Love's Choices

Love s Choices PAID IN FULL He had seduced her from the shelter of the convent then made her his pawn as he quested hungrily after revenge She had been only an innocent girl but at his hands she became a woman and

  • Title: Love's Choices
  • Author: Penny Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780373833276
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • PAID IN FULL He had seduced her from the shelter of the convent, then made her his pawn as he quested hungrily after revenge She had been only an innocent girl, but at his hands she became a woman and now the world was hers.In California, Hope Stanford found success and adulation and an inner strength that gave her freedom Once a man had told her that for everythPAID IN FULL He had seduced her from the shelter of the convent, then made her his pawn as he quested hungrily after revenge She had been only an innocent girl, but at his hands she became a woman and now the world was hers.In California, Hope Stanford found success and adulation and an inner strength that gave her freedom Once a man had told her that for everything there was a price to be paid Now he was back, but if Alexei Serivace wanted her again, he would find that the price was very high indeed.

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    One thought on “Love's Choices”

    1. I think this might be the single most maddening romance ever written! The plot is incredibly Old Skool--the "hero" kidnaps and rapes (unquestionably rapes, not a glossed-over romance "forced seduction,") the heroine for revenge, then rapes her again out of jealousy--but it's like Jordan tried to write an Old Skool romance with a modern consciousness, because he's always spouting all this sensitive guy talk which is completely ludicrous in light of what he actually does. The heroine ponders this [...]

    2. This was, quite simply, a fabulous old skool mind f*#k. Definitely a trigger warning for rape, but if you are willing to read novels with such content, this is one hell of a ride. I've already added it to my favorite re-reads shelf, because I know I'm going there.The setup was somewhat reminiscent of another old, crazy PJ fav - Response. But this novel was longer and BONUS - contains even more twisted reasoning for your $. Both heroes throw out the same line to the heroine re: "I mean you no per [...]

    3. Delightfully trashy and delicious! All aboard the crazy train, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Seriously, Penny Jordan put everything in Love's Choices including the kitchen sink.Convents, virgins, rapes, suicides, kidnappings, secret babies, exotic Islands, gloomy French chateaux, scarred henchmen, parents who eat their young, revenge, escape, and of course that staple, The Great, Terrible, Big Misunderstanding (that could have been resolved, oh about twenty-two times with a couple of lines o [...]

    4. 34 years old hero KIDNAPS and RAPES 18 year old innocent convent-bred heroine cause his sister committed suicide when the heroine's father cruelly rejected her. Heroine escapes his castle, she finds out she is pregnant and decides to never let him know she is having his baby. I liked that Hope changed and matured a lot after she left Alexei behind. Also Alexei really suffered for his actions. He truly loved Hope and pain and guilt is eating him alive. I felt his suffering and my heart broke for [...]

    5. Revenge, Rape and Old School craziness. It was a toss up between 2 and 4 stars, but I went with 4 because I was just in the mood for a crazy trainwreck of a book.

    6. Well now. This was a *strong* cup of old school tea. Hero straight up rapes heroine as revenge for her father causing his sister suicide. Lots of gaslighting - explaining to the heroine that it's for her own good he ruined her so she wouldn't have to marry the sexual monster that her father had picked out for her. Trips from the convent in Spain to Paris, the Caribbean, California, London, Cannes. I hope he was collecting frequent flyer miles. The heroine is fleshed out fairly well, and she hold [...]

    7. This is a really difficult one for me to rate as the beginning of the book was horrible and at times extremely difficult to read. No matter what his reasons were, what he did was wrong but he just couldn't see that, he was totally blinded by his need for revenge! I was very glad to see that the H got his comeuppance in the end and fully realised he was wrong about the damage he did to a naïve young girl who was raised by nuns.The angst levels in this book are high and I would have given this a [...]

    8. This is my first ever 1* rating. I usually give at least 2*'s because I figure if I managed to finish reading it, it should at least merit 2*'s and if I couldn't finish it I shouldn't rate it at all. This one I just kept on reading til the bitter end hoping the H would redeem himself but he didn't. No doubt he felt much guilt and angst over what he did and losing the h but he deserved to feel angst and guilt and to live in purgatory forever. In the end he wouldn't even tell the h that he loved h [...]

    9. my god this book is classic WALL BANGER,the story is about revenge and the age gap between the hero-heroin is too much hero is 34 and heroin 18 and lemme me tell you its pure RAPE,from many angles author tries to sugar coat it and say it as heroins half attraction i will say it is RAPE Alexei KIDNAPS the heroine, who is completely innocent & convent-bred,because: his sister was the mistress of the heroine's father and the sister committed suicide when the heroine's father wouldn't marry her. [...]

    10. Omg really!!! I am French and her French is so bad it's sad!!! If I hear one more time mon Cheri I am going to be sick!!!! It's ma Cherie get it right but so many mistakes here in her French, it's disgusting. Ok I will say because it was so different I enjoyed parts of it but I was grossed out by his treatment of her. He rapes her often and when he says it's no big deal to have sex maybe but it was a big deal on her side! I mean no way could he has mistaken her noooo for a yes! It was sad how ev [...]

    11. Well, I just re-read some of the reviews, and I can't say I wasn't warned. However, I would like to track down each one that rated this 3 or more stars, whyyyyy?The basic premise is as already stated, the heroine, Hope, is released (kidnapped) from her convent by the conflicted half-Russian, half-French hero/villain, Alexei. This racial distinction is pondered by Hope on more than one occasion as to his desire for revenge. Apparently his passions are Russian, but his ability to plan and multi-ta [...]

    12. If there had been a -star rating this book would have deserved it. The H is a total jerk. He rapes the h at least twice who is totally innocent and for a girl with the h's upbringing would be intolerable in the name of revenge but what he does to her is far worse than what was done by her father to H's sister. how a girl could even forgive let alone love such a man after what he does to her!! That too when the H is twice the age of h who is just 18. "You were crying while you slept. . . why?" Wh [...]

    13. This romance novel was in my teen bookshelf as a hand-me-down from my parents' friend. I don't know why they thought it appropriate to let me read a story about the kidnapping and brutalization of a convent schoolgirl, while I myself was a student at a religious all girls' school(shrug). At any rate, this was my first taste of romance and erotica, and despite the horrific beginnings, I was swept away by the yearnings of the star-crossed couple more completely than sparkling vampires could have d [...]

    14. i think i liked the book very much but couldn't get pass alexei's cruelty. he behaved without humanity. he raped her so many times !! he should have tried to seduce her to obtain his revenge. he was worse than sir alex because he was a rapist. sir alex did not rape his sister. and how come hope fell in love with him !? i never get to that point. so that's why i gave the book only 3 stars. while i enjoyed it very much i could not get pass those facts. finally gave it 4 stars because oh what an in [...]

    15. Ok, at least two rapes in this book. And the first one is pretty terrible -- they're both terrible, but I can tolerate reading some old novels where there is emotional involvement/anger driving a rape, but the first one in this book doesn't have that, the hero just behaves horribly w/out any justification. And for all that, the book wasn't very good -- way too long, not that emotionally involving, lame conclusion. I like a lot of Penny Jordan books, but this one is bad.

    16. DNF @ 28%.I tried to get into this but didn't like the story or the characters. The H was very unlikable and frequently talked down to the h. He spoke to her like she was a child. The first sex scene was awful and I felt so bad for the h. There just wasn't enough here to keep me interested.

    17. Note self- Reason I'm not reading the book do not read. Spoiler is so I remember why I don't want to read the book. Reason it's shelved decided not read.Trigger Warning (view spoiler)[ Harlequin Romance H raped (forced seduction) h numerous times. (hide spoiler)]

    18. Hands down!!!The most frustrating book I ever read. The first half was such a head-ache. Don't kow how and why I continue it.

    19. This book made me so mad!!!! (lana, why)Story:The hero had a pregnant sister who was abandoned by her "lover". This "lover" is a wordclass douchebag because he left her preggy mistress and told her that he simply doesnt want her anymore. This ho got so devastated she ended her own life not caring about the baby she was carrying (selfish much? Hmm) Our hero was so heartbroken, apparently he loved his sister very much. He wanted to avenge her, this feeling of overflowing rage was the only thing th [...]

    20. sometimes i seriously wonder how delusional these heroines are that they fall in love with these stupid ass men who do not deserve anything

    21. Hope Stanford is an innocent, convent raised young woman of 18, when Alexei Serivace had virtually kidnapped her from the convent. Alexei is seeking revenge against her father for the loss of his sister to suicide. He wants to punish Hope’s father through Hope by putting a halt to that man’s machinations of obtaining something that he wants . . . a MOC between his daughter and a rich family. However, Alexei had no idea of the volatile relationship and secrets cooking up in the Stanford house [...]

    22. This author (Penny Jordon) could have been a great author. She does create good plots but the little uncharacteristic and unrelated things she has her characters do is disconcerting and she waste opportunities for reflecting of real emotions. I will give examples from this book but be aware they consist ****spoilers**** H finds love of his life at his door step unexpectedly after over a year of missing her desperately. What does he do? He is very calm and he YAWNS! Mind you not pretending or any [...]

    23. A TSTL heroine (called Hope, I'm pretty sure that hope is what she needs to get through into this marriage)A psychopath hero A kidnap A revenge A BIG misunderstanding A BIG BIG lack of communication In someplace through all these thing they fall in love for each other. So cuteI also thought this plot very similar with the Consequences by Aleatha Romig.

    24. This was like a really, really long Harlequin Presents bookVery entertaining, though, and spans a 2 year period of timeI always love the revenge plot gone wrongThe heroine changed so much from the beginning to the end that I think that was the best part of the book

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