Darien's Rise

Darien s Rise There are two moons in the sky Tiptoeing gingerly Kyle and Anna cross the groaning floorboards of the old abandoned house Suddenly a scream erupts Crashing through the floor they dangerously tumbl

  • Title: Darien's Rise
  • Author: Paul McCusker
  • ISBN: 9781561797738
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are two moons in the sky Tiptoeing gingerly, Kyle and Anna cross the groaning floorboards of the old, abandoned house Suddenly, a scream erupts Crashing through the floor, they dangerously tumble down beneath it But when they pick themselves up amid the dust and debris, they find themselves in a strange and mysterious new world a place nothing like their homet There are two moons in the sky Tiptoeing gingerly, Kyle and Anna cross the groaning floorboards of the old, abandoned house Suddenly, a scream erupts Crashing through the floor, they dangerously tumble down beneath it But when they pick themselves up amid the dust and debris, they find themselves in a strange and mysterious new world a place nothing like their hometown of Odyssey Bewildered by their new surroundings, Kyle and Anna are soon entangled in a web of intrigue, betrayal, and danger a struggle to the death between a power mad king and his valiant young general a fight to determine who will rule the Kingdom of Marus Despite their best efforts, the ultimate outcome rests in the hands of the powerful and mysterious Unseen One, and the lives of Kyle and Anna will never be the same Will they ever find their way back home Or are they destined to live forever in this strange new land

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    One thought on “Darien's Rise”

    1. "Passages" is only one of my most favorite children's Christian Fiction series EVAH!!! I've lost track of how many times I've read these books. <3 <3 <3

    2. I don't have a lot of experience with Adventures in Odyssey, which is loosely tied to this series of books. In Darien's Rise, the first installment of the Passages series, a couple of adults discover and read an old story one of them found in a trunk from an estate sale. The story is about two kids who find an old house in the woods and are supernaturally transported to another place and time.What's cool about this story is that it's based on a story from the Bible. In this case, it's based on p [...]

    3. This first book in Adventures In Odyssey Passages is definitely the best by a long shot. McCusker does an amazing job retelling the story of how David became king, while adding much excitement and modern thrill and technologies (like trains). Actually, when I first read the book back in elementary, it took me a while to figure out how the story corresponded with the Bible. Either way, the book is very exciting and enjoyable. I did, however, find it slightly obnoxious how it seems exactly like Na [...]

    4. This book is AMAZING. I've learned so much from it, and like one of my favorite quotes says, what's the meaning of a book if you dont read it more than once?

    5. The first book of the Passages series was a lot different then I was expecting. It was also a lot better. I was expecting it to be more of a book for little kids but I really enjoyed it even at the age of 15. The book takes place with two young kids, Kyle and Anna, playing in the woods looking for an abandoned house their uncle told them about. Finally they find it and while they're exploring the inside of it, both of them are magically transported to different parts of another world. The two of [...]

    6. I listened to the audio series long ago and loved it, so not only did this book bring me back to Odyssey and Passages, but it also gave me a fresh look into the story! I love the simplistic yet colorful descriptions of the characters and the places in Marus. So easy to imagine!I loved the main character, Darien. He was so chivalrous and a bit restless at times, which altogether made him surprisingly dreamy. :)And, surprisingly, I also loved villain, King Lawrence. In a way, especially near the e [...]

    7. I read this series as a child, and enjoyed them immensely, and recently started reading them to my younger brother- who, incidentally, is named Kyle. That made the experience ten times better, I must say, to narrate a story while giving pointed looks at my brother whenever the character did something juvenile or awesome.I love the story, and when reading out loud I sometimes found myself acting out the scenes, instead of just reading them. It's engaging and entertaining, and the story is a well [...]

    8. Kyle and Anna, brother and sister are at their grandparents for the summer, and don't have anything to do. Then their uncle shows up and talks about a secret fort in the woods, and that's where the book starts. In this large house that is seemingly haunted, Kyle is searching the upstairs with his sister, but falls through the floor. Anna however escapes the falling floor and rushes into a room, where she is engulfed in a bright light.The two find themselves somewhere else besides the fort, Kyle [...]

    9. What fun! The Passages series transports the reader to a fantasy world that richly parallels our own Biblical history. In Darien's Rise, the reader can quickly identify David and King Saul. Two visitor children from our own world stumble into Marus through a portal (Wardrobe, anyone?) and find themselves serving as protector and voice of the Unseen One, guiding the main character through many troubling times. What makes it even more interesting is the modern setting of 1958. Marus appears to be [...]

    10. I've the entire series and these books are wonderful fiction for children and adults alikefun little changes to the Bible stories we know and love bring a new perspective without adding to God's Word.These have a fantasy/sci-fi feel to them but those who know the stories from the Bible well will find it as a treasure hunt to figure out who the characters represent and the meanings in each storyjust as you would in a Chronicles of Narnia book. I thoroughly enjoyed the series. Good writing and a f [...]

    11. Plot: C (ripped off "II Samuel" and "The Chronicles of Narnia")Writing: D (numerous plot holes and direct contradictions)Vocabulary: D (decent range of vocabulary used improperly - that word doesn't mean what you think it means, overuse, etc)Level: EasyRating: PG-13 (murder, battlefield death, possession by spirits, assassination, suicide, cowardice, kidnapping, slavery)Worldview: A mysterious god, knowable only to a few whom he chooses, affects the course of events among the people and nations [...]

    12. It was definatly one of the top books on my list, i was blown away by how well it was written. It completely changed how i looked at the story of David, i used to think, ''Oh, a boy hit a dude with a stone, he died, and became King, yay'' now that i read it i see that it was much more than that, and i could go on and on about this one book, but i wont, maybe later, but not now.One of my favorite qoutes in this book is ''Were you dreaming before, or are you dreaming now?''[and the audio drama was [...]

    13. This was a pretty cool book! The setting is like late 1800s America, so it's not original. Neither is the way the kids get into the the magic world through a portal in our world. But the hero Darien is David, and in the Bible David's story is super cool. I love the story of David, and this was a great version. The siblings and their roles are a nice touch.

    14. Even as an adult, I found the suspense and action to be absolutely thrilling. I do admit some bias, though: I grew up with Odyssey, on which this series is based. True to its mother series, I loved the symbolism and intrigue that keeps me turning pages even though I know the story it's based on.

    15. You've heard of retold fairy tales? Well, this is sort of like a retold Bible story AU. As a Christian, I loved how this book was simple, yet it really dealed with some deep Christian concepts like faith and what it means to be "chosen".

    16. Read this book a few years ago and LOVED it. I couldn't remember its name until I finally found the person who lent it to me xD The story of David, it was a fun, interesting novel that (if I recall correctly) was well-written.

    17. (I have just realized that, though I read these several years ago, I didn't mark them as read on here. So, in case your jaw just hit the floor, I did not read the entire series in one day. :p)

    18. Amazing! I couldn't put this down. If you are looking for adventure with a big dose of values, this is your book. See if you can make the connections with the inspiration.

    19. Its really good,It leaves you curious for more info.But its similar to another authors book I've read when you can go into another world.But yeah I'll definitely read the next book!

    20. This was an awesome first book in the Passages Series. It chronicled closely with the story of how King David became king. Lots of excitement, and a quick read!!

    21. Very good powerful clear predictable because of it being a retelling of the story of David strong messageFirst Sentence:The winter rain fell like cold splinters on Odyssey

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