French Polished Murder

French Polished Murder You don t stumble upon a series like the Daring Finds novels every day Divorced mom Candyce Dyce Dare is the owner of the furniture refinishing store Daring Finds When she discovers decades old lette

  • Title: French Polished Murder
  • Author: Elise Hyatt Sarah A. Hoyt
  • ISBN: 9780425233467
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • You don t stumble upon a series like the Daring Finds novels every day Divorced mom, Candyce Dyce Dare is the owner of the furniture refinishing store Daring Finds When she discovers decades old letters inside an antique piano she s renovating, she becomes distracted by an investigation that puts her at odds with the letter writer s very powerful local family.

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      354 Elise Hyatt Sarah A. Hoyt
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    One thought on “French Polished Murder”

    1. The first 50 percent of the book is about baby rats. Like literally. If you look past that, the mystery is actually very good.

    2. Great series.I love this series. Dyce Dare is such a fun character that I want to read all about her mystery and furniture refinishing exploits.

    3. Another story from this series that kept me reading even though I had some minor problems with this book. First, the lead character is constantly throwing herself, and her small child, into danger by investigating all on her own, and also, in this instalment, going on a speed chase. I think the author could have found a better, more acceptable way, to involve the character in these investigations without resorting to the 'fools rush in' method.Aside from this I do enjoy reading this series. The [...]

    4. Another fun mysteryA letter found in an old piano leads to mystery and adventure. Dyce Dare is back and totally not ready to dive into a other mystery. I mean she is able, but there are so many other things going on. Her relationship with her new boyfriend, her three year old who is finally starting to talk, her best friend, plus a menagerie that seems to fall into her lap. So with all that going on who has time? Dyce can always make the time. Her natural curiosity drives her to investigate a di [...]

    5. A Fun Little MysteryDyce Dare takes on a piano refinishing project for her boyfriend, a local cop in the serious crimes unit. But there's more to the piano than meets the eye, and she finds herself investigating a mystery that's almost a century old. But maybe it's not quite as old as she thought, as obstacles and warnings appear while sho juggles an ex, a toddler, a boyfriend, a best friend, and a recently acquired menagerie.Read this when you want something fun and engaging, not when you want [...]

    6. There were improvements in this book, overall I liked it more than the first. At least concerning the repetitive complaining (it wasn't so bad in this book), and the TSTL moments were a little more subdued. I mean there were still a few moments where Dyce was completely reckless but less than in the first book. What I really didn't like was that she left E with Ben despite having the feeling that something was wrong, and then she proceeded to take her son (and cat) on a speed chase after him? I [...]

    7. I truly love laughing out loud as I read the mystery unearthed by our furniture refinisher, Dyce as she muddles efficiently through finding out the real story behind a nearly hundred-year letter found in a piano she is French Polishing for her boyfriend, Cas. Now, I realize saying muddles efficiently is contra-intuitive, however, that is what makes this book so enjoyable. Dyce appears all over the place but she is actually quite organized and focused as life keeps throwing surprises her way, suc [...]

    8. Tossing this in my DNF pile. Really disappointed because I enjoyed the first book in the series. 100 pages in and we are still just working on Ben finding a potential new mate and nursing baby rats? These cozy books are murder mysteries. They are short in pages as it is and wasting 100 pages that seem to have nothing to do with investigating a murder is just silly. I don't even want to get started on all the time wasted on the baby rats. Where in the heck is she going with all this? I'll never k [...]

    9. This is 2nd in the Daring Finds Mystery series and I hope #3 is in the works! I found it to be a really entertaining read! I laughed out loud at a couple of incidents so it wasn't just a mystery. The only problem is I keep having the saying "Oh, holy $#$#" go through my mind when something happens around the house! lol I don't have plans to french polish a piano. But I can now say I know what type of finish it has.

    10. **** SPOILER **** I didn't care for this book as much as I had hoped I would. I still think this author is very talented and hope she writes another in this series. My main gripe was the whole "taking care of baby rats" premise. I hate rats and just couldn't get past my 'ick' factor. However, the rest of the book was great. I love the characters and would like to visit with them again.

    11. Dyce Dare refinishes furniture in between caring for her active child, sort of dating a couple of guys and finding dead bodies. In French Polished Murder, Dare discovers an old letter inside of a piano she's working on, that exposes a long ago murder. Enjoyed the practical refinishing tips. Not sure where I picked this one up - it's a little unusual for me, but a fun, fast read nevertheless.

    12. This book was almost a 4. Almost. You know my biggest peeve is editing - or the apparent lack thereof - and this one had my internal editor going bonkers. Especially when we hit chapter 18 and the author suddenly forgot in the space of a couple pages what street her characters were racing down like maniacs.

    13. I liked this one better than the first one. Part of that was due to the fact that Dyce's best friend Ben gets a nice boyfriend instead of an abusive one like in the first book.There's a lot going on and while some of it's predictable, some of it is just a bit scattered. Still, I found it a fun read for the most part.

    14. "Divorced mom, Candyce "Dyce" Dare is the owner of the furniture refinishing store Daring Finds. When she discovers decades-old letters inside an antique piano she's renovating, she becomes distracted by an investigation that puts her at odds with the letter-writer's very powerful local family."Cute characters but only last third of book had anything much to do with a mystery!

    15. I am having a hard time finishing this book, but I will find a way! This author has broken the most important rule for authors of. cozy mysteries: create likable characters! i don't like the main character, she blithely states she lit her parent's cat on fire, she calls her own child the kid, she constantly finds ways to get out of raising said kid. 17 pages to go, then good riddance.

    16. I liked this better than book one: the mystery was less obviously dangerous, so there were fewer really stupid things for the heroine get on my nerves by doing. She missed several Significant Clues that I caught as they went by, though, which I usually can't do.But, the characters are fun. I'll keep reading if the library keeps getting them.

    17. The second in the Daring Finds Mystery series shows some improvement, particularly with a decrease in Dyce's whining and a better plot line although some situations (a car chase with her child in the car) stretch one's belief. A fun read with DIY refinishing tips.

    18. Another cute cozy, with a twist. The murder happened several decades ago, but the danger is still real for our amateur sleuth. I bough this one at our local Deseret Industries, and I am glad that I did.

    19. I absolutely adore this series! The author is so realistic with the humor and her surroundings. There were several times that I would bust out laughing, especially at Dyce's interpretation of peegrass' face.

    20. Another clever entry in the "Daring Finds" mystery series -- think Agatha Christie's "Sleeping Murder" meets PBS's "This Old House."

    21. I loved this cozy mystery. The author is really laugh-out-loud funny!I liked the characters and the plotting, but the humor was the best.

    22. Fun, funny, mysteryI liked this even better than book two, and some of the opening scenes of domestic mayhem were laugh-out loud funny. The mystery itself wasn't too hard to figure out, but even knowing "whodunit" before the characters figured it out didn't offset the growing sense of dread for them as the plot unfurled. I'm looking forward to spending more time with these characters in their world. The only thing better in book one was getting more of the details of Dyce's furniture rehab busin [...]

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