The Cat Who Turned On and Off

The Cat Who Turned On and Off The team of Koko the brilliant Siamese cat and Qwilleran the reporter with the perceptive moustache is back in action with an adorable female Siamese Yum Yum added to the household When Qwillera

  • Title: The Cat Who Turned On and Off
  • Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The team of Koko, the brilliant Siamese cat, and Qwilleran, the reporter with the perceptive moustache, is back in action with an adorable female Siamese, Yum Yum, added to the household.When Qwilleran decides to do a feature series on Junktown, he gets than he bargained for Not the dope den he anticipated, Junktown is a haven for antique dealers and collectors The team of Koko, the brilliant Siamese cat, and Qwilleran, the reporter with the perceptive moustache, is back in action with an adorable female Siamese, Yum Yum, added to the household.When Qwilleran decides to do a feature series on Junktown, he gets than he bargained for Not the dope den he anticipated, Junktown is a haven for antique dealers and collectors as strange a lot as the crafty reporter has ever encountered When a mysterious fall ends the career and the life of one of Junktown s leading citizens, Qwilleran is convinced it was no accident But, as usual, it takes Koko to prove he s right.

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    1. Review3+ of 5 stars to Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who Turned On and Off, the third book in her "Cat Who" cozy mystery series. In this adventure, Qwill and the cats take on the investigation of Junktown, an antiquing area of his hometown city. And as you'd expect, someone meets their maker. Qwill begins to come out of his shell in this book, making new friends and introducing us to some who will eventually follow him to Moose Country. Iris Cobb is one of my favorite characters and she's in a [...]

    2. Cute book. This is my first Cat Who book, though it is the third in the series. Didn't have the first one on hand, so went with the closest to the first that I had.This book was originally published in 1968. My edition is from 1986. It's slightly dated, the MC wears a pork pie hat and he uses a typewriter, but I didn't really notice much that stood out as being antiquated. The cats were definitely true to life, which I appreciated. I don't know Siamese cats, but I know cats and they were true to [...]

    3. I've ran across these cat books over and over through the years and always thought something like How lame. Cat mysteries. I adore cats, just not cat detectives, or cats in books that aren't for children. But Lilian Braun's cats are charming, with personalities, and are not the main characters, really, and don't show up on every page. And they don't talk! Important! This book reminded me of an Agatha Christie--high praise from me--where you suspect and dislike almost every character at some poin [...]

    4. I think if I read this one first, I probably wouldn't have wanted to read any others in the series. This time, Qwill's beat was: antiques. In his quest to win a much-needed monetary prize for writing, he decides on a series of articles about Junktown, a decrepit area of the city famous for it's moldering buildings and many antique stores with silly names. I loved the way characters were constantly questioning how people who own these shops can possibly make a living - I ask myself this every sin [...]

    5. **This book is signed and has Koko's paw print**3.5 StarsI love these cozy mysteries. Today was a perfect day to finish the bumblings and insights of old Qwill and his intelligent, but finicky cat Koko. Story takes place in Junktown, when an antiques dealer has an accident that is not so accidental. With a lot of legwork and a mustache that won't quit; Qwill saves the day again. or is that Koko??

    6. The third Cat Who series introduces Iris Cobb and the story is still great 45 years later! Can you imagine a taxi ride for two people for $1. Braun introduces new characters and blends in the already familiar ones. A pleasant read.

    7. Read 11/29/17 to 11/30/17 - I'd rate this 3 stars this time. This time I was ready for the setting and didn't find it as distasteful as I did last time I read this, although I still wouldn't rate it as one of my favorites from this series. Qwill has now switched his beat to the antiques world, situated in Junktown. As he wondered why people would want to buy such "junk," I had the same questions. These stores seemed to pride themselves in being old and run-down, offering mismatched stuff that ju [...]

    8. I've read now this book two times, and found things the second time I didn't catch the first. It's been a long time since reading the first time. Qwill, Yum-yum and KoKo move to Junktown with this is one of the first books in Braun's series. This is book #3. So he moves to Junktown with his cats, and they visit all the artisans and junk dealers that live there. You become a little attached to the different characters. This is before Qwill inherits his Fortune. He works for the Newspaper and writ [...]

    9. I have been reading this series for years and it was one of the set of books that my mom and I read at the same time. When one of us would finish a book then we would trade off and then discuss them. I love these books for light, fluffy reads. This book in particular is the third in the Cat Who series. I loved going back to the beginning of the series and seeing Qwilleran, Koko and Yum Yum in their more humble origins. I also learned where Qwilleran met Mrs. Cobb who plays a large role later on [...]

    10. I do wish I could have read these books in order. This was one of the early ones, before he moved to Pickax and became a billionaire. Once I have all of these in my collection, I will start reading them all over.

    11. For those of you following my feed who are growing concerned and/or bored with my continuing consumption of cat themed murder mysteries, please be aware that I just purchased a three volume omnibus. There is no end in sight. I am reliving my weird 7th grade reading habits and refuse to apologize.

    12. Endlich kam ich wieder einmal dazu einen meiner geliebten Katzenkrimis zu lesen. Lange habe ich sie liegen lassen um andere Bücher vorzulassen, aber so ganz aus meinem Blickfeld habe ich sie nicht verloren. Diesmal war es für mich ein re-read, denn mit diesem Band wurde ich auf die Reihe aufmerksam. Schön war dabei auch, das ich mich nicht mehr an den Täter erinnern konnte und so das Buch noch einmal als ganzes genießen konnte. Die Geschichten rund um Jim Qwilleran und seine beiden Katzen K [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsChallenges:♥ RRRC January 2018 Monthly Challenge #10 - Reader's Choice♥ By the Numbers Quarterly Challenge - 7 Words

    14. The third book in the Koko/Qwilleran series, 'The Cat who Turned On and Off', is my favorite of the three I've read!The Qwilleran household now has three residents - Yum Yum, a chocolate Siamese same as Koko except she's a female kitty, having become unwanted in the Tait household when her mistress died in the previous book, was adopted by Jim Qwilleran - so it isn't easy to find a new home after the previous adventures have the trio in need of a roof once again. It's also Christmas, so it's goo [...]

    15. People who passed on these books because they look too cute for good mysteries, must try them. Elements of an excellent novel are numerous: techniques, the story’s quality, connectivity. I swept aside the funny titles and made one attribute my gauge: enjoyment. This is the third Lilian Jackson Braun novel that held my interest from stem to stern and that says something! It isn’t about attaining ‘classic’ status. Academy Award films are seldom anything I watch; why hesitate to rate mainst [...]

    16. CharactersJim Qwilleran: A divorced journalist with luxurious mustache with a bent to solving murder mysteries. Lives with two Siamese cats. His mustache resembles Mark Twain'sKoko: Male Siamese cat with 60 whiskers, who helps Qwill solve mysteriesYum Yum: Dainty female Siamese catAndy Glanz: Antique dealer who "fell" from a ladder, impaling himself on a roof finial - or was it murder?Mary Duckworth: also called The Dragon - owner of a very up-scale antique shop in Junktown. Former girl friend o [...]

    17. I've read a bunch of The Cat Who in the order I've found them or they have happened in my eyes.Only after I recently read The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, did I discover that the oldest ones are very different. The first 3 were published between 1966 and 1968, and the rest of the books 20+ years after that.The world in which Qwill lives is rather different. A small town newspaper - even the physical phones have changed so much since the book was written. The main tool was typewriter, and no one (c [...]

    18. In the 3rd book in the series, Qwill decides to write a series about Junktown at Christmas. Junktown is a run-down area with abandoned houses and decay, but is also the area where the antique dealers live and work. Qwill moves into an apartment over Iris Cobb's Junkery. He learns that a young junk dealer died mysteriously about two months before. He meets the dead man's girlfriend, Mary Duckworth, and becomes attracted to her. Before the first week is up, Iris' husband dies by falling down stair [...]

    19. I think I am just in the wrong time period to really enjoy these books. Qwill goes to Junktown, which he thinks is a den of criminals and drugs. Instead it is full of Junk Shops, catering to people who like.well, junk. He ends of moving in to the area and integrating into the community. All the while several people have died and his twitchy mustache and crafty cats are telling him there is something bigger going on. I find it hard to like Qwilleran, he is a total misogynist; more interested in h [...]

    20. A solid 3 stars. This is a good, solid plot for a cozy mystery. Qwill is smart and funny. The antique/junk plot is interesting and the villain is not telegraph as much. The fauna of characters is fun and not paper thin. We meet Iris Cobbs for the first time. Love her. So yeah, 3 solid stars.

    21. How delightful to read a story without too many plot twists or sordid sex scenes. A pleasure to be taken back to a time when language was used appropriately and people had manners.

    22. Qwill's antique store neighborhood makes THE CAT WHO TURNED ON AND OFF a great reread, especially now that I have it handy on my Kindle.Read 11 times

    23. I like The Cat Who… series with reporter James Qwilleran and his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum Yum. This is the third book in the series. It is not quite as much fun as the later books that take place in Moose County with their endlessly entertaining cast of locals. But this one happens in a rather run-down part of town known as Junktown, which has its own cast of characters. And it is still a pretty decent cat mystery.Junktown, contrary to Qwilleran’s expectations, is not a haven for drunk [...]

    24. Qwilleran, a newspaper reporter in a northern city, takes on an assignment in the antiques district in the weeks leading up to Christmas. With the help of his cats, he investigates the mysterious death of an antiques dealer. This is one of the early entries in the Cat Who series, and one of my favorites, so I chose to read it now as it's seasonal and a comfort book for me. Though it's not the first book, it's a decent entry point into the series if you're not familiar with it: early enough that [...]

    25. Christmas in JunktownAnother delightful installment of the adventures of Koko and Yum Yum. This time, Qwill enters a Christmastime contest to see who can write the most holiday article. He moves to Junktown a rundown part of the city that is slated to be torn down. Of course, will encounters many unique and interesting antique dealers none of whom are as they appear to be. There are unsolved murders which, with the aid of his cats, solve. I heartily recommend this book.

    26. When someone asks me - "how do you see yourself in five years", I say to them most politely - go fuck yourself and then show them a picture like this (or a penis picture, depends who's asking, i'm not totally insane). The mystery was good, characters were weird, but in a good way, and cats were purfect.

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