World War I

World War I A full dress history of the war by one of our most distinguished military writers NEW YORK TIMES WORLD WAR I takes us from the first shots in Sarajevo to the signing of the peace treaty in Versaille

  • Title: World War I
  • Author: S.L.A. Marshall David M. Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780618056866
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • A full dress history of the war by one of our most distinguished military writers NEW YORK TIMES , WORLD WAR I takes us from the first shots in Sarajevo to the signing of the peace treaty in Versailles and through every bunker, foxhole, and minefield in between General S.L.A Marshall drew on his unique firsthand experience as a soldier and a lifetime of military serviA full dress history of the war by one of our most distinguished military writers NEW YORK TIMES , WORLD WAR I takes us from the first shots in Sarajevo to the signing of the peace treaty in Versailles and through every bunker, foxhole, and minefield in between General S.L.A Marshall drew on his unique firsthand experience as a soldier and a lifetime of military service to pen this forthright, forward thinking history of what people once believed would be the last great war Newly introduced by the Pulitzer Prize winning historian, David M Kennedy, WORLD WAR I is a classic example of unflinching military history that is certain to inform, enrich, and deepen our understanding of this great cataclysm.

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    One thought on “World War I”

    1. Quite good for a quick history of WWI. I had to go back and re-read the first chapter trying to figure out why the death of ArchDuke Ferdinand spawned such destruction, especially when it appeared most of the key players, including his own father, didn't see his death as an overall tragedy. I didn't fully realize how late in the war we Americans entered, at least from a soldier-perspective. For a quick introduction to WWI, it's highly recommended!

    2. I really wanted to get through this book, but it was a history of the military actions and, while I know I should know what went on, I just couldn't make myself read through it. I kept getting the names, places mixed up. Oh well, I'll try another one at some point.

    3. The name S.L.A. Marshall has evoked mixed reactions to those I've mentioned it to. Some say he was one of the finest American military historians of the 20th century; others say he was a dishonest hack who made things up to sell books. So you can imagine the curiosity inside me when I decided to start this book. I immediately found this account of World War I to be one of the most readable, gripping, and informative narratives of war that I've ever read. Marshall writes with a lively, argumentat [...]

    4. Decent history, though strewn with archaisms. Opinionated to a fault often, but since the author is a veteran of the war he describes, it works. Entertaining, but not for the easily offended.

    5. I recently became moderately (ok, insanely) obsessed with anything and everything WWI thanks to reading Max Hasting's excellent book: Catastrophe 1914. This was the first 'overview' title I purchased after reading Hasting's excellent book. There's already been plenty of reviews of this book which as a classic, originally published for the 50th Anniversary in the mid 60's, but I still feel the need to say a few things.First of all, and I knew this going in, S.L.A. Marshall (SLAM) is easily one of [...]

    6. Overall a very good history of WWI, with details on all major fronts of the war. Marshall does a good job introducing the initial lead up to WWI, and a good job with the aftermath. Also, once the USA joins the war the writing is more clear than the middle chapters.Issues I had with this and why I didn't rate it as five stars; the maps are horrendous. I'm not sure if his original text included full color maps, but these presented in this edition in grey scale are almost unreadable. Blurry, small [...]

    7. Gen. S.L.A. Marshall’s “World War I” is a good survey study of the Great War from its inciting spark in Sarajevo through the Versailles Treaty. It consists primarily of narrative with black and white photographs of scenes and individuals involved and maps to aid the readers in understanding the course of battles. I feel that the significant facts of the War are covered albeit with the speed necessary to get through the War in under 500 pages.Although I have read a fair amount about World W [...]

    8. Detailed and cohesive, an excellent overview of the war. Marshall's book is in-depth and readable. However, an unbiased history book this is not. Marshall has opinions about everyone involved in the conflict, and he isn’t afraid to rattle them off to the reader ad nauseum. His intrusions never last long enough to completely derail the narrative, however. S.L.A. Marshall also sees everything in perfect 20-20 hindsight, which makes it very easy for him to criticize EVERYBODY. Also, he ends at an [...]

    9. It's a solid history of World War I, but it goes into too much tactical detail of each battle for my liking, so I found myself skimming through the last third or so of the book up until November, 1918. Also, as others have said, Marshall injects a lot of hindsight opinion on the events and leaders, so you have to filter some of the text out in order to maintain a non-biased understanding of the war.

    10. This is a good compendium of the first great war. It is filled with a lot of facts and is very linear in what happened. It can be a lot to handle at times but you will gain a lot of knowledge from this book. There is nothing horrible or spectacular about his writing style. He does a good job of not being biased toward any one side and seems to give equal criticism to all powers. Do not expect a riveting read from this book but if you want to know what happened in world war I, read this book.

    11. S.L.A Marshall has written a most concise one volume history of the "Great War"! From the opening two shots on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo that forever changed the world - to the bitter defeat on November 19, 1919 of the Treaty of Versailles in the U.S. Senate (dooming the dreams of the stricken President Wilson for a League Of Nations) he brings us all the major and many minor actors in this greatest of all tragedies. A war that never needed to be fought producing the bitter seeds of an even more [...]

    12. S.L.A. Marshall wrote the history "World War 1" for the American Heritage Press" in 1964. It was released again in 1971 and became a reference book for instructors at the Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in the 1970's. The history of war campaigns is outstanding. I especially enjoyed the book's maps and treatment of war strategies as well as tactics. Today we are still dealing with the effects of World War 1 failed policies and treaties. The book lacks comprehensive ref [...]

    13. Very informative narrative of causes and results leading up to the first World War. Much time is spent on the battles. I found more interesting the chain of events leading to the outbreak of war. Also the economic results hit upon Nicholas II's Russia leading up to the Bolshevik revolution. Marshall makes no small point that he was not a fan of Woodrow Wilson and the decisions he made towards the end of the war and at the Treaty of Versailles. Regardless, this is an excellent narrative of the Fi [...]

    14. World war 1 is a famous topic. S.L.A. Marshall writes a perfect representation of the bloody battle. He writes in such detail that the reader definitely understands. It is so descriptive and precise in cataloging all the events. If you want to know about trenches there is a large chapter just for you. If you want to know how the war started just read this book. This is a scholarly book. The facts are true, the evidence is key. For high schoolers and up. Enjoy!

    15. I found this to be an excellent book for understanding the history of The Great War. Marshall gives the reader insight into the main characters that directly impacted how the war was fought and its final outcome. The book strikes a balance between enough and to much detail. Overall the book offered me a solid understanding of World War I.

    16. Very well written to describe World War I in one volume. The battles go into much depth, and the explanations are good throughout the book. However, with so many names and different events/people, the book does get confusing at times. The first pages of the book were the hardest for me because I had to adapt to so much information being thrown that quick.

    17. Most World War I tomes get lost in either the absurd complexity of egos or the political viewpoint of the author. This is a story primarily of the actual conduct of the war and forms a more cohesive narrative than most.

    18. Marshal is an excellent writer and analyst. The only downside is there , at least in the edition I read, seems to be a lack of bibliography/footnotes. He makes some compelling yet arguable claims that must have been based of research. What that research was seems to be a mystery.

    19. This book is well written & researched and a good 1st book about WWI. Unfortunately, in the Oyster edition, there were no maps, pictures ect to stop the in depth history. It was very difficult to conceptualize as a result. I gave it a 3 in spite of these glaring omissions.

    20. A good read but the battle descriptions suffer from poor maps making them difficult to follow. There is a palpable pro-American bias in the later chapters.

    21. A good and concise history of the Great War. It could be more detailed on some aspects of the war though.

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