And Another Thing...

And Another Thing AN ENGLISHMAN S CONTINUING SEARCH THROUGH SPACE AND TIME FOR A DECENT CUP OF TEAArthur Dent s accidental association with that wholly remarkable book The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy has not been

  • Title: And Another Thing...
  • Author: Eoin Colfer
  • ISBN: 9781401323585
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • AN ENGLISHMAN S CONTINUING SEARCH THROUGH SPACE AND TIME FOR A DECENT CUP OF TEAArthur Dent s accidental association with that wholly remarkable book The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy has not been entirely without incident.Arthur has traveled the length, breadth, and depth of known, and unknown, space He has stumbled forward and backward through time He has been blAN ENGLISHMAN S CONTINUING SEARCH THROUGH SPACE AND TIME FOR A DECENT CUP OF TEAArthur Dent s accidental association with that wholly remarkable book The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy has not been entirely without incident.Arthur has traveled the length, breadth, and depth of known, and unknown, space He has stumbled forward and backward through time He has been blown up, reassembled, cruelly imprisoned, horribly released, and colorfully insulted than is strictly necessary And of course Arthur Dent has comprehensively failed to grasp the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.Arthur has finally made it home to Earth, but that does not mean he has escaped his fate.Arthur s chances of getting his hands on a decent cuppa have evaporated rapidly, along with all the world s oceans For no sooner has he touched down on the planet Earth than he finds out that it is about to be blown up.n.And Another Thing the rather unexpected, but very welcome, sixth installment of the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy series It features a pantheon of unemployed gods, everyone s favorite renegade Galactic President, a lovestruck green alien, an irritating computer, and at least one very large slab of cheese.

    And Another Thing Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy And Another Thing Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Eoin Colfer on FREE shipping on qualifying offers And Another Thing will be the sixth novel in the now improbably named Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy Eight years after the death of its creator And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer And Another Thing sublimely embraces the hg universe by grabbing hold of it by the scruff of its neck and shaking it vigorously until characters and random plot events fall out And I didn t like it See, hg s humorous nexus of improbable events with And Another Thing Hitchhikers FANDOM powered by Wikia And Another Thing A unilateral City Council Resolution doesn t do a single thing to change that reality I want to be clear Transitional Aid for Trenton is a flawed program But put that thought aside for now Resolution is meaningless for another, important reason. And Another Thing A few days in London is a blog post by Gotham Gal, who writes The greatest thing we can do as citizens of the world is to go and visit other cities, learn about their cultures, see different landscapes and experience something else.

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    1. Things looked bleak in the last episode of our witty space saga, the Earth was to be no more, again, annihilated by bloodthirsty, heartless, repulsive aliens ( no not the Vogons, they come later), but have faith ladies and gentlemen, that our intrepid gang, somehow, will survive this catastrophe they do. Saved by an unlikely combination of renegade former Galactic President, Zaphod Beeblebrox ( never saw a buck he didn't like), who has lost his head, but not to worry, still has another and the [...]

    2. Am I becoming old?Definitely.Am I losing my sense of humour?Most likely.Am I disappointed that Eoin Colfer can't carry a candle to the late great departed Mr Adams?Yes. The bugger.I was conned. I was ripped off. I dreamed of dolphins and instead I got sardines.And Arthur wasn't even wearing his dressing gown.And that reminds me, wasn't Zaphod a brunette?And another thinga seventh book would be killing the overkill, Mr Colfer. Please don't.

    3. There are some great moments in this book, moments worthy of quotation. There is tea; there are gods; there is Vogon bureaucracy and Vogon poetry. And Another Thing sublimely embraces the h2g2 universe by grabbing hold of it by the scruff of its neck and shaking it vigorously until more characters and random plot events fall out.And I didn't like it.See, h2g2's humorous nexus of improbable events with zany characters is the icing on an already delicious cake. My attraction to The Hitchhiker's Gu [...]

    4. Arthur, Random, Trillian, and Ford are rescued from the unrealities the Hitchhiker's Guide Mark II placed them in and then rescued by Zaphod Beeblebrox as the earth is getting destroyed yet again. The reunited crew is then saved from certain death by an immortal dedicated to insulting every sentient being in the galaxy. Things go pear-shaped when Arthur learns of a colony of earthlings on a planet near Magrathea and the Vogon Constructor Fleet bent on finishing what they started. Not a terribly [...]

    5. I was kind of scared to read this book. Actually, I was very scared, but I was also very excited--and then I read the forward. It was wonderful. Eoin Colfer knows he's not Douglas Adams, and he knows that his contribution to the trilogy won't be the same or mean the same thing to the readers. But he also clearly knows and appreciates hisHitchhiker's Guide, and he's funny.So I read the book. It was nice right away, because the characters weren't all dead. Then the story took off on its own intere [...]

    6. My review with guest characters(Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect):"Something seems odd," Ford said turning toward Arthur."Things have seemed ODD, ever since you convinced me to stand up and let that bulldozer knock down my house.""Yes well sorry about the house, but more importantly something has changed.""Is it me, have I changed, Ford?" Arthur inquired."Sadly, No." Ford paused briefly before trying to console Arthur. "Look Arthur, I haven't changed either.""I noticed that." Arthur quickly added. " [...]

    7. It's just wrong. I opened And Another Thing which Adams' widow commissioned Colfer to write with a sinking feeling and reading it has done nothing to dispel the disquiet. As much as I'd love to have another Douglas Adams' book (Hitchhikers or something else) this isn't it. There is no way it could be. Colfer gives it a valiant try. He's got the humour, he needs work on his digressions, doesn't really have that sharp organizing idea that Adams seemed to somehow structure his books around. (So loo [...]

    8. I don't read many books that scarcely deserve only a single star, mostly I give them up. But having paid full price for this hardback, and having been such a fan of the Hitchhikers Guide series I made myself finish it. I wouldn't let myself read any other books until this was finished, and its taken a while.I thought that the quality of the writing, the stale gags and the constant and irrelevant interruptions of 'Guide' entries were the pits. It read like amateur fan fiction by a group of collab [...]

    9. Good things come in threes. While reading Great North Road I found out that my wife was pregnant! While reading And Another Thing I got offered a promotion at work! Things are looking good :-) What will the next book bring?How many other H2G2 fans saw this release and went “Woah! That’s so No. ” *shakes head*I loved the Hitchikers Guide passionately as a child, and Dirk Gently too – I’ve got Starship Titanic (and the PC game) – as well as The Salmon of Doubt and The Meaning of Liff. [...]

    10. To say that I disliked this book would be an understatement. I have only finished this book because I despise leaving books unfinished. Now, I told myself when I sat down to read it that I had to judge this book on two criteria, I had to judge it as a novel in it's own right and I have to judge it as a hitchhikers book, but as I read the only point I kept coming back to is that this is an awful hitchhikers book, miles worse then any Douglas Adams wrote. It completely lacks the wit and sparkle of [...]

    11. The Good:There were a few funny moments and interesting ideas. Plus the characters all reminded me of the ones originally created by Douglas Adams. On the whole it was a fair imitation.The Bad:It felt like it was trying far too hard to be clever, and ended up reading like some intelligent child's contribution to the newspaper of an expensive school. This book also gave me the uncomfortable feeling that the fondly remembered originals in the series might not stand up so well to a reread almost th [...]

    12. This book starts at a disadvantage: I don't think Douglas Adams should have written a sixth volume, and I certainly don't think anyone else should, even with the encouragement of his widow and daughter.Eoin Colfer is a successful author of children's books, and this reads like a young adult pastiche of Adams: the Bantally tree can perform hexes when it isn't hibernating, which sounds more like something from Harry Potter. Various things happen, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as a plot. Colfer [...]

    13. Sorry for having to state the obvious here: This is not a book by Douglas Adams. The main difference is that Douglas wrote SF with a portion of (wonderful) humor, while Eoin Colfer has written a comedy with SF elements. Still a really entertaining read, and the many references to the other Hitchhiker books made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so much that the fourth star is for merely sentimental reasons.The last book in the series will now be "Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to [...]

    14. Shameless money grab or loving homage to the genius of Douglas Adams?"And Another Thing" is a bit of both actually. To celebrate 30 years of the genius that is "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," we've got a new installment in the increasingly mis-labeled trilogy of books by Adams. Eoin Colfer was given the nod to write the book and approval by the estate of Adams to create this sixth installment so that book had that going for it. But given that Adams had pretty neatly wrapped up his most famou [...]

    15. In this sixth book in the increasingly inappropriately named Hitchhikers Trilogy, we are treated once again to the very funny exploits of doomed earth-man Arthur Dent and his pals. This book is actually the first in the series not written by the now late, but still great, Douglas Adams. Filling in for him is Eoin Colfer, a man best known for his kids & teen books, but still quite a nice fellow. In fact, during most of my time spent reading this book, I could quite easily forget that I wasn't [...]

    16. Sad to say this is a terrible book. It gets two stars instead of one merely for being based on a great idea, and that is in no thanks to its author.This book, basically, didn't have to be written. The Hitchhikers series was Douglas Adams', and Douglas Adams' alone. If someone had to finish it off then it should have been someone who would give it the love it deserved. Jasper Fforde springs to mind, as does Grant Morrison, although that may have been a bit too weird.The guide notes here are terri [...]

    17. If you pay close attention, Colfer tells you exactly what you can expect from this book right at the beginning, using a well-chosen quote from Douglas Adams: “The storm had now definitely abated, and what thunder there was now grumbled over more distant hills, like a man saying 'And another thing' twenty minutes after admitting he'd lost the argument.” (So Long and Thanks for All the Fish)As Adams well knew, the phrase "And another thing" is superfluous. It is said by the person who just can [...]

    18. So this frood named Eoin Colfer, well known for his Artemis Fowl children’s books, was asked by the widow of the late great Douglas Adams to “finish” the Hitchhiker’s Guide series. Finish H2G2?! Well doesn’t that just take the biscuit! What do you call Mostly Harmless, for Zark’s sake!?Actually, I don’t care about all that. Hitchhiker’s Guide isn’t sacred, and has appeared in so many forms that it’s almost too difficult to count. That Colfer was approached by Adams’ widow J [...]

    19. Colfer took on a daunting task in continuing a much beloved series, and I think for the most part he succeeded. This book is at times unevenly paced, has dialogue more meant as a vehicle for jokes than exposition, and meanders all over the place, all of which fit it right into the existing trilogy. Arthur and Ford are a bit pushed to the side, perhaps because Colfer quite reasonably doesn't feel comfortable writing them, but Zaphod's antics ring true. Trillian, too, seems right, although Random [...]

    20. I saw a lot of mixed reviews of this book and that made me hesitant to read it. But I'm glad I did, because I think Colfer did a great job here! Of course he's not Douglas Adams, but he doesn't pretend to be. He makes the story his by putting a lot more emphasis on all kinds of mythology, especially Norse, which had me cracking up a lot of times. I loved all the different sorts of references. If you read it, see it as an hommage to Adams' iconic Hitchhiker's Guide.

    21. Actual review: 2.75I shouldn't have read this. A valiant effort! Really, it was!!! It was funny of sorts, and it was witty kind of. But I could tell that it wasn't written by Adams, which is the one thing I should not be able to tell, even when I went into the book with the lowest expectations imaginable. I'm not saying that Colfer isn't funny or creative, I'm saying that the writing just didn't feel right. I'm sayingYou know what? Never mind! The important fact is, I didn't hate it as much I th [...]

    22. Originally published on my blog here in July 2010.I borrowed this book from the library expecting to hate it. Even though I didn't like the end of the Hitchhiker series as it stood at Douglas Adams' death, I couldn't imagine anyone else continuing it in the way that he might have been able to (if he'd overcome the blocks he experienced in the later part of his writing career). I'd also read Artemis Fowl, which made Colfer's name, and didn't think much of it.And, when And Another Thing came out, [...]

    23. Douglas Adams once said in an interview that Arthur C. Clarke's 2010: Odyssey Two read like the well-deservedly unused drafts for 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is slightly ironic that we now have a book that does the same for the Hitch-Hiker's Guide series, only slightly worse. The characters are caricatures of their former selves, throwaway jokes from the original books are elevated to major events or characters, the "Guide Notes" on nearly every page are actively annoying and break the flow (to th [...]

    24. Attempting to tell someone about any of the books in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series is next to impossible. It can be done, but will it make any sense? I'm not even going to try, except to say that this story takes up where the last one left off and involves Vogons, a colony of Earthlings who survived the destruction of their planet to make way for a superhighway, the god Thor, his stolen longboat which has been made into a spaceship, and several other unrelated subjects. [...]

    25. An acceptable footnote to the Hitchhiker's series. Eoin Colfer is one of the few that would have the voice to pull this off, and he did so surprisingly well. The "Guide" entries that break up the main narrative were his weak spot, as he doesn't quite have the ear for place names that Adams did, and it shows. The main narrative, however, is sweet and stirring, and lives up to what this book truly is - a wrapping up and an homage. The characters fit nicely into expected roles and the dialog is swi [...]

    26. It had its moments. Some of them were funny, and I would say that Colfer got the characters down pretty well. I kind of liked this book, but it really dragged too much. Adams would get off track and meander and get rather zany and random, but it worked for him. With this one, not as much. I think if it had been condensed to about half its length, it would have worked much better. Adams always seemed to know just how much was just the right amount

    27. It was a nice ride going back into the Hitchhikers world. It didn't quite have the same feel as the others in the trilogy with Colfer instead of the great Douglas Adams, but I enjoyed it and will trigger my rereading of the original books.

    28. A fair effort and the beginning was fun with the characters and there was a smidgen of mimicry in the start that had me hoping for another Hitchhiker's adventure, but alas I just found Colfer no Adams. Just okay in the end. Nothing amazing. Certainly miss Douglas.

    29. From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Sequel to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. With Stephen Mangan.Definitively this is not my cup of tea.

    30. I've been putting this book off for seven years I could have gone another seven without picking it up and been all the happier for it. I've not been able to dig up much on how this book came to be. It doesn't appear to have been based upon any notes left behind by the late and always great Douglas Adams, creator of the series, and comic genius. And I'm not really sure how this author came to write this book, and why it was written when it was. 4 years AFTER the latest film adaptation of the firs [...]

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