The Maiden's Hand

The Maiden s Hand Librarian s Note Reprint of Vows Made in Wine July ISBN ISBN Roguishly handsome Oliver de Lacey has always lived lustily wine weapons and women are his bywords E

  • Title: The Maiden's Hand
  • Author: Susan Wiggs
  • ISBN: 9780778327394
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note Reprint of Vows Made in Wine, July 1995, ISBN 13 9780061081446, ISBN 10 0061081442Roguishly handsome Oliver de Lacey has always lived lustily wine, weapons and women are his bywords Even salvation from the noose by a shadowy society provides no epiphany to mend his debauched ways.Mistress Lark s sole passion is her secret work with a group of ProtestaLibrarian s Note Reprint of Vows Made in Wine, July 1995, ISBN 13 9780061081446, ISBN 10 0061081442Roguishly handsome Oliver de Lacey has always lived lustily wine, weapons and women are his bywords Even salvation from the noose by a shadowy society provides no epiphany to mend his debauched ways.Mistress Lark s sole passion is her secret work with a group of Protestant dissidents thwarting the queen s executions She needs no other excitement until Oliver de Lacey drops through the hangman s door and into her life.As their fates become inextricably bound together in a struggle against royal persecution, both Oliver and Lark discover a love worth saving even dying for.

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      237 Susan Wiggs
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    One thought on “The Maiden's Hand”

    1. DNF, pg 50-something. It's just not grabbing me. There's something about the author's prose that puts me off, & I have zero interest in picking this up to attempt more. FORSOOTH, MISTRESS! Yawn. Zzzz. Do not care.

    2. Having read the third book prior to books one & two, some of the suspense was removed for me. I knew that Lark and Oliver would end up happy in their marriage, and I knew that their baby would be a daughter named Phillipa. However, there was still much that was a surprise. The source of Phillipa's name, for instance, was a touching moment not far from the end of the book. The whys and wherefores of Oliver and Lark coming together as a couple, and Oliver learning to be an adult rather than co [...]

    3. I liked this book better than the first one. Oliver is charming and funny and the way he is with Lark is completely endearing. Lark is a great character too. She gives Oliver a run for his money, and for a man like Oliver it's not something he's used to. She throws him for a loop time and time againd I loved it! One warning thoughDO NOT READ THE BACK OF THE THIRD BOOK!! There are things in the synopsis that ruined this story a little bit. The Maiden's Hand was certainly an emotional rollercoater [...]

    4. I loved this book. It had strong character, good storyline, playful banter, steamy sex, breath holding scenes. What more can you ask for in a book. I hope the final book in this trilogy is as good as book 1&2.

    5. How sneaky. This is just a reissue of Vows Made in Wine. Don't be fooled if you read that one!

    6. 4 stelline scarse.Lettura molto scorrevole, il libro è decisamente migliore rispetto al precedente capitolo.La storia è molto divertente in alcuni punti ma in altri no come deve essere per via di fatti molto importanti nella storia dei due personaggi: Oliver e Lark, l'unica pecca è che lei è troppo "chiusa" sembra come se non avesse mai visto il mondo intorno a lei; anche se lei ha avuto un'educazione molto puritana.Nel complesso un bel libro semplice non noioso e sicuramente facile da legge [...]

    7. Another quick read in large print, The Maiden's Hand by Susan Wiggs is the first romance that I've read by this author, and it was just okay. Set in the final days of the reign of Mary Tudor when England was exploding with religious persecution, Susan Wiggs has crafted a complicated plot as the backdrop for this romance between Lark and Oliver de Lacey, the young lord Lark rescues from near death. Despite her bravery, Lark is a quiet, solemn and studious young woman who finds herself in the mids [...]

    8. I enjoyed this 2nd book in the trilogy as well as the first. I love the way it begins and the time period it takes place in. It is amazing to me that such religious persecution can take place. It was a fascinating period in time. I am glad I live now instead. It was interesting to see what became of Oliver although disturbing at times. I found it a bit aggravating when Oliver and Lark choose to interpret each other’s actions rather than talk about their feelings for each other. They then make [...]

    9. I find that I get myself invested in these books-I think partly this is due to the fact that I don't enjoy the age, but I also don't like the line-up of characters for the author's trilogy. Father, then son, then son's long-lost daughter. When I read a romance, I like to pretend that the characters find loved then live forever. This book destroys that notion. Additionally, there really isn't much of a problem in the story. Yeah, there's royal family twists, but they're almost peripheral to the s [...]

    10. The first novel in this trilogy was interesting. This one (the secoond), however was just a touch of fluff. The historical references were minimal, and character development lacked. I did piece together the best quote of book one. Juliaana sees an older gentleman holding a bay girl. She inquires "Is this your grand daughter?" he replies "No, she is my wife". This story opens up in book two. Not enough background in my opinion.

    11. A great start to a great tril. What I like about Susan Wiggs is that she can incorperate so much into her writing and wrap you up in it. When my sister gave me the books and I started to read them, I couldn't put them down. Finished them all in a week(People need to sleep!)! The writing was beautiful and very humerous and so was her history. Good job, Susan Wiggs!

    12. 2.5 Stars. (I reviewed the trilogy as a whole on my blog back when I first started and forgot to add it to , so forgive me if these reviews seem a bit fragmented.)Russia, 1533: A gypsy reveals a prophecy of three women, three lives entwined. "I see blood and fire, loss and reunion, and a love so great that neither time nor death can destroy it." The stories that follow revolve around three generations of the de Lacey family, taking place during the reigns of Henry VIII, Mary and Elizabeth.At the [...]

    13. non sono riuscita a farmi piacere l'inizio. la trama si dipana in maniera piuttosto raffazzonata, lei è un'oca giuliva e lui uno smidollato. si può leggere altro.

    14. si si gli ho dato quattro stelline perchè ieri che ero casa (complice brutto tempo e blocco macchine) me lo sono divorato!!!! la scrittura è scorrevole. i personaggi sono molto divertenti e ben delineati. é il secondo della trilogia Tudor. Siamo nel periodo il cui Maria la sanguinaria perseguita i protestanti.Qui si parla di Oliver figlio di Stephen del primo libro, che viene salvato dall'impiccagione da Lark che fa parte di un gruppo di protestanti attivisti.Oliver è il bello di turno, diss [...]

    15. This book couldn't hold my attention. I had to jump to the end to make sure it was going to be worth my time to finish. The Epilogue was intriguing, but well if I say what was intriguing about the next book in the series and ultimately a disappointment of my HEA requirements for a romance I would be spoiling the next book (which I haven't read and am seriously considering not reading because of the epilogue of this book). The epilogue makes me want to just read the last chapters of the next boo [...]

    16. Two unlikely individuals are brought together and forced to wed after a death bed promise. During the rule Queen Mary, Lark tries to save those from death by fire and beheading. She saves one Oliver de Lacey, and refutes all his attempts at him trying to seduce and woo her. Finally she can fight temptation no more, and ends up wed to him after she is widowed. Next thing you know she keeps her pregnancy a secret from Oliver and when telling him finally, he is taken for treason against the Queen. [...]

    17. Wow, picked this up in a thrift shop during a visit to the States lightyears ago. Don't think I've ever read anything by this author. Well, this was better than the cover and title led me to believe, or perhaps it was just particularly appreciated as the first book read on (almost) vacation? Hadn't read a novel set in the Henry's time in a while, and enjoyed the pluckiness of the author's tone. Not terribly plausible for protagonists to escape from execution, but hey, this is a romance novel

    18. The second in the Tudor Rose series, this follows Oliver, the asthmatic child of the first novel, now grown and about to be hung for inciting riots and causing mayhem. Lark and Dr. Snipes save him from the hangman's noose only to get him into deeper trouble in the time of Queen Mary's reign. With this, the romance between Lark and Oliver commences with each having secrets of their own. Will love win out or will both be sent to be burnt as heretics?

    19. This second novel is very nice but I had to start some time after I had finished reading the other. I do not know why, novels are enjoyable, a lot, but then finished reading, I can not start the next in the trilogy! In this novel, I can still say that I really liked the male lead that I found very very nice, friendly and fun. Does not take itself seriously and interacts with the delightful character! Very cute!The next is the last I'm curious is set in Ireland!

    20. Oliver de Lacey lived on the edge indulging in wine and women. Being afflicted with asthma since he was a child, Oliver expects his life to end young so why not live it to the fullest. Mistress Lark has a hidden past she strives to repent for. A deathbed pledge entwines their futures. This is a heartwrenching story of love, forgiveness and acceptance that will bring tears to your eyes.

    21. ceritanya berjalan lambat,membuat gw pingin men-skip bagian awal langsung ke tengah ajayang bagus ya di endingnya, mengharukantapi sayang cewenya uda ga V lagi,dan bukan krn diperkaos or krn dia da married or krn keadaan yang memaksa, dia ngasi dengan rela bo, padahal ini HR jd gw berharap masih innocent gitu, kecewa gw

    22. I like this one. Perhaps not quite as much as the first but a lot. Lark and Oliver were sad characters. Both going against their true natures because they don't think who they really are is good enough. But they brought out the best in each other. I love the historical references and I squealed when Elizabeth was introduced. Lovely read!

    23. I liked this book better than the first one in the series. My one complaint is the few steamy scenes. My goodness, these writers could just cut and paste the details. It seems like the same words are always used for such scenes. The scenes made me uncomfortable and detracted from the otherwise good story.

    24. I wasn't quite sure of this book at first.but I quickly changed my mind. Bloody Mary, Princess Elizabethsy, executions characters that took you on a great adventure while sticking to historical fact.

    25. Oliver and LarkWere an unusual pairing in some ways but they do say opposites attract each other. There was intrigue, passion, and laughter. I'm looking forward to the next story in the series.

    26. I needed a break from reality and the more serious bookclub material I had been reading, and that's exactly what I got. The character development in the book was decent and while the history wasn't the most accurate, it wasn't bad either. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    27. This book is the second in a series of books seemingly tied together by a gypsy's prediction. I hope the third one is better because so far, I'm unimpressed though I enjoyed Oliver. I never did get the understanding of why he had a death wish though

    28. Thoroughly enjoyed!! Book two continues during the time of Queen Mary. The sickly boy from book one is grown up. While he leaves a wild life style, he falls in love and now must pay for his sin or does he? haha dont want to give it away!! Passionate romance novel indeed.

    29. Pretty good historical romance set in Queen Mary's time. Characters and storyline were unique and well written. It sometimes lagged a bit and occasionally felt "off", but overall, enjoyable.

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