Through the Wall

Through the Wall Most of Marion s relations would prefer her dead and one of them will not stop at murder Classic crime in stunning new packaging

  • Title: Through the Wall
  • Author: Patricia Wentworth
  • ISBN: 9780340689684
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Most of Marion s relations would prefer her dead, and one of them will not stop at murder Classic crime in stunning new packaging.

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      483 Patricia Wentworth
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    One thought on “Through the Wall”

    1. I love a good old fashioned mystery with a genteel older lady detective, and this one ticks all the right boxes. Miss Silver is gentle, although not a push over, and the main characters are nice people you are pleased to see get ahead, while the nasty people are truly nasty. In addition there is a sweet romance. This one features a young woman who has struggled all her life, supporting herself and her ailing sister, along with the sister's actor husband. Suddenly she finds she has inherited the [...]

    2. If you enjoy reading mystery novels of the "cozy" genre, like those by Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh, you'll love this book. But to me, this novel, published in 1950, exemplifies everything I dislike about the cozy genre. Things I dislike about the cozy genre of mystery novels (with apologies to the many people who enjoy these books):1. It's actually a romance novel -- though a very prim romance novel -- disguised as a mystery. (Note: if my library copy had come with the cover shown above, I p [...]

    3. A fairly twisty mystery embedded with red herrings. Hard working Marian Brand is the sole heir to her late uncle's estate. There is a lot of money 1950 style (2000 pounds a year!) and a house. The house used to be two houses and was neatly joined years before. By the locking of a few doors, it has again become two houses. Sadly, all of the other possible and disappointed heirs are in one half. Marian, her sister and her sister's lazy husband move into the other one, but who to trust? Fortunately [...]

    4. It is so much different reading British novels of mystery. And this story was pretty wordy, but I liked the clean, crisp story line and good description and personality of each character. It kept you guessing all along as to who would murder Helen Adrian and why. The story starts with the main characters as Marian and Richard, who happened to become acquainted during a train wreck. They were pinned in the train in the dark and seemed to bond during the experience. She confided in him and as she [...]

    5. I discovered Wentworth's Miss Silver mysteries several years ago and was hooked from the beginning. The books were written in the earlier part of the 20th century and are based in England. There is always a murder involved and family strife as a rule. Miss SIlver, a retired schoolteacher, with her knitting always close at hand comes in to solve the crime. It's a more homespun type of writing than Agatha Christie but if you like this type of English noir, I recommend this book and all in the seri [...]

    6. I have enjoyed all of Patricia Wentworth 's books that I have read so far. I will be sorry to finish the Miss Silver books but I found there a few others. Miss Silver is quite a dear old lady but one must n't think she is not to be reckoned with. The other characters in her books are always different but based on the times in that period of which she writes.

    7. A very good Miss Silver mystery. A young woman inherits a fortune and house from an uncle she didn't know. The house is inhabited by a collection of distant cousins, several of whom are angry that they weren't remembered in the will. Murder ensues, but Miss Silver untangles the situation.

    8. Reminiscent of the formidable Miss Marple Without being an insipid clone. I am very interested in reading more of Miss Silver's insights into human nature and in becoming acquainted with more of the characters who inhabit her world.

    9. My favorite of the series! The male love interest is merely a cipher, but the remaining characters are vividly and compassionately sketched.

    10. Early Bird Books Deal | I see a lot of comments in reviews suggesting that Wentworth is better than Christie or vice versa. I don't think they should really be compared. Both were writing cozy British murder mysteries during the same time period, both wrote stories about characters in the same social sphere, and both were pretty formulaic, but I think readers turn to them for different things. In the Miss Silver novels, you will always be glad that the victim was murdered--they are distinctly un [...]

    11. Number 19 out of 32 Miss Silver mysteries, this one has a rather unique setting of a house with duplicate wings, joined together by a door on each level of the house that is locked on one side and bolted on the other (a little like those doors in hotels/motels which can be opened if two rooms are to be used as a suite). Once again Patricia Wentworth has created characters that you like and characters that you don't like. Blackmail comes into this one, as it does in many in this series, but the w [...]

    12. Marian was barely making it through life, but her sense of responsibility recommended her to an unknown uncle who left her his fortune. He also left her his malicious, resentful relatives. Marian and her sister find themselves living cheek-by-jowl with at least one murderer. The setting of THROUGH THE WALL reminded me of a cross between OUT OF THE PAST and LADIES' BANE, but a very different jumble of cast members.

    13. Don't know if I'm less critical of an audiobook, or if this one is just better than my previous Miss Silver, but I really enjoyed this book, although, just like the last book, Miss Silver's entrance seemed like the most forced of happenstances. Will definitely look out for more Wentworth, all the same.

    14. I'm not sure why, but this is the first of the Silver novels I've read. It won't be my last. I found the characters quite engaging and well-drawn.It was odd though that Maud Silver didn't show up until chapter 9 and wasn't seen again until 13. It was a very classical whodunit, with lots of characters with motives, and Maud Silver showing up to find out who's the real culprit.

    15. Another good Patricia Wentworth (not a Miss Silver novel). While formulaic, she writes in the style/formula of Agatha Christie. Plot and all subplots satisfactorily resolved. We, Americans, like those happy endings! LOL. P. Wentworth keeps you guessing as to "who done it" til the end. The author starts revealing clues to help the reader put it together for a timely resolution.

    16. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes light english mysteries. The Miss Silver mysteries are in my home collection, and whenever I am feeling down I find her stories to be a help. Even though I may know "who done it" I enjoy her characters. In this book a poor young woman suddenly inherits a home and a fortune and a pack of jealous relatives.

    17. For the historical mystery reader.There is Miss Marple and then there is Miss Silver. I have always found Miss Marple to be judgmental and kind of harsh. Miss Silver on the other hand is very kind.There is mystery with romance (not for Miss Silver), suspense and the history of a by gone age. I have read all of the books and loved them all.

    18. When Marian unexpectedly comes into an inheritance and moves into the home of her recently deceased uncle, she find that danger awaits her - perhaps from one of her newly found relatives. Luckily, she has made a new friend who seems to be trustworthy, a writer named Richard Cunningham and he asks Miss Silver to get involved.

    19. A hard-working young woman gets a Cinderella beginning to her story when an eccentric uncle she hardly knows leaves her his fortune. There are a few strings attached, including a large house of resentful relatives. Before long, a young man she met by chance and Miss Silver are the only ones she can trust.

    20. I'm a huge fan of Patricia Wentworth's books, and in particular her Miss Silver books, but this one fell a little short, in my opinion, and I felt it took rather a long time for the main characters to 'twig' to what was happening.

    21. This is the 6th or 7th of the Miss Silver series that I have read, and the first where I couldn't guess who-done-it! Her writing style is drifting away from Agatha Christy (mystery mystery) to more of a Victoria Holt style (gothic mystery).

    22. A young woman inherits a home and a family that she never knew from an uncle she had never met. With that family came a mystery that only Miss Silver could solve. Another great mystery from Wentworth. One you can cozy up with and enjoy.

    23. Well, contrary to the cover's apparent representation, this was a very quick mystery with very little male/female relationship focus. Along the lines of Agatha Christie, only not quite as interesting or unexpected. Enjoyed though!

    24. Nice little cozy. The series gets predictable and certain characters and situations are very dated, but the predictability is soothing and the writing has a charm that you rarely find in contemporary books.

    25. A train crash starts a chain of events that leads to murder and attempted murder. This one had more of Miss Silver being in the action which was good.

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