Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification In Instant Attraction Jill Shalvis introduced Cameron Stone and T J the sexy daredevil brothers who run Wilder Adventures And for Stone Wilder the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a sur

  • Title: Instant Gratification
  • Author: Jill Shalvis
  • ISBN: 9780758231253
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Instant Attraction, Jill Shalvis introduced Cameron, Stone, and T.J the sexy, daredevil brothers who run Wilder Adventures And for Stone Wilder, the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a surprising package The Doctor Is In Deep Wishful, California, is 3000 miles from Dr Emma Sinclair s last job in a New York City ER It may as well be another galaxy HerIn Instant Attraction, Jill Shalvis introduced Cameron, Stone, and T.J the sexy, daredevil brothers who run Wilder Adventures And for Stone Wilder, the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a surprising package.The Doctor Is In DeepWishful, California, is 3000 miles from Dr Emma Sinclair s last job in a New York City ER It may as well be another galaxy Here, running her father s clinic for a summer, Emma treats bee stings, stomach flu, and the occasional pet cat Plus, she has to contend with patients like Stone Wilder gorgeous, laid back, and irritating beyond belief The man laughs at her A lot And Emma loathes him All except that tiny part of her that wants to throw him on her examining table and break every doctor patient rule in the book.When Stone tries to help Emma learn to loosen up a bit, he pictures white water rafting or scenic mountain hikes Not a mind blowing affair that shakes them both to the core Emma s sure she has no place in a town like Wishful, but Stone knows different Emma belongs here in this town, in his life And convincing this strong minded, stubborn, sexy woman of that fact will be a challenge no Wilder man could resist.

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    1. 3 Dr. Evil Stars*Spoilers*“By teaching you how to smell the roses. I’m a giver that way. Come on, Emma. Unless you’re too chicken?”“Kiss me, Stone. Take what you want.”Instant Gratification is the second book in the Wilder series, and it's all about the middle brother Stone finding love. While this book was a Okay read it wasn't great for me. The heroine Emma drove me crazy. I didn't out right hate her, but I didn't like her either, and the things she did made me wanna shake her. Har [...]

    2. First, let me get this out of the way: What is with the covers on these books? They are horrendous and do an incredible disservice the stories. First we hadwith the very angry looking man sitting on a rock waiting to kick some puppies, and now we have this one. He may look happier than his ‘brother’, but there is something seriously weird and just plain wrong with his freaky black eyes (you probably need to see the full-size to really appreciate this) – creepy.This series is definitely a p [...]

    3. 4 stars – Contemporary RomanceInstant Gratification is the second book in Shalvis’s Wilder series about three brothers (Cameron, Stone, and T.J.) who own/run Wilder Adventures and Expeditions, an extreme tours/sports adventure company, in the town of Wishful, California in the Sierra Mountains. The three sexy, rugged outdoorsmen, extreme sport enthusiasts, and playful mountain bums also happen to be the small town’s most eligible bachelors and notorious playboys.Stone, the middle brother, [...]

    4. So the guy on the cover looks like he is saying, “Come here, baby, I’ve got a secret”. It took me a while to block him out of my head and replace him with my mental image of the hero. The guy on the cover of the first in this series, Instant Gratification, looked angry and constipated. I don’t know what they are going for, but it’s not working for me. However, cover model exasperation aside, this is a good series!Stone is my favorite Beta man. Ahhh, Stone, that is one of the sexiest he [...]

    5. You’re easy enough to hold on to, Emma.” Evidenced by the way he was holding onto her. “You just get restless and anal and uptight, and scare them all off.”Emma Sinclair is defined by the above words. She likes being in control and has her whole life structured. She grew up in New York and only came back because her dad the town doc needs her to run his place until he gets better but things are not always what they seem. Emma has always considered herself a city-girl and at first she is [...]

    6. This book lacked the humor and good nature of the first book in the series. It was rather stale which is so disappointing.Emma grated me to no end. She just did not let go, not even for a minute. Her defense mechanism was made of adamantium at the very least. I never connected with her and to be honest, I didn’t feel she lowered those walls until the last minute. And by last minute I mean the 90% mark. Grrr.Stone made the book for me. My favorite beta hero ever. Oh my goodness, he is just so d [...]

    7. Awe Stone! How cute are you. Such the middle child trying to pacify everyone, even the woman you meet who you don't think you like (but you do it'll just take you some time to realize it). If the cover-you wasn't so odd looking (computer generated?) I would have a huge crush on ya.

    8. Originally posted at The Book Nympho INSTANT GRATIFICATION is the second book in Jill Shalvis' Wilder series about three brothers that share the same last name. This time around we get middle brother, Stone's story.Dr. Emma is uptight and only in Wishful for a short time (so she thinks) to run her father's practice while he recovers from a heart attack. Emma is use to running an ER in New York and the very slow pace of Wishful is driving her nuts. But not as nuts as the sexy Stone.Stone is the [...]

    9. I'm officially a fan. I can never find anything wrong with a Jill Shalvis book. Her heroes are yummy, sometimes ultra alpha, sometimes not. But they always end with a great romance - super sweet, super hot, and just what I need.Stone is the middle Wilder brother, a little more laid back than the other two. He's not a chest beater, and has no qualms about letting Emma know that he wants her. The natural progression of the relationship, in his opinion, is simply what happens when you are with some [...]

    10. I liked this so much more than the first book in the series! Which I wasn't completely expecting, because book 3 is the one I've been looking forward to, but this was very good. I love how uncomplicated Stone is and that for once, it wasn't the guy who had reservations about starting a relationship/realising he has feelings that go deeper than basic attraction. I loved that it was Emma who was unsure here, and honestly had no idea what to do with her feelings given that she was always going to l [...]

    11. 2.5 stars reallyAfter having a bad run in reading contemporary romance novels before this one, I was actually quite relieved to find myself enjoying the first 5 chapters of this book. Unfortunately, after chapter 5, the book went down for me.Sorry for the spoilers, but I have to include them to fully express why I didn’t like this book.What I liked about the book – a great hero and heroineIn fairness, I really love the heroine (Emma). I really empathized with Emma and admired her resilience [...]

    12. Posted on Under the CoversI haz a new boyfriend and his name is Stone Wilder! Jill Shalvis really needs to stop writing these awesome heroes. I literally have no space left to list them in my harem. It’s really no wonder why I get errors every time I try to add and save a new entry in my harem, it’s gotten way too long and it seems that a substantial amount are Jill Shalvis’s men. Stone Wilder is a dream! With his athletic bod and that killer charm, I’m completely helpless to his easy-go [...]

    13. Oh, gosh, I LOVED ♥ this -- definitely better than the first book. Shalvis' charm was all there for me to read and soak into. I thought Stone and Emma were perfect -- and Stone definitely entered my (virtual) list of favorite Shalvis' men. Stone didn't suffer any of the 'guilt', 'woe-is-me', 'relationship-challenged' case. I loved his loyalty to his family, I loved that he was the middle-child who was the glue for all the Wilder family members, and he was just perfect. Emma was excellent too! [...]

    14. This is the 2nd book in Jill Shalvis' Wilder series. I loved this book's hero, Stone (the middle Wilder brother), more than his younger brother, Cam, from the previous book, Instant Attraction. Stone is more responsible and grounded, essentially running the family's wilderness adventure business while his 2 brothers go on most of the adventures with their customers. He falls in love with a city girl, Emma. She is a doctor from NYC who came out to the California Sierras to run her father's medica [...]

    15. 4.5 STARSFirst of all, whats up with the guy of the cover? I constantly tried not to stare at him every time I picked up the book because I got scared as sh*t. I hate the model so muchThat said, I want to mention that I have found another amazing author to follow. I just can't wait to read more from Jill Shalvis. Her style is amazing and different from what I have read in this genre. This installment was a bit similar to the first, I probably should have read something else in between to forget [...]

    16. 'Instant Gratification' is the second book in the Wilder series but it was more a stand alone book for me and that's what bothered me the most because whereas in the first book we got the love story between Cam and Katie plus interaction between the brothers and the other people in town, this book lacked of it. The love story between Stone and Emma was nice but definitely not my favorite of the two Wilder books I've read. TJ has more participation and the book sets his story with Harley for the [...]

    17. I loved Stone but I'm seriously excited about TJ's book, "what's it like knowing she's seen your junk, and not from your best angle?" Stone craned his neck and gave him a death stare." Stone and afterbirth is just not a good thing, "Stone instinctively looked. He saw Oh, Jesus. He saw blood and gore, and female parts stretched to limits that boggled his mind and made him want to bed for forgiveness for his entire race." Stone doesn't have a filter and I think the boy likes embarrassing Emma, "he [...]

    18. 2.5 stars, which is really unfortunate because I LOVE Jill Shalvis6/9/2015: Instant Gratification is currently only $1.99 on kindle! This is a total steal, and Jill Shalvis is one of my favorite contemporary authors so I really recommend you get it! P.S - all the books are $1.99 for a short while at this moment!

    19. An awesome follow up to "Instant Attraction". "Instant Gratification" which is book 2 in the Wilder series focuses on Stone Wilder, the middle of three very rugged, outdoorsy, adventurous brothers who own Wilder Adventures, a lodge that also leads guests on mountain expeditions. As the middle brother, Stone is very much the peacemaker. He is just as tough and manly as his brothers, Cam, which we met in "Instant Attraction" and TJ, who is the oldest. But Stone is the glue that holds his family to [...]

    20. Like her Lucky Harbor series, this book hit the second book slump for me, and I think I figured out what she does so well in her first books but misses in her second. Much like what happens in, , there's a great set up for these characters, which were secondary in the first book that had been full of laughs and establishing all these relationships, but then in the second book it becomes ALL about the couple. All of a sudden all the great characters that had been so vital in the first book are al [...]

    21. I can't believe that I'm rating a Jill Shalvis this low, but this book just didn't do it for me. I didn't like the main character - too prickly and defiant for me. Stone Wilder, the love interest, just didn't match her at all. He's easygoing, she's seriously uptight. And she never really loosens up! She's so stubborn! To be honest, some of this may have had to do with the narration by Lisa Ivary. She's not the best for this series; many of Shalvis' other books have been narrated by Karen White, [...]

    22. Book two in the Wilder brothers series. The writing is not super great and the story isn't incredibly clever but I really, really enjoy the books. Well, maybe it is the writing. I don't know.In this book, Stone is the brother who is falling in love. Emma Sinclair is in town taking over her father's doctor's clinic for the summer. She's not too happy about moving from New York to Wishful, CA (tiny population) nor is she too excited about spending time with the father who was absent for most of he [...]

    23. I loved Instant Attraction but believe it or not Instant Gratification is better. Ms Shalvis writes the perfect troubled hero for her perfect troubled heroine. The Wilder men are the genuine article, rugged, manly and hilarious especially towards their brothers. Man did I laugh out loud more than once. I particularly liked our heroine, Dr. Emma Sinclair who is a focused, determined ER doctor who just wants to get back to her life and job in NY. Instead she is stuck in nowheresville California do [...]

    24. Fun book. Emma really doesn't want to be there. She misses the city and all it has to offer. She misses her busy ER. She doesn't understand how her father can run his practice the way he does. When Stone comes to the clinic with injuries that he insists all he needs is band-aids for, she doesn't give an inch. She insists on treating him, and doesn't let his flirting get to her. He sees how uptight she is and takes it as a challenge to get her to relax. I loved their back and forth challenges and [...]

    25. 6 July 2015: $1.99 on Kindle26 September 2014: $1.99 on KindleI read this book pre-, but I remember greatly enjoying the whole series. This is the second book in the series, and while the series deals with three brothers(? maybe co-owners, maybe both) I think they can stand well alone as well and be read in any order. (view spoiler)[My OCD doesn't allow that, hardly ever, but for those not as weird as me, this one will be okay ;) (hide spoiler)]

    26. The book was incredibly enjoyable through the first 80% or so. I feel like the novel lost momentum in the last 20%, as the ending seemed to completely drag out. I read the first 80% in less than 24 hours, and then it took my three days to get through the rest. I think really, Emma was just too stubborn for words, and I found that frustrating. It's a good thing Stone didn't believe almost anything she told him. right?I think I'd give this book a 3.5 stars, mostly because of that dragged out endin [...]

    27. This book wasn't bad, but I had a really hard time connecting to Emma, due to the fact that she liked to keep everyone at arm's length and be in control of any situation. Stone was a bit of a surprise for me, because he was the uptight one in the last book, so for him to be laid back a bit was quite the shock! I also liked how he wasn't completely wrapped up in the adventure business, that he actually wanted to do something else besides it. However, a lot wasn't explained until the end of the bo [...]

    28. Ok, ignore the weird-looking guy on the cover and the cheesy title. If you're looking for a cute, steamy romance, this is an awesome choice. I liked the hero a lot. Been trying to find laid-back heroes who are nice guys, and Stone definitely fits the bill. He's a little cocky at times, but never disrespectful, and he's always polite and considerate to the heroine. This is a good book for readers looking for beta heroes who aren't controlling, dominant, or possessive. Stone's a stand-up guy, resp [...]

    29. Book Two of the Wilder series, another boy meets girl, or in this case, boy meets doc. Stone Wilder is a great character, as is his love interest Emma Sinclair. I had a little suspension of disbelief problem with Emma the girl from New York City who loves city living suddenly giving it all up (and in the process seeming to make the same mistake which drove her parents apart decades ago) but, hey, this is a romance story, so I'll go with it. Besides, having loved Wilder #1 (Instant Attraction) I [...]

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