introduced to all of the differen [...]

    7. I definitely liked the two perspectives: the constant change between the life that led up to the murder and the life that had to deal with the murder's aftermath. Still, the time shift makes one coherent story and completes a full circle in the end. I didn't have a problem with the plausibility, because I think in such situations as the protagonists find themselves in, it is really hard to make a rational decision, so logic might go out the window. This might not feel realistic to some, but I th [...]

    8. I found this book hard to get into and it took me a couple of tries before i managed to finish it,other reviewers have said that they did not like the before and after chapters but i liked that idea.The problem i had was that i did not care about any of the characters and to be honest i found them all very annoying especially the main character Bonnie who everyone seemed to go out of their way to keep happy even though she came across as dumb and dull as dish water.The mystery of who killed Hayd [...]

    9. This is my first Nicci French novel and now I wonder why I sneaked around them for so long. I love Nicci Gerrard's solo novels, love, love, love each of them. But of course I was always aware that she's writing crime fiction with her husband as well. And we have the whole series here but I never got to read them - until now. Complicit is a tale of lies and secrets and betrayal. Bonnie, the main character is such a dumb-ass sometimes but when you think about it, you can actually understand her re [...]

    10. The book started off a bit slowly and I decided to walk away for a while once I reached the next chapter. But then a funny thing happened. There were no chapters! Instead, this book used an interesting Before and After technique to divide the story. I found this method to be quite interesting and it pulled me into the plot pretty quickly. It was almost like reading two books at once, which was really neat. If you like unconventional books that make you use your brain, "The Other Side of the Door [...]

    11. Another good book from the couple Nicci French but not their best. Too long winded in parts with not much happening, picking up in the end with some nice unexpected turns as usual. Didn't like the "before" and after" chapters, gets a little bit confusing if you don't read it in one go. Also the different font sizes I found personally irritating. I already had the their next book lined up from the library called" The other side of the door" until I realised it is exactely the same book just diffe [...]

    12. Characters are the most important part of any book for me. No matter how good the story is, if I can't get attached to the characters (even if it's just one) I'm never able to enjoy a book. "Complicit" was an exception, I guess, at least in the sense that I finished the book. As for liking it well, I tried. I really did. All the way up to the end, I expected something to make me enjoy the story. But alas, it was not meant to be. A pretty one-note mystery, easily forgotten at the turn of the last [...]

    13. From start to finish, this book bored my pants off (assuming that is a valid expression). The 'before-after' structure of the chapter was new to me, but I don't think it added anything to the book (respect for trying though). The story progressed very slow, with lots of pointless bickering. And instead of feeling for Bonnie, I was just annoyed by her.But, I have to admit that I was surprised by the ending; I did not see that coming. It made the last few pages bearable./Martijn

    14. I loved Blue Monday but this one was a disappointment. Not one character was likable and, I'm sorry, but the Bonnie character was particularly unlikable, scatterbrained and weak. I got weary of reading about her drinking coffee and being tired. Whether it was "before" or "after", Bonnie always seemed to be in a confused fog and drinking coffee. And the murderer's motivation was quite unbelievable to me.

    15. I normally love Nicci French novels.This is an exception, I couldn't get into it at all, didn't care much for the characters, plots and sub plots.It certainly wasn't a page turner.I kept waiting for it to improve, it did a bit, about half way though, but it then turned into a disappointing ending.Disappointing.

    16. I love the books this couple write. Not least, because they enable me to think about lives utterly unlike my own. A music teacher in a dodgy, ugly little flat? I love the twists in the spaghetti, and revelations, and all of that. The only thing I didn't like was the very end, which felt rushed and flat.

    17. Certainly a disappointing outing from Nicci French, whose books I've always enjoyed. Bad characters and uninteresting story. Compounded by the fact that I guessed the killer identity after the first chapters! (But not, obviously, the totally implausible and 'out of the blue' motive) They've done so much better in the past and I hope they will again in the future.

    18. This was not their best book but still kept me nail biting up to the end. They never disappoint me with their well constructed plots and believable characters. Loved the twists of the story and the fact I didn't see them coming. Can't wait to read the next one.

    19. I thought it was an excellent read. Extremely good characterizations made it easy to get to know these people and the dilemmas they must grapple with. Will recommend to my friends without hesitation

    20. Hmmm, pretty underwhelming storyline. I didn't love a single character. But, I did finish the book, so that says something.

    21. I haven't read a Nicci French book in years and as soon as I started reading this, I realised how much I've missed them.From the start, as always, this book had me hooked. The fact that the chapters oscillated from after to before to after to before the event, only made it more compelling. What a brilliant way of telling a tale!We know there has been a murder, but we don't know who (although we rapidly make assumptions based on the behaviour of the cast) and we don't know why. Nor, do we know wh [...]

    22. I don't understand the lower than average ratings on this novel. I thought it was ridiculously readable!!! I could hardly put it down.The "before" and "after" alternating sections were done much better than other books I have read with this technique. Bonnie, our protagonist, finds herself talked into getting a band together to play at a friend's wedding. She musters another teacher at her school, Sonia, her ex-boyfriend Amos, her would be admirer, Neal, and ex-student and his dad, and finally H [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book! A murder has occurred and a young music teacher enrols her best friend (a science twacher) into disposing the body. The book moves from before the murder to after with each new chapter. All of the lead characters play in a newly formed band and their complex relationships lead you to speculate who really killed one of the bandmates, obnoxious Hadyn. The story flows on with the real murderer being revealed in the last 20 pages. The best part abput this book was it didn [...]

    24. It took a long time to get into this book as it is slow to begin with. The book changes from "before" the murder to "after" the murder and it took a while to get used to that as well. Eventually though it settled down into an OK "who dunnit" and in that regard it held my interest. Some of the character development was not great and some became annoying. I liked it but I don't think everyone would have the patience to follow it through to the end.

    25. Another good Nicki French psychological thriller but not their best. Covering up murder is not easy but the lengths people go to protecting those they think they love! Crazy! A good twist at the end which meant I didn’t guess right and I enjoyed the blend between past and present.

    26. having read over years a number of nicci french suspense novels, i can say they are very compelling and suspenseful and also portray characters with realistic human emotions and reactions well

    27. What a clever book. I enjoyed the way it was written the story twisting and turning between then and now. Many surprises. The writing is excellent.

    28. Easy read. I would not have picked this up if it hadn't been book group choice. I won't be seeking out any more of theirs.

    29. Not one of my favourite Nicci French books, but I did have to turn the pages to the end, all the same.

    30. Finished the book and instantly forgot all about it. A few days went by before I realized that I completely forgot to write up a review! I think that speaks for itself – enough said.

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