The Yellow Tutu

The Yellow Tutu It s just tutu much fun What do you do with a beautiful yellow tutu Why put it on your head and pretend you re a ray of sunshine Little girls will love the story of Margo a girl with a tutu and a br

  • Title: The Yellow Tutu
  • Author: Kirsten Bramsen Carin Bramsen
  • ISBN: 9780375851681
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s just tutu much fun What do you do with a beautiful yellow tutu Why, put it on your head and pretend you re a ray of sunshine Little girls will love the story of Margo, a girl with a tutu and a brilliantly imaginative mind Lively text and charming illustrations that celebrate individuality and friendship will have fans of this new author illustrator sister act callIt s just tutu much fun What do you do with a beautiful yellow tutu Why, put it on your head and pretend you re a ray of sunshine Little girls will love the story of Margo, a girl with a tutu and a brilliantly imaginative mind Lively text and charming illustrations that celebrate individuality and friendship will have fans of this new author illustrator sister act calling for an encore

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    • Best Read [Kirsten Bramsen Carin Bramsen] È The Yellow Tutu || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ☆
      179 Kirsten Bramsen Carin Bramsen
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    One thought on “The Yellow Tutu”

    1. When a little girl gets a yellow tu-tu for her birthday, she is so excited! She decides to wear it on her head so she can look like the sun--and she wears it to school thinking everyone will love to see her sunshine-y face. But, of course, the children laugh at her and make fun. All except one, who happens to have a pink tu-tu and an imagination of her own.Parts of the story and illustrations were very cute. Then, some of the illustrations were just a bit too odd for my taste, the children looke [...]

    2. This is the BEST children's book I have read in a long time. I loved the story, the humor, the message, and the pictures. Kirsten and Carin Bramsen did a terrific job on this book! My daughter LOVED it too. She just got a pink tutu for her birthday and could relate to Margo. She even told the story to her brother when we picked him up from school. He laughed at his little sister's version as they looked at the beautiful pictures together.

    3. In The Yellow Tutu, written by Kirsten Bramsen, and illustrated by Carin Bramsen, Margo, a little girl with wide, bright eyes, and untamed springy curls a la Shirley Temple, receives a brand-new bright yellow tutu for her birthday. After trying it on and dancing around a bit, she decides that wearing the tutu on her head will make her look just like the sun. When she wears it to school, however, her friends make fun of her and encourage her to wear her tutu like a normal person. Margo is totally [...]

    4. “The Yellow Tutu” is story about a young girl (Margo) who, for her birthday, receives a yellow tutu. She proceeds to put her yellow tutu on her head as she dreams of all the different activities she can participate in now that she has a tutu. For example, she imagines herself as a flower, a lion, and even the Sun itself. Margo goes off to school wearing her tutu as a hat, some of the children bully her because she looks funny. Just in the nick-of-time one of her school-mates (Pearl) comes to [...]

    5. Margo wakes up on her birthday and find a large box at the end of her bed. She stares at it for two whole minutes wondering what it will be but then she just has to open it. Inside she finds an amazing gift, a thing of dreams and beauty, a yellow tutu! First she wears it in the traditional fashion (even if it is on over her pjs) but then she has a brilliant idea, if she wears it on her head, she'll look just like the sun! I really enjoyed this book because the illustrations are wonderful and the [...]

    6. This story ends with a tea party. Perfect!And for your story time finale` singIf You’re Happy and You Know It (we sang this because it is fun and silly. It served as a time filler. There are several books based on this song so this could also serve as story #4).If you're happy and you know it, Clap your handsIf you're happy and you know it, Clap your handsIf you're happy and you know it,Then your face will surely show itIf you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands.If you're happy and you k [...]

    7. This book has a great message for little girls: wear what makes you happy, be confident, and you will find the friends that fit you best. It is also beautifully illustrated.

    8. Kelly Wiegand April 27, 2015EDL54500 Library Materials for Children and YouthTitle: The Yellow TutuAuthor: Kristen BramsenPlot: When Margo receives a beautiful yellow tutu for her birthday she places it on her head and she sees herself transform into the bright, yellow sun. Excited to get to school and show her friends, she rushes off only to get there and be laughed at for wearing a tutu on her head instead of her waist like she is "suppose" to. She is feeling defeated until she finds a friend, [...]

    9. Children can be very creative in their choice of attire, and what pleases them they assume will delight others. But children, like adults, can also be judgmental and terribly conformist. In this wonderful book a little girl is ecstatic over the yellow tutu she received as a gift and quite entertained by a whim to wear it on her head, thus transforming her into a flower, a lion, the sun. When her friends mock rather than share in her excitement, she is crushed and confused. Fortunately she finds [...]

    10. Things I like: Margo feels like a specific, real kid (her guesses for what's in her birthday box include a rock polisher and ant farm in addition to the more cliched doll and fairy with sparkly wings) and the thought process that takes her from wearing the tutu around her waist to wearing it on her head rings true. I like the fresh perspectives in the illustrations--from down low among the flowers to up above the girls' tea party. The illustrations are well crafted, but the super big smiles and [...]

    11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful book and illustrations; I read this to Madam yesterday and I hope she can carry some of this lesson away with her so that she will be able to stand strong when the day comes. I cannot protect my baby always, but I can hopefully teach her and build her up so when that day comes she will not let that crowd tear her down. (Oh that illustration of Margo with the tears in her eyes--"She knew she looked great, exciting, happy, bright, and beautiful in her new tutu!"--just [...]

    12. If I was rating just the illustrations, this would still be a 5! I love the beautiful, gleeful, tearful, spontaneous expressions painted by Carin Bramsen. (Google her online portfolio for a sample.) The story is wonderful, too. A little girl, Margo, knows she is a beautiful sunshine with her new yellow tutu on her head. But when her friends are not kind about it, she has to sort through her feelings and decide how to respond.Again, you won't want to miss these illustrations, and your little girl [...]

    13. Margo absolutely loves her new, yellow, birthday tutu. It's bright and bold and beautiful, and Margo feels like sunshine when she wears it--especially when when she wears it on her head! The kids at school don't think she looks like the sun, though; they think she looks stupid with it on her head, and Margo is crushed. Thank goodness for her friend Pearl, who thinks Margo looks just like a sunflower. Share this colorful and fun book with your little dancers to remind them that creativity and fri [...]

    14. Uhh where to start.The writer has an unrealistic view of children.The artist has an amazing gift for detail and still life, but makes faces look incredibly creepy.Cute, but again, unrealistic. This book sets children up as confident, and impervious to the taunting of other children. I recommend the writer read "Odd Girl Out." And then Knuffle Bunny, because it's just not fun when someone else has the same toy.

    15. I was reminded of how much I like this book at a presentation for story time that we did at Clearview Library. I chose this because who can resist wearing a yellow tutu on your head as you read the story? Margo, is a whimsical little girl who decides to use her imagination after wearing the tutu and must overcome the teasing and meanness of her friends. It is silly but enchanting and kids love seeing me with a yellow tutu on my head. Actually, so do I.

    16. 39 months - LOVE this book! This is so O! She was on a huge tutu kick for 9 months. She wore one everyday. Needless to say this book was a hit. It always makes me sad when I read the page where the little girl gets teased by kids at school. Why do kids have to be so mean when you're creative and different? Thankfully another little girl comes to her rescue and soon all is better than good. Such a great story with lovely illustrations, the girls emotions are depicted perfectly.

    17. A delightfully illustrated, uplifting book that addresses independence, friendship, creativity, and criticism. The story displays a wide range of emotion and can easily be related to by children as well as adults because it addresses issues common to all of us. In the end, the main character prevails and one concept resonates clearly All a person needs is one good friend.

    18. I loved the illustrations in this story. They are bright and cheerful. This is a cute story about a little girl with a big imagination. Fun for younger students and good to have in any primary classroom.

    19. What an adorable concept! I love the spunk and imagination of Margo. There are some beautiful pages. The story is not the best but the concept is wonderful and the illustrations are unique and well done.

    20. Story about being an individual and standing up for what you thinkgood for young girls who so often change their opinions to please others. Girl gets a yellow tutu and uses her imaginationwhen she gets to school she is ridiculed but doesn't waver. Enjoyable with lovely illustrations.

    21. A beautiful picture book about a girl who gets a yellow tutu for her birthday. She puts it on her head and pretends to be the sun. Others kid her, but her friend likes it and wears her pink tutu on her head so they can be roses.

    22. Showed that being an individual is a good thing, but sometimes hard when others don't agree with what you are doing. I thought it was a good book to read before my daughter started school so we could talk about the topic.

    23. As someone who asked her mother for a tutu when I was in my 20's and has been known to wear one on my head, I could totally relate to Margo's joy over receiving a bright yellow tutu as a gift. Independent girls will appreciate this sweet story's message.

    24. I read this for story time at my library. The kids really liked it and so did the adults. I will be reading this one again for summer reading program and other story times. :) The only thing that is bad is that one of the kids calls another kid "stupid" in the book. I just said "silly" instead.

    25. Perfectly balanced on that fine line between cute and too cute, Bramsen's book is a sweet tribute to imagination and friendship.

    26. I loved this story and so did my students. We read this book while studying the topic "influence". We had a great discussion about how things other people say can, but shouldn't influence our fun.

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