All About Love

All About Love Lucifer Cynster has sworn never to pledge his heart but fate has other plansThe last unwed Cynster Alasdair known as Lucifer has escaped to Devon one step ahead of London s matchmaking mamas Yet des

  • Title: All About Love
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lucifer Cynster has sworn never to pledge his heart but fate has other plansThe last unwed Cynster, Alasdair known as Lucifer has escaped to Devon one step ahead of London s matchmaking mamas Yet, despite his dedication to avoiding the parson s mousetrap, the irresistible Phyllida Tallent a willful, independent beauty brings all his masterful Cynster insLucifer Cynster has sworn never to pledge his heart but fate has other plansThe last unwed Cynster, Alasdair known as Lucifer has escaped to Devon one step ahead of London s matchmaking mamas Yet, despite his dedication to avoiding the parson s mousetrap, the irresistible Phyllida Tallent a willful, independent beauty brings all his masterful Cynster instincts rioting to the fore Initially Lucifer tries to suppress the desire Phyllida evokes, but fate intervenes, leaving him facing the ultimate challenge for a Cynster wooing a reluctant bride.Her wit, charm, and beauty have garnered Phyllida a bevy of suitors, but not one has tempted her the way Lucifer does His offer to teach her all about love is almost too tantalizing to refuse And although she has not yet surrendered completely, Phyllida knows only a fool resists a determined Cynster.And Phyllida is certainly no one s fool.

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    One thought on “All About Love”

    1. I read this for the "Headless" Woman square for Romance Bingo and my Series Headway selection.This was pretty slow moving, its mostly a cozy mystery until 60% and out of nowhere we get something like this,Then the story becomes a mystery with some pretty steamy sex scenes, quite the wake up call those scenes were, lol. Its well written but I found myself a bit bored, story just wasn't to my taste. The epilogue was sweet as we get reminiscing and looking to the future generation scenes from Honor [...]

    2. I absolutely loved the epilogue to this! I'm guessing the author had only planned to write the first six books in this series cause of the the way the epilogue read. Thankfully, she wrote more ;) I am anxious to get to Chillingsworth's book :)

    3. All About Love4 StarsLucifer Cynster, the last unmarried member of the Bar Cynster, believes he can escape his fate by leaving London. Little does he know that his destiny awaits in the small village of Colyton in the countryside of Devon where he literally stumbles over a body. Soon Lucifer finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation while wooing the willful and independent, Phyllida Talent, a woman even more averse to marriage than Lucifer. One of the best in the series thus far. Phyllid [...]

    4. Author: Stephanie LaurensFirst published: 2001Length: 407 pagesSetting: Devon, 1820 (Regency).Sex: Explicit. Reasonably frequent. Appropriate for the storyline.The last of the Bar Cynster stories, the first sub-series of the ongoing Cynster family saga.A cozy mystery (like A Rake's Vow) with explicit sex scenes.Lucifer is an interesting, solid character but Phyllida deserves a Gibbs slap for being so arrogantly stoopid.(view spoiler)[There's been a murder. Lucifer wants to find the killer. You w [...]

    5. Could've sworn I had this one, I specifically remember my friend in high school buying me a copy for Christmas 'round 2000-01 but a mad search through all of my many boxes of books in the basement turned up absolutely 0 copies of this book. Sad :( Must've sold it back in '03-'04 when I (stupidly) put a bunch of my books on half in an attempt to make some money. Never again! I've a sinking feeling some of my other books I'm thinking I own are missing due to the same cause too. Double sad. And no [...]

    6. Stephanie Laurens is a very talented author. This book is # 6 in the Cynster series. And for me, some of this book seemed like an instant replay of some of the other Cynster books.This is a darn good book on its own merit. And if a reader has not read any other books in the series, they will be able to easily follow what is happening. “Lucifer” (Alasdair is his actual name )has just seen his brother marry and to him that wedding has made him realize that he has no interest in marriage. He ha [...]

    7. the last unwed bar cynsterdair cynster or biasa dipanggil lucifer setelah pernikahan gabriel langsung ngacir ke colyton, desa tempat temannya (yg aq lupa namanya) sekarang tinggal sepeninggal sang istri.pikirnya lucifer sih dengan dia pergi ke desa terpencil dia akan terbebas dari keluarga2 wanitanya yg mak comblang berat serta dari sorotan ton yg sekarang terarah padanya sbg bujangan cynster terakhir yg belum menikah.pdhl oleh yg lain lucifer udah dibilangi, percuma dia melarikan diri ke desa t [...]

    8. I don't remember this story at all of course it has been 12 years since I last read it. I do love how fate just slaps these men up side the head with the woman that will be their love. I have loved all these guys and Alaisdair "Lucifer" is no different. They are all kind and considerate when they are around children and old ladies. They are honorable and loyal to a fault. They are also passionate, possessive, and overly protective. I did like that Lucifer was willing to let Phyllida help with th [...]

    9. Another Cynster finds his match and yet again, I can't say I was all that invested in his story, from the mystery to the romance, to everything in between.Not liking the heroines the author writes is becoming a pattern and one Phyllida fit too, as she seemed to confuse independence with stupidity, going to a mysterious secret meeting by herself when it's a known fact that someone is trying to kill her.I have read six books in the series so far and, while the stories are okay, they just don't see [...]

    10. 4 starsJust another lovely Stephanie Lauren's romance book. Nothing ground breaking but still lovely to read.

    11. My least favorite of the 'Bar Sinster' novels. However, it's still a wonderful ending to a great group of rakes. What makes this novel less interesting, is mostly the fact that it is a lot slower than the other novels. Nothing really happens until the very end when Harry and Flick show up (that really drew a smile on my face). What Laurens does very well in this novel, though is leave clues for the characters to try and figure out. Unfortunately they're few and far between and the mystery is act [...]

    12. And all of the members of the Bar Cynster surrender to their fate.In line with the Cynster tradition, Lucifer's book starts off on a very intriguing note: he stumbles upon the dead body of his friend and mentor, Horatio, and is rendered unconscious (albeit, accidentally) by the heroine who thought Lucifer was the murderer. The whole situation was comedic, despite the fact that Lucifer's friend had just been murdered. Needless to say, it was a great start to the last Bar Cynster's story. However, [...]

    13. *sigh*Except for Vane, the Bar Cynster has really captured my heart!Lucifer, the dark haired devil, is absolutely delicious as the last member of the infamous Bar Cynster who runs to Devon to escape the clutches of the matchmaking aunts.Little does he know that Phyllida is already destined for him. Invigorating, exciting and quick-witted, Phyllida is nothing if not straight forward about the things she wants and likes.Because of a murder in the area, Phyllida needs Lucifer's help and Lucifer nee [...]

    14. This Cynster novel is the sixth one in the series. The story was intriguing and I was totally enveloped in the mystery and romance. I really enjoyed the pacing of both, and the unique events in this story. I love reading about the typical English country setting where village life revolves around the Church, the seasons, the simple pleasures of daily life, and in this case, the night-time smuggling escapades. The added bonus of a complex mystery surrounding the contents of a library gave the sto [...]

    15. This is the story of Lucifer, the last unmarried member of the Bar Cynster. Gabriel has just married and Lucifer decides to leave London in an attempt to avoid the same fate. He had received a letter from an old friend in Devon, a fellow collector, inviting him down to stay and to give his opinion on a new acquisition.When he arrives, he finds his friend, Horatio, has just been murdered; something hits Lucifer on the head and he knows no more. When he comes to, hours later, he finds himself in t [...]

    16. I lreally enjoyed this installment in the Cynster series as there was a bit more mystery and it was more intriguing than the who-done-it's in the other books. I also enjoyed Lucifer's centeredness and laid back approach to winning the heroine. He was more patience and strategic than the other gentlemen in his family and I found his personality far less overbearing. The heroine, on the other hand, was a bit over-the-top with her rebelliousness in the name of independence. She held on to a secret [...]

    17. Great Ending to the Bar CynsterALL ABOUT LOVE is the sixth novel in the Cynster series. It is the last book about the Bar Cynster, the six unmarried cousins that began the series. The series continues with other family members but this book marks the transition to others. This book is the story of Alasdair "Lucifer" Cynster. After the marriage of his older brother, Lucifer flees London to avoid his fate as the last unmarried Bar Cynster. Of course, he runs into his fate in Devonshire. He arrives [...]

    18. There was nothing really new in this book that I had not already read in previous Cynsters. It was quite boring; the investigation could have been solved way earlier.Both main characters are quite bland: Lucifer does not live to his namesake's reputation at all. Everything has always been very easy for him; he's laid-back and easy-going but never has or does anything that makes him very likable or more than unforgettable.Phyllida (another Cartlandesque ugly first name) is supposed to be smart an [...]

    19. This is the final book in the original Cynster Series; this is Lucifer also known as Alasdair Cynster. He was the final bachelor of the six notorious Bar Cynster, cousins of some repute. Lucifer leaves his brother wedding celebrations early bound and determined to find a place to hide from would be matchmakers. He has no intention of being the next victim of the marriage curse afflicting his cousins. Luck has it his old mentor has asked him to visit to help appraise a treasured find. Upon arriva [...]

    20. A Cynster read through and through. This time, the side story is a murder mystery, Stephanie Laurens couldn't have written it better than this. What's funny is Lucifer running away from the thing he feared the most only to find it where he ran to, just like in Demon's case but there are certain differences. This novel has all faces love especially how it is demonstrated. The title is very fitting and the way Lucifer and Phyllida fell in love caught them unawares, like in most romance novels, lus [...]

    21. I truly enjoyed this book even though I didn't get into it as intensely as most. It just so happened to be the one I read during a move. So it took forever to finish it just because I did not have much reading time.Lucifer goes to the country estate of a friend only to discover him murdered and himself assaulted. However, the person who assaulted him thought he was the killer. It was Phyllida who also discovered the body and hid when she heard Lucifer coming. She hit him over the head but then r [...]

    22. Great addition to the Cynster series. Alasdair was the last of the Bar Cynster to meet his fate in the form of Phyllida. Their interactions are funny at points and romantic at others. Alasdair, AKA Lucifer, becomes very fond and protective of Phyllida very quickly. Lucifer arrives to his friends house to find him dead and then he gets knocked out. Once he is awake, he makes it his mission to figure out who attacked him and who killed his friend and what for. Phyllida, had gone to the house to fi [...]

    23. Review - They are well written and the characters are generally well-rounded and unusual in some way. I loved Phyllida and the idea of Lucifer acting as a landlord as opposed to the man-about-town impression we are given. What quite annoys me about the Cynster series is that none of them really take place within the tonnish society which means that many of the bounds of society aren't really in existence. It would have been interesting to see how a Cynster fared wooing a bride within society's b [...]

    24. The last of the Bar Cynster follows tradition and fights against marriage but fails mightily. Lucifer flees when his brother marries and visits a mentor who wishes him to assess a treasure. A mystery begins with Lucifer meeting Phyllida a 24 year old determined not to marry. Phyllida runs her small town, cares for all but refuses to marry as she runs the household and has freedom. She often solves problems for others and is caught up in a dangerous situation where she encounters Lucifer. It take [...]

    25. Lucifer's story was so good! After Gabriel's wedding, Lucifer flees to the countryside, to visit an old friend who he considers family, who has sent him a letter to visit and appraise something he found which he believes is valuable. When Lucifer arrives, he finds his friend murdered. After meeting Phyllidia under unique circumstances, the connection is immediate. Phyllidia was capable, headstrong, and very sexually curious which made this book flow smoothly in the right direction. Lucifer was u [...]

    26. Fuuuhhh. keenam2nya Bar Cynster uda gw baca (tuntutan pekerjaan seh *prettt*)Kali ini cerita tentang Lucifer, Bar Cynster trahir, kabur ke desa buat ngumpet dari kutukan pernikahan, gak taunya malah ketemu cewek oke di situ (biasalah). Tapi si Phyllida ini ya ampunnnnn ngeyelnya keterlaluan, gak kapok2 meski nyawanya terancam.Lucifer pergi ke Colyton mau mengunjungi temannya Horatio, sesama kolektor, tapi Horatio ini kolektor buku, yang koleksinya bikin ngiler, mulai dari perpus, ruang tamu, rua [...]

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