On the Night You Were Born

On the Night You Were Born On the night you were born you brought wonder and magic to the world The moon stayed up till morning Polar bears danced Here is a book that celebrates the one and only ever you Now available in its e

  • Title: On the Night You Were Born
  • Author: Nancy Tillman
  • ISBN: 9780312601553
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Board Book
  • On the night you were born, you brought wonder and magic to the world The moon stayed up till morning Polar bears danced.Here is a book that celebrates the one and only ever you Now available in its entirety in board book format, Nancy Tillman s masterpiece is perfect for acknowledging the special people in our lives that they are loved.

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    1. My daughter was born 4 months premature and only weighed 11 ounces. The doctors had never seen a baby like her survive, and didn't give us much hope. The only thing I could do for my daughter was read to her hoping that it would comfort her in some small way. I remember standing in Barnes and Nobles just days after I was released from the hospital looking for something to read her and came across this book. I stood there and read thisd I bawled. The message that you are a one of a kind miracle j [...]

    2. This book has been a favorite for many years at our house. It conveys how special and wanted each child is and celebrates their uniqueness. On a certain page I whisper each of my little grands names, and from 7 yrs down to the 12 month old, they love it! Highly recommend!An excerpt:"On the night you were born, the moon shone with such wonderthat the stars peeked into see youand the night wind whispered,'Life will never be the same.'Because there had never beenanyone like youever in the world.So [...]

    3. I was at Sam's Club last Christmas, lamenting how the year's business allowed us precious little room for gift giving, even though we had made the promise to ourselves to only send gifts to the children in our lives, when this book reeled me in. Out of the hordes of stacks one typically finds there, it somehow magically drew my attention (c'mon, how do you not notice a pair of dancing polar bears?), I read it, and a grown man cried in a budget emporium. Snatched it right up along with It's Time [...]

    4. This is the literary equivalent of "your call is very important to us." Basically, you're supposed to madly lib the child's name, and the kid is subsequently meant to understand that she's so extraordinary, that the geese honk all morning and the bears dance all night, and "heaven" plays all kinds of trumpets and horns to commemorate the day of [fill in]'s glorious birth. There are surely better ways for children to feel special and loved, to appreciate the wondrous beauty of the natural world, [...]

    5. Too much text in the text-to-picture ratio, and the message is "all the animals and nature and stuff care about you, because you are the center of the universe." Sorry, sweet baby, they don't, and you aren't. Pictures are quite lovely, though.

    6. This is one of the most wonderfully inspirational books I have ever read! nancytillman/books/night/We musn't forget to encourage our 'very young people' to read and to appreciate the beauty of the traditional BOOK. Nancy Tillman's series does just that.On the Night You Were Born is beautifully done. The prose is poetically preciousOn the Night You Were Born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, "Life will never be the same."and the il [...]

    7. I like the idea behind this book, but I think the message is overdone. We certainly celebrate, love, and cherish our son, but contrary to the message of this book, he is not the center of the universe. We don't want him to think he is, because so often that sentiment turns to self-centeredness and a disregard for others.

    8. My sweet midwife gave this book to my 5th baby. I can't help getting choked up each time I read it. The book fit his birth so well too. I love the musical words and lovely pictures. My children love this book, as do I!The book is a beautiful way to tell your child that they are special, and his/her life was celebrated at birth.

    9. "On the Night You Were Born" is a picture book by Nancy Tillman. This book received the Mom's Choice Award for the Best Inspirational Children's Picture Book by the Just For Mom Foundation. It is intended for children from birth to 2 years (N). "On the Night You Were Born" is a picture book about just that. This book rhymes the story of what happened when “you” were born. How “your” name sailed through the world until wind, rain, farmland, ocean and trees knew that the world had changed [...]

    10. I was riveted by the illustrations, and I think young kids will want to interact with them. Hence, it would be useful if there were a board book edition of this book. Some of the illustrations seem to come right off the page when viewed.I love the idea of nature (including animals, plants, the wind, the moon) celebrating the birth of a child, and celebrating joyfully that unique child.I could have done without the zoo bears; the “wild” polar bears were sufficient for bears’ participation, [...]

    11. I have seen this book in stores and love the dancing polar bears on the cover. Now that I've read the book, it's on my list of gifts to give. It would be perfect as a gift for a new baby, but also for a birthday gift and to someone who's a bit down and needs to be reminded of how special they are, for that's what this book is all about. When I read it I was taken back almost seven months to the night that Sophie was born - a special night and a very special little girl. The rhyming text conveys [...]

    12. The 411 by Maria:A stunning reminder of how unique and wonderful we all are, in our very own way.On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman is a poetic, masterpiece of how unique everyone is and how the universe loves you even when you forget just how amazing you are.The colorful pages create a dreamy, beautiful world around the loving words that any parent feels for a child but also to everyone who lacks self esteem. When I read this to my children, I had to force my voice not to quiver, as th [...]

    13. It's been 8 months. I never got a chance to buy one book for Asher. I went to B&N tonight for a different book and this one caught my eye in line for checkout. I took it as a sign to pick it up and read it, not without hard-to-swallow hesitation. My eyes filled up reading it and I took it with me to put with my treasures and memories. Maybe one day I'll get to read it to another precious child. "So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain That they whispered the sound of your wonderful [...]

    14. Thank you, Chandra, for recommending this. I, too, would probably have stayed away from it as it sounds too cloying and commercial--but it's not! It's really sweet and touching and I probably would love it even more if I were already a parent. As it is, I think it's a wonderful way to make children feel like special individuals--the fact that the moon and wind and animals celebrate the child's life would have totally appealed to me as a kid, since I loved animals and the idea of them celebrating [...]

    15. This is one of the most beautiful books for children I have ever read. It is an extraordinary story of why each of us is unique and how the world reacted when we were born. I bought this for each of my boys for their most recent birthday. I will give it as a gift for both birthdays and for births.

    16. Cool book if you want your kid to think the world revolves around them. Too bad about the message; the style and illustrations are lovely.

    17. Excellent book! My grandson love this book. I have to read it to him over and over and over again. When I read it to him I put his name in different areas, that make him so happy he just smiles

    18. This is just one of the books we picked up for our two littles this Christmas. I knew this was a New York Times bestseller but it didn’t seem to be that popular here in Ireland as far as I was concerned. On the inside cover is a quote from the Bible: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”, which did make me a little skeptical. However, as you read on, it becomes clear that this book is a sweet little story about the true uniqueness that is present in every child. It is so tender and touc [...]

    19. Overly sappy and ridiculous. The attempt at poetry falls flat. For genuine sentiment, pick up Munch's Love You Forever.

    20. The night you were born is an enchanting tale ‘on the night you were born’. Not only do Geese fly home to celebrate, but polar bears also dance. This book celebrates the unique wonder of children through the rhythmic beat of some word’s. The beat enables the read to image the story as a calm song, and creates a scene of love and children being special. This book is suitable for 4 year olds and can be used by family as well as teachers during story time. This is an amazing and powerful book [...]

    21. Tillman’s On the Night You Were Born tells the reader of their own uniqueness and the significance of their person. We hear about celebrations the world over for such a monumental happening, the birth of the reader. In Fletcher’s What a Writer Needs, we discuss the role of unforgettable language as a tool of literary craft. The idea of polar bears dancing, of wind and rain whispering your name, the moon staying up through the night, all in the celebration of the reader’s birth creates a ve [...]

    22. I would give two and a half stars to this beautifully rendered book. Nancy Tillman's gently reassuring words of always-love are graceful and find their mark in the hearts and minds of receptive readers. There definitely is a lot of potential in the pages of this book, and ahead in the writing future of Nancy Tillman. Look for this book if you want a tender bonding experience with a young loved one, or to reaffirm in your own mind the reality of your love for another, or of their love for you.

    23. This is a beautiful book to celebrate the birth of a child. I bought this book for my niece who was just born last week and it made me cry when I read the words. It will even be meaningful as the child gets older because it reassures them that they are so special and loved in all the world that the whole world celebrates their very existence. It's very touching, beautiful symbolism, exquisite pictures. I recommend this book as a gift for any child that means the world to you. It even includes a [...]

    24. We found this book at the Read-to-Me tent at the National Book Festival on the National Mall in Washington DC and just had to sit down and read it together. Our oldest picked this book out and she really loved the poetry. I thought that some of the verses were forced, but overall, it was a sweet book with entertaining illustrations. It would be a great book to read at bedtime. We enjoyed reading it together.

    25. This book remind me of Little You by Richard Van Camp, a children's book that also cherishes a young child, but something about the message in this book seemed off. Whereas Little You is more focused on the parent's experience of having a new baby, On the Night You Were Born, suggests that all the animals and pretty much the whole entire universe is thrilled that the reader was born. This seems to be a very popular book but I'm not sure this is a message I want to impart on my kid.

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