Back Roads

Back Roads Back Roads Oprah s Book Club

  • Title: Back Roads
  • Author: Tawni O'Dell
  • ISBN: 9780670894185
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Back Roads Oprah s Book Club

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      287 Tawni O'Dell
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    One thought on “Back Roads”

    1. Back roads meet backwards. This is a story of a disturbingly dysfunctional family. 19 year old Harley is a country boy, raising 3 younger sisters on account his mother is in jail for the murder of his father. Hormones running amok, sanity on the edge, an obsession with an older woman, mix in an abusive upbringing and this is formula for self destruction.The transformation from child to man happens with the delayering of lies that reveal truths: ugly ones. He is in a constant tormented struggle w [...]

    2. i have developed a real taste for literature from this region lately. and that might be the problem; why i didn't love this book the way danaaaaa does. all of the other books i have read (and i am using the term "region" pretty loosely to encompass mostly appalachia, but blurring around the edges of appalachia-proper a little) have followed a pretty consistent speech pattern and tone that this one strays from. am i being sexist to point out that this is the only woman i have read writing this ki [...]

    3. Let's just say one thing: this is one fucked up family. If you decide to read this book, brace yourself, seriously, the Altmyer's are fucked up. But for some reason, you still like them.There's so much that happens in this story that keeps you reading I can't say much without giving it away. For a first novel O'Dell does an extremely good job. Her writing is raw and real which helps add to the mood and characters of the book.One thing I liked about O'Dell's style was that instead of constantly d [...]

    4. Tawni O'Dell, Back Roads (Viking, 2000)I find the whole thing incredibly amusing.Had a man written this book, word for word, the character of Harley Altmeyer would no doubt be blazoned on the front as "an unstoppable sociopath about to explode" (fill in the correct number of exclamation points, depending on era and author). Instead, the back cover blurb calls him "wonderfully touching." Oh, please.Thank heaven Tawni O'Dell is a much better writer than her blurbist, because Harley Altmeyer is the [...]

    5. This is my take on Oprah books: really bad things happen to people who are already suffering from other bad things and the end is never a happy one. In fact, they're often icky endings.Woody loaned me Back Roads and I read through it in one sick day last week. The story is told from the point of view of Harley, a 19 year old boy, whose Mother is in prison for killing his Father. Harley's left with raising his three younger sisters. There's abuse, murder, incest, adultery, mental illnessp, a perf [...]

    6. I have to admit that the blurb is deceiving this time. From the blurb, you wouldn't be able to tell how great the book is without at least reading the first chapter, it just pulls you in and you'll wanna find out more. Back Roads is about a 19 year old boy named Harley Altmyer who has to take care of his three younger sisters after their caring mom has been sent to jail for killing their abusive father. The book is not about how he's surviving in life though, but about love as well, as a key poi [...]

    7. I don't usually comment on my books, or give a review, but this book was great. Finished it in 2 days because I could not put it down. It's been a while since I was that into what I was reading. It's rough, raw, compelling, heartbreaking and you can't help connecting with the characters. This story will stay with me for some time.

    8. Never before I've read characters so visceral, resilient, strong, so brave, and yet so utterly self-destructive; bent on harming themselves when they can forgive each other. This was an Oprah Book Club choice, but I’ll forgive that.This is without a doubt hands down, absolutely one of my favorite, favorite books. Of all Time. In fact, this one here is right up there next to Fools Die by Mario Puzo, on the very top. It's so haunting, beautifully written. The characters so real that I feel for t [...]

    9. I bought Back Roads while I was on vacation in Florida. I bought the hard cover from the clearance shelf at Barnes & Noble for $5! I started reading it and couldn't put it down! I hadn't read a good book like that in a long time! Tawni O'Dell reminded me why I loved to read! I actually felt guilty that I only paid $5 for a hard cover version of such an amazing book! I loved it so much that I wrote to Tawni and asked her if she would sign it for me if I sent it to her with return postage paid [...]

    10. I had a hard time believing that Harley would continue to go to see the therapist while working two jobs and not having a dime to spare not that the therapy was costing anything except time, but it didn't add up other than as a plot device to explain that he was nuts (in case it escaped the reader's attention). The real story should have been told from Amber's point of view. There were complex issues between Amber, Misty and their mother that Harley would never understand, and that complexity de [...]

    11. Back Roads was an alright novel but there was something a little creepy about it. A teenage boy in love with an adult woman? And he says he could "violate her a hundred different ways"? Disturbing. Aside from that, the story of a kid struggling to keep his siblings from falling into the foster care system was very interesting.

    12. After reading so many women comment about men writing in women's voices, it's now time to admit that women writing as men can completely miss the boat. Harley didn't sound like any guy I knew, nor grew up nor WAS in my life. His sentiments rang completely hollow for me; rather he sounded more like how a woman would like a teenage boy to be. The most interesting character, Misty, went almost completely voiceless and the ending was laughable, as was most of the book. easily the worst of Oprah's Bo [...]

    13. Okay so this bookI went into it not expecting anything - it's not normally the book I'd read. It contains some very mature topics so if you're not comfortable reading those then this book really isn't for you!So I decided to pick this book up purely because Jennifer Morrison is going to be playing Callie in the film adaptation and she's been talking about it for a while. I can't wait to see how the film adaptation turns out and how Jen portrays Callie on screen. This book honestly made me so sho [...]

    14. I couldn't put this book down, which is crazy because it is so disturbing. Harley is border line crazy due to his upbringing, but I found myself feeling for him. I highly recommend this book, be warned, it is very dark and disturbing at parts.

    15. First thoughts:1. I can’t believe I picked up an Oprah recommended book.2. Dysfunction3. Incest? Didn’t see that coming.4. Thanks to my good friend, Teryl, for bringing it to my attention.This is a very fast paced story, and I was able to tear through it in a few hours. I felt for Harley, and all of his sisters. I can’t imagine being 17, mom killing pop, and being left to care for your three younger sisters.I’m tired, and I suppose this not really a ‘review’ per se—just my feelings [...]

    16. I'm having a hard time rating this book. It's incredibly dark and morose, but the author does an excellent job taking us into the head of a 19-year-old small town boy who has been dealt an extremely tough hand--taking care of three sisters after his mother has murdered his father. I really felt for Harley, whose family life was so compromised that his attempts to rise above it were doomed from the start. Nevertheless, I had hopes that Harley could somehow survive, perhaps get away and start a ne [...]

    17. I have said it before and I will say it again "damn these first time bitches!" Tawni O'Dell wrote one hell of a story as her first novel,way to go!I would recommend this to anyone, which normally with a story this dark I would be reluctant or would warn about the subject matter,but this is so well done. Harley is a 19 year old boy, who has to take care of his three younger sisters,Amber,Misty and Jody, after their mother has been sent to jail for killing their abusive father. Harley works 2 jobs [...]

    18. This book had it all. Heartache, heartbreak, humor, and horror. So much has been written about Harley, the main character of the book, things that make him out to be a horrible guy but the thing I found most evident about him was pretty simple. He missed his mom and longed for her presence in his life. Maybe not even his mom but "a" mom, any mom. When he asked the neighbor to meet him at the mining office he asked her to bring the stuff to make smores. Earlier in the book his little sister was t [...]

    19. I have had this book on my to read shelf for a long time. I passed it over so often I honestly lost track. I decided FINALLY!! I was going to read this book before the end of the year. I think the fact that it was an Oprah book club selection had me a bit turned off. I have not had good luck with the relatively recent Oprah picks. However, this one was fantastic! It was such a great character study into dysfunction that I could not look away from the proverbial train-wreck that was unfolding in [...]

    20. This was Tawni O'Dell's first published novel (I think) and it commanded praise from Oprah Winfrey as a Oprah Book Club selection, various accolades, etc.This was my LEAST favorite of O'Dell's novels. I thought it was depressing as hell. If this is the first O'Dell book you pick up and think, "Uugh, this sucks!" then try one of her other books. "One of Us", which was released in 2014, is excellent. "Fragile Beasts" and "Coal Run" are also terrific options.Bottom line, don't take THIS book as typ [...]

    21. dark. darkdarkdarkdarkdark. it's the kind of book thatwhen you read ityou can hear the dripdrop of a lonely limestained faucet in the background. you won't love the protagonistbut you can't hate him, either. i can't explain exactly why I am giving this book 4 starsother than to say that it was good enough to make me remember the protagonistke me think about him after I turned the last page. I can't ask for much morewhy isn't it a 5 star'er? well, I'm just an amateur. regardlessease, don't read t [...]

    22. Dark and brutal. Goes to and lingers in places most writers/books refuse to. Incredible feat for a woman to write in first-person as a 20-year-old man/boy with a violent streak he can only barely control. I'm close to speechless.

    23. I found this book ages ago on one of my Goodwill trips, and it sounded intriguing, so I went ahead and picked it up. Then it sat forgotten in my TBR cupboard for awhile, until yesterday when I was rooting around in there, it called to me, and demanded I read it. So I did. I was pretty much hooked from the get-go, I immediately felt for Harley and his sisters, their whole situation. But it quickly devolved into me not being able to put the book down, it was like a train-wreck I just couldn't tear [...]

    24. Viewed through the thoughts and experiences of a 19 yr boy old left to care for his three sisters after his mother is imprisoned for murdering his father. Main theme is family violence and the horrendous effect it has on the children trapped within it. I couldn't put it down. Its not in your face, gruesome or aiming to shock, though it does of course - most of it is the sad, scary, dreary, frightening relentless daily reality of living in a family where a convincing enough form of love coexists [...]

    25. I'm conflicted. The book was a page turner. Tawni O'Dell has a fine writing style, great sense of plot development and character construction, for the most part. She does a great job of creating the mental world of a troubled, young adult and his experience of sexuality. Has an interviewer ever asked her how she developed this skill? Were it not for some serious flaws I would have given it a five star review. I like the metaphor of Callie Mercer stripping his father' coat off of Harley before on [...]

    26. One of the most amazing aspects of O'Dell's writing is that she leads you to draw one conclusion about a character, and then slowly feeds you evidence that you've misjudged. I think that's what I enjoyed most about this story, the slow reveal leading to the ultimate conclusion. And then I'm left hating the people I respected, and respecting the people I hated. Awesome writing!I'm done with the book but can't stop thinking about it, or the author. She actually grew up in Indiana PA, where this no [...]

    27. This was my first time reading an Oprah selection and I was disappointed. While it is a story that moved easily along, integrating me into the lives of the characters, I felt repulsed by the description of certain events in the book. To call it "gritty" doesn't quite capture how gross certain scene descriptions can be. And in those moments, I could no longer believe in the characters or the events in their lives. I was intrigued by the psychology of Harley, and the unfortunate circumstances of t [...]

    28. The TRUTH is the TRUTH sucks sometimes. People are the only ones who care about that. The only difference between me and Elvis [the dog] isn't my ability to face or deal with or deny it. It's that I let it bother me.Wow, what a complete mind trip. I read this for a reading challenge - which means I knew NOTHING about it and just jumped it. At first, I thought it was a little dark.I had no idea. The twisted turns and leaps this story takes blew me away and I predicted none of them. Oh, sure. I ha [...]

    29. I bought this book at a used book sale and so it was crazy cheap and what drew me to the book was the back cover blurb review thingy I know, "Don't judge a book by the cover", but the last line of "endearing humor, his love for his sisters, and his bumbling heroics can redeem them all" sounded so promising and perfect. The good thing about the book is that it is a page turner and completely pulled me in. I did want to see what happened. However, there was no humor, no likable characters by the b [...]

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