Lipstick Apology

Lipstick Apology Sometimes a good bye is just the beginning When Emily Carson s parents die in a plane crash she s left with nothing but her mother s last words scrawled in lipstick on a tray table Emily please forg

  • Title: Lipstick Apology
  • Author: Jennifer Jabaley
  • ISBN: 9781595142313
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes a good bye is just the beginning.When Emily Carson s parents die in a plane crash, she s left with nothing but her mother s last words scrawled in lipstick on a tray table Emily, please forgive me.Now it s fall and Emily moves to New York City, where she attracts the attention of two very different boys the cute, popular Owen, and her quirky chemistry partner,Sometimes a good bye is just the beginning.When Emily Carson s parents die in a plane crash, she s left with nothing but her mother s last words scrawled in lipstick on a tray table Emily, please forgive me.Now it s fall and Emily moves to New York City, where she attracts the attention of two very different boys the cute, popular Owen, and her quirky chemistry partner, Anthony With the help of some surprising new friends, Emily must choose between the boy who helps her forget and the one who encourages her to remember, and ultimately heal.Debut author Jennifer Jabaley has written a wonderful, feel good romantic comedy with real emotional depth Full of lovably wacky characters, Lipstick Apology is a heartwarming story about the true meaning of forgiveness.

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    One thought on “Lipstick Apology”

    1. There's a lot of potential in this book. I was drawn in by the blurb, and by the mystery of what Emily's mother's dying words were about. And the time that was actually spend on that mystery were my favorite parts of the book. Unfortunately, very little time is actually spent on what I had thought was the main story. Instead, Emily spends the vast majority of the book obsessing over a boy who is so obviously bad news that it becomes pitiful that she refuses to see that. Like, he spikes her drink [...]

    2. Lipstick Apology is a heart-wrenching story that gave me chills -- you know, the kind where you just want to hug the one you love before the lump in your throat gives way and the tears spill forth? -- from the moment I read the first chapter. Emily's journey takes us through the horrifying and endlessly-publicized deaths of her parents, her intense and inconsolable grief, a mysterious clue left by her mother in the final moments of her life, and the everyday struggles of a teen girl in a new cit [...]

    3. Emily Carson is a brat.She is supposedly 16/17 years old but she acts like a spoiled 5 year old.Constantly throwing temper tantrums and smashing other people's propertyand then expects them to say sorry for it, not her.How is this behaviour in any way mature?I thought that the book would be about the apology Emily's mother wrote to her before the plane crashed. Instead the book was about Emily's need to be popular, make-up, hair, and her inability to choose between two boys.Very little time is a [...]

    4. I loved this book. It's intense, poignant, bittersweet, wise and funny. It's also beautifully and subtly crafted, with all the elements - story, characters, style - combining to create a richly rewarding reading and emotional experience. MC Emily's life is catastrophically and irreparably torn apart when her vacationing parents' flight goes down with no survivors. The discovery in the crash debris of a mysterious message from her mother - "Emily, please forgive me," insures that she will suffer [...]

    5. This has almost nothing to do with the novel, but everytime I go to type or mention this book I think the title is 'Lipstick Apocalypse'. I'm not certain why (except that I'm insane), but there you go.This is one of the few 'real life' teen books I have read recently and oddly enough its from another debut author. I pretty much gave up on real life teen books somewhere after my Lurleine McDaniel craze (only so much depressing reading a girl can stand) back when I was a teenager and stuck myself [...]

    6. While I found this book semi-boring at times, there were plenty of deep moments and thought-provoking quotes that kept me around. I could relate to her on some levels, and I could understand where she was coming from. The plot was fairly interesting as well, and I thought her mother's apology and such was very original.

    7. This book is an absolutely wonderful read. Out of all the YA novels I've read, this one really stands out. Why? Because Jennifer Jabaley doesn't try too hard, that's why. She automatically captures the feelings and thoughts of teenagers, and does it so perfectly too. While other novels seem to try and push to make teenage characters seem realistic, the characters of Lipstick Apology are very relatable and life-like to the point that it's amazing.I have to say that when I first picked this book u [...]

    8. Emily wants to start the summer with a bang, so she throws a party the night her parents leave for vacation. The party is unceremoniously interrupted by bad news: the plane her parents were on has crashed, and there are no survivors. Now, all that’s left of them is a hastily scribbled message on a tray table from Emily’s mom reading “Emily please forgive me.” Struck with grief and baffled by her mother’s mysterious apology, Emily’s life is a huge mess, and when she moves in with her [...]

    9. First Impressions: Wow! Sounds so good. A mix of light high school drama/romance but also heavier with the death of her parents. Seems like a good combo to me!And indeed, I found the lightness and heaviness to be equal and well balanced. There's the typical new girl at school, attracting the attention of the popular girls and that one popular golden boy (hellooo player). But there are also some meatier parts, dealing with some tougher subjects such as death and trying to live on.But I actually r [...]

    10. I might have rated this higher had I not read the epilogue. I mean throwing all of her mothers journals into the river? It just made me cringe. She should have given them back to her aunt for safe keeping. The story was interesting and a page turner, and then it just ended just how it started with unanswered questions. What about her new dad? Will she call him? Why the affair? What made her mom realize it was a huge mistake? What was her mother feeling? Anthony? They were just getting started an [...]

    11. I was so excited to get this book because I had seen it on a couple of blogger sites and when I read the description I thought it was going to be pretty good. This novel starts off with Emily’s party back in her hometown in Pennsylvania. Right in the middle of it her Aunt Jolie walks and tells her that her parent’s plane crashed. As they sat together in her bedroom watching the news, a report came on and they discovered a tray table with the words: Emily Please Forgive Me. Summer past very f [...]

    12. Before even seeing the summary for this book, I just knew from the cover that I was going to be in for quite the amazing of rides. Lipstick Apology ( Awesome title, right?) was heartbreaking while still being a heartwarming read. I just loved the story Jennifer created in this book. The plot contained a new and fresh idea. I seriously don't think I've ever see a book that dealt with a mysterious message left in lipstick, have you? Another rewarding quality of the story was that it was fast paced [...]

    13. Four Little Words Written in Lipstick was all it took for Emily’s life to fall apart. The one time Emily decides to throw a party when he parents go on vacation was all it took. Maybe if she just asked her parents to have a party or maybe if she didn’t have one at all, maybe just maybe she could of saved her parents life. No her parents will never return. Her life was peacefully, quiet, free from publicity and the bond between her and her parents were the way it was suppose to be, but when r [...]

    14. Reviewed by Angela S. for TeensReadTooLIPSTICK APOLOGY follows 16-year-old Emily, whose parents die in a plane crash on their way to California. In the rubble, rescuers find a tray table with the words " Emily, please forgive me" written in lipstick. Emily has no idea what her mother meant, and she goes into a depressed slump trying to figure it out.Eventually, three months later, she moves to New York to live with her aunt, Jolie, a famous make-up artist. Despite having totally different lives, [...]

    15. One thing is for certain, I didn't expect this novel to be as funny as it is. While death, love, dishonesty, and loss are all major themes at play in Lipstick Apology, the I managed to laugh just as much as I cried while reading it. There's not much of a plot here - the story is more about how Emily deals and grows once her life has been turned upside down.Emily is a typical teenager thrust into a tragic situation and all of her behaviors and actions are believable and fall well in-line with her [...]

    16. Lipstick Apology was this mixture of breathtakingly touching moments and surprisingly hilarious ones. Losing your parents is something you never want anyone to experience, and Jabaley did a fantastic job depicting that with this novel.Loved Trent, Jolie and Anthony. Emily was a little extreme for me at times, but she started to win me over at the end. There were certain aspects, like Emily's desire to be popular, that seemed uneven with the overall tone.The romance was a little bit dry, and it w [...]

    17. Certain elements of the way this book was written weren't really my cup of tea, but I still enjoyed the book nonetheless. The story turned out to be more heartwarming and adorable than I'd initially thought, and the characters were very easy to fall in love with. I could definitely see this being the plot of a teen movie in the near future.

    18. I really enjoyed this book. it is one of my favourites. I liked how the author added in romance, angst, drama, and A lot of Secrets! it made the book really interesting and I enjoy reading it over and over.

    19. After finishing my last romance book and was on the hunt for a new one, I wanted something more interesting that still included love. While I was at the library looking around, the bright colors of this book's cover caught my eye and the summary on the back of the book intrigued me. Emily Carson is in the midst of a party when she finds out her parents have died in a plane crash. She is further shocked when a seat-back tray is discovered with a message written in lipstick from her mom to her: Em [...]

    20. This book had been recommended to me by a friend about two years ago. I never got the chance to read it until recently, when I went to a thrift store (The Salvation Army), and they were having a sale; all books were being sold for one dollar! I grinned the whole time in there! Anyways, point of the matter is that I (finally) picked up this book! I am happy to finally be able to say that I've read it.Long story short, Emily's parents die in a plane crash but before dying her mother leaves Emily a [...]

    21. Lipstick Apology sadly did not live up to my expectations. When I read the first line in the prologue, it really annoyed me. Steve McCaffity just undressed me with his eyes. Okay, maybe I'm still clothed, but we definitely made eye contact. Well, actually, he might have only glanced at the tiny chocolate stain on my V-neck -- so it was noticable. Why do I feel like there is so much going on in these three sentences? The writing seemed clunky to me, it didn't flow smoothly. On the topic of Jabale [...]

    22. I was super-excited to read this one. I love the title Lipstick Apology, and I thought it would be a mixture of grief and romance, which is perfect fot me. Obviously, I was pretty disappointed.The plot is good. I still like the idea, and I did end up liking the revelations Emily made about her mother. The romance aspect is predictable, but still could have added a lot to the main plot. The plot isn't my problem with this one - it's the writing and the characters.Mainly, Lipstick Apology isn't ev [...]

    23. I have been staring at this book forever whenever I stop inside bookstores, but I finally decided to grab it a while back – and then proceeded to stare at it within the comforts of my own home. I am not sure why I put off reading Lipstick Apology for so long, but since I have been on a YA contemporary kick, I decided to give it a goE GOOD BITSLife must go on Lipstick Apology is a story about a girl trying to move forward after an unspeakable grief. Her parents died in a plane crash – shoul [...]

    24. I wish I could give this three and half stars because, while it wasn't four star worthy it also isn't three star worthy. I really liked the premise of the book. There are so few contemporary mysteries out there and while Emily is no Sherlock Holmes the mystery is still there and I enjoyed it except I called it half way through. It was interesting and modern and the story really couldn't have gone any other way I just called it and that bothered me. I think the conclusion to the mystery was an in [...]

    25. I really loved this book. It's got a perfect balance of heartbreak, humor and redemption. LIPSTICK APOLOGY is a smashing debut by author Jennifer Jabaley, and I look forward to anything else she writes. All at once, Emily's world comes crashing down around her when her parents are killed in a plane crash. As she watches the news, there is something pulled from the scene of the accident. It is a tray table with the words "EMILY PLEASE FORGIVE ME" written in her mothers lipstick. Not only does Emi [...]

    26. The book I have chosen to write my response on is called Lipstick Apology. The author of the book is Jennifer Jabaley. The book is about a girl named Emily Carson, whose parents died in a plane crash. The book has two main themes, one more serious than the other, because one is about a girl’s parents’ dying, and the other is about a teenager’s love life.The more serious theme is that on the plane that her parents died on, her mother left a note for her written in lipstick on a food tray t [...]

    27. Lipstick Apology was quite a read. The first half of the book I could barely stand. The main character just took things too far for me. She went berserk a few times in the book like an on and off light switch. Happy, sad, angry, super angry, sad. Just stop. There’s actually a quote in the book but I forget where that is perfect. Basically it said what’s funny is how girls can go from sane to insane faster than a Porsche can go from zero to sixty.The last third of the book was actually not so [...]

    28. Before I started reading Lipstick Apology, I was expecting a sad book about a girl grieving over her parents death and trying to decipher the message her mom had left her written in lipstick. While it did have it's rather intense moments it also had me laughing out loud quite a few times.After her parents die in a plane crash, Emily moves to New York with her famous make-up artist Aunt Jolie. In New York, Emily’s life is so different from the one she left behind in Pennsylvania. She immediatel [...]

    29. first line: STEVE MCCAFFITY JUST UNDRESSED ME with his eyesThis book was pretty freakin good. Compared to all the other contemporary crap that is going around, this book was a realistic and refreshing portrayal of a teenage girls life. As a fellow New Yorker, it was definitely nice to have a somewhat accurate depiction of what it's like to be a teen here and not a tourist. The tragedy of her parents however is not something I can relate too. I am so sorry to any people out there that can underst [...]

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