True Magick: A Beginner's Guide

True Magick A Beginner s Guide How to incorporate ethics in magickal workings as well as in everyday life Learn how to find an ethical teacher how to strengthen magick through a healthy lifestyle how to prepare for rituals how to r

  • Title: True Magick: A Beginner's Guide
  • Author: Amber K
  • ISBN: 9780875420035
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • How to incorporate ethics in magickal workings as well as in everyday life Learn how to find an ethical teacher how to strengthen magick through a healthy lifestyle how to prepare for rituals how to raise, channel and ground magical power and .

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      387 Amber K
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    One thought on “True Magick: A Beginner's Guide”

    1. I guess I’d like to start with the “good points” of the book, such as putting all the correspondence related items in the back of the book or opening up the discussion about how to try to deal with things from your childhood that may be affecting you now (like going to a fucking doctor and having professionals who have licenses help you and support you). And the few and far between good points in this book which are more like common helpful nuggets of advice. However, that does not mean th [...]

    2. Some very basic information about magical energy and such. But a little too "new-age-y" for me. Plus, I just can't spell magic with a k and not feel a little pretentious. Sorry. 8(

    3. True Magick is seriously about the practice of real life magic. It is a book that can convince even the non-believers of magic to reconsider their position. How does Amber K achieve this seemingly impossible task? It is the structure, content and extraordinary level of knowledge, delivered in a very well-written prose, that allow her to put the magic(k) into the magick.Very few books, even amongst academic texts, nowadays possess a kind of structure that allows the reader to be clearly and gradu [...]

    4. This was the first book I picked up when I began to explore alternative faiths and religions. The language is warm and open and the author encourages spiritual awareness and health more than anything. I highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of religion for its' insightful look at spiritual health and well being.

    5. 10/09/2014 -- From the intro, I love this part."Time after time, I have seen people healed, lives changed, and even weather transformed through magick. The results never seemed supernatural; that is, they did not flout gravity or produce something from nothing. Often they seemed synchronistic, almost coincidental, but the excuse of coincidence only stretches so far."That appeases the skeptic in me. The subtlety. *****Chapter 1 -- About Magick and You.Chapter 2 -- A Brief History of Magick.****Ch [...]

    6. This is one of the first books on Pagan practice that I picked up, and I found it to be a wonderful introduction. Pretty much all of the important stuff is in here, from the holidays and spell casting, to the ethical foundations of the religion. There is even a section explaining other earth based and magical paths, though it does not go into heavy detail. If you are curious about Magick, or paganism, this is a good start. I really felt as though I understood the basics of these ideas when I had [...]

    7. Amber K's True Magic is certainly a book that I would recommend to the true beginner witch and seeker. Of particular interest to me was that it explained a good range of magic systems/styles, how to prepare yourself for magic, and cautions the beginner what NOT to attempt on their own. This last is often neglected or omitted from other books and for that reason alone I felt the book was worth more than just the "It's OK" two stars.The problems that keep it from being higher is that I don't like [...]

    8. The book emphasizes magic's spiritual potential over its practical application. I'm guessing this is why the book isn't much of a magical "cookbook"—the author hasn't spent much time writing up one-size-fits-all spells for you to chant thoughtlessly. But over the course of the entire book, this left me wishing Amber K would slow down on discussing ethics, improving your health, the three-part model of the self, balancing the elemental star, etc and go into further detail on how to sense energi [...]

    9. This book was given to me by a friend when I expressed interest in his religion. I found it to be incredibly informative and an excellent introduction into the Wiccan lifestyle. After further studies of various traditions I realized that it truly was a "Beginner's Guide" though and would suggest it only to people who are new to the religion.As it was the book that began an entire chapter of my life, I rate it rather high. Even though I no longer hold the beliefs I once did, this book will always [...]

    10. I did not like the way this book was written, at all. It was very jumbled and jumped around quite a bit. Also, the author says (without outright saying it) that anyone with mental illness cannot practice magick because of various reasons. So where does that leave someone who may have picked this book up as their first book to read, and are immediately told they aren't "good enough?" People who find religion or spirituality usually find and practice to better themselves. That alone makes me quest [...]

    11. The best book on true wicca I have come across. It doesn't deal much with "spells" and nonsense; it discusses the inner "magick" energy and will that we all have to change our lives for the better. Not by words or potions or burning herbs, but by figuring out what type of life will make you happy and focusing on how to accomplish that goal using your own strengths. Focus is the key and those things can help you focus, but they won't do the job for you. Amber K is the intelligent person's guru fo [...]

    12. This is what I've been looking for!A lovely, easy-to-understand guide. Being new at Wicca, I find this guide (mostly for anyone who practices magick in general) a practical guide that helps me ease into my magickal endeavors and rituals. It explains the basic dos and dont's, how to do a spell, how to chew and process other spell books, etc. I love this book, and I'm still reading it!

    13. I think this is an essential book for any Pagan or Wiccan to read. The author lays out the fondation of why we practice magic beautifuly and simply. She also gives help in balanceing your energys and finding your style of magic practice. I could go on and on about this book after having read it twice. It is one I will refer back to many times.

    14. This is the first book that I have read on my journey to the Pagan/Wiccan. Very good book for beginners and it has taught me a lot about myself and it has put meaning to things that I already believed in but didn't understand. I recommend to anyone as a first read if your looking to learn more about Pagan/Wiccan beliefs.

    15. While it is a "101" style book, this book can be an absolutely excellent reminder to those of us who have been Witches for a long while. We sometimes forget to remember how gifted we are, how wonderful it can be to work magick, and the fundamentals involved in working effective magick. This book is an excellent reader for both Elder and Studen alike.

    16. It's actually a good introduction to magick for the total newbie. There are many gems to be found in this book, no matter what type of magick you're practicing or path you're walking (Wiccan or not, pagan or not).

    17. This was a pretty fun read. I'm always looking for different perspectives on learning and this book fit the bill quite nicely. Mostly it's about connecting with nature and being positive - two things I embrace wholeheartedly on a daily basis.

    18. Personally, I greatly approve of this books *initial* appearance on the Pagan book-scene (published a little over fifteen-years ago, now); rather than it's more recent incarnation, due to the amount of confounding New Age nonsense that it presently contains!

    19. An amazing book, very easy to read with a fresh and enigmatic look at wiccanism. Good for both beginners as well as the more advanced practitioner, True Magick, is a fresh look at the energies that surround us, and the power within us all to make our lives a happier and better place to live.

    20. Amber K has a sensible approach to Pagan practices that allow her readers to define for themselves the energy work they'd like to do. In my opinion, these are the only "good" pagan practice books (not the recipe books, as K calls them). Great read!

    21. Is a very good book about the basics of magick and how it can effect your life -- and how you can use it to help yourself and others in a positive way. A very good book so far.

    22. An old one on my shelfWorth updating to digital format. This is a great place for the true novice to begin on the path of discovery.

    23. Very good! I met Amber K at Panthea Con where I bought her book. I would recommend as a first book to read if interested in learning the craft.

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