Gotrek & Felix: The Third Omnibus

Gotrek Felix The Third Omnibus Omnibus edition of books seven to nine in the best selling Gotrek Felix series Giantslayer Orcslayer and Manslayer by William King and Nathan Long

  • Title: Gotrek & Felix: The Third Omnibus
  • Author: William King Nathan Long
  • ISBN: 9781844167333
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Omnibus edition of books seven to nine in the best selling Gotrek Felix series Giantslayer, Orcslayer and Manslayer by William King and Nathan Long.

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    One thought on “Gotrek & Felix: The Third Omnibus”

    1. The third collection of adventures of the dwarf doom seeking slayer Gotrek and his human rememberer Felix. This collection is marked by the departure of William King, who has written all the previous novels, and comming of Nathan Long, the series new author. The first book of the series was slightly boring and slow paced, and Teclis to me seemed underwpowered. Despite this it was a quick read and provided some insight into Gotreks powerful axe. The next two novels by Nathan Long, were surprising [...]

    2. Gotrek and Felix was an epic series full of adventure and excitement. William King did an absolutely wonderful job writing these and should have finished the series off. Nathan Long just doesn't seem to be on the same level, none the less it is a recommended read.

    3. The axe and sword didn’t lose their edgeThree novels plus a bunch of short stories compose this third omnibus. William King takes his parting bow in Giantslayer and the following short story Redhand’s daughter, leaving the deed-recording task to Nathan Long, debuting here with two novels: Orcslayer and Manslayer. Following Vampyreslayer, the tales of the honour-bound Dwarf and the Human sword-fighter poet acquire a grimmer taste, with a pinch of old-age resignation as the unstoppable duo tru [...]

    4. The third omnibus sees Nathan Long take over the writing of Gotrek and Felix from William King.My first impression of Long was that he is a slightly darker writer than King. Gotrek's death oath seemed to be looked at from a thoughtful angle, really exploring what it means to him and in a wider context. The writing also felt more serious and gritty - injuries sustained in fights affected them more and on a couple of occassions Gotrek's injuries were bad enough to almost kill him. Overall, I enjoy [...]

    5. In a world that makes MiddleEarth seem like a visit with Pollyanna and Little Lord Fauntleroy,the doom seeking dwarf warrior Gotrek, and his human biographer- battle brother Felix, journey across the lands of a Late Medieval/Renaissance pseudo Holy Roman Empire and beyond, encountering some of the nastiest and brutal killers, monsters, demons,and other sword wielding,talon using soul sucking horrors to walkin Sword & Sorcery. Grim and bloody but well written tales of non Keebler Elves, vicio [...]

    6. Wow! What a mixed bag and I'm not just talking about the stories themselves but within the stories there were some sections that seriously dragged and there were some sections that I swore the writers were channeling Gemmel. Tha action scenes are still not as fluid as Salvatore's (is anyone's) but they got better. As you read any story you always wonder about how ccan the writer sell the idea of a title character dying and I was actually on the edge of my seat for the last battle. I look forward [...]

    7. Some enjoyable stories in this omnibus, though as with all the other omnibus editions, I thought the William King tales to be the best. I particularly liked the Giantslayer story with the wizard elf, as this gave a different angle to the book, and gave some interesting background to the world the inhabit.

    8. Although I am not a fan of William Kings writing, by the seventh G&F book I've grown used to it and started to enjoy the stories more.Reading the eighth book (Nathan Longs first book) in the series was therefore a rude awakening, I really did not like it but as I read on it was evident that Nathan Long is a much better writer.

    9. Nathan Long shows his penchant for great dialogue as he shows as that Dwarves are not just short furry humans but a distinctly different race with its own unique desires and motivations. Gotrek and Felix are the ultimate Buddy adventure duo, not to be missed.

    10. I stopped after finishing Giantslayer. It was a very fun read. King knows how to capture the essence of Warhammer fantasy.

    11. Gotrek und Felix machen sich weiterhin wenig Freunde dafür umso mehr Feinde: weberseite/buecher/gotr

    12. I gave Nathan Long a fair shot, and I just don't like his writing style. That being said the first book in this anthology by William King is still a ton of fun, but the last two are stilted at best.

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