Demonkeepers Ancient prophecy holds that will bring a global cataclysm Mankind s only hope lies with the Nightkeepers modern magic wielding warriors who must find their destined mates and fulfill the l

  • Title: Demonkeepers
  • Author: Jessica Andersen
  • ISBN: 9780451229571
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ancient prophecy holds that 12 21 2012 will bring a global cataclysm Mankind s only hope lies with the Nightkeepers, modern magic wielding warriors who must find their destined mates and fulfill the legends to defeat the rise of terrible Mayan demons.All his life Lucius has been an outsider He yearns to be strong, to be a warrior like the Nightkeepers And when the ProphAncient prophecy holds that 12 21 2012 will bring a global cataclysm Mankind s only hope lies with the Nightkeepers, modern magic wielding warriors who must find their destined mates and fulfill the legends to defeat the rise of terrible Mayan demons.All his life Lucius has been an outsider He yearns to be strong, to be a warrior like the Nightkeepers And when the Prophet s magic begins to change him, Lucius finds himself becoming the sort of man he s always wanted to be.Held back by her lack of a warrior s magic and the strictures of her bloodline, Jade longs to break out of her supporting role Determined to prove her worth among the Nightkeepers at any cost, she won t let anything stand in her way especially petty matters like love.When Lucius and Jade are charged with rescuing the Mayan sun god from the underworld, they ignore their growing attraction But unless they can confront their demons and accept that love isn t a weakness, even destiny might not be able to save them.

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    One thought on “Demonkeepers”

    1. I have really been enjoying Jessica Anderson's Nightkeeper series and love seeing the Nightkeepers (a group of warrior/mages descended from Mayans) find love as they try to stave off demonic forces and keep those evil beings (both human and supernatural) from bringing about the prophesied 2012 end time. Anderson again brings her impressive amount of research and detail about all things Mayan to bear, as we finally get the story of the geeky and formerly possessed Lucius. I have felt sorry for Lu [...]

    2. Jade Farmer of the Harvester line is finally getting the front line position. Not exactly as a warrior, since she's supposed to be a scribe talent, but she's on for the booty-action. Her one-time lover, occasional demon-vessel, and all around rather nice, if a little too academic, guy Lucius Hunt needs a boost to reach the Nightkeeper library, and sex magic just might do the trick.The problem arises when Jade sets eyes on Lucius. Gone is the geeky, gawky, nerdy boy. There's a hunky, ripped, all [...]

    3. I just do not have the patience for PNR.And really, she was ordered to have sex with him, I do not care if she wants it cos it is her duty to have sex with anyone (wtf). It felt wrong

    4. Several months ago a makol (demon) tried to permanently posses human Lucius Hunt but the Nightkeepers were able to save him before the possession was complete. He is now living at Skywatch (Nightkeeper compound) and is still fighting the nightmares of his attack. But he doesn't have time to dwell on that now. When Lucius' soul was returned to his body it came back as a prophet which the Nightkeepers desperately need. Each passing day is one day closer to 2012 and a possible war that would see th [...]

    5. The last time I checked in with Andersen's The Final Prophecy series was back in 2010, when it was still being referred to as Nightkeepers. 2012, the mythical Mayan apocryphal fulcrum upon which her series rests, has since been and gone, which has the unfortunate effect of letting a bit of the air out of her plots. I mean, we all knew the world wasn't really going to end 12/21/12, but you could at least suspend disbelief on the remote possibility that it might right up until dawn of the 22nd.Unf [...]

    6. I liked Jade and Lucius (and most of the other characters, although I'm developing a strong dislike for Anna). The world-building doesn't make much sense but I find it entertaining anyway. I do think this series would be 500 times better with tighter editing, though. I found myself pondering, while reading, what percentage of expositionary info-dumping would need to be cut for me to actual read each page instead of skimming most of it. My conclusion: you could take out 100 pages, easily, and cla [...]

    7. This book simply ROCKED! It was filled with emotional turmoil, sexy sizzle and tons of action. The character ARC of Lucius was so well done.I had a hard time putting it down. I can't wait for the next one in the series

    8. I could not get this on my kindle so I borrowed Jamie's bookOMG, I loved this book and read it in 2 daysI could not put it down by the end and think it is an amazing readIt seems with every book, this series gets betterI loved this book

    9. Very good!! Im very happy that they don't give you the whole history lesson over and over and they try and sum up what's going on in the first couple pagesen they start the story!

    10. Of course, the dreaded date of December 21, 2012, has passed, so the Nightkeepers have obviously succeeded in saving the Earth. But I still want to know what they had to do to achieve that goal, so I will keep reading the books. 4 more to go, and if they are all this good, I will enjoy that journey very much.This part of the series focuses on Jade, the Nightkeepers librarian and spellcrafter. So far her magic is weak, she is the only one without the warriors mark. She wants more for herself than [...]

    11. Why I read: The author asked for a review.Favorite Quote: Lust slammed through Jade revving her system from zero to holy shit in two seconds flat.In two years and six months, the barrier separating earth from the demons of the underworld is set to disappear. The Banol Kax are set to up rise and bring an apocalypse. This is where the Nightkeepers come into play – they are to protect humans from this devastating event. The fourth book in the Final Prophecy series features Lucius and Jade. Lucius [...]

    12. My Review:The two misfitsJade & Lucius.In the NightKeeper world, sex magic is one of the most powerful ways to channel magic (another reason why I like this series so much.) Lucius is a human, but has been chosen by the Gods to act as a prophet for the NightKeepers. The problemhe's having issues accessing his gift. Jade is a scribe within the NightKeeper world, but her own powers have been less than impressive. They have a history of one amazing night full of scorching sex. That was 6 months [...]

    13. Jessica Andersen has done it again! Demonkeepers is an emotional metamorphosis where the characters, once cocooned, develop into beautiful iridescent butterflies. The fourth book in her Novels of the Final Prophecy series is a fun, exciting, sexy, action-packed read that sucks you into the world of the Nightkeepers. If this book is your first introduction to the series, never fear, because this read will leave you wanting more. Though it's part of a series, you, the fledgling Nightkeeper lover, [...]

    14. My review can also be found on my blog Collections.In Demonkeepers, the Nightkeepers must find a way to access the library of their ancestors in order to acquire knowledge of new spells and prophecies. Their only hope in finding the library is with Lucius. A human who has the Prophet's power lying within him. However, after rituals and blood sacrifices fail, it is decided that another type of magic should be used to try and awaken Lucius's powers. Sex magic. Although not having seen Lucius in mo [...]

    15. Demonkeepers3 StarsIn one word - disappointing. The world building based on the countdown to the Mayan Apocalypse is one of the most compelling aspects of this series. Unfortunately, in this installment the ongoing conflict with the Order of Xilbalban and the Banal Kox takes a back seat to Jade and Lucius's personal angst.Lucius is an intriguing character in the first three books but his own story falls flat. The plot revolving around Lucius and Jade coming into their personal magic and discover [...]

    16. I really like this series. Jessica Andersen has obviously done her research! This book was the first one where I got the sense that one of the characters actually BELIEVED in the pantheon they are supposed to represent/worship. Jade seemed to really trust the Gods and when we caught a glimpse of Strike's alter room, I truly felt like I was getting a peek at a holy place. Not an ancient site where people once worshiped, but a current day belief/religion. The "sun God's game" was really intense an [...]

    17. In Demon Keepers, we now get to know a lot more of Jade, the quiet librarian of the Nightkeeper crew. Ever since Lucius, Anna's grad student, found his way to Sky Watch, Jade and Lucius have skirted with being a couple. But his whole demon possession derailed things. Or so we thought. Actually, it was Jade that derailed things because she is the commitmentphobe in this book.Honestly, at this point, I can't WAIT for Brandt and Patience (Blood Spells), the already married but very rocky mated coup [...]

    18. Just finished reading the 4th book of Jessica Andersen's Final Prophecy Novels, and I must say this series is getting more and more intriguing with each book. (For me, it's almost like watching LOST - I'm enjoying the hell out of the journey but at the same time holding my breath just trying to figure out how it will all end.) This particular novel tells the story of Lucius and Jade (however we do get plenty of action from the other Nightkeepers)two of the more cerebral pairs in the group. As a [...]

    19. According to Mayan doomsday prophecy, 12/21/12 marks the end of the world in a global cataclysm that can only be prevented by the Nightkeepers, magical warriors enlisted to fight the rise of the underworld demons. To fulfill the final prophecy the Nightkeepers must find their mates, but when Lucius and Jade are charged with rescuing the Mayan sun god, they try to ignore their growing attraction. Unless they can confront their own demons and accept that love isn't a weakness, even destiny might n [...]

    20. This is book 4 in Jessica Andersen's series about the Mayan prophecy on the 2012 end-date. This book focuses on the two misfits in the group (Lucas and Jade) and how they develop their powers.I do like this series, it is unique. However, I should probably take a break from these books for a while as the lore is quite heavy and for half the book I have no idea on what is actually happening. For example, in this book they had to play a ball game in "hell" in order to free the sun god. WTF? My head [...]

    21. In Demonkeepers, Lucius and Jade were the main characters, and Andersen continues to let all the other members of the Nightkeepers play important parts in the storylines. Lucius, who in the first book was a geek, who worked for Anna at the University, but after having been possessed by a makol demon, he has totally changed physically and mentally in this book, very much like all the other Nightkeeper warriors. Jade feels she is destined for more then being a lower level bloodline (Harvester-rese [...]

    22. Lucius is the odd man out, at times he seems like he is part of the group, yet other times he is on the outside looking in. Recent actions, though seemed to have brought him closer to being in. I really liked his friendship with Jade. I like how Jade was honest and upfront with him about how things would be between them.In this book, it seems like they finally really talk about the past, the event that changed all of their lives, the massacre. They all seemed to learn some hard painful truths an [...]

    23. "Magic isn't the answer. Love is."Ms. Andersen has once again written a very compelling story in the Final Prophecy Series. Demonkeepers is the story of Lucius, the human turned makol turned "human", who through his interests in Mayan history has been linked to the Nightkeepers through Anna; and Jade, the nightkeeper still on the search to be more than what she beleives is intended. Together they find themselves in some pretty tricky situations and only together can they even begin to find the a [...]

    24. Another really good Nightkeeper story by JA. :-) This time it was about Lucius and Jade. Some interesting developments about the libray, Jade's background and they do accomplish some things together which was nice to see. I'm very curious to see where the story is going with Rabbit and his background, but I guess that book is not in the works yet. Or hopefully it is? :-)Definitely looking forward to the next one about Brandt and Patience. Considering she hasn't seen her sons in over 2 years and [...]

    25. Not quite a 5 Star read for me - possibly because I've been reading these one after another without a break and its overloading my brainbut still a great read!Can't say that I felt really connected to Lucius and Jade (or to their relationship as a whole) because it felt a bit disjointed at parts because of all the back and forth of "he loves me, he loves me not" but, as usual, love conquers all and the Nightkeepers prevail! I'm excited to see what else could possibly go wrong with our lovely sav [...]

    26. This is Jessica Andersen's take on the Mayan doomsday prophecy. Mages called the Nightkeepers are charged with stopping the apocalypse and allowing the demons to roam free on earth. This is the fourth book of the series and it tell the story of Lucian and Jade. Lucian was not born a Nightkeeper and instead becomes the prophet after he is taken over by a demon. I liked the struggle Jade has to go through in the relationship. This book is not a pure romance novel. It has plenty of action and is ve [...]

    27. I won this book via First Reads!I really enjoyed this book - interesting characters, an interesting setting, and very fast paced.There were a few things that were a bit muddled, but I figured that this was because it is the 4th book in a series, and I haven't read the other books.This was a very good paranormal romance, with some sex scenes, but it doesn't overpower the story. I'm going to be getting the first 3 books when I can, and getting the 5th one when it comes out as well!

    28. Finished with Nightkeepers,#4, its getting more better and cant wait to read NEXT!! BLOODSPELLS,#5 featured in two characters who already married years before they were nightkeepers mated and have twins children. In that book will be about heroine struggles surving her marriage after they became warrior mated and her feelings about duty and being wanting to be a mother but her duty must come first. Why? Read all books :-) Go and find Blurbs on Bloodspells by Jessica Andersen. I enjoyed 4 books s [...]

    29. I really enjoy the originality of this series but sometimes the mythology and the complexity of the plot requires close reading to keep the storyline straight in a reader's head. Somehow the pairing of Lucius and Jade seemed a little patchy they seemed to be at odds for much of the book and seemed to get it altogether and save the day a little too abruptly. A shame really as I really liked the geeky Lucius and found his metamorphosis into the "hot" prophet just didn't quite ring true.A three and [...]

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