Master of Chains

Master of Chains A once great hero who had led a revolt against a tyrannical lord only to be captured and sold into slavery risks everything to escape his bondage and seek revenge for the loss of his world Original

  • Title: Master of Chains
  • Author: Jess Lebow
  • ISBN: 9780786938001
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A once great hero who had led a revolt against a tyrannical lord only to be captured and sold into slavery risks everything to escape his bondage and seek revenge for the loss of his world Original.

    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ☆ Master of Chains - by Jess Lebow ì
      245 Jess Lebow
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      Posted by:Jess Lebow
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    One thought on “Master of Chains”

    1. It's always a great feeling when, after finishing a book and setting it back on the shelf, the only word that comes to mind is 'wow.' Sitting here now I find my eyes constantly scanning back to it's location on the shelf, just begging to set their gaze on this one once again. And if ever a cover depicted what was to come, this was it--Raymond Swanland's amazing art gave a real insight into the dark land and emotional atmosphere that made this story so good, so believable. Very few authors have m [...]

    2. "The flames grew quickly, then fell back again. Rising and falling, rising and falling. It was as if they were trying to leap off the log and fly up the stone chimney to escape. But there was no escape. They were chained to the source of their life, stuck to the burning log until it was completely consumed and they were estinguished.""he was proud of himself for being so foolish.""He had an amazing ability to accept the inevitableHe just took everything as if it were a part of the plan.""Living [...]

    3. This is your typical Forgotten Realms story with all of the flair: magic, vampires, dire wolves, zombies, magicians, with a mix of humans who seem to have some abilities as well. The story unfolds with the two protagonists, Liam and Ryder, two brothers from a small farming town held by a seemingly corrupt baron named Purdun. Liam and Ryder are part of a rebellious group called the Crimson Awl who fights against heavy taxation and the baron. That's really about it. There's no other depth to the C [...]

    4. This book was pretty bad on all levels. The story line was decent at best (the only reason for 2 stars, rather than 1) but the writing was weak. I don't know if the original version of this was longer and possibly cut down by an editor, but the story felt rushed. The reader was given a lot of information at once that didn't make much sense. There was one section where someone was listing off cities or towns that had no relevance to the story.The characters were ok, something that seems normal fo [...]

    5. This book was recommended to me and simply put, it's not my type of book. I love the plot (hence the 2 stars). But the writing style made it difficult for me to get into and I often fell asleep while reading. It's very D&D-esque, which is fine, but the writing style It's overly descriptive in a stiff kind of way. The structure and flow seem blocky and abrupt. Feelings and thoughts are stated superficially rather than written with powerful emotion that evoke response from the reader. At least [...]

    6. A solidly written, fluffy action book, with a direct and fairly obvious plot, but one that keeps a nice pace and flow. The ending pleasantly surprised me. It's not quite worth a 4th star for it though.

    7. So while I was reading the book I felt that it was an ok book, but on the last two pages I realized that the was a wonderful epic! I mean I want right away for everyone to read this. Time for the next one. i really like it to be honest and Son of Tjhunder I can't wait to read

    8. A good quick read, fairly interesting. Nice twists and great fight descriptions / attention to detail. Very well paced, not overly drawn out action and neatly organized lulls. Funny without trying too hard. And cooool characters, never thought I'd root for a dude with a Chain.

    9. this was a really good book with good descriptive action, and a twisted story that really sucks your attention. When you finish its the kind of book where you wish it had a sequel but you know if it did it would ruin it. I dont think there are to many ladies that would like this book.

    10. Good pace to the storyline but a little cliched and predictable with an escape scene that didn't seem to be possible.

    11. A good read. Quick, fairly good plot, some nice magic and monsters. I enjoyed it for the first book I've read by this author.

    12. Solid book. Although it runs out of space at the end. What could have been an epic fight wraps up really quickly. However the rest of the novel was enjoyable.

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