Return to Sullivan's Island

Return to Sullivan s Island Dorothea Benton Frank returns to the enchanted landscape of South Carolina s Lowcountry made famous in her beloved New York Times bestseller Sullivans Island to tell the story of the next generation o

  • Title: Return to Sullivan's Island
  • Author: Dorothea Benton Frank
  • ISBN: 9780061438455
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dorothea Benton Frank returns to the enchanted landscape of South Carolina s Lowcountry made famous in her beloved New York Times bestseller Sullivans Island to tell the story of the next generation of Hamiltons and Hayes.Return to Sullivans IslandWhether you were away from the Lowcountry for a week or for years, it was impossible to remember how gorgeous it was It neverDorothea Benton Frank returns to the enchanted landscape of South Carolina s Lowcountry made famous in her beloved New York Times bestseller Sullivans Island to tell the story of the next generation of Hamiltons and Hayes.Return to Sullivans IslandWhether you were away from the Lowcountry for a week or for years, it was impossible to remember how gorgeous it was It never changed and everyone depended on that.Newly graduated from college and an aspiring writer, Beth Hayes craves independence and has a world to conquer But her notions of travel, graduate study, and writing the great American novel will have to be postponed With her mother, Susan, leaving to fulfill her own dreams in Paris and her Aunt Maggie, Uncle Grant, and stepfather, Simon, moving to California, Beth is elected by her elders to house sit the Island Gamble Surrounded by the shimmering blue waters of the Atlantic, the white clapboards, silver tin roof, and confessional porch have seen and heard the stories of generations of Hamiltons But will the ghosts of the Island Gamble be watching over Beth Buoyed by sentimental memories of growing up on this tiny sandbar that seems to be untouched by time, Beth vows to give herself over to the Lowcountry force and discover the wisdom it holds She will rest, rejuvenate, and then reenter the outside world Just as she vows she will never give into the delusional world of white picket fences, minivans, and eternal love, she meets Max Mitchell And all her convictions and plans begin to unravel with lightning speed.There is so much about life and her family s past that she does not know Her ignorance and naivet nearly cost her both her inheritance and her family s respect But Beth finds unexpected friends to help her through the disaster she faces her wise and charming Aunt Sophie Cecily Singleton, the granddaughter of Livvie Singleton and Woody Morrison, the solid young investment banker.This wonderful ensemble of characters could be your own family, but watch what unfolds as they succumb to the island s spell If everything happens for a reason, then Beth s return to Sullivans Island teaches her that betrayal and tragedy are most easily handled when you surround yourself with loyal family and friends in a magical place that loves you so much that it wants to claim you as its own.

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    One thought on “Return to Sullivan's Island”

    1. I am ashamed to even add this book to my list of books read. It is quite possibly one of the most poorly written books that I have ever completed. The dialog was ridiculous, the shifts in perspective was jarring and disruptive, the storyline was a hodgepodge with a rushed ending that felt contrived. The main character was annoying at best. I don't understand how an editor could allow this book to be published. I am so glad I didn't spend a dime on this book and checked it out from the library (w [...]

    2. I absolutely adored the first 4 or 5 Dorothea Benton Frank novels. Couldn't get enough of them. One of the things I really enjoyed was how characters from previous books would sort of drop in later books. It was nice to see them again and get another character's take on them. I was so disappointed when she stopped doing that.I saw Return to Sullivan's Island and felt that I just HAD to read it, that it would be like seeing old friends again. Um, no. It wasn't. I read a little over half of it and [...]

    3. Wow. This was pretty bad. The main character is an idiot. The supporting characters (and there are too many, esp since NONE of them have a storyline) are one-dimensional and hard to keep straight.The worst part for me, though, was that this author probably writes for and appeals to women over 50 (which is fine), but this book is about a 23 yr old - and NONE of the dialogue was fit for a 23 yr old. The CONSTANT admonishments about not swearing and being lady-like and all that "Southern" crap were [...]

    4. Blah, blah, blah. I thought that I would bang my head against the wall by the time I reached page 20. I love Dorothea Benton Frank, but this book was awful. Boring and idiotic main character, haunted house, ghosts and foolish choices. None of it interesting. A major disappointment. What happened? I hope that she recovers with her next book. Not recommended.

    5. Ugh. I have always been somewhat of a fan of Frank's - - - while I don't believe she ranks up there with Anne River Siddons or Pat Conroy, I DO have a great love for the lowcountry of South Carolina, and that's where she sets most of her novels. So up until this novel, I've always found them to be pleasant beach reads that carry me back to one of the places I love best in the world. This book, however, just turned me off. The main character, Beth, was so painfully immature that I truly doubted t [...]

    6. If you enjoyed Sullivan's Island, skip Return to Sullivan's Island; it's a disappointment. Where the Sullivan's Island characters are vibrant; Return's characters are lack luster and do not ring true; especially Beth. Rather than being written as a strong, educated, twenty something college grad who could have added to and carried the storyline, she's given the behaviors and mind set of a whiney, spoiled, head in the sand, thirteen year old. Beth's character is unbelieveable. Woody is unbelievea [...]

    7. I'd rather eat the pages of this book than finish it. I truly adore Frank's writing, thus I was excited to get lost in her South Carolinian charm. Unfortunately, this is not her best work. The love story (Beth's) is rushed and there is no development process. One minute she meets a guy and then all of the sudden he's her moon and stars. As a woman the same age as Beth, I understand the awkwardness of finding one's footing in adulthood and love, but Frank writes her main character with the maturi [...]

    8. Heavens, where do I begin? I have read several of DBF's books in the past and loved them all, Plantation being my favorite. They are always filled with love, laughter, heartbreak, quirky characters and lots of southern food. This one, however is an unmitigated disaster of the first degree and leaves me wondering if the author phoned this one in.**SPOILERS AHOY*Basic plot run down - Beth Hayes has just finished college and she's roped into minding the family home on Sullivan's Island as her mothe [...]

    9. Once again I very much enjoyed the Low Country setting on the beach of Sullivan's Island in South Carolina. This is the type of story that you either enjoy or you don't, and I did!

    10. I listened to the unabridged audiobook version of "Return To Sullivan's Island" by Dorothea Benton Frank. I was unaware when I borrowed this from the library that it was part of a series, however, it works fine as a stand alone book. Beth Hayes has just graduated from college and has been roped into spending a year housesitting the family home on Sullivan's Island. At first Beth comes across as a reasonably intelligent young woman and a generally likable character. However, this does not last lo [...]

    11. This book was definitely the worst one of Dorothea Frank's I've read. Many of the characters from the first Sullivan's Island that return in this one seem to have different personalities, in many cases less likable. Beth returns as an extremely immature 23-year-old and makes some of the most ridiculously ignorant decisions I can imagine. For someone who seemed so dead-set against marriage at the beginning of the book, she sure fell head-over-heels for a clearly insensitive & highly suspiciou [...]

    12. Started it -- couldn't stomach it. Abandoned before I reached page 50. May try again sometime. Sorry Dot. Won't be the first time I come back to a novel and like it better the second go-round.

    13. To say the least this book was a disappointment compared to the previous Sullivan's Island. Dorothy Benton Frank stretched herself to even get a story out of this book. On the positive side the same characters that we loved in the previous book were present minus Livve. What I missed most was the character development. I never really got into Beth's character, she was not believeable and as many critics describe she was immature and childish. I agree with that but we were all childish at that ag [...]

    14. This is one of those books that makes you both relieved to have finished it and surprised that you got through the whole thing. This is the last time I take a recommendation from the Doubleday Book Club. "Return to Sullivan's Island" is what every aspiring writer should read as an example of what not to write. Incredibly bad dialogue that sounds even worse when read aloud, annoying characters that no one can possibly care about, haunted houses, and a ridiculous, drama-packed ending all await you [...]

    15. I loved this book! It is a great summer/beach read! It is full of color about the lowcountry in South Carolina, and describes the pathos that Beth Hayes, a young college grad, who housesits while her mother goes to Paris. While mom is gone, Beth falls madly in love with a man named Max, along with other alias's, who is involved in a Ponzi scheme, and steals Beth's investment monies, along with that of her friend, Woody. Further, Beth went against her mother's wishes, by withdrawing much more mon [...]

    16. This book surprised me by taking on a somewhat normal, just released from college 20-something and the perils of her love life. I guess I should have figured since she was a trust fund baby (the reason she's not totally normal) that it would end with butterflies (haha) and roses. The book followed the trust-fund baby through getting two jobs, meeting a guy and falling head over heels for him. She couldn't get past how much she adored this guy and ended up giving him a very large portion of her t [...]

    17. Stupid 23-year-old writer who doesn't write constantly whines about not being treated as an adult and having to put life on hold while house sitting the haunted family beach house for a year instead of going to grad school to get the opportunity to become a real writer falls in love with scam artist and loses 100 grand of her trust fund money only to have wealthy aunt die and leave her even more money finally grows up, or at least that's what the author of this awful book would have you believe. [...]

    18. I'll be so glad to be finished with this. I feel like I'm back in high school teenage drama and want to stick a needle in my eye. More when I'm finished (or they finish me) reading all the Frank books I have. I'm too old for most of this stuff but too resolute and determined for my own good to move out-and-on books I have developed a dislike for. One redeeming quote: "For years books had been her world.And libraries were such a wonderful thing, she thought. The very idea that you could wander th [...]

    19. I REALLY wanted to like this book, because I truly enjoyed Sullivan's Island. I have read most all of DBF's books. Unfortunately, this one was so slow in the plot with shallow characters, that I didn't even finish it. This is a work of fiction, but DBF's style is she creates characters like people we knowSorry, DBF.RtSI is a bomb.

    20. On of the few books I couldn't finish. It did not live up to the original Sullivan's Island. Character was not developed and the plat was obvious from the beginning. I have too many books in my "to read" box to waste time on one like this. I love most of her other novels but after 130 pages I had given it as much time to grow on my as I could take.

    21. This book is just plain bad. If i did not love Charleston and the surrounding Lowcountry, I would have stopped after chapter 1. The black character trying to speak Geechee (sp?) was bad. The ghost element in the book was bad. I think Dorothea Benton Frank wrote this novel too quickly and was trying to make a quick buck.

    22. I wish I could give a no star rating. Horrible. I don't know when I've encountered a less likable protagonist or more predictable plot lines. I bought the audio book for a long car trip. Had I been reading this, I would have ditched it midway through. As it was, I kept driving and listening.

    23. I loved all of DBF's books until this one. I was excited to start this but it was an absolute chore to finish it. I'm sorry to say the only way I can describe it is boring, annoying, and just plain horrible.

    24. Oh my goodness! This is the least satisfying book I've read in a long time. Lots of corny snappy dialogue and a nearly meaningless conflict (girl attracted to two men, one an obvious scumbag). Save your time for something better.

    25. I can't even finish this book. I'm so sad that this book is so lame, ridiculous and predictable. I always enjoyed Frank's other books. Hopefully this is a fluke, it may be awhile before I try her again!

    26. I have enjoyed all of her books, except this one. I stopped reading it, could not get into the story. It was slow and did not hold my attention.The main character was not intriguing. I wish it had been better.

    27. I thought I read the first book in this series but now I'm not sure. I can't really keep up with the family relationships (who belongs with who) and the supernatural mirror/ghosts is a bit much for me. I think I'm moving on to something new

    28. This book was so poorly written and had such a lousy plot that if I hadn't recieved the book for free, I would have sent back to the publisher for a refund.

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