Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand Praise for Serena Mackesy A modern day Rebecca mixed with a suspense filled Gothic novel and served up with generous helpings of wit a real treat Associated Press When Bridget gets a job caretaking a

  • Title: Hold My Hand
  • Author: Serena Mackesy
  • ISBN: 9781569475331
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Praise for Serena Mackesy A modern day Rebecca, mixed with a suspense filled Gothic novel and served up with generous helpings of wit a real treat Associated Press When Bridget gets a job caretaking a country manor house, she thinks it will mean a fresh start for herself and her daughter With their new names, she has hope for the future But Rospetroc House has its owPraise for Serena Mackesy A modern day Rebecca, mixed with a suspense filled Gothic novel and served up with generous helpings of wit a real treat Associated Press When Bridget gets a job caretaking a country manor house, she thinks it will mean a fresh start for herself and her daughter With their new names, she has hope for the future But Rospetroc House has its own dark secrets Serena Mackesy is a journalist and novelist Her first novel, The Temp, soared into the Sunday Times Top 10 and was followed by Virtue and Simply Heaven She lives in London.

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    One thought on “Hold My Hand”

    1. 'Hold My Hand' is a blend of ghost story and crime novel - this can be a tricky genre, one I rarely seek out because they can be disappointing if the paranormal part forms an instant 'solution' to the mystery. But this is a cracker. Story-telling in the hands of a mistress of suspense, beautifully told. Haunted houses people unwittingly end up living in are particularly scary - our home is our refuge, after all - and ghost stories involving children are especially, well, haunting. Ghost stories [...]

    2. This is a brilliantly chilling supernatural thriller with a truly malevolent villain. It's a ghost story, but it's also an exploration of how bullying works, and why. The main story tells how capable, likeable single mother Bridget attempts to make a new life for herself and her daughter away from her daughter's abusive father by working as a housekeeper in a big,isolated house in Cornwall, with details of their former life in London told in flashback. The house's secrets - and why it appears to [...]

    3. This is a 3.5 and it may have been a 4, but having just read The Little Stranger, I can't give this much more. This book was certainly atmospheric, but not, as one of the reviews on the back said, Rebecca-like. The manor house in this book comes nowhere close to Manderley with it's sea-swept saltiness and very essence of gothic. I figured out the ending about half-way through, but Macksey did a fine job of building up the suspense level by telling two different stories in alternating chapters - [...]

    4. Wow! What a great ghost story. The author tells the tale from two points of view; the ghost, Lily Ricket (sounds creepy doesn't it?), and the modern day single mom trying to improve her life and get away from her violent ex-husband in a creepy old English manor house.I picked this book up at the library based on the cover illustration, title and inside flap. I thought I would like it and boy did I. I have not read any books by the author, Serena Mackesy, but I will definitely place her on my 'lo [...]

    5. I really liked this book. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be but it was unsettling, if only for Bridget's back story. Knowing that people do live in that kind of fear made the novel seem real hence it being an unsettling read. I liked the characters, the plot, the way it was written etc. All in all a good read, especially for these winter nights!

    6. This was an intriguing book. The cover has a sinister illustration of an isolated house and the title looks like it's scrawled in blood good start!Two parallel time periods are told, almost simultaneously. The first point of view is from Lily, a 9 year old girl evacuated to England's Cornwall during WWII. She is a difficult, disagreeable, much-abused child who is hardly tolerated in her new "home". Then, shifting to present-day, Bridget and her daughter Yasmin seek a new life in Cornwall, fleei [...]

    7. Serena Mackesy is a writer I enjoy very much but who doesn't have the audience that, in my opinion, she deserves. Her first couple of books were superior chicklit, but this one's a solidly written modern-day ghost story, twinned with an only-too-familiar contemporary tale of an abused wife and daughter seeking escape from their violent past. They find sanctuary working in a manor house on the moors of Cornwall, but discover that even this comes with its own dangers. There are flaws: the author p [...]

    8. This is the first book I've read by British author Serena Mackesy and it was great! Part murder mystery and part ghost story, the story is told as two intertwining tales. During the Second World War, nine-year-old Lily Rickett is evacuated from Portsmouth and sent to live temporarily at Rospetroc, a manor house in Cornwall. In modern times, single mother Bridget Sweeny has left London with her seven-year-old daughter Yasmin, to escape her abusive ex-husband Kieran Fletcher. They come to live at [...]

    9. Ghostly shivers in CornwallI "discovered" this author after reading a tweet by Stephen King recommending a book by Alex Marwood (another name the author writes under).I love a good ghost story and this one sounded like it had elements that would work - lonely estate in Cornwall, a scared mother and daughter running from an abusive husband/father, a righteous ghostly young girl.And I was right. Author Mackesy wove all these elements, with vignettes from past and present, into a chilling supernatu [...]

    10. The Book is totally fantastic . The suspense is breathtaking.The way Serena Mackesy writes about two time periods and she weaves the story of the three characters in a intriguing manner. There were times I absolutely hated Lily, but at the same time I remembered how Lily's life had been. Bridget and Yasmin too have their own worries and compulsions. Bridget's trauma does not let her lead a normal life . She mistakes the presence of the ghost with her cruel husband Kieran. Eventually she comes ou [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this. It's been hard to find a real ghost story lately - not a John Saul type horror, but a creepy haunted house book. This is finally one I could get into. The writing is well-done and it is frightening because of the 2 different evils the main characters are facing (human and supernatural.) Serena Mackesy has created a setting that allows the story to take place currently, but with believable reasons why the technology we often rely on would be unreliable. This helps the story [...]

    12. Well, my friends, this book promised to be one of those scary house stories that I love Oh so much, but I have a confession to makeThe dialect and slang (I'm guessing some variation of lower class british english) was so distracting that I grew annoyed and frustrated and decided that the aesthetic disturbance was enough to ruin the book for me. Other people may enjoy it more than I did.I quit.

    13. This was kinda spooky in parts. A young single mother becomes a caretaker of an old manor. Along with her small daughter, she is wanting to start a new life & escape her ex-husband, a horrible brutal man. This place has a ghost named Lily, who somewhat befriends the little girl (of course). Things start to happen.BUTex-husband 0Lily 1!!! HA!

    14. Bridget and her daughter trying to get away from their abusive father, I like that it sounds like a drama and haunted story at the same time, in addition I feel that it was that it could of been more haunting to make it more intense, I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a sense of scare.

    15. Usually this is so not the type of book that I'd choose to read but I didn't regret reading it after all. the way its written was pretty confusing at times and to understand the ending i had to read the beginning again and use my brain a lot (not that I'd have a problem with that, im just saying lol) but the story was good :)

    16. A good read. The ghost story wasn't particularly well developed so this may not be for ghost hunting thrill seekers, but the books characters and associated history were sufficiently well developed to maintain interest and keep the momentum going.

    17. I thought this book was predictable and the characters were fairly shallow, and there was not much ghost activity as I thought there would be from other's reviews. I probably will not be reading anymore of her books.

    18. It was a quick, fun read. Unfortunately, it read as though the author was getting ready to sell the movie rights. Predictable, basic. To be honest, I wish I had watched the movie of it instead of read the book.

    19. Suspenseful and spooky haunted-house story with an appealing protagonist attempting to protect her daughter and escape an abusive husband and an chilling back story retelling the sad fates that awaited the evacuated children of war-torn London during WWII. Very effective and surprising ending.

    20. Murder, revenge, and the supernatural collide in this story of a woman who takes her young daughter to the English countryside in search of a new life and an escape from domestic abuse. Well written, with an occasional dash of humor to lighten the tale.

    21. This book was a good read for an Autumn evening. Not the scariest book I've ever read, but it did give me a few shivers. Atmospheric, and sometimes chilling.

    22. Easy read, Liked the concept, but a bit lacking in atmosphere. For a old English country Manor house it could have been shed in a more eerie light.

    23. Modern gothic set in old mansion, complete with child ghost, but quite enjoyable. Goes back and forth between WWII era and the present.

    24. this book was labeled a mystery. it was reassly a ghost story- thriller. very good though. creepy and exciting. worth a read

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