A Long Fatal Love Chase

A Long Fatal Love Chase Rosamond Vivian brought up on a remote island by an indifferent grandfather swears she d sell her soul to Satan for a year of freedom When Philip Tempest enters her life she is ripe for the pluckin

  • Title: A Long Fatal Love Chase
  • Author: Louisa May Alcott
  • ISBN: 9780394224879
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rosamond Vivian, brought up on a remote island by an indifferent grandfather, swears she d sell her soul to Satan for a year of freedom When Philip Tempest enters her life, she is ripe for the plucking, but is soon caught up in a web of intrigue, cruelty and deceit stretching back far into the past Remarkable for its portrayal of a sensual, spirited Victorian heroine, LoRosamond Vivian, brought up on a remote island by an indifferent grandfather, swears she d sell her soul to Satan for a year of freedom When Philip Tempest enters her life, she is ripe for the plucking, but is soon caught up in a web of intrigue, cruelty and deceit stretching back far into the past Remarkable for its portrayal of a sensual, spirited Victorian heroine, Louisa May Alcott s work, too shocking to be published during her lifetime, tells a compulsive tale of love, desire and deceit Its publication than a century after being written marks a new page in literary history.

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      194 Louisa May Alcott
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    1. Onvan : A Long Fatal Love Chase - Nevisande : Louisa May Alcott - ISBN : 440223016 - ISBN13 : 9780440223016 - Dar 356 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1995

    2. “Wild roses are fairest, and nature a better gardener than art.”----Louisa May AlcottFirst let's just wish this talented and brilliant author, Louisa May Alcott, a very, very Happy 184th Birthday and we will only hope that her stories be loved, read and adored by all ages of readers from around the world. And on this special occasion, I'd like to pen a review piece about one of her not so popular book, A Long Fatal Love Chase which is targeted for mature audience and was written before her l [...]

    3. Review Dedication: Many thanks to Cafe Libri Yahoo Group member and now Cafe Libri Lunch Community member Cari for her help with the research for the review.This was one of the best emotional roller coaster rides a book has taken me on in a long time. I have never been a fan of Louisa May Alcott's books because they always felt a little too wholesome. A Long Fatal Love Chase, however, shows that Alcott was able to write about the darker sides of human nature, especially as it concerned obsession [...]

    4. I was reading Little Women in the school library one ever so wintery day and it was ever so fun to pretend I was just making fun of it. The movies are so stupid. It seems like someone is running out with some big news every other minute. (This is spoilerish, if you're Joey on Friends.) "Oh my god! Beth just died!" Then someone else runs in. "We're having twins!" And then "Daddy died in the war!" And then "I'm getting married!" "My novel was published!" "The nazis are coming!" On and on with the [...]

    5. If you've ever wondered what Jane Eyre would be like if it was written by the author of 50 Shades of Grey while high on bath salts, well, LOOK NO FURTHER. The book jacket of my version of this travesty of plot and character development is splashed with "a newly discovered, previously lost novel from the author of Little Women!" Well, let me stop you right now, because this book has about as much in common with Little Women as it does with a kumquat. Also, maybe it was "a lost novel" for a reason [...]

    6. A Long Fatal Love Chase has a true obsessed villian, a heroine on the run from him and a man she loves but can never have. For fans of Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre, this book should be read and kept on your keeper shelf. Rosamond our heroine wants adventure and to live life. She is bored nd borderlined depressed. She thinks her savior comes to her as an old friend of her grandfather's. Philip marries Rose and whisks her away. Things seem to be perfect in their marriage. Philip and Rose have an [...]

    7. This book is very much like what Little Women's Jo (the character most like Alcott herself) would have written. Her phrasing at times is overly dramatized, much as her original "sensationalized" stories may have been. The style is similar to her other book The Inheritance. What I really loved about this book was the timeless theme of obsessive love which isn't really love at all, but a distorted sense of posession/ownership of another human being. Tempest's relentless pursuit of Rosamond is clas [...]

    8. This was quite ridiculous. But, at the same time, on a more serious note, it also hit a contemporary chord when you look at Phillip Tempest's behaviour and his obsession with Rosamond. It was almost stereotypical stalker behaviour. Doing everything he could to catch her and not leave her alone, not accepting that the relationship was over, not respecting Rosamond's decision and desire to live her life the way she wanted and also thinking that his love and obsession were utterly benevolent in nat [...]

    9. I had a really hard time with this book because the antagonist in the story is just horribly manipulative, controlling, and scary. For the first almost 3/4 of the book, I felt like I just had to endure Tempest's evil nature. Having said that, it did keep me reading in hopes to find some resolution and peace for Rosamond in the end. Well, peace of some degree came for a time in the form of a dear, attentive, true friend, Ignatius the priest. I loved watching this relationship form with he and Ros [...]

    10. This book was fascinating although I have to admit that part of the fascination was reading an Alcott novel that was such a polar opposite from those I'm familiar with. This story has only recently been published. Originally considered too sensational, Alcott's manuscript was basically undiscovered until recently. According to the editor, she had published other thrillers but didn't become that well known as an author until the publishing of Little Women. The plot deals with several heavy issues [...]

    11. Louisa May Alcott has always been one of my favorite authors, but in A Long Fatal Love Chase we are introduced to a completely new Alcott writing style. She did not publish this book, which was written for magazine serialization, probably because it was considered too scandalous during her lifetime. This book is a romantic thriller that addresses women's issues important to Alcott. I found myself wondering if this was the kind of book Jo March might have written since it has all the elements of [...]

    12. Un po' spiazzante questo romanzo della Alcott. Inedito fino a pochi anni fa è un misto fra un gotico e una sensation novel, con un plot ricco di personaggi, di colpi di scena, rapimenti, inseguimenti (un po' troppi) fanciulle indifese, carnefici, salvatori. Una storia d'amore tra passione e crudeltà con un protagonista senza scrupoli ossessionato dalla bellezza di una ragazza giovane ed innocente che, sulle prime, resta abbagliata dal fascino di quest'uomo ma, soprattutto dalla libertà che le [...]

    13. I loved reading this book! Louisa May Alcott was ahead of her time writing this novel, it's a shame that it wasn't published during her lifetime. This book tells the story of Rosamond Vivian and her unfortunate time being stalked by her former lover, Philip Tempest. Rosamond constantly tries to evade Philip and his servants and hopes to one day be able to regain her freedom. It was very gripping and I just had to know how it ended (and most of the chapters ended on a cliffhanger)! Check this boo [...]

    14. I really enjoyed a Long Fatal Love Chase. You can tell it is the same author of Little Women. At the beginning on one chapter, the description of the carriage going down the street at Nice is exactly idential of the description of when Laurie first appears at Nice spotting Amy in her carriage in Little Women. The main character Rose, has the description of Amy but the free will and determination of Joe.It also somewhat reminds me of Jane Eyre with the determined, mysterious, powerful, older gent [...]

    15. This book is hard to put down. It wasn't published during Louisa May Alcott's lifetime because it was too sensational was published a hundred years later! This book is a far cry from "Little Women" but it is also well written and eloquent. The story itself is powerful and if I told you the lessons I'm pulling from it, well that would be a major spoiler. So, you're just going to have to read it yourself!

    16. [Did I loan this book to someone? I'm so bummed, I hate losing books and I can't find it!:]I had so much fun reading this book. It was considered too "sensational" to be published during Alcott's lifetime so of course it's pretty tame over 100 years later. A woman discovers that her husband isn't what she thought him to be and tries to leave him which makes him want her all the more. Hence the "chase". It's definitely not (note the underline, Michael) Little Women!

    17. A Long Fatal Love Chase -- this is a true gothic story and while I respect various opinions that it is a stalker book, a statement for feminism and a tale of escape from abuse, to me this book is a dark romance. Tempest could be an early prototype for Anne Stuart's H's and I have wanted to ask her if she ever read this book.The story is an interesting juxtaposition between innocence and carnality and has a lot of duality. The very name Rosamond has dual meanings -- it can mean either "pure rose" [...]

    18. Young, beautiful Rosamund Vivian longs for adventure after years of being cooped up in a dreary house with her cantankerous and unaffectionate grandfather. So when the handsome and mysterious Philip Tempest pays them a visit, she is fascinated by his stories of adventure and his allusions to a dark past. Before she knows it, she's been swept away on his yacht, off to an exciting new life of romantic travels to exotic locales. However, it is not long before Rosamond discovers that her new love is [...]

    19. Wow, I can't believe this classic isn't more known. It is dark and deals with some major issues. Our protagonist, Rosamond is easy to get attached to and I was hanging on to every word and wanted to know more as I read on. I might not read this again but it's definitely worth reading once.

    20. “I tell you I cannot bear it. I shall do something desperate if this life is not changed soon. It gets worse and worse and I often feel as if I’d gladly sell my soul to Satan for a year of freedom.”A dramatic opening certainly, but those are the sort of words that I’d never expect to hear from the mouth of a Louisa May Alcott heroine.As the pages turned though I realised that the speaker, Rosamond Vivian was a young woman driven to extremes by her situation. An orphan, she lives alone wi [...]

    21. Entertaining enough, but also completely ridiculous and sensationalized. Seriously, this is one of Anne of Green Gables' ridiculous early stories. Or Emily of New Moon's novel that she consulted Father Cassidy on, which had him shaking his head muttering, "Another one of the seven original plots in the world."No joke: (view spoiler)[Young girl chafes under a reclusive and tyrranical grandfather and longs for freedom. Enter mysterious stranger who falls in love with her and sweeps her away after [...]

    22. I'm reading all of Louisa May Alcott's early thrillers - but not all together, whew! They are overblown, heaving page-turners, usually with impossibly noble/beautiful/charming/accomplished heroines who either make a mistake in their choice of love interest or are pursued unwillingly. As I begin each of these I think well I want to read them all so I'll just keep going, and then almost inevitably I get caught up by Alcott's plotting or writing style and end up enjoying the book. They are not grea [...]

    23. This book is different from anything else Alcott has written (that I have read). It is much darker in tone and action. It is the story of a young woman -unloved, innocent, and lovely- who falls in love with an older, more experienced man. Time reveals him to be a villian, unworthy of her love and companionship, and she leaves him. Thus begins the long fatal love chase. I really enjoy the evolution of Rosamund's character. She is always strong-minded, with a determination to do right. One of my f [...]

    24. Had SUCH a fun time with this book. It's definitely not your typical Louisa May Alcott and the story surrounding this novel is just as fascinating.It cracks me up how sensational it is… and in all honesty, this book felt over the top and I could definitely tell this was meant to be in a magazine serial.From a cynical viewpoint, the book centers on an impossibly chaste heroine who is stalked by an emotionally abusive, manipulative older man. Love seems to be more the after effects of Stockholm' [...]

    25. Little Women was one of my favorite books growing up (perhaps because I, like the heroine, have a few sisters) so I was pretty interested to find this book that Alcott wrote in 1866. Evidently it wasn't published at that time because it was deemed "too sensational". I thought this book was suspenseful and very clever (but definitely not too sensational by today's standards). It didn't feel like it was written 150 years ago. Maybe that's the sign of a good book, or an author with a lot of foresig [...]

    26. 3.5/5 Remember Little Women? Louisa May wrote other books, too. I know, shocker.Little Women was too quaint for my tastes. I read it as a teenager and pushed it to the back of my mind. Love Chase is a different kind of Alcott book - a gothic thriller. In fact, it was so different, it was deemed "too sensational" to publish at that time. Translation: it was too dark and naughty for the 1800s. By today's standards Love Chase is pretty tame. Though it doesn't change the fact that it's an interestin [...]

    27. One-sentence summary: Naive Rosamond is seduced by the vile Philip Tempest and when she tries to leave him, he begins to obsessively stalk her.Why did you get this book?: Alcott and potboiler fangirl.Do you like the cover?: No, but there's nothing exciting about it. It looked a bit like a romance novel.Did you enjoy the book?: Loved it, but I knew I would. The plot rests on a series of improbable coincidences so if you're a stickler for character development and tight plotting, don't bother. But [...]

    28. The title itself gives the gist of the story. Parts of it had melodramatic moments, but I enjoyed it. I can't believe the same person who wrote Little Women wrote this book. The story is captivating. A good read.

    29. This novel was published posthumously because of its scandalous narrative - at least as far as the 19th century world was concerned. It starts well, with Rosamond as a believable, typically restless heroine, à la Jo of "Little Women". As events unfurl they get more and more fantastical, and frankly I lost patience until the (for me) surprise ending. It had the flavour of novels like Wilkie Collins' "The Black Robe" - episodic, with an air of threat throughout. I read it to the end, but I'm not [...]

    30. It starts out like a classic Gothic-style novel, and while it was a little predictable there were a few twists and turns I didn't expect. This novel wasn't published in Alcott's lifetime, and an editor pieced together two drafts to create this edition. Altogether I enjoyed it, it's a lot easier to read than Little Women.

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