Manchester United

Manchester United Penguin Readers Level In Manchester United became the first English football team to win the European Cup In they won three Cups in eleven days Manchester United are the biggest richest

  • Title: Manchester United
  • Author: Kevin Brophy
  • ISBN: 9780582435643
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Penguin Readers Level 3 In 1968, Manchester United became the first English football team to win the European Cup In 1999, they won three Cups in eleven days Manchester United are the biggest, richest and most successful football club in the world Read about the sport, the team, the players and the fans A must for all football fans.

    • Ä Manchester United || ä PDF Read by Ä Kevin Brophy
      322 Kevin Brophy
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    1. -PENGUIN READER, Level3-Time 10/11=26min, 10/12=13min, 10/14=28min-7words summary:champion-red-players-fan-training-food-dream-Discussion questions:1.Do you know who had played in Manchester United team(one of the big succer teams)?A.Actually, I didn't know that before reading this book. But, I could know David Beckham had played for several years. As everyone knows, he is still a famous succer player. Unbelievable!2.Have you ever been to stadiums to watch succer games?A.In my case, I have been [...]

    2. This story is about a great team. Manchester United was the richest and most successful football club in the world. The players wear red, white and blue clothes. The club loses a lot of games. The team changed the club colors to green and gold for luck then the club had bad luck so the club lost all their money, but it was saved by a Manchester businessman who gave a lot of money to the club. The club changed the colors again to the new colors red and white. After that the club returned back in [...]

    3. -PENGUIN READERS,Level 3-Time 5/21=10minutes 5/22=25minutes 5/25=20minutes 5/27=20minutes-7 words summary:soccer-red-champion-history-training-fans-managers-Discussion questionQ:Which do you like to play sports or to watch sports match? Why?A:I like both, but watching game is better than playing. Especially, I like to watch soocer game. Because I can be excited when soccer players score goals. Last weekend I watched Champions League (Dortmund vs Bayern Munich). It was really excited!I could unde [...]

    4. 1. PENGUIN READERS, stage 32. 04/13: 80minutes3. soccer; red and white; manager; history; training and food; fans; great players4. Manchester United have scored two goals in the last seconds of the game. I thought it was amazing that they came from behind in the last seconds to win the game. If I watch such a game, I am definitely excited!5. I like soccer, so I can enjoy reading. I could know about Manchester United. I knew Manchester United is popular in the world, but I didn't know the detaile [...]

    5. 1. Penguin readers level 32. 11/24= 20 minutes, 11/25= 20 minutes, 11/29= 20 minutes, 11/30= 20 minutes3. Manchester, football, Red Devils, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Denis Low, Sir Alex Ferguson4. Denis Law had a problem with his right eye, but he could not wear glasses and play football at the same time.I love soccer. So of course, I know Denis Low. But I didn't know that he had a problem with his right eye. I thought that he played soccer better if he didn't have the problem.5. Manchester U [...]

    6. I didn't interested about soccer ,but now i like soccer.I like Duncan Edwards and David Beckham in Manchester United,and they're has the boot boy! that's intrersting,because they wanna play soccer, but they cann't they can only do the washing soccer player's bootㅜ_ㅜ isn't it so sad?haha one of the Man U's fan saids i was so sad when man U lost,i forgot my girlfriend's birthday partye doesn't see me again. Is there a Man U girl who will understand me? hahahahahahahahahaha it;s so funny keke s [...]

    7. Title: Manchester UnitedTime: 60min Author: Kevin BrophyPublisher: PENGUIN READERSLevel: 3 Notes: I like watching and playing soccer very much. So, I chose this book. Discussion Questions 1- Have you ever watched Manchester United's soccer games?- I have watch it! I sometimes watch overseas soccer games. 2- which teams in overseas do you like?- I like Arsenal! It is also a soccer team in British. 7-words summary 1- Manchester United2- soccer3- history4- players5- strategies 6- management7- funs

    8. I think the book is great, but it's not talking about any deep details so I hope they try to improve their writings in the future

    9. I didn't know this much.Now I can know who was a hero of Man U and lots of things. And I can know more famus soccerplayer and more about soccer.

    10. More of statistics than a tale, much could have been done with the narration; perhaps a more curious point of view.

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